It started off this morning with a video of a woman named Valerie from Indiana posted by Barack Obama’s official Twitter account. 12 hours, 12 tweets and a failed hashtag. Later, Obama’s reelection team took the day to tweet ongoing misinformation about Mitt Romney’s record in the private sector, specifically Bain Capital’s work with the Indiana-based company, Ampad.

According to Bain, the Obama campaign is picking an isolated incident, leaving out that over 80% of Bain companies experienced growth in revenues.!/BarackObama/status/204709792638447616!/BarackObama/status/204710027188117504

Obama’s anti-capitalist tweets about Romney’s accomplishments with a private equity firm do everything from accusing him of putting companies in debt to heartlessly firing employees. One even referred to Romney as a reverse Robin Hood, saying “takes from the poor … and gives to the rich.” Is the reverse more up the president’s alley?

The scariest part is that the president’s tweets don’t attack Mitt Romney so much as they attack capitalism and the free market itself.

Fortunately, Obama’s hypocrisy in criticizing a company for incurring debt didn’t go unnoticed. Nor did his assertion that a president’s job is to ensure opportunity for all.!/AlexaShrugged/status/204694415606951936!/TeriChristoph/status/204740528175202304!/keder/status/204728999535050753

Despite today’s #FreeCoryBooker hostage situation, the president doesn’t show signs of running the positive campaign he so adamantly promised. How soon we forget.!/andersoncooper/status/204713998120255488