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Dear God, No: Colbert Asks Guest Anthony Fauci If He'd Consider Running for President

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Anthony Fauci did unimaginable damage to a lot of people and our economy with his COVID policies. He'll face zero consequences for it, and remains a hero


There's no such thing as a 'spry' 83 year old. Sorry, not sorry.

And we don't need another octogenarian running for president.


They really do.

Heaven help us.

Apparently not.

All good points.


The cringe is so bad it hurts.

Exactly. And he was serious.

Really licking those boots.


Yes, he did.


And this is why this writer keeps hammering that the Right should be more involved in culture. Politics is downstream of culture: you can't make political gains if you surrender culture to the Left.

His ego is massive.

99% of the love of Fauci is rooted in their hatred of Trump.

Fauci's policies didn't hurt Colbert or any of the other people who worship him, so they don't care if he's president.



If he's still alive in 2028, this'll happen again.

But the people who like Fauci are okay with this. They don't care -- whether it's because they wanted government to govern them harder, or they believed standing six feet apart and following the arrows on the grocery store floor would prevent COVID -- they think his mistakes are acceptable.


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