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DEVOUT CATHOLIC ALERT: Biden Admin Backpedals BIG TIME After Banning Mass at National Veterans Cemetery

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

This week, news broke that the Biden administration was going to block the Knights of Columbus from holding a Memorial Day Mass at a cemetery in Virginia.

Not a good look.


The post reads:

The Biden regime won't allow Catholic mass. Yes, you heard me right.For 60+ years, the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternity, have held a Memorial Day mass at the Poplar Grove National Cemetery in Virginia.

However, this year they face a significant obstacle as the National Park Service (NPS) has labeled the religious service as a 'demonstration,' leading to its prohibition at the Petersburg site.

The most Catholic president, ever. Or something.

It's amazing how the Left can call people blocking roadways, harassing Jews on college campuses, and rioting in the streets peaceful protesters, but the Knights of Columbus holding a Mass at a cemetery on Memorial Day is an intolerable 'demonstration.'

Realize where we are.

Thankfully, Virginia AG Jason Miyares got involved and, after threatening a lawsuit, the administration backed down.


More from

The Biden administration backpedaled from banning a Catholic men’s group from holding a Memorial Day Mass at a national veterans’ cemetery in Virginia after the state’s attorney general intervened.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, a Republican, announced Thursday that the National Park Service had changed its mind over blocking Knights of Columbus Council 694 in Petersburg from conducting a Mass on Monday inside the Poplar Grove National Cemetery.

The Biden administration did so after Miyares’ office joined a lawsuit against the NPS that claimed the ban was discriminatory.


They tell you exactly who they are, and what they prioritize.

Very woke.

And woke ruins everything it touches.


We're sure the decision to back down on this has a lot to do with the fact it's an election year.


So devout.

But it's (D)ifferent when they do it.

If he's a Catholic, this writer is the Queen of England.

For 60 years, this wasn't a 'demonstration', and now -- suddenly -- it is.

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