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MIT's VP for Equity and Inclusion Gets MAJOR HEAT for Implying Airplane Seat Mate Is Racist


The Left. Can't live with them, can't ship them off to Antarctica. 

Meet Karl Reid. According to his LinkedIn profile, he's the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion' at MIT. He recently got on a flight and his seat mate made the unforgivable mistake of trying to engage in polite conversation with him:


The horror.

The implication here, of course, is that the seat mate is racist because he saw a black man and assumed basketball.

Instead of, you know, a guy on a plane trying to be friendly.

We will say that -- surprisingly -- Reid didn't put the guy's face all over social media. Which makes us question if it even happened at all.

That being said, Reid put this out there, so all the blowback he gets is richly deserved, whether or not it's true.

Also, note what Reid is wearing.

Athletic gear.


Yep. That's all this was.

Social engineering, apparently.

According to, the going rate for the VP of Equity and Inclusion at MIT is $102k-148k. Nice gig if you can get it.

He sure taught this guy a lesson

The DEI crowd are the worst racists.


It's all they've got: complaints.

Apparently not.

But then he doesn't get to play the victim.

Same vibes.

More money and less work in that field.


We caught this, too. Hid his info from his bio.

We don't. Some of the most interesting conversations have been with strangers on places like planes.

The Left wants to make us miserable and isolated, afraid to engage in polite small talk because some DEI loon might be offended.

Laughed out loud.

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