Michael Moore lashed out today at a BuzzFeed article disputing his account of how he saved a Palestinian filmmaker from deportation before the Academy Awards. Moore had claimed that Oscar-nominated documentarian Emad Burnat was racially profiled and detained at LAX while traveling to attend the ceremony. He then asserted that he made calls to Academy lawyers, rescuing Burnat from imminent deportation.

However, BuzzFeed’s Tessa Stuart shot a hole in that story today, citing sources at LAX who said that Burnat was detained only briefly because he could not produce a ticket when asked. According to one of Stuart’s sources, Burnat was released immediately upon finding his ticket, and the whole thing may have been a publicity stunt to gin up talk about Burnat’s movie, Five Broken Cameras.

Moore responded by calling out Stuart on Twitter and demanding that she correct the story within one hour.

So, Moore declined the opportunity to comment, then threatened the writer for not telling the story his way?

We’re anxious to see how this story unfolds. Either way, it’s a left-on-left battle — so whoever loses, America wins.

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