Canada has been gripped lately by the story of Theresa Spence, an Indian chief who has been on hunger strike since Dec. 11 demanding a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Spence is a major component in the “Idle No More” movement, an Occupy-style protest movement that has sprung up among Native Canadians.

The Canadian mainstream media has been transfixed by Spence, a chief at the Attawapiskat First Nation, where the appalling levels of poverty have become a national scandal. However, conservative TV host Ezra Levant is shattering Spence’s image both on TV and on Twitter. All night, he’s been unpacking the corrupt spending practices of Spence and her associates, who seem to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal aid while allowing their tribe to live in disgusting poverty.

There are actually a lot more of these tweets, but we’ll spare you the full portfolio. Then things get really gnarly.

Yeah, these people don’t sound so honorable once you realize they are rolling in cash that was supposed to be used for the betterment of their citizens.