After this week’s alleged attack on a Sudanese arms factory by Israeli planes, Greta Van Susteren is flagging Arab media reports of a “mobilization plan” in Sudan.

Israel, meanwhile, isn’t saying much of anything.

However, at least one Israeli defense official is saying Sudan is arming terrorists with Iranian aid.

And even Al-Arabiya mentions the possibility.

Also percolating through the Twitterverse is a report from the Israeli outlet Ynet that Israel may have staged a drone strike on a Sudanese munitions convoy in September.

Sooooooo, the plot thickens, and it’s looking like Sudan may be a bigger front in the Israel-Iran drama than previously thought. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

In another (not) shocking development, anti-Israel forces are developing a case of amnesia regarding Sudan’s brutal human rights record. Here’s a refresher, but be advised: It’s a long, long, long read.

Instead, anti-Israel tweeters spent last night and today railing against Israel and pretending that Sudan is just another peaceful country.

No irony there at all.