Washington GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna, along with his wife Marilyn, caused a stir last week when they decided to dance “Gangnam Style” at a Korean festival. At least we think that was “dancing.” We’re not really sure. Anyway, McKenna’s herky-jerky stylings got a lot of attention. 31,000 views later, his son Connor posted this urgent plea on YouTube — desperate to stop the K-Pop madness that brought shame upon his house. His plan is simple: Raise as much bribe money as possible to guarantee that this never happens again.

The kid is desperate, and we don’t blame him. He needed every penny he could get  to ensure that his parents never, ever, E-V-E-R got their Gangnam on again. Moved by the sincerity of the request, and the likable nature of the petitioner, the public responded.

Just in case you missed the brain-searing image that drove young Connor to seek help, we’re including it below so that you can feel his pain. This video is not recommended if you are prone to fits of uncontrollable laughter, seizures, or sudden urges to jump out of your chair and dance.

We just can’t watch. It’s too painful. Luckily, the plan appears to be having some effect. Marilyn McKenna seems to be slowly softening up.

Godspeed, young Connor. Your cause is just.