Actor Don Cheadle took to Twitter tonight in outrage over NBC News deceptively editing the 911 tape in the Trayvon Martin case to make George Zimmerman sound racist.!/IamDonCheadle/status/187691636342538240!/IamDonCheadle/status/187692188606533633

After those three tweets Cheadle retweeted this tweet [email protected]!/MarconiRebus/status/187692167484022788

Cheadle then went back to pointing out how awful NBC’s editing of the 911 tapes were and how important the slight is. He even seemed to agree that NBC was trying to forward a specific narrative at the cost of the facts.!/IamDonCheadle/status/187693962549673984!/IamDonCheadle/status/187694560221204481

He also didn’t buy any defenses of NBC put up by some of his followers.!/IamDonCheadle/status/187695319016947714

Cheadle even suggested NBC demote the person responsible for the edit.!/IamDonCheadle/status/187696301587185664

He expressed his concern that what NBC did might damage the chances that justice is done in the case.!/IamDonCheadle/status/187697045090476032

The actor finished off his spot on criticism of NBC News with an endorsement of the principles that the American justice system is based on.!/IamDonCheadle/status/187697698877620224


The conversation continued throughout the night. Read more here.

  • rrpjr

    Excellent. This is what classic liberalism is all about: truth, fairness and justice. I have new respect for the guy.

    • Rich S

      I hope you are being sarcastic about what “classic liberalism is all about”…..

      • PistolsForPandas

         I think he meant to say “classical liberalism”, which is awesome.

        • Guest


          Too subtle for some folks though, I’ll warrant.

  • koam

    @IamDonCheadle Why? Not ratings. NBC wanted to drive media’s false, simplified narrative about what happened. And that’s a crime.

  • koam

    @IamDonCheadle Interesting backstory on Zimmerman just out today. Campaigned for justice against Sanford PD.

    • thetroll01

       THANK YOU for this link, koam! I heard this early this morning, but missed the source.

      • koam

        You’re welcome

  • Veritas Aequitas

    If we can get someone to call out the Spike Lee and the Black Panther party for their part it would be a big plus!

  • FlatFoot

    Don Cheadle cracks me up. He always has. He’s a great actor with a heckuva range — and he’s a good person. Now I have another reason to admire the man… courage.

    • Nord357

      I’m with you. Always liked the mans work. Now I have respect for his cognitive function and courage as well

  • peteee363

    i must go out and buy me some don cheadle work. hoorah for him, where are the rest of the people willing to speak out against nbc? spike, rev. al, jessie, barak, well what are you guys waiting for?

  • Charles G. Kerns

    Way to go Cheadle!

  • chicagoxile

    Mr. Cheadle’s words and perspective today are very … presidential. If only that other guy was capable of following Mr. Cheadle’s example.

    Mr. Cheadle: facts, truth, justice

    Mr. Obama: emotional appeals via empty words (“If I had a son…”)

    • koam

      Exactly.  Don Cheadle cares more about the truth than just promoting an emotional story.  GOOD FOR HIM!

    • Scott H

      My son looks like Chairman Mao- in the sense that both exhibit bilateral symmetry and have male genitalia. Do you suppose that’s what Obama meant? Surely he wasn’t implying similarity based on skin tone!

      I think I will buy a copy of Hotel Rwanda now, just because of this. An actual retail copy, not a pirated one. Gotta support a guy like this, even if we do not agree on a lot of things. Real agreement and real understanding come from real dialog, not beating each other with soundbites.

  • An_Asshole

    >Truth doesn’t need “help.” If Zimmerman is proven guilty of a crime he
    should be charged accordingly and prosecuted to the full extent.

    That might be the wisest tweet yet about the Trayvon case. I couldn’t agree more. 

  • NixTyranny

    I will now gladly watch Don Cheadle in any past or future movie. I will never again watch Tom Hanks in any past or future movie.

  • Your XTC

    Finally someone is standing up against the National Barack Channel. And a black guy at that. Kudos, Don!

  • $7465067

    It’s nice to know that at least one person in Hollywood has got some sense! I hope he doesn’t get blackballed for it!

  • Abiss

    Wow.  An intellectually honest liberal.  That’s rarer than the unicorns our national energy plan is built on.

  • Stanley Marshal

    I think its inspiring that Rosemary Woods is still working in the technical world of audio, a true feminist icon, mistress of the multitask….

    • Imperial73

      Rosemary Woods? She was Nixon’s secretary, and he blamed her for erasing the 18 minutes of tape after they were subpoenaed. I dont think anyone here knows that besides me.

  • Bitsko

    Whether you are liberal or conservative, intellectual honesty makes it possible to stay friends and have conversations, rather than screaming matches. Don’s attitude is a good antidote to the sick partisanship we have now.

  • OMG69

    NBC knew exactly what it was doing but again .. all anyone on the left as to do is say “Sorry” and they will always get a free pass card…

  • John Urban

    God bless Don Cheadle for having the courage to put his convictions into the Twitterstream. NBC is damaged beyond repair, and should be blacklisted for the remainder of the election, unless the entire management is sacked by the reckless and irresponsible #Comcast. And what about Al Sharpton? Why is he still on their channel?


    Good on ya, Don!  Yes,  it was an intentional edit; I am in radio and it’s sooooo obvious.  NBC is vile and they just keep proving it.  I love it!

  • GardenGnomeLF

    Democrats need to inflame race hatred for the election. A race war helps Democrats. Why else is any opposition deemed racist?

  • StrikeSudden

    Reporters are suppose to tell the truth no matter their politics. If you lie you should be fired.

  • dantes44

    Great job sir.

  • mrbill59

    the fix for nbc is simple . Dont watch their BS
    That is all

  • Denis McCormick

    Don, glad to see you abandon the liberal plantation.  I hope you can withstand the attacks you will receive from the “compassionate party”.

  • rjulio

    Glad to see some in hollywood can still think for themselves.

  • yme

    The more people act in a responsible manner like Don Cheadle did the better our chances of getting the press to do the job they are hired to do; report the news, not remake it.

    • chetforlife

      But remaking the news gets people to watch, the more people watch the more people see the advertisers who sponsor the news.  the more viewers the higher their ratings and that allows them to collect awards at the end of the year from their peers.

      it is all about packaging.  they don’t care about peace or truth it is all about greed.  it is to bad OWS doesn’t attack and protest the real oppressors the Liberal Media

  • KhadijahMuhammad


    NBC gets ratings, we get a race war. It says loads that NBC appears OK with that swap. 

  • stage9

    The News media are nothing but conspirators in the incitement of unrest in America.

  • thohan

    Don Cheadle: Good bloke. That’s heartening in a way.

  • chetforlife

    and if he is not proven guilty of any crime then what?

  • Chet Needy

    in that case Obama is a white African American.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    i think we know why NBC did this, trying to make a race issue, NBC is in the bag for Obama. why not start a race war and have to declare marshal law, post phone the election. mark my words. since he has been president everything is worse. gas prices, food, work, i make barely make enough to buy gas to get to work and he blames other people. 

  • Mike Lee

    It’s nice to see an actor being able to express him/herself intelligently – regardless of how he/she views this particular issue. I find most of them to be so bloody stupid.