For some reason liberals keep coming up with new hashtags despite the long history of conservatives hijacking their hashtags in order to mock them. Today’s misguided attempt to establish a liberal hashtag came from President Obama himself. Apparently he wants people to tweet out why they like Obamacare.

Conservatives obliged and have completely taken over the hashtag. The vast majority of tweets being tagged with #ILikeObamacare are actually people mocking the program. Here are the best.!/JamesNolan/status/183273060705640448!/ORlibertygal/status/183271808483594240!/anthropocon/status/183272197991825408!/mamaswati/status/183271924334469120!/yidwithlid/status/183271493067751424!/politicalmath/status/183271745728425984!/MattDeLuca/status/183271683866636288!/CrazyHT4Life/status/183273117605560320!/stephenkruiser/status/183276187148222464!/detlions81/status/183276151748308994!/AGuyWithNoLife/status/183276084962398208!/MelissaTweets/status/183275743315361793!/bdomenech/status/183274999048708096!/gregb94/status/183277291252629504!/keder/status/183277193827328001!/MarcCamp/status/183277069348765696!/ArquetteSisters/status/183277630735392768!/detlions81/status/183277663903944704!/chrisjacobsHC/status/183279003363319808!/DrewMTips/status/183286519673524225!/NolteNC/status/183285399827910656!/MattCover/status/183289654701858816!/PuritasKelly/status/183290806348685313!/iowahawkblog/status/183291573994405888!/J_Pain/status/183291727837282304!/KSconservative1/status/183292872165044226!/hatbb/status/183294221258735616!/Jeremycrow4life/status/183298490112278528!/Saint_Obama/status/183299205136265216!/TammyIngram1/status/183301268985495552!/abra_ca_Daniel/status/183302984627789824!/corrcomm/status/183305194161967104!/AlexaShrugged/statuses/183281225748844544!/baseballcrank/status/183325933304942592

Uh oh! Looks like conservatives mocking of #ILikeObamacare has been mockingly submitted to @AttackWatch!!/amandacarpenter/status/183284975049773056

We will keep updating this post with the best #ILikeObamacare tweets so check back early and often!

  • Lulu Lapin

    This hashtag has made my day. 

  • averii

    Yeah no. Posting 20 or so tweets does not prove you “took over” the hashtag. 

    • Brian Bokenyi

       Obviously you haven’t seen the immense list of tweets at the hashtag.  Go take a look, then come back here and apologize for wasting our time with your ignorance.

      • londondave

        Yeah, so many funnies hitting Obama drones it’s not possible to keep up 

      • J

        And obviously you missed all the legitimate ones… SMH

        • xymbaline

           There *were* no legitimate ones.

          ObamaCare sucks rocks.

        • Cath

          No, we saw the lame ones.

        • thetroll01

           Soooo…..what makes them “legitimate”? If YOU say they are????


    • londondave

      #ILikeObamacare hashtag because liberals are drowning not waving… seriously. Game over.

    • skinnydipinacid

      @averil:twitter Attempt to downplay hashtag hi-jacking #FAIL

    • X_Navy_SWO

       Last I checked, the posts were about 2 to 1, sarcasm over liberal fawning.

    • Cath

      You are talking abt the 20 I posted?

    • Sara Johnson

      you posting about conservatives taking it over kind of legitimizes it though…

    • sevenlayercake

       U MAD?

  • Tom Reynolds

    Just to add insult to injury at least two organizations bought sponsored tweets for the #ILikeObamaCare hash tag.

  • Jeff Quinton

    averii, of course posting the “best” as Twitchy claimed above doesn’t prove that, but if you look at the actual hashtag you’ll see that.

  • BuckTaylor

    #IlikeObamaCare because it is obvious that the Govt provides superior goods and services more efficiently than the private sector.


    pretty good ones

  • AJCalvarese

    #Ilikeobamacare because the 34% of americans that approve of it CAN’T be wrong.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    I like obama care because nancy poison said we have to vote for it to see whats in it . She knows what is best for me……..yeah right

  • Cath

    I love this hashtag, but we’ve got to step it up!

  • NixTyranny

    Mine might have said,
    # I Like Obamacare because where the Left is taking us life won’t be worth living anyway.

  • Taxpayer1234

    Great tweets!  It almost makes me want to have a Twitter account. 

  • Roland G. Wade

    #ILikeObamaCare because my #TriCare premimums went up I now pay 60% copay for meds. Retirement from the Military has so many benifits.

  • Professor Why

    Once again, this one proves that I’ll NEVER get onto Twitchy! *sobs uncontrollably*

  • DavidKramer

    Here are a couple of mine-

    #ILikeObamaCare because @JoeWilson was absolutely right when he said @BarackObama lied about covering 20 Million illegals #YOULIE !

    #ILikeObamaCare because #freedom really means #slavery and debt is a @JoeBiden cool thing that will get us out of the #depression, #perse

    #ILikeObamaCare it really costs much more than the @whitehouse originally stated and @BarackObama signed an EO to not fund abortions #perse

    @NancyPelosi #ILikeObamaCare because you had to pass it to see the #deathpanels the #debtbomb and #bankaccountseizure within it

  • TheRightWingM

    #IlikeObamaCare  because now that it has passed, I finally get to see whats in it.

  • St Obama of Assisi

    More fun than a bucket of hair. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

  • tcbinc

    Planned Parenthood that Obamacare funds is the number one kiIIer of bIack-Americans 365,000 last year

    The National BIack Pro-Life Coalition, an anti-abortion
    group targeting African-Americans,recently released this
    shocking video claiming that the number one kiIIer of bIack
    Americans is Planned Parenthood watch this video it will
    open your eyes

  • politicsisdirty

    laughable….love you guys!

  • Michael

    #ILikeObamacare because pain pills are cheaper than the surgery. And who better do decide for me than bureaucrats?

    #ILikeObamacare because the ACLU and AARP and 1400+ companies are exempt, so it must be good for America!

    #ILikeObamacare because, i don’t know. republicans want me to die and be sick and stuff. and i don’t want to die and be sick and stuff.

    #ILikeObamacare because… well Neither Obama nor Pelosi have read it yet, but I’m sure they are going to.

    #ILikeObamacare because I need someone to pay for my breathalyzer. I mean an inhalator.

    #ILikeObamacare because Obama lied about his mother’s fight with insurance companies.

    Glad I had a chance to vent. I needed to get a few frustrations off my chest. Thanks #ILikeObamaCare !

  • Suzanne Cole-Rice

    This has been so much fun!  There are so many tweets that my computer keeps freezing trying to load them all!  Anyone who says we don’t own this hashtag now is just kidding themselves! 

  • Gilbert Le Blanc

    Thinking Obamacare is an abomination does not automatically make you a conservative.

  • Jason Beard

    I like Obamacare because Liberty is way overrated anyway.

  • Mike Diver

    #ILikeObamaCare because they told me that I would have to wait until they passed the bill to read it…#ILikeDepartmentofEducation because I can’t read!!!

  • Kalena

    I just got my monthly premium bill for my health care (yeah, I pay my own way), and it just now included a “claims tax” of $4.32 and also billed me for this tax for the previous 3 months.  Thanks #ILikeObamaCare for NOTHING

    • Larry James Dungan

      Isn’t Obama just “Wonderful” HE “Cares” so much for us

  • p.hagen

    I like Obamacare cause I’ll have to use it to find out what’s in it.

  • Genipero

    I like Obamacare because it’s a constant reminder to me that the US needs to elect a new President, one that actually loves the U.S.A.

  • mrbill59

    I Like obamacare because we need more stuff in our constitution thats not in there