Hoo boy:

Not exactly subtle, is it?




Twitchy coverage of Bowe Bergdahl

  • Fire and Adjust!

    a movie with no protagonists………… kind of like watching CSPAN, CNN, and MSNBC

    • Antisocial_ism

      There are protaganists, but they all die. Kind of like a John Saul novel.

      • Jay Stevens

        Or a Shakespearean tragedy.

      • Blake Waymire

        Maybe it’s more like A Song of Ice and Fire, in which the characters you grow to love are the only ones systematically slaughtered in brutal ways while the most terrible people survive.

        • Raven

          Coming soon to theatres across the USA. Or “Fast Tracking Fundamental Transformation”.

        • http://steamcommunity.com/id/pwag42 Swagner

          Or Attack on Titan: “Trust your friends! OH WAIT THEY JUST DIED”

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice


            What a br00tal show.

          • Eric

            Props for the Tagon silhouette alone.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      To liberals, the protagonists are the 5 Taliban leaders and the antagonists are Americans who don’t support their world view.

  • The Masked Avatar

    A tragic comedy.

    • thedumbblonde

      A black comedy.

      • mrspinky85

        I see what you did there. 😛

        • thedumbblonde


      • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Whoops, racist alert, racist alert…


      • Mary Mommy Happy 2016!

        Al Sharpton gave it a crying two racist thumbs up review. 😛

        • SQL DBA

          Jackass Jackson gave it 3 thumbs up

      • http://www.black-and-right.com/ Ice Cold Troll

        SAY WHAAAT?!?

      • Acethepug


      • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

        It’s more like brown but I ain’t gonna nitpick. Carry on. 😀

    • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I dunno about you, but I sure ain’t laughin’…

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    Spot on, Mad…but about six years too late. Where were you when this clown first took office?

    • mrspinky85

      Head up his ass. They just came up for air.

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        Wouldn’t that make it a Greek tragedy?

        • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Only if they take it up the butt.

          Oh, wait, that’s where their heads are.


      • DaMello ®

        I hear the air is piped down from the MSM.

    • Grandma Driver

      Spot on, Mad…but about six years too late. Where were you when this clown first took office?

      MAD’s been publishing material critical of Obama for five years now. Where were YOU?

      2009: http://www.madcoversite.com/mad498.html
      2010: http://www.madcoversite.com/mad503.html
      2012: http://www.madcoversite.com/mad513.html
      2013: http://www.madcoversite.com/mad523.html

      And those are just the covers. There’s been some hard-hitting stuff inside. (And against the Republicans, too.)

      • http://steamcommunity.com/id/pwag42 Swagner

        Episode 1: WAIT. CRAP. HOW DO I EVEN

      • mrs_oerebts

        Love the Spy vs. Spy one!

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    What– he worry?

  • Beentheremovedaway

    OK Hollywood, get busy! Maybe Prince could play nobama?

    • mrspinky85

      He will be at the podium like, “Game, Blouses!”-lol


      • karmafordems

        Perfect casting. You’d win the Oscar

      • brewerandpatriot

        And then he’ll make Charlie Murphy pancakes.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    They roasted Baldwin pretty good, too:


    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      “I meant to do that… YOU SELFISH LITTLE PIGS!”

    • globalcrap

      He is A hollyweird O Bogus geek

    • barney59


  • waltermitty2012

    I’m more worried about the potential for sequels, which are usually worse than the original.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    Countdown to MAD being denounced as a right wing propaganda tool…

    • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Mike

      …owned by the Koch brothers!

    • Super Marsupial

      Audit in progress…

    • LegalizeShemp

      “Count me in!” Sincerely, Hillary Clinton

    • NRPax

      Don’t forget Raysis!

  • castlemonster

    Oh please let the worm be turning at long last.

  • Maxx

    …like rats fleeing a sinking ship. I suppose I should be grateful MAD has finally joined the sane crowd but it’s so difficult not to stand on a soap box and holler at the top of my lungs to these Johnny Come Latelys…

    “oh, so NOW you finally get it?”

    • carmenta

      not gonna hold my breath for any apologies….

    • Grandma Driver

      Spoken like someone who hasn’t seen MAD in the past 4-5 years, and probably a lot longer than that. This isn’t the first time MAD has slammed Obama, and it’s not the second time, and it’s not the tenth time, either. They’ve run many anti-Obama pieces in their magazine and on their website. Before that, they weren’t exactly sweet to George W. Bush… nor Bill Clinton before him.

      Objectivity. People who deem themselves “the sane crowd” should try it sometime.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Thinking about Tom Hanks’ likely reaction to this makes it even funnier.

    • SQL DBA

      run forrest run!!!!!!!!!!

  • CO2 Producer

    …Hey a**h***! Six* of our guys died trying to find you all right?

    …I looked up “fubar” in the Pashto dictionary and there’s no fubar in here.

    *Late asterisk: Eight? WDATPDIM?

    • MyrmidoNOT

      …correction: s/b a**wipe… (imho)

  • RumDoooogie

    wow thats brutal but right to the point

  • JeffWRidge

    So, how long before the demented lefties begin calling the MAD mag people racists and start calling for a boycott?

    • Ruth

      Or the banks could refuse to do business with them just as they have done with other industries deemed undesirable.

    • E Quilibrate

      I don’t believe lefties read Mad Mag, It is way too nuanced and sophisticated
      for their mentality.

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Jens Johnson

    Bergdahl might of been saver if he stayed in Afghanistan.

  • pajamakat

    Where’s George Clooney when you need him sticking up for his buddy Obama ?

    • JeffyTheQuick

      They all stay quiet at times like these. They’re too busy sharpening their knives for the next conservative that says something mildly off.

  • LegalizeShemp

    The LGBT lobby is already getting a sequel green lighted in Hollywood, starring Bradley Manning and with the tentative working title of, “Shaving Ryan’s Privates”.

    • E Quilibrate

      Easy on the hemp Shemp, very nice.

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    I hope MAD’s books are in order. I smell an audit coming soon.

  • Mary Mommy Happy 2016!

    Bravo MAD magazine bravo with a home run of a awesome Photoshop.

  • BoscoBolt

    IMPEACH obama NOW.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Alfred E. Newman gets it. Why doesn’t BHO?

    • MyrmidoNOT

      one ‘flickering’ brain-cell still working?

    • Humanary Stew

      He may get it now since Mad just might be one of his sources for news.

  • FreeManinAmerica

    Of course, it’s a triple win for The Won:
    1. He released five high-value Al Qaeda leaders to continue the onslaught against the Great Satan;
    2. He recovered a deserter to slime the reputation of the US military in Afghanistan; and
    3. He sticks a thumb in the eye – again – of the republic by flouting the law and acting against the advice of the intelligence community and the military leadership while bypassing Congress.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Taliban is rejoicing. Repubs and patriots are fuming. Yep, mission accomplished.

      • Humanary Stew

        Except it backfired. They actually thought this would be a win and remove the VA scandal as the top story. It did that but this is now another scandal that they can’t spin.

        • nc ✓s & balances

          Right. Except it remains to be seen if they actually pay the price on this one. Nothing has been able to touch them yet.

          • beebop1952

            The media is the PR arm of the DNC. 0bama is a former president and the mid terms will put him on hiatus. They are going to use this to make Hillary the kinder gentler America hater. Mark my words.

  • Acethepug

    Now THAT is going to leave a mark on President Boyfriend’s narcissistic little face! He cannot stand being mocked — most incompetents can’t.

    AoS refers to him as “Fredo,” of The Godfather fame;

    I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!”

    THAT fits King Putt perfectly.

  • Frank Ness

    In related news, Mad Magazine gets audited by the IRS. Jay Carney told White House reporters that the two events are unrelated and they all nodded yes.

  • Ed McDowell

    I’ve had that MAD Mag. (What me worry?) BHO image in my head since 2007 and now its real.

  • Nyota Uhura

    Whoa! MAD has gone from pwning Obama back to the original, pristine and righteous owning :)

  • TocksNedlog

    What, HIM worry?

  • Donald-Now2x/Sarc-w/0calories

    Nice to know the magazine I grew up (I’m 51) reading and laughing at is still a spot on satirist and still funny. I miss Don Martin’s work though. And Dave Bergman. And…

    • ButteryWench

      Memory lane that is. Sniff

  • John Valko

    How pitiful is it that they thought this would be a big PR win. Too lazy to background check this deserter. Obama should be charged in court with first degree murder for any one that dies as a result of the release of the Taliban A team.

    • Bill Phillips

      I agree 1000% The blood of any casualties as result of this treasonous act lies DIRECTLY on Obama’s head!

    • beebop1952

      If you look at the picture, you’d be hard pressed to tell which of those six people the families of those who died searching for Bergdahl would identify as a terrorist ….

    • Dan13

      Get in line. The conspiracy to commit first degree murder in the death of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata comes first.

  • ToyZebra

    Mad Magazine had an issue with Obama on the cover with the Spy vs Spy characters and dressed like them. I hadn’t bought Mad in a long time, but I bought that issue.

  • Basset_Hound

    I haven’t read MAD in years, but I always appreciated their biting satire. I’ll HAVE to go out and find this issue.

    • Grandma Driver

      MAD did enough articles about the previous administration that they were able to publish a full book collection in 2009 titled “MAD’s War on Bush.” They’ve produced a ton of Obama material since then… and I smell sequel!

    • Bill Phillips

      Me too!

  • RalphTheCat

    It appears that MAD magazine has more journalistic honesty than the rest of the countries printed news.

    • Corey Dennison

      I wonder if they can be nominated for a Pulitzer…

  • Dirty Dutch

    Ho boy. I like that.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    What everyone doesn’t know is that Obama is going to hang a large version of this over his bed, because this is his proudest moment, helping free 5 Taliban leaders.

  • arttie
  • George Kato

    Since the development of raw intellect into refined intelligence and wisdom depends upon a variety of external factors, it is reasonable to conclude that the external factors are just as important as the inherited intellect.


    Why would I be thinking that the editors and owners of this magazine will be experiencing some uncomfortable circumstances with the IRS and the Justice Department in the near future?


    where is uncle Joe?

  • sizemorew

    Someone’s gonna have to call in the burn unit.

  • Determined

    You HAVE to love MAD Magazine! :)

  • KenH

    Its a knee in the balls but not near enough PAIN…..

  • $44142617

    America, what did you really expect? This ‘community organizer’ has covered his entire past, the associates we DO know about are all communists, etc. The 20 year church thing, this student of Alinsky TOLD you that he wanted to ‘fundamentally change the United States’. He has zero experience, zero qualifications, etc. His entire existence is fabricated, he’s been whisked through the gauntlet by forces unknown, he could no more qualify for the colleges he’s supposed to have graduated from than a random person at the bus station. He surrounds himself with those like him, ultra leftists, communist sympathizers, etc. America, what did you really expect?

  • Moue La Moue

    Not saying it’s subtle, but that’s how you do a burn #LikeABoss

  • barney59

    IRS Visit in 5..4..3…

  • Conserv_58

    KA…… BOOM!

  • FramersForCruz

    Luke Londo @llondo Follow
    Brutal. RT @MADmagazine Barack Obama’s Unfortunate New Movie http://www.madmagazine.com/blog/2014/06/03/barack-obamas-unfortunate-new-movie
    Brutal is having Obama as president