Don’t think Obamacare’s as awesome as the president says? This ought to change your mind:

Game. Changer. If Kal Penn likes it, that’s good enough for us!


This White House is nothing if not totally professional.


Kal’s a real up-and-Kumar!

Oh, it’s real, all right. But it is most definitely not spectacular.



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  • Informed&Concerned

    Nielson, minus 1 for Kal

  • thedumbblonde

    Remember, Kal

  • CrustyB

    Get Neil Patrick Harris in there for an AIDS PSA and you’re all set.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

      Trapper John, M.D. eh?

      What about that guy that played the coroner in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas)?

      • CrustyB

        More like Clapper John, M.D.

  • No-bum-a

    Soon they will have Cheech & Chong promote open borders

    • David Johnson

      Pot Legalization also, double PSA!

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Barack Obama ✔ @BarackObama
    Disclaimer: @KalPenn has only played fake doctors on TV—but he still knows the importance of affordable health care

    Well my wife is a REAL doctor and she knows the disaster of Obamacare.

  • Isaac Clark

    Using celebrities, with the hopes of coercing people to sign up for health care, is patronizing, truly patronizing. “Oh these young adults haven’t signed up yet, but they’re going to now that Kal Penn is pushing this thing!”

    • TomJB

      Patronizing is exactly the first word I thought of as well. Insulting was the second. Its no wonder high schoolers are polling more and more to the right – they may have a lot to learn about life, but they are not as a whole, stupid.

      • Isaac Clark

        What’s even worse, is how they parade these numbers of people signing up to preach a narrative of the law’s success. News flash, getting excited about people signing up for something they are legally required to sign up for (healthcare), is like getting excited about people paying for their speeding tickets. Here’s a new slogan,

        “Kal Penn may only play a doctor on TV, but even he knows that failing to sign up for healthcare invites the wrath of the IRS.”

    • Maryland_Malcontent

      Kal Penn is still relevant to the youth? Wasn’t “House MD” at its peak before most millenials could even vote?

      • Isaac Clark

        I think they’re banking on his popularity from the Harold and Kumar film series. The series is popular among younger audiences. Although your point is well taken about his time on House MD, I don’t think millennials would’ve cared about that.

  • TocksNedlog

    Kal Penn played a fake doctor who COMMITTED SUICIDE. Hello?

    • Clete Torres

      He knew that he’d have to deal with 0bamacare and wasn’t about to play that.

    • Chevypowered

      I heard of the movie but never watched it. Did not know he offed himself in the movie.

      • Jill

        He was hurriedly written off of House after taking a position with Obama

  • TocksNedlog

    What — no ‘binders full of REAL doctors’ willing to endorse this train wreck?

  • lesterwink23

    Not even The Onion has reached this level of self-parody. God help us all

    • discus_it

      Any more of this and The Onion will be out of business.

  • BlahBlah

    Wait. What happened to the sad panda?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      He became suicidal after he saw the Obamacare numbers.

  • Guest

    Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle House

  • MrApple

    I guess using a known fake Doctor to promote Obamacare is more honest that the fake nation’s leader who keeps pushing it down the throats of the American people. Neither one of them have any real experience at what they are trying to do.

  • CLEmom

    So. Embarrassing.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      You think that’s embarrassing? Wait until the liberals start trying to defend that mess.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    “Oh wait, they did. They totally did.”

    Yeah, it’s just that the numbers are way off from the predictions Team Obama made as recently as November. And the majority that did sign up went to Medicaid, which means they won’t be paying into the system… at all. I guess it’s appropriate. After all, the website is still a disaster despite their “Mission Accomplished” stunt last month, the premiums are vastly more expensive than previously advertised, doctors are bailing left and right to avoid this mess, and people actually can’t keep the plans they liked–period.

    As for using Penn for this, that is so overwhelmingly pathetic. They couldn’t even get a C-Lister for this, could they? They had to settle for the guy who walked away from a successful show for an ill-defined “job” in an administration still in denial about what a mess Obamacare is for them, their party, and the nation as a whole. At this rate, November 4th is going to be more entertaining than I dared imagine.

  • Jeff Chrzanowski

    Let me point out that in the last “Harold & Kumar” film, Kai Penn’s Dr. Kumar washed out of medicine because he was more into chooming than his career?

    • Clete Torres

      Irony, thy name is Democrat.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    Were these paid actors as well trying to sell Obamacare?

    • Amanda

      Nope. Paid staff doctors doing the job they are paid for.

      • Aimee

        They were paid for this photo op? They were paid to promote the ACA? I knew O provided the lab coats…

  • Exodus2011

    keep digging for the truth America and forcing the Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT truth out into the open

    the Old media Obama-cheerleaders won’t do it, but we can still win the truth war via the new and social media, like what happened during the gun grab debate

  • swg

    so if we have fake doctors promoting this wonderfullness, do we get fake doctors when we go to the hospital too?

  • $84598387

    Obama has only played a fake President on TV—but he still knows the importance of affordable health care. He has just been failing to bring it to you.

  • $84598387

    I’ll pay the bill with my fake composite check.

  • sb36695

    Well, Obama’s playing prezzy. Seems to be want voters want. Sad thing is they won’t like the end game.

  • anjullyn

    And he continues to say it’s because of his race that things don’t get done. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. He’ll be a great stand-up comic once he leaves office.

  • chuckles

    And Obama plays a fake President every day on TV. #themanchurianpresident

  • junkbondtrader41

    Hugh Laurie – per Twitchy – has shown a few signs of intelligence rare among celebs. I’d like to think they asked Dr. House himself first and were turned down.

  • jukin

    This, in case you are wondering is what SMART Power! ! ! 1111! ! ! Elibinty looks like.

    We are in the best of hands.