How has no one thought of this before?

Demography expert and “The Cycle” cohost Abby Huntsman has no time for labels. Or for fighting between political parties. So she’s looking to her dad Jon Huntsman, aka Mr. Personality, and his Dem pal Joe Manchin for inspiration:

Kumbaya, you guys. Oh, and sweet ride!

Exit question:

Has Oprah joined forces with No Labels yet?



Jon Huntsman’s daughter: My dad should run for mayor of New York City

  • dfloyd_chef

    What a joke..@JonHuntsman Is further to the left than @Sen_JoeManchin No labels is right.

  • Guest

    You know what I would love to see? The abolishment of political parties. Then when you vote, you’d be voting based on their record, and not party affiliation.
    People might not believe it could work, but frankly, too many people vote based off of what they consider themselves. I always hear, “I’m a Democrat, so I HAVE (they really save have) to vote Democrat.” And I’ve also heard Republicans say that.
    I’m sure it could be made to work. Without political parties, 5 candidates could be selected every 4 years to run in a primary. The winner runs against the current President, then when a 2 term president is leaving, 10 candidates run in a primary, and the two with the highest votes runs against each other for President. It sounds dumb, but imagine if people voted by substance instead of party. Frankly, I doubt Obama could have ever won anything if he didn’t have liberals blindly voting for him because of the (D) next to his name.

  • Steve_J

    No labels – No principles.

  • Magnifico

    Already a reality, Abby…..the current mindset of establishment types. As long as their districts vote for them, that’s all that matters. May as well get along with the pinkos, right?

  • therealguyfaux

    Seriously: Jon Huntsman and Colin Cowherd– have you ever seen the two of them together?

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    I’ll take “Things That Will Fail Worse Than Air America” for $200, Alex.

  • dan1davis

    [If only more Dems & Repubs could go fishing together.]

    … and fall in the lake and drown.