As Twitchy reported, the White House marked Father’s Day by releasing a photo of a water gun-totin’ POTUS:

Obama? Wielding a gun? Alert the media! While Second Amendment supporters immediately saw the irony and got to mocking, Columbia University prof and HuffPost Live host Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was legitimately upset.

Quick! To the Outragemobile!

Oh, puh-leeze!


Bingo. When it comes to Obama, there’s very little to defend. But to be genuinely upset about a photo of the president holding a water gun is ridiculous. Mock-worthy? You bet. Worthy of handwringing? No way. Nevertheless, Hill doubled down:

“Male toys”?

His “issue,” huh? That’s funny. He doesn’t seem to mind the “dangerous culture of gun violence” when police officers are the victims. Earlier this year, Hill wished his “brother” Mumia Abu-Jamal — who brutally murdered Philly police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981 — a happy birthday and praised him as a “leading intellectual.”Hill also gushed over the “exciting” saga of cop killer Christopher Dorner, exclaiming that it was “like watching ‘Django Unchained’ in real life.”

“Bothered” by a water gun. By cold-blooded cop killers? Not so much. Not only is he a shameless hypocrite, but he’s colossal joke.


Mock like the wind! Laura Ingraham, others slam gun-toting Obama Father’s Day pic

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  • Daniel Gilfillan

    This is what happens when a leftist hides so deep in the bubble there’s nobody around to tell them when they’re being ridiculous idiot clownbabies.

    • James Atkins

      I guess in his world, all families should just sit around and stare at each other. I mean, everything anyone does at some point offends somebody…this is so f’n ridiculous anymore.

    • lainer51

      It’s also what happens when a leftist….

    • Rulz

      Welcome to East Coast higher academia.

    • Stone Bryson

      Very true, but in his self-righteousness he inadvertently let slip his ‘true’ motives, giving lie to his claims that he supports the second amendment.

      “But we must also destroy gun culture.”

      Pretty cut and dried, if you ask me…

  • LinTaylor

    Here’s an idea on how to diffuse this “gun culture” crap the left goes on about: make it mandatory for people to be taught basic gun handling and safety procedures. Don’t force them to buy a gun if they don’t want one, but have them learn the ABCs so they’ll know what to do if they do handle one, and so they understand that guns are not demonic creatures that spring to life, force themselves into innocent peoples’ hands, and spray destruction about randomly.

  • CitizenEgg

    With one breath he says “Gun culture is promoted through the normalization of violent behavior, language, and imagery.” With the next he says “But we must also destroy gun culture.” Here’s a tip for nothing ‘Professor’; When language matters, choose your words more carefully. Truly the libs have normalized violent language as part of their ‘attacks’ on anything they disagree with.

  • Jimmy John

    Obama pictured with golf club…Marc Lamont Hill goes nuts….doesn’t Obama remember when Martha Moxley was bludgeoned with a golf club?

  • webnetcity

    It’s one thing to be thought of as a weak, liberal, gutless coward…
    It’s another thing to tweet about being offended and remove all doubt.

  • M F Scotto

    Hey, Marc, that’s hilarious! Oh, you’re serious.

  • mickeyco

    “Military style” water guns are white & orange? I didn’t even know the military used water guns. My dumb.

  • grais

    He grew up with violent, male toys, which shaped him. Probably watched the Three Stooges, too.

    He’s not violent (maybe), but he is an out-and-out weirdo.
    I think this guy just flaps his yap and Then tries to figure out what he may have meant, depending on the attention he gets.
    He’s an utterly artificial human being.


    Let’s start with that terrible thing called ‘Rap’

  • Steven A

    On a deeper level, I worry that too many toys (especially male toys)
    encourage our children too be aggressive rather than imaginative. –Marc Lamont Hill

    But water guns are highly imaginative. When I have one, I like to imagine all the places I can hide and ambush people.

    Also, it looks like the President is running right next to a pool. Maybe we can concern-troll the crap out of that while we’re at it.

    • azJimmy

      I think it would be very imaginative to chew a pop tart onto a gun … so of course we should control imagination as well.

    • arttie

      Yes! Where are his water wings?

  • James Atkins

    Does anyone else see the irony in his tweet –

    “Also, we have to get out of these ridiculous extremist positions.A person can support the Second Amendment and support sensible legislation.”

    I submit that wee start with his ridiculous extremist position of having issues with a father enjoying a good time with his children.

    • Steven A

      All you have to do is redefine “sensible” to “entirely under the control of a ruling body and contrary to the Constitution of these United States” and viola! instant rationalization!

      Just words, right?

  • Bozo Sapien

    Lefties would probably be more comfortable if water guns were shaped like penises.

  • capisce

    (CNN) — It was a bloody Father’s Day weekend in Chicago, but police said murder and shooting rates are significantly below those at the same time last year
    Seven people were shot to death and there were 26 “shooting incidents” from Friday to Sunday, according to the Chicago Police Department spokesman Adam Collins.

    So bothersome, he couldn’t work up some outrage for that truly bothersome lead-in to another (yawn) bloody Chicago weekend?
    Not as bad as last year – that’s gr8!

  • Herman LaClair

    “I grew up with toy guns and and other violent toys. That stuff definitely shaped me and my friends’ understanding of guns.” so you and your friends sat around discussing gun culture instead of playing? now i get it.

  • kate_middleton

    This is absurd.

    But honestly, lets give him credit for sticking to his “guns” – at least he’s not being a total hypocrite when it comes to Obama. It’s be worse if he said all that about a gun culture but was then okay with Obama’s silly water gun pic.

    And I am totally LOL at “military style water guns.”

  • alanstorm

    “Also, we have to get out of these ridiculous extremist positions. A
    person can support the Second Amendment and support sensible

    I have to agree, in theory. In practice, I have seen no – zero – nada – zilch “sensible” legislation from the left on this. What I DO see is that after any high-profile crime, the left trots out the same old proposals, none of which would have stopped the crime du jour.

    Come up with an intelligent proposal, and we’ll talk.

  • robert anthony

    Hill used the wrong euphemism…he said ‘anti-gun President’….’anti’ is a prefix reserved for conservatives only…he will lose points among the left propaganda community. Better suggestion..
    ‘Pro-victims’, ‘pro-defenseless’, ‘pro-infringement’, ‘pro-tyranny’, ‘pro-regulation’…..

  • Dave

    The irony to me, in today’s whacko, out of control, over reacting leftist world, if six-year old B. Hussein Obama had went to school with that water gun today, he would have been arrested, placed in juvy hall and kicked out of school.

  • DefCon99

    Professor Hill seemed to have turned out OK, so what’s his beef?

  • Garth Haycock

    While I think he’s a moron, I’ll give Hill credit for being consistent in his stance on this silly issue. I’m actually surprised he didn’t defend Dear Leader in this case, as regressives are want to do.

  • ceemack

    Try these on for size, Prof. Hill:

    “I agree with the President’s stance on SENSIBLE free-speech control. But we must also destroy free-speech culture.”

    “I agree with the President’s stance on SENSIBLE religion control. But we must also destroy religion culture.”

    Is there really a SENSIBLE way to destroy a civil right?

  • Clayton Grant

    Can someone help me with what is a “military style water gun”?
    I spent 22 yrs, 8 mnths on active duty and was never once issued a water gun – or a water balloon grenade for that matter.

    • robcrawford2

      That’s because you never went up against the aliens from “Signs”.

      (If the ones from “Alien Nation” had shown up, you’d have been issued water guns filled with salt water.)

    • Michelle

      Do ya think if I ask nicely and say “Pretty Please” that Mr. Hill will get me one of these for Christmas?

  • Guest

    Hill lives deep inside a pseudo-academic, committed left-wing bubble.
    His pronouncements generally border on the absurd.
    HE is a genuine example, of what is meant with the description “brainwashed”.

  • robcrawford2

    Marc Lamont Hill is just troubled by the image of a black man with a gun.

  • Lotte Lenya

    I guess he aims this screed about gun culture to Hollywood too:

    “Gun culture is promoted through the normalization of violent behavior, language, and imagery. Military style water guns are part of that.”

    Probably not.

  • umad80

    What is with the use of the word culture with liberals? “Rape culture” “gun culture”. I mean, what’s next? And I have to wonder though, how come running around with a water gun is horrible for “gun culture,” but promoting movies with gun violence is ok? Did I miss something? Oh right, liberal logic makes my head hurt.

  • C d

    Marc Hill:

    I grew up with toy guns and and other violent toys. That stuff definitely shaped me and my friends’ understanding of guns.

    did you turn out to be a psycho killer? nope. your case has holes “professor”

  • Rulz

    “Was anyone else bothered by the Father’s Day picture released by the White House yesterday? The one with the President holding a water gun?”


    In fact, Hill should be praising Obama for being a decent parent. It’s just too bad that he’s not a good or just President on a lot of issues.

    Vote GOP in 2014.

  • seek456

    Is running with a gun as dangerous as running with scissors?

  • Red Fred

    Man up Mark. It’s a toy, you want to outlaw toys. You people don’t have sense God gave a goose.

  • Guest

    The Water pistol was filled with Obama Kool Aid.

  • Jeremy

    Marc Lamont Hill is a POS and a cop killer defender to go along with that.

  • Small fry

    Kids in grade school get suspended for just this very thing.

  • cscape

    (Hill) “This Time”????? RALMAO

  • cscape

    Somebody needs to manufacture tee shirts with this image on it, for our school kids to wear in front of all those idiotic PC teachers and adminstrators

  • cscape

    Here’s something to consider…… There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that Dr. Hill, and most of the rest of the LIBERALS have any idea about the countless number of instances of OVERREACTION in our schools, where kids with poptarts that look like a gun, various toy guns, rifles on tee shirts, and most recently, a 2 inch long lego gun, have been severely punished and even arrested….. these stories don’t make it to Main Stream Media or Liberal blogs

  • JR48

    I’m absolutely not a political fan of the Obama but Hill is ridiculous. It’s a squirt gun.

    Example of the death of common sense amongst liberals. Seriously, he thought about this long enough to create a tweet and send it. Like it profoundly means something. With all of the issues in our world and in particular that one could have with our POTUS, he calls him out for a SQUIRT GUN? and then pontificates about the meaning behind it?

    There is only one meaning: Fun. He’s playing with his kids. There is no other meaning.

    Did you get that Mr Hill? NO other meaning. Nope, you’re meaning isn’t meaningful. It isn’t something to ponder. It’s not something to take action about. You and people like you are the reason why an elementary school kid can get suspended for an inch long Lego ‘gun’ or eating a Pop Tart in the shape of…a half eaten Pop Tart.

    It’s the equivalent of seeing Jesus on the side of a piece of toast. It exists only in the mind of the person such as this. It should be called out as moronic and then ignored.

  • Paul

    we need a bird flu epidemic or something to purge the gene pool of all these blithering p ussies

  • Kristine

    Funny how a water gun promotes violence but somehow Hollywood doesn’t influence anything a kid might do because movies are “entertainment” and not responsible at all.

  • Rich

    Water guns can be fired on full auto. hehe