Facts matter, no matter how inconvenient they may be. The clowns at MSNBC have yet to learn that valuable lesson.

Last night on “All In,” host Chris Hayes marked the 50th anniversary of Alabama Governor George Wallace speaking out against racial integration. And in the video clip accompanying Hayes’ story, MSNBC was very careful to remind viewers that Wallace was a Republican:

Here’s the thing, though: despite the Left’s dishonest but cherished contention that the GOP is the party of racists, Wallace was a Democrat. MSNBC flunkies may like to believe that pushing a false narrative will make the ugly truth go away, but that’s not how it works. And Hayes was rightly called out for presiding over such an egregious lie:


This afternoon, Hayes tweeted an apology:

But what if he had caught it?

We wouldn’t be surprised. After all:

Bingo. And MSNBC has little interest in allowing facts to get in the way of that narrative.

If there’s a silver lining for Chris, it’s that he doesn’t have to worry about being embarrassed in front of too many people:

But there can’t be a silver lining without a dark cloud, and many of those who did witness the jackassery weren’t interested in giving Hayes the benefit of the doubt:

Hayes did earn praise from some people for apologizing:

But was it enough? Is he sorry for the lie, or sorry that he got caught? We’re not satisfied with his apology just yet:

He’s got a long way to go before we’re willing to consider taking his sincerity at face value.

Hayes eventually apologized for that, tooafter being called out for his callousness. Few people bought that apology, either.

In the meantime, we’re guessing this won’t be the last time MSNBC pulls such a stupid stunt. After all, lying is kinda their forté:


And maybe that’ll push Chris out of the spotlight for a bit:

  • bkeyser

    If these scandals keep dropping, we’re liable to start seeing an “R” after “Obama”.

    • TocksNedlog

      R for Reprobate?
      Remanded into custody?

      • buzzit


      • peteee363

        don’t forget r-recidivist

      • Catchance

        R for Rhetorically proximate.

      • Miss Clairee

        R for Redacted

        • Zach Brewer

          Retarded? … What? If Bill Maher can say it, so can i!

    • ObamaFail

      I say in the 2016 elections.

      • tops116

        “I’ve always felt Barack Obama was too inexperienced and incompetent to be president. I’ve never once supported him or his policies.”
        “But you were the Secretary of State during his first term, Mrs. Clinton.”
        “What difference does it make?”

    • 1SkepticalChick


  • CatHerder

    Wallace was every bit as Republican as Lester Maddox! Oh wait…

  • TocksNedlog

    “You manned up and apologized on Twitter — a very rare occurrence”
    — In the case of Hayes it was more of a ‘there’s a first time for everything’ moment.

    • Jarhead83

      Physically impossible for Maddow’s little sister to “man up”…

    • willbilson

      It wasn’t a mistake. If it was actually a mistake, then this apology would be sufficient. But it wasn’t and it isn’t. The “apology” is just more smokescreen. Every word of the original presentation on MSNBC was deliberate. I am somewhat surprised that Morrissey would be taken in by this, but not really. He isn’t all that.

    • Jerry Camp

      The claim was made on-air…a twitter apology is not ‘manning up’. Besides, if Chris ever manned up, it would be from advice he got from his big brother Rachel.

  • rippersnort

    IDIOT X2

  • detroit19

    Not buying it.

  • TocksNedlog

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world’s first Metroretardexual!

  • Michelle

    MSNBC currently has only 350,000 viewers and of them, only 94,000 in the primary demographic. MSNBC is at the bottom of the ratings barrel right now, and Chris Hayes’ “All In” is at the bottom of MSNBC viewership. It appears folks are getting fed up with MSNBC lies and revisionist history. http://www.deadline.com/2013/04/cable-news-ratings-get-to-the-point-cnn-all-in-msnbc/

    • GrindingMills

      I think it’s more locational. Liberals live in big cities, and therefore, have to attend wine and cheese parties during Chris Hays’ time slot.

      • Michelle

        No actually their ratings plummeted when the current scandals started to unfold.

        • GrindingMills

          Or the weather got warmer and they had to spend more time at their yacht clubs…

          • Michelle

            You kind of sound like ya got a chip on your shoulder over rich people. I don’t care goes to wine and cheese parties or who owns yachts, regardless of their political affiliation.

        • beebop1952

          They are afraid of the facts. They stick their fingers in their ears and sing lalalalalalala. Those are the taxpayers. The takers haven’t a clue what the heck is going on. And? That’s the way the democrat party likes to keep them.

  • Emily B

    What’s the difference. Low info voters were just wondering why Forrest Gump wasn’t in that photo.

  • TocksNedlog

    The sad thing is, the real story is probably that some juicebox intern watched the clip and just assumed, based on its content, that the governor MUST have been a Republican.

    • ObamaFail

      Some weedhead getting ready for another Occupy rally while counting out his welfare check probably saw that and believed it.

  • NRPax

    Translation: “I was caught because I forgot that people can and will call me on my BS.”

  • © Sponge

    Why am I not shocked by Ed Morrisey’s reaction?

    He did this KNOWING FULL WELL what he was doing.

    “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.”

    The stupidity of my side sometimes bugs the crap out of me.

  • © Sponge

    Chris Hayes tweeting an apology for defaming Republicans is a lot like Anthony Weiner apologizing for twitpicing his johnson AFTER GETTING CAUGHT.

    Such a joke.

    Well, he said he was sorry!!!!!! Damage done, credibility SHOULD be ruined, but NOOOOOOOo. They’ll both still get paid and live like they’re our intellectual betters.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    Did he apologize on live TV or just Twitter?

    • NRPax

      If he apologized on TV, it will be tough to find anyone who could verify it.

  • Janice LEE

    No one expects a drop of truth to escape from the haters. They live to lie to their ignorant audience.

  • sb36695

    That pretty much sums it up!

  • TomJB

    Hard to “catch” a mistake when you assume and probably never actually check out the truth

  • Marvin Nelson

    I bet that, of the 10 or so people who watch MSLSD, no one caught the error. The viewers are either Dumbocrats, LIVs, or both.

  • Love of Country

    Is this surreal or what?

    For ten years I’ve been blogging on Fox boards and everywhere else that MSNBC is 100% obsessed with implying/tricking their stupid, low-information audience that racist icons like Bull Connor and George Wallace were Republicans and that the GOP was adamently against abolishing segregation in the 50’s. (all desperate lies)

    Literally hundreds of times when MSNBC has gone to commercial break, they have run an old Al Sharpton PSA where he laments w/ crocodile tears that there was a time when black folks had to ride in the back of the bus. Disgustingly, the whole PSA is designed to make you think Republicans fought to keep bIacks segregated and still desperately yearn for those days and so just be thankful for the DNC. (“Lean Forward”)

    Well …. I guess they’ve finally jumped the shark because they’re no longer simply implying Dems defeated GOP segregation …. they’re preaching it! And Lord can only imagine how badly bIack fascist libs trash the GOP in public schools during bIack history month. I bet NONE of those kids in public schools are ever taught that the GOP ended DNC Segregation and ended DNC Jim Crow Laws and fought to defeat the DNC_KKK and fought hard for their right to vote as well. Any takers?

  • Jeremy
  • Steve_J

    Would he have admitted he was wrong had nobody caught his lie? No and there was no chance the dumbass wasn’t going to get caught in his lie.

  • devan95

    Take it one step further and point out that it was actually the Europeans that brought slavery to America, long before we declared our independence. They’ve gotten a free pass for way too long. And, it was Americans that ended it, not Europeans.

  • Jeremy

    Chris hayes has managed to be worse then Sgt. Schultz and Schultz even commented about Hayes.


  • Michael C Stephenson

    Why does this person still have a television show, and why would any rational adult watch it?

  • TXKracker

    Will MSNBC and this panty waste lib, smug dip shit , or in short- Rachel Maddow’s twin sister really make a big public admission? Likely not. Just a Twitter retrace.
    What a tool.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Dibley-His-Golden-Key/dp/1484181557/ M F Scotto

    The Republican in the story is MLK.

  • Baghdad Jay Carney

    Complete and utter BS. They KNEW he was a Democrat. This is the beginning of them subtly trying to re-write history. I’m not falling for it.

  • Ailsa Nordstrom

    I’m sure it was a first attempt to make people believe Wallace was a Republican. That’s what the left does, repeat a lie over and over until it becomes the “truth”.

  • regmgr

    No problem here. Nobody is watching this socialist in the first place. The only people that do watch this idiot are low information voters who really never study history anyways.

  • GMMI

    All of MSNBC’s hosts make Forrest Gump look like John Stuart Mill.

    • Jack Deth

      “John Stuart Mill
      Of his own free will after half a case of Shandy
      Was particularly ill”….

      My Monty Python. Let me show you it!


      • GMMI

        Do you even have a clue who John Stuart Mill was?

        • Jack Deth

          I said: “My Monty Python”. Let me show you it!”

          Not my “John Stuart Mill”.

  • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

    They don’t call the liberals who watch MSDNC , low info for nothing.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    @chrislhayes Nah. We expected nothing less from a group of historical illiterates such as yourselves. So, it’s all good, homey.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Someone should send Hayes a $10 gift certificate for Chic-Fil-A!!!

  • eeddggy

    SOP for the stooges at MSNBC. They probably say that MLK was a Democrat.
    Their “viewer” wouldn’t know better or even care for that matter.

  • BAW

    Could he actually be embarrassed (or sorry) because he just learned that one of those “facts” he has always known, based his beliefs on, promoted, etc. is not true? Remember the thing about the left is that they know so much stuff that just isn’t true. He did take responsibility and that is where maturity begins. Perhaps he’s growing up.

    • ObamaFail

      Give it a few days, and he’ll be back to the usual rhetoric.

  • jebjr

    I would like to know what insane asylum MSDNC mines for their host’s. Not a one of them has any sense or can make a cogent argument. The only requirements for employment at that network are to believe in unicorns and to be proficient in race-baiting. It is admirable that this kid apologized for his ignorance, but it’s only a matter of time before he steps in it again. Is it any wonder that his show is so poorly rated?

  • LegalizeShemp

    Demonrats always do that, all past racists are put in the Republican camp and all freedom fighters are put in the Demonrat camp. I’m surprised he didn’t say Lincoln was a Demonrat, they usually try to take credit for winning the Civil War too, even though the racist Demonrats comprised most of the South and anti-war scum.

    • ObamaFail

      I hear liberals all of the time saying, “Republicans should take their white hoods off and realize black people aren’t their slaves.” They need to research and learn that it was the Democrats who were against freed slaves, and against the Civil Rights Act.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Now we need to just get them to forget that the southern strategy ever happened.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Whenever they mention it, I ask them to explain just WHY those hardcore racists would switch sides to the folks that had just overwhelmingly voted FOR equal rights.

          Never gotten a response back, yet.

        • Spinmamma

          Actually, it didn’t. John Hinderaker wrote a very good analysis of that interview, “What Did Lee Atwater Really say,” on June 9, 2013 and included a link to the audio of the entire interview. His words have been grossly misquoted and misrepresented. It is another myth created by the left,

  • Jay Stevens

    MSNBC is not for breaking news (their admission). Apparently it is for watching libs stick their feet in their mouths.

  • Guest

    Hayes, the androgynous ignoramus…just another lying mouthpiece of the Obama Channel.

    • realblue10

      Obama’s re-election has irked you so much that you’ve dedicated your life to hating on him. LOL!!!!!

      • Guest

        Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 16, 2013,
        how many calls you gonna call make, Tyrone, to find the right trick?

        • realblue10

          you still irked?

      • Duane Savage

        His first election made me that way.

        • realblue10

          his skin tone made you that way….but stay irked!

          • chrileybrandsyr

            why do you insinuate that it was ‘skin color?” You don’t know that. you’re no better than the whole lot of MSNBC zeroes.

          • realblue10

            i see my comment irked you. that’s whats up!!!!

  • tops116

    I’d demand that Hayes apologize on-air, but it’s not like anyone would be watching anyway.

  • tree hugging sister

    How appropriate, then, that on the 50th anniversiary of Democratic douchbaggery and MSNBC ass-hattery, last night REPUBLICANS in the Panhandle of Florida PROUDLY elected a black man (who is also a Tea Party member) as the area’s legislative representative for the first time since Reconstruction. All the Democrats who held the seat previously could never claim to be other than George Wallace’s hue. http://coalitionoftheswilling.net/?p=23545

    Suck on THAT stone, MSNBC.

    • nc

      Thank you, ths, for letting us know about the election of Mike Hill to the Florida House (I looked it up). Hope you’ll keep us posted on his progress as he looks like he could be a future “player” on the national stage.

      • tree hugging sister

        Oh, I’ll be delighted to do THAT, NC. We are very lucky he was willing to put up with the abuse of a campaign, but he truly called to serve. Mike is a FINE, just dang delightful person and has only the sky to shoot for. I couldn’t be prouder to be his friend.

        • nc

          : )

  • Jd1367

    Of course, this just shows how highy they regard their audience (all 10-15 of them). They figured they were too stupid to pick up on it

    • Duane Savage

      They were right.

  • Jeremy
  • porgiefirefighter

    What do Orval Faubus, George Wallace, and Lester Maddox have in common? They were all governors, all hotly opposed school integration, and were all DEMOCRATS . . . or as MSNBC’s Wunderkind Chris Hayes would say, “Republicans”.

  • JD777

    But that lie is already half way around the world….

    • BAW

      It’s okay, just more stupid lefties you can expose as stupid when they say Wallace was a Republican (they saw it on MSNBC) and you can prove them wrong. Not to mention, pointing out that MSNBC is not a credible source.

  • Noneya

    Most people would get fired for a mistake like that but at MSNBC you wait and see how fast he gets promoted.

    • Duane Savage

      News is he’s replacing Jay Carney.

  • JCRocks

    In the liberal mind, all the racist Democrats of old eventually moved to become southern Republicans. So, they justify mislabeling Wallace as a Republican. And I thought Sharpton was the dullest knife in the drawer on MSNBC.

    • BAW

      I don’t think they believe the racist Democrats became Republicans (there’s no reason to) it’s just the lie they tell.

  • conservative2012

    Actually George Wallace later in life denounced segregation, and apologized to black civil rights leaders. His last term as governor saw a record number of blacks appointed to state positions.

    • BAW

      Wallace believed what he believed but he lost. Public opinion was against him. He was a politician and like modern day Democrats just lied about what he believed.

  • Chunkdog1

    MSNBC is so bad, they consider Wikipedia as their own private “deepthroat”.

  • Neil Leininger

    This is why we need government fines for shoddy reporting like this. A simple history lesson, or he could have watched several Hollywood movies about the man to educate him that Wallace was a democrat, and a proud one.

    • Duane Savage

      Obama would just invoke Executive Privilege.

    • Jayne Cobb

      “need gov’t fines”? umm , no thanks.

      • Neil Leininger


        • Jayne Cobb

          sorry my mistake….carry on.

  • Jim Trevorrah

    Chris Hayes is nothing more than the female version of Rachel Maddow.

    • Duane Savage

      Liked for truthiness

  • Duane Savage

    Mistakes aren’t deliberate. Apology not accepted.

  • willbilson

    It wasn’t a mistake.

  • $18912735

    Chris Hayes has a B.A. degree from an Ivy League college. Chris Hayes is a political “pundit” with a show on a “major” news channel. Chris Hayes didn’t know George Wallace was a Democrat.

    So what have we learned here…

    Chris Hayes is a Moron. Morons can get B.A. degrees from “elite” colleges. MSNBC hires morons to host television shows.

    Welcome to the idiocracy that is America.

  • JonInVa

    “Apologizing” on twitter does nothing to correct that information in the minds of the low information inbred liberals who watch MSNBC in the first place. Now they are permanently convinced it’s true and will teach all their little evil libtard spawn the same thing for generations to come.

  • sdc63

    So 50 liberals who watch him now think that Wallace was a a republican!

  • Guest

    If you saw Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow walking down the street together could you tell the difference?

    • jamesben

      Maddow probably walks more like a man…

      • oconnellc

        Ha. Another good one. That was a joke about her being a lesbian, right? Funny. Huh.

  • Roto

    Tweet to nitwit @chrishayes that Abraham Lincoln was a Repub & watch his head explode….

  • Greg Greenlee

    Another “C student”at NBC news! Do they have ANY journalists at NBC? Since Russert died, I think they are all gone!

  • James A. Lonon

    Who runs MSNBC? BOBO the clown and friends? All that effort finding the film clip, and nobody at any point thought to check which party he was a member of ? Guess you shouldn’t get all your stories from the White House Press Office. I’m sure Obama thought Wallace was Republican too. Who is editor in chief at MNBC? Could I take his place? I know how to push a few of these keys here to do a thing we like to call A FACT CHECK. Well, at least it’s not a long fall to the bottom of the media mountain for MNBC since they are already there.

  • Dale Russell

    “This was a stupid, inexcusable, historically illiterate mistake.I should have caught it and apologize for failing to.” Yeah, but the stupid, inexcusable, historically illiterate low information voters have now already seen it and your objective is accomplished.

  • David Johnson

    Isn’t he just rachael maddows in drag or is it the other way around!

    • oconnellc

      Ha. I get it. That was a joke about Maddow being a lesbian, wasn’t it?

      • David Johnson

        Not even sure what gender maddow is!

        • oconnellc

          Zing! Even better. See, that is funny because her first name is “Rachel” and she is obviously a woman, but because she is a lesbian, you made a joke about not being able to determine her gender. Like, if she wasn’t a lesbian, you would be able to tell that she is a woman, but since she is, it is almost like she is a guy and therefore terribly confusing.

          Funny. Seriously. That was funny stuff.

  • kim

    don’t want to hear it until he apologises on air

  • stevearizona

    Democrats have been trying for years to revise history when it comes to their own party’s history of violence and racism in the South. First there was the myth of the “Southern strategy”. Then came the “George Wallace was not “really” a Democrat” (which they argued when he told them to go to hell with his presidential aspirations). Now comes the weak, idiotic Chris Hayes giving some shadow apology for lying about George Wallace’s political party affiliation. Never ceases to amaze me that the party of Bull Connor (pro-Union and very, very much a Democrat), Huey Long (the worst demagogue in political history since Wilson) and two known Klansmen (Byrd and Truman) refuses to own up to its problems. Makes me wonder if Democrats realize who they are historically, and it certainly isn’t the “big tent” inclusiveness they pretend is the hallmark of their party–but victimization, identity and class envy politics instead.

  • stevearizona

    That was NO mistake. Names are always listed with political affiliations, so this was a deliberate attempt to show bias to the low info idiots.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    I’m glad Fox never makes this kind of “mistake.”

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Nope, Fox NEVER intentionally does that.

    • BAW

      You’ve given several examples of Fox making mistakes in real time (which I bet they corrected). But they did get the D/R wrong in several instances. However, it’s far different to temporarily mislabel something for a “minor” story involving a possible sex scandal, infidelity issues, or an allegation of unethical behavior by current politician AND re-writing history.

      MSNBC’s mistake was made in a report marking the 50th anniversary of Wallace’s speech. If MSNBC considered it a historically significant event, then I would expect them to consider the facts involved equally significant.

      But I suppose you don’t see a difference.

  • jamesben

    If modern Democrats can’t even OWN UP to their sordid, racist past, will they ever own up to their communist, anti-American present?


    • oconnellc

      I thought that they were Socialist. Now they are communist? How the hell did I miss that?

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Never ONCE has Fox purposely mislabeled a wayward Republican.

    • pinkelephant22

      Of course it’s an easy mistake to make. The difference is, MSNBC has a track record for doing things deliberately, including splicing footage & audio. Anyone with at least 1/2 a brain knows MSNBC would’ve NEVER run a negative story like that on a Democrat. The actual “(R)” itself is less significant in that regard.

      • oconnellc

        And FOX didn’t splice audio and footage to alter the appearance of Tea Party rallies?

        It is wrong when everyone does it. Unless you are excusing Hayes, because it was an easy mistake to make, right?

        • pinkelephant22

          No, they didn’t. It’s really a pity that you don’t have the brain capacity to understand the difference between a typo or incorrect footage -vs- deliberately splicing and editing footage or audio in order to cast other people as dumb or racist, including that of an average citizen whose life was threatened over it. Dunce.

          • oconnellc

            Yeah. Incorrect footage. Typo. Right. Never spliced footage together…


            This is actually kind of funny, too, don’t you think?


            Ever heard the term “useful idiot”. It refers to someone (such as yourself) who will believe anything they are told, as long as it makes them feel good, who then goes out and fights battles on behalf of those who actually want to screw them and take their money.

          • pinkelephant22

            Yes, I have heard of the term “useful idiot” and you should be the poster child.

            Your first problem is that you post links to 2 liberal sites ran by clowns.

            As I originally stated, the footage on the rally was simply a different rally. Not only was that NOT “splicing footage”, it in no way was derogatory to anyone on the left. It takes a special type of dlpshlt to equate that to a network who deliberately splices footage or audio to “make” someone say or do something they didn’t say or do.

            Regarding the joke of a website you linked to on Trayvon Martin, that was widely thought to be him, not just “Twitchy”, you idiot. Never mind the fact that there are images much worse than that on the kid. Even still, what does Twitchy have to do w/major news organizations which was the subject we were discussing?

            Good job making an even bigger fool of yourself. Idiot.

          • oconnellc

            “Your first problem is that you post links to 2 liberal sites ran by clowns.”

            I suspect that you don’t really know anything about their qualifications. And I notice that you don’t actually make any comment about the veracity of the statements. Attacking the messenger while ignoring the message kind of diminishes any credibility you might have.

            “Not only was that NOT “splicing footage””.

            Do you have any idea what “splicing footage” even means? How could you say that taking footage from two different events, months apart, and showing it in a continuous stream as though it were from the same day does not qualify as “splicing footage”? The problem is that words do have meaning and if you don’t like them, that doesn’t change them.

            “It takes a special type of dlpshlt to equate that to a network who deliberately splices footage or audio to “make” someone say or do something they didn’t say or do.”

            You got that right. Bachman and Hannity were trying real hard to make it look like *something* was happening in that footage. Are you instead stating that they were both such complete incompetent fools that neither of them noticed that the footage from an event that they supposedly attended was so totally wrong (sunny vs. cloudy, leaves on trees, number of people)?

            “Regarding the joke of a website you linked to on Trayvon Martin, that was widely thought to be him, not just “Twitchy”, you idiot”

            The fact that lots of people made the same completely stupid and reprehensible mistake does not make it less stupid or reprehensible. Double standard, perhaps? Someone went out of their way to find a scary, brown kid and presented that picture as though it were TM. Obviously, you have no issue with the thought that since he has had a scary picture of him and he is brown, that killing him is somehow less reprehensible. Does your jab a bout the fact that there are “much worse” images of the kid somehow make it easier to swallow? Maybe you’d like to go knock off a few scary brown kids yourself, right? Obviously, it must be relevant, or you wouldn’t mention it, right? I mean, a kid takes some pictures with his friends that make him look a little *extra* brown and that is relevant to him being shot, right? That must be why you mentioned it, right?

            “Even still, what does Twitchy have to do w/major news organizations which was the subject we were discussing?”

            I guess the ethics of someone who presents themselves as an honest purveyor of the news isn’t relevant to you, right? As long as they are telling the side you like, how stupid or dishonest they are is really irrelevant, right? I mean, someone was able to just grab a photo of some black kid and pretend that it was that awful Treyvon guy who dared to walk through a white neighborhood. Killing him is certainly understandable, right? I mean, he has some scary photos of himself, right? And MM has books to sell, so she keeps up the frenzy and you double down on supporting it. Congratulations.

          • pinkelephant22

            Damn, you’re dumb. And I do mean DUMB.

            Anyone who even remotely follows politics is aware of “DailyKos”, dolt. As for the other, any site w/articles starting out, “Who names their site Twitchy? Oh I know! Psycho-bltch Michelle Malkin”, is a good sign to anyone of sound mind that it’s amateurish & clown-like. That was further proven by their content.

            Running the wrong footage is not splicing, you idiotic nut. Double-standards? So you really are too stupid to understand *deliberate splicing* to change the entire meaning of something in order to attack a person’s character vs. incorrect footage w/discrepancies of cloudy/sunny which was aimed at no one nor harmed anyone? Unbelievable ignorance.

            Your brain must be the size of a flea’s ass.

          • oconnellc

            Ok. We need to define the difference between ‘Running the wrong footage’ and what FOX did. Running the wrong footage would be Hannity and Bachman talking about a political rally and the footage showing a dog trainer. What FOX did was show a loop that started with footage from the day in question. But the footage that they had didn’t reflect the story they were trying to tell. So, they cut in footage from a different day. But they didn’t tell anyone that they cut in footage from a different day. Why on earth you don’t think that means ‘splicing in footage’, I have no idea.

            If you think FOX didn’t do what they did on purpose or with intent to deceive, you are a bigger moron than you appear to be so far (no mean feat). If you think that it was a total accident that instead of showing footage from the day in question, they spliced in footage from a different even months earlier, than what you are really saying is that the folks at FOX are the most incompetent boobs on the planet. I would believe you there, but that doesn’t quite go far enough.

            But no, keep defending something when you obviously don’t even know what the words mean. At least you have stopped defending the reprehensible idea that it is OK to shoot scary brown people. God, it’s like you try to go out of your way to make yourself look stupid. Let me guess… You’re a Christian, aren’t you?

          • pinkelephant22

            You are definitely one dumb MFer. How could you actually type all of that shlt & something not spark in your brain as to how ignorant you are? That’s amazing.

            1) Anyone with an ounce of sense can understand how footage of 2 similar events is easier mixed up by the file/control room.

            2) Using different rally footage didn’t change the fact there was a rally

            3) Find a dictionary, idiot. “Splice” is to cut things out & then glue the remaining pieces together to portray something different.

            4) Cropping & Splicing is MSNBC’s specialty.

            Cropping out the skin color of a gun toter to try to portray him as a racist white against Obama.

            Splicing the word “debt” out of a statement and then stringing the remaining together to make it appear someone said the dark cloud was “Obama”

            Splicing is taking out the middle part of someone’s statement to make it appear they don’t know what auto pay is -or- that they were honed in on someone’s race instead of them being asked.

            “Brown people” — where in the hell did that come from you fk’d up birdbrain?

            Lay off the alcohol & then at least try to get an education. The route you’re going, a hair net & a deep fryer will stay a part of your “career”

          • oconnellc

            Ok, idiot, I’ll type more slowly so you can understand… When an event happens today, the tape is present. I have experience with this sort of thing. The camerman takes it into an editing bay to try to winnow down the dozens of minutes of footage down to a loop that can be played behind the anchor. Ok. Physically present. If it is digital, that doesn’t substantively change anything. Now, lets say you want to deceive people for some reason (I don’t know, lets pretend you work for FOX). You have the physically present footage that you are attempting to edit down to a minute or so. Since you want to deceive someone, you go back into an archive and pull out old footage. Splicing is the act of joining two unconnected pieces of film (I’m speaking generically, if this is digital, it doesn’t substantively change anything) so that they are connected. Removing part of one of them to replace it with part of the other has nothing to do with splicing. Splicing is a perfectly reasonable thing to do under many circumstances. In and of itself, it is not a dishonest thing. You cannot redefine the word to mean some assinine thing that only makes sense to the voices in your head. It would be perfectly reasonable and expected for someone to take footage from a single event and cut out chunks in the middle and splice the ends together.

            What becomes dishonest is when a person in charge of footage from an event edits it down and realizes that for some reason, what is left does not tell the story that a producer or anchor desires. So, to fix that, they go back into an archive and pull out something that is not footage from the current event and then splice that into the footage from the current event (God, I cannot believe I have to explain this to you. How stupid can you be?) in order to give some believability to the false narrative, no matter now stupid that false narrative may be. Do you get it yet? It isn’t like the person sits down at the editing bay and there is a huge pile of random footage that has to be put together for the news. You don’t “accidentally” combine footage from something that happened today with footage from months ago. They are not co-located. You don’t just miss the correct bin by a couple inches. You do it on purpose. That is the only way it works.

            The only way someone “accidentally” splices the wrong footage is if they are going into an archive to pull something out and it it labelled incorrectly. But again, splicing today’s footage with something from the archive is by definition NOT A MISTAKE, IT IS DONE ON PURPOSE! (again, I cannot believe that you need someone to explain this to you. What will you do when your parents come home and tell you to stop playing on the internet?).

            Just to make sure you don’t get confused, here is the dictionary definition of “splice” that you asked for: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/splice?s=t

            God, I cannot believe that you were so stupid as to tell me to look it up, without first looking it up yourself to make sure the word meant what you thought it meant. How dumb does that make you? Incredibly dumb, that’s how dumb. I mean, do you see anything about ‘taking out the middle part’ in the definition of splicing? God, you must have someone typing for you, because you certainly couldn’t be smart enough to hit all the right keys by yourself.

            And the brown part came from your stupid self. Why in the world would you defend MM for posting that horrible picture of a black kid and claiming that it was THE TM is beyond me. But to then go out of your way to point out that there were “images much worse”, as though that is relevant to either MM/Twitchy’s stupidity or to his killing is pretty telling. We got your message. Anyone who could possibly have “worse” images, why, it is certainly understandable how that guy in the tie could have killed him, right? I mean, what else is the point of the “worse” images, if it isn’t to show just how awful that horrible brown kid must have been and how any reasonable person could image just shooting him out of hand, right? Let me guess, you consider yourself Christian, right?

          • pinkelephant22

            ROFL! You really are dumber than a box of shlt!

            Oh my — a rally vs. a rally. The horror!! HaHaHa.

            “Splice” – joining 2 pieces together. Such as, the beginning of a statement and the end of a statement, cutting out the middle of the statement, to change the meaning of the entire statement. It doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning, middle, or end — the point is splicing to change the entire meaning.

            Here’s another clue shlt-for-brains: NBC admitted & people were fired over it in some cases.

            The picture of Trayvon Martin was widely thought to be him .. it wasn’t just “Twitchy”, idiot. And as I said, that particular image was nothing compared to the other images that were thankfully put out there instead of the repeated 10 year old picture.

            Seek help on that maggot-infested brain of yours. It takes a special level of ignorance & insanity to repeatedly call Fox biased while defending the clown network of MSNBC. Even members of left-wing organizations would break into a gut-busting laugh at your stupidity.

          • oconnellc

            I see what is wrong with you. You don’t actually read anything, do you? You just repeat what you think you are supposed to repeat. You realize “splice” doesn’t mean what you think it means, so you stop talking about it. Now, I’m supposedly defending MSNBC. I would have to be, right? After all, I pointed out how stupid you are and how dishonest FOX is. Except, I’m not (I am pointing out how stupid you are) defending MSNBC. I’m pointing out your stupid double standard that your confirmation bias addled brain has put together. In your mind, the lie that you get from FOX doesn’t bother you as much, mostly because it makes you feel good about yourself. If only those nasty libruls and dark people would stop messing things up. MM and Twitchy aren’t stupid because other people are stupid too. And, of course, that nasty brown kid had some nasty images.

            See, you aren’t so bad! The voices in your head must be right. You’re a good guy. It is everyone else who is out to get you.

            So, you aren’t talking about brown people, except when you are. You don’t like liars, except when you do. Words mean things, except when they don’t. FOX isn’t biased because MSNBC is biased. The universe can’t have two biased organizations, can it? And, you like the stories you get from FOX, so if they lie a little bit, how much can it hurt? After all, even when you see proof of how they lie, you can claim that Daily Kos is to blame, right? And if someone points out how much MM can’t be trusted, well, you have to just ignore the facts you get from them.

            And thank goodness someone put out the real pictures of how scary that brown guy was, right? I mean, how horrible would it have been if all we had was the mistakes the MM makes when trying to sell you a book. Instead, we got some real scary pictures of that brown guy. Thankfully, right?

            This sums it all up: the point is splicing to change the entire meaning.

            Or, to just keep selling you the lie you can’t wait to pay for.

          • pinkelephant22

            I stopped talking about splicing? When, idiot? I’ve mentioned “splicing” in my last comment and the one before, you illiterate moron.

            And by the way shlt-for-bralns, per the lawsuit against NBC:

            “manipulating Zimmerman’s own words, splicing together disparate parts of the recording to create the illusion of statements that Zimmerman never actually made”. Ahh… yeah, you really know what you’re talking about. LOL!

            Anyone with a functioning brain can see that footage of one rally vs. another rally means nothing. What did it change, dlpshlt? There was nothing different portrayed. What is your tiny brain not able to understand?

            Nasty brown kid? You’re so fk’lng stupid. Last I checked, Zimmerman is “brown” too. The image released was widely thought to be Martin. What did it change in the portrayal of Martin given the other images? Again – nothing.

            Go seek a psychiatric evaluation & some type of education that stimulates a dormant brain. You’re an embarrassment.

          • oconnellc

            Ok. So, you start out by denying that FOX does the same stupid thing that MSNBC does. Then, when given proof that they do, you state that it doesn’t matter, because you think that in this particular case, you aren’t bothered by the lie. Because that is the only time they ever lie to you, right? Even though you really haven’t actually even tried to defend the other instances when they put people in the wrong political party, you just state how you don’t like the people who point out the truth to you. And, of course, you’re still trying to figure out what the word “splice” means, but you have figured out that dictionaries do exist and they do actually put the definitions of words out on the internet for people who read to go look them up.

            What hospital are you currently reading this from? Is the paperwork getting you committed complete yet, or are the grownups still talking about how long you need to go away.

            Of course, you’re still “thankful” that someone else posted some other pictures of TM. Not sure why. Care to explain why you are thankful for this?

          • oconnellc

            Ok. So, you start out by denying that FOX does the same stupid thing that MSNBC does. Then, when given proof that they do, you state that it doesn’t matter, because you think that in this particular case, you aren’t bothered by the lie. Because that is the only time they ever lie to you, right? Even though you really haven’t actually even tried to defend the other instances when they put people in the wrong political party, you just state how you don’t like the people who point out the truth to you. And, of course, you’re still trying to figure out what the word “splice” means, but you have figured out that dictionaries do exist and they do actually put the definitions of words out on the internet for people who read to go look them up.

            What hospital are you currently reading this from? Is the paperwork getting you committed complete yet, or are the grownups still talking about how long you need to go away.

            Of course, you’re still “thankful” that someone else posted some other pictures of TM. Not sure why. Care to explain why you are thankful for this?

        • Chris Chambers

          You mean like the one that showed some crazy radical carrying an AR-15 slung over his back? When they panned the picture out, it was a black guy at the rally. Wut? He mighta been the only black guy in the picture, but he was packin’! (And I say “Good on him!” He has a right to carry, and carry he did!)

  • Guest

    i swear these democrap idiots pretending to be journalists have no idea what the history of the democratic party they love so much. KKK, yeah that was the DEMOCRATS


    stupid, inexcusable, historically illiterate… is he referring to Chris Mathews? Anyway, you see, with the libs, being correct doesn’t matter. For example, Liz Warren, new Dem Senator from Mass lied about having Native American bloodlines to advance her career. It was explained that as long as she believed she was Native American, that was all that mattered. So, as long the viewers of MSNBC believe Wallace was a Repub, that is all that matters.

    I am going to try and believe that I own a Porsche, but I am pretty sure I will drive to work today in a Ford.

  • JerseyShur

    Will Liberal revisionist history try to paint Obama as a fascist Republican?

  • Lily Hofstra

    He should have reiterated quickly what Wallace did and said in the clip and remind everyone what Hayes himself said about Wallace standing for evil and THEN tell everyone that Wallace was a Democrat. Despicable.

  • davesnothere

    “Stupid, inexcusable and historically illiterate.” That pretty much sums up MSNBC.

  • Jim

    Hey Chris, let me clear up a few more facts for you before your next “news report”: Bull Connor, Robert Byrd, Fred Phelps, and 95% of the KKK were/are all Democrats too. Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, and Jackie Robinson were all Republicans.
    Not to mention that other Republicans like Coolidge and Eisenhower (and their allies in Congress) were pushing for equal rights for African-Americans while Democrats like Wilson bitterly opposed them. There’s more to history than what your ponytailed professors taught you- maybe you should look into it.

  • Ronald

    This is a symptom of a much bigger issue. Divide and conquer…. The free market allows for competing news corps to produce highly tailored products designed to generate profits. They do this by exploiting and even exacerbating political controversies. This creates jobs and economic opportunities within news corps but also for the satellite websites (like Twitchy) that generate audiences talking about this news. All of this serves to further polarize the country along political lines as each side buys into its preferred flavour of propaganda. Meanwhile the dollars flow (from ad revenues) while the people are neatly divided.

  • Dr_Tesla

    this Hayes guy has the most punchable face of all time.

  • Elizabeth Lipp

    Clown. He is a dummy and should not be allowed on ANY news broadcast.