IRS official Lois Lerner may be on paid vacay, but she should probably hold off on packing her suitcases for now. This morning, election integrity group True the Vote, itself an IRS target, served Lerner with a lawsuit.

Well played, True the Vote. Well played.


  • CitizenEgg

    I hope she’s just the first of many. Try pleading the fifth in a real court of law Lois (the slow) Lerner.

    • Amanda

      Especially doing so AFTER declaring her innocence lol

      • Elaine

        Remember when Cong Black Caucus was all over the Republicans “suppressing” the minority vote? Looks like they were the guilty party! So when the Obama brought in the UN to “monitor” our elections, you know what they took away from it? They found no suppression at all, BUT they were shocked by the fact that there was no VOTER ID and questioned how the election could be fair. Go figure. A little side note; Soros just dropped another million on the NAACP to gear up for 2014 election suppression. LOL

        • Paul

          typical proggie projection

    • Andy from Beaverton

      We must demand Cindy Thomas in handcuffs in front of Issa’s committee.

    • Dutra

      I just hope that this case, other similar cases, and any appeals will find sympathetic courts. Translated: judges and juries that have been harassed and audited by the IRS.

  • RblDiver

    “Well, see? We were TOTALLY right to delay their application, this is just a political act which they shouldn’t be involved in. We saw this lawsuit coming in our crystal ball and delayed based on that!”

    • Elaine

      Wonder if they Delayed this one? Doubt it. I knew the looney left got a lot of their info from nasty Progressive sources and I thought I knew most of them. This one’s a doozey! **AlterNet is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media organization.** REALLY? Looks like they are VERY POLITCAL to me! (Several of our additional funders wish to remain anonymous)

      • Jason Call

        There, there. We hire bureaucrats to judge which speech is political. Doanwerryabouddit.

  • Andrew

    Something tells me that even if she loses this lawsuit, the taxpayers will find themselves on the hook.

    • thetreyman

      the best part about this will be the discovery process and it all being part of court record, which are open to the public. and this being a law suit and not a criminal charge, the 5th amendment doesnt apply.

      • Michael Golde

        Fifth Amendment can still be asserted in response to a question in a civil lawsuit so long as a potential criminal action may be filed against the defendant arising out of the same transaction or occurrence. However, the big difference is that in a civil proceeding, the assertion of the Fifth Amendment REQUIRES a negative inference to be drawn. In a criminal proceeding, no inference may be drawn. So, civil litigants will be able to argue that every question Lerner does not answer based on Fifth Amendment grounds should be construed as if she had answered the question in the light most negative, or as if her answer WOULD incriminate her.

  • Steve

    Lets see…one suit filed, about 699 to go…

  • jdog

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. What a scumbag. Payback is a bitch Lois.

    • disqus_eric

      The bitch gets paybacked?

  • HARP2

    Maybe she can use Holder for an attorney.

    • yahneverknow


    • 1bilrus

      LOL, Holder may not be a member of the bar by trial time…

    • Jeremy

      ha ha

  • Sharkteeth

    Reap it Lerner

  • Joe

    Something tells me that Lois “Not Such A Quick” Lerner won’t be enjoying her summer vacation.

  • V the K

    Once again, the Tea Party doing the work the castrated Boehner-McCain GOP refuses to do.

    • thetroll01

      Hell….most of the RINOS secretly supported (slow)Lerner’s actions. They despised the TEA party.

    • BlueGood


  • Hugh Beaumont

    Obama is studying “The Prince” right now, and throwing Lerner under the bus is right out of Machiavelli’s playbook.

  • Right Wired

    Maybe they can get all of them under the Rico statue? All 60,000 IRS employees

    • Clayton Grant

      Conspiracy charges at the very least.

  • Steve Morriss

    Wasn’t Lerner the one who planted the question that broke open the scandal? Could it be that she is a whistle blower with a difference? She appears to be forcing congress to appt of a spec prosecutor. Could it be she is a heroic American, doing the right thing?

    • TocksNedlog

      You’re funny.

    • ObamaFail

      She’s so heroic, that she cowardly pleaded the fifth to keep from getting her well-deserved punishment that she and her buddies in the IRS all deserve.

      • fivegreatkids

        I have to give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. We are all aware of how this administration plays. They probably have something on her or her family and are using her. Or the way people met untimely deaths with the Clinton admin they could have hinted at that. I imagine she was ordered to plead the 5th. I am going with “they are all crooked”.

    • BlahBlah

      Hi Steve, I have these great investment deals to tell you about. And a bargain bridge. Email me!

    • Elaine

      HAHAHA Someone gave her the question to have asked in the first place. She already said that earlier. Who was that, pray tell? I’m not HOLDERIN out any hope the this administration will change their evil ways.

    • tops116

      I wasn’t aware someone could be a whistleblower when they refuse to answer even a single question.

    • LightSabre

      Could it be you’re off your meds?

    • nc

      In a word, no.

    • Guest

      Miller has already said he is the one that told Lerner to plant the question.

      Keep up or take notes.

    • Evil Otto

      Wow, Steve, you created a DISQUS identify just so you could write that?

      The answer to all of your questions is “no.”

      • Steve Morriss

        In case you missed the hearing: Issa made it clear, to invoke the 5th would trigger an investigation by a special prosecutor. Then she did just that, invoked the 5th. She wants the deep probe with subpoena powers, something neither the IRS internal investigation nor the IG has done. My point is, it is too early to condemn this lady till the we have more info. Personally, I consider the NTEU to be behind this whole scandal. The IRS has a shadow management inside the NTEU like NCOs vs the officer corp in the military. If you think the officers are in control, you’re naive. Officers may set policy, but it’s the NCO who really run things.

        • Brian H (wackobird)

          Pretty sad to create a fresh nic just to post talking points here….so this is the best narrative the regime has?

          • Steve Morriss

            What’s sad is the narrative being promoted here…she plead the 5th, therefore she’s crooked, and hiding her crimes. It has a bad smell. The whole thing smells. Doesn’t it occur to any of you that she may not be the idiot you label her to be? Shame is yours to bear should she not be what you assume or been led to believe. And shame on you for impugning my motives here, fresh nic and all.

          • Catchance

            Long before she was with the IRS she was with the FEC, and was involved in questionable discrimination there, too. Her belief there was that conservative groups needed to be subjected to more rigorous investigations.

          • Conservativesniper

            Who impugned your motives and what are these holier than thou motives to which you refer? And what military experience do you have?

    • Chris Chambers

      Supposedly she answered the question that was planted by Steven Miller, former IRS Commissioner. She IS the one that said “I’m not very good at math.”

      • Jay Stevens

        Stay focused on the real problem. Ignore the idiotic throwaway line. She doesn’t need to be good at math. She needs to be good at managing people who are. That is an entirely different skill set.

    • lainer51

      Hilarious! (and clueless)

    • stuckinIL4now

      Why did Lois Liar do what she did in the first place? She obviously is as immoral, amoral, indecent, disrespectful and unethical as all of the Dembeciles she works for.

      • Steve Morriss

        Good question! But there is nothing obvious about it. It appears that the cultural norms in the IRS and more over within the control of the NTEU, provided a fertile ground for discrimination and abuse of power. It may be that she found herself between a rock and hard place and went along to get along. Who the hell knows? At least now, by her taking the 5th, she has triggered an investigation by a special prosecutor. If held in contempt of congress, she faces going to jail until she responds This either shows incredible courage or total stupidity. With her attorneys at her side, I doubt the later. We can only wait a see.

        • Allan Hamilton

          I get where you’re coming from Steve. This is a very complicated and deeply tangled web of subversion and there is much to learn, who ever the source eventually is. However, Lerner’s patterns of repeated discrimination going back years is grounds enough to have her motives and means questioned.

    • Conservativesniper

      Sounds like you might be off your meds there Steve. She’s a clueless bureaucrat, nothing more.

      • Steve Morriss

        It’s very dangerous to under or over estimate your enemy or those who claim to be your friends. Agreed? I find the nature of this discussion to be troubling. If you are as conservative as your handle, I would expect more respect and less condescending tone.
        Yet another round of name calling. Something I would expect from the other side.

        • Conservativesniper

          Are you threatening me, Mr. Morriss? What is it about the nature of this conversation you find troubling? Did I call you a name? If so, please point it out.

          Respect is earned, in case you didn’t know that. And further up AND down the page I noticed two others have made the same observation about you and medications. Condescension, moi?

  • Discochip

    Hmm, now she’ll have to decide (who’s giving her this legal advice anyway and is that person being paid for by taxpayers money?) if she wants to go to jail, like the McDougals who protected the Clinton, the next time Mr. Issa calls her to the stand.
    By the way, she wasn’t “gaveled out” so that means she’s still under subpoena, but does that mean anything she says now can be used against her the next time?

    Lie down with dogs and you’ll get fleas. This administration is infested.

  • CombatDiver

    Would be surprised if Ms. Lerner has an unfortunate accident and is continually ran over in her living room by some drunk guy

    • V the K

      Or if she is discovered dead in a public park with a gunshot wound from an untraceable handgun and no residue on her hands… an “apparent suicide.”

  • BlahBlah

    Oh I hope there’s many more to come. I hope she is left without a penny to her name. Might teach her some humility.

  • Ladydonnalands

    I hope they rock her boat of lies..She has 15 days to respond. The tax payer will pay her attorney which is BS.

  • D-dubs

    See!!! This is how it works….finally a Right-wing group gets it! You go after them legally and financially. Time to play their game and take them down!!!!

    • $37261919

      Exactly! Stop whining and start winning.

  • Guest

    This is gonna be fun. Let the squirming begin. [EDIT: It saved my animated GIF as a JPEG. It’s supposed to be Michael Jackson eating popcorn.]

  • Canadian in USA

    Now, I would PAY to see this court case. Pass the popcorn, please.

  • Heather Atkinson

    Slowest Learner, Ms. ‘Math is hard’ is getting some push back. Whaaaaa!

    I’m waiting for the thugocracy that cheered Union monsters who descended upon, terrified and physically threatened the children of bankers to decry these ‘heavy handed tactics’. You know, the law.

  • Jan

    GREAT news! I love it. Now Ms. Lerner can squirm & suffer. Hope “True the Vote” has a good lawyer and makes Ms. Lerner pay. This made my day.

    • Dwayne Jackson

      She is represented by Jay Sekulow a very sharp attorney.

      • Conservativesniper

        Are you sure about that? Sekulow is a right winger, I find it hard to believe he’d take the case as counsel for the defendant.

      • Jim Denney

        True the Vote is represented by Sekulow.

      • JustLikeAnimals

        You really need to learn how to read. Jeez.

  • rrpjr

    God bless True the Vote.

  • $37261919

    One word: delicious.

  • my2centshere

    One of many to follow.

  • Calvin

    Sue them all!

  • tops116

    I have a feeling Lerner is going to cut the paid-vacation short so she can begin another round of audits and persecution.

    • Guest

      The bιtch will be back, with a vengeance.

  • Paul C.

    That bitch took the 5th to save her and Obummer’s A$$

  • JamieD

    I wonder if this intimidation of Conservatives by the WH is related to
    the intimidation of GOP political donors by Harvard University and who
    is footing the bill?

    I have received 2 letters from Harvard indicating that I am part of a “study” to see if political donors know that donations are public. The letters displayed the amount, date and to whom I have made political contributions. I felt that they were saying (in so many words) that “we know who you are, where you live and who you are supporting”.

    I took this as a thinly veiled threat in an attempt to intimidate me.

    Has anyone else been informed that they are a part of this ‘study’? Anyone know who foots the bill for such ‘studies’?


  • Marta Richards

    Lois Lerner is WAY in above her head and her intellect. You could see it in her expression and affect–she is not a smart woman, has a decidedly unimpressive resume and background, and her face betrayed her fear and meanness. I keep saying that Lois is learning, late in life, what goes around comes around. She will be spending her salary on lawyer’s fees, although I am also not impressed by her lawyer’s advice regarding the 5th amendment invocation.

    • Kaya Hund

      You are exactly right. The minute she started reading her statement, even I knew she was on thin ice regarding pleading the Fifth — and I’m not a $1,000-per-hour D.C. lawyer. If her lawyer agreed with what she did, then she ought to sue him.

  • L R

    True that is that True the Vote served Lerner some overdue justice.

  • Russell Haynes

    WARNING! If you comment on this story you will be audited.

  • Russell Haynes

    Your council forgot to tell you that you are fired!

  • j p

    Civil or criminal? As long as there is someone behind the scenes waiting to reward these people for their sacrifices to the cause, a financial penalty will only disuade if it isn’t outbid by the one buying the inside influence.

  • HARP2

    Make her spend her last dime on litigation.

    • Mark81150

      The house the car, and her randy tomcat.

      Make her as broke as she tried to make Americans for having the stones to speak out against their government.. A basic right, and she made it a thought crime.. she should practice her El Duce pose in the mirror for her next job interview at McDonalds.

  • Guest

    Consequences are ACTUALLY coming to the Comrades,
    for their subversive and unlawful conduct.
    Obama will claim he knew absolutely nothing about anything…pft
    [that ploy failed in the Nuremberg Trials, but the Comrades are giving it another try].

  • sodakhic

    We will find out if she wants to take the total fall for this scandal. I think she might sing like tweety bird.

  • Just Another Guy

    May just have to make a donation to @TrueTheVote

  • Jeremy

    Love it.

  • Onegaishimasu

    Yay! Throw the smarmy skunk’s behind in jail and freeze her bank accounts…karma’s a bitch…

  • Jeremy
  • yourmamatoo

    Serves her right!

  • MoJoGrande

    Yeah, but we’ll be paying for her lawyers as long as she’s still on the payroll. Wonder how long that will take.

  • Guest

    • Jeremy Buchanan

      ha ha

  • John Howard

    Just another name on Obama’s future leaving-office pardons list.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Time to sue every sorry ass in this SAD-BAD-MADministration. Just a buncha clueless sheep (with apologies to 4-legged sheep) following the indisputably worst prezuhdunce evuh. That Obamuh, what a “brilliant” man!!

  • Nadine Faber

    I hope they all stand up and take her butt to court. Her other two buddies need to go as well. Next, they need to work from the bottom up and get all the corrupt politicians and lifers out of the IRS and other agencies that were involved as well.

    • Charles Hammond Jr

      I’m usually not a fan of class action lawsuits but for once I’ll bite on this exception.

      Every single person who filed and got stiffed by the IRS should join.

  • Kaya Hund

    Would love to see Lois in an orange jumpsuit!

  • Red Fred

    Lawsuits are the only way to stop this. Be glad when the press starts suing for arrogant disregard of the law.

  • RecklessProcess

    She needs to go to jail along with Sarah Hall Ingram

  • Sick_of_Insanity

    Can you plead the Fifth in a Civil case? Oops, you are going to have to tell the truth.

    Unless someone (can anyone guess who, hint rhymes with folder) comes along and declares she cannot be sued. So much for transparency in this administration.

  • Daniel Medicis

    Want to help make Lerner’s life a living hell just like she did to so many others? Donate to True the Vote here:

  • regmgr

    I suspect that pay check she continues to get will go directly to her lawyers. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  • Paul

    i hope they bankrupt that w hore