Sadly, this is exactly what we’ve come to expect. As the Benghazi whistleblowers prepare to testify this week before the House Oversight Committee, they must also brave a backlash from the hostile White House and the media.

At this afternoon’s press briefing, Jay “Benghazi Happened a Long Time Ago” Carney didn’t seem to think much of the Benghazi bombshells:

And this is just a taste of what’s to come. According to Fox News’ James Rosen:

“Axes to grind”? Could this “senior State Department official” possibly be any more dismissive or condescending?

It’s already underway:

And we have no doubt that it will only escalate in the coming days.

Based on the media’s behavior over the past eight months, that sounds like a pretty safe bet.

Heaven forbid.



Darrell Issa says there was ‘clearly a political decision’ regarding Benghazi talking points 

Democrat Rep. Stephen Lynch admits Obama Administration’s Benghazi talking points were bogus

  • Jeremy

    Typical Libtards want to discredit the truth as always and Jay Carney is a clown

    • Canadian in USA

      Sometimes I feel for that guy…having to get up in front of everybody and have to lie with a straight face.

      Note I said “sometimes”.

      • Red Fred

        I NEVER feel sorry for spineless liars, who value their job more than their integrity.

        • angeleyez

          Hillary lead this from the front. It was her idea to ship
          weapons from Benghazi through Turkey to the Muslim
          Brotherhood in Syria.
          Isn’t Hillary responsible for gay Ambassador Stevens’ murder ?
          ▲ YES
          ▼ NO

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            I don’t see what the Ambassador’s perceived sexual orientation has to do with this…

          • Dutra

            Assigning an openly gay ambassador to an Islamic, homophobic country is a risky venture in anybody’s book. Many Libyans took it as an affront. The USA pushing western decadence upon their country.

          • shimauma

            It’s a statement to the hypocrisy of the folks who chose sexually deviant lifestyles. If the ambassador had been murdered by Tea Partiers who threatened the president, the sexually deviant lifestyle lobby would be shrieking shrilly about how one of their own was brutalized, raped and plastered all over the internet, but since barry hussien’s very own administration were involved in not helping this guy, well he’s just a silent sacrifice to forwarding the agenda of the lefturds.

          • JustLikeAnimals

            I think the target is the truth.

        • Linda Cain


      • CatHerder

        The latest incarnation of Ron Ziegler.

      • Brian H (wackobird)

        Lets all take a moment to remember “Baghdad Bob” from the (first?) Gulf way. Is Carney REALLY that different? Think really really hard befor you answer :)

        • Canadian in USA

          Good point.

        • EverybodyTalks

          …so we need to call him…”Capital Hill Carney”.

          • trixiewoobeans

            “Circus Carney”

          • Emma Brown

            Carny Fife..

          • trixiewoobeans

            Niiiice. THAT would PISS HIM OFF!

          • Garth Haycock

            Why insult an American tv icon by affiliating him with a worthless degenerate like Carney?

          • Doc

            Sorry but he makes Barney look smart. Sorry Barney.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Carnival Barker Carney

          • DavidKramer

            Carney Barker, that is an actual job. Notice they both have to lie to do it.

          • Ron Stokes

            Jay “Sword Swallower” Carney?

          • trixiewoobeans


          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            LOL. I said the same thing above.

          • Doc

            Much cleaner than what I had in mind!

          • Robert Patrick Moscato

            You had Silent Bob and Jay?? How about Ditzy Hil and Clueless Jay??

        • truckee22

          He was there during the second gulf war. My favorite Bob moment was the press laughing at him when he said there weren’t any American troops in the city. Priceless.

          • Suze

            I remember that. Meanwhile military planes flying accross behind him in big studio window.

          • Doc

            That was a cruse missile looking for him.

        • Shawneuser

          Actually, I regularly call him Baghdad Bob.

          My favorite Baghdad Bob Carney moment was when he told us all that the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with anti-Americanism or hatred of our government. Meanwhile, news stations were showing muslim crowds all over the world burning the american flag and chanting “Death to America!”

          Hahahahaha!!!!! Just as good as the original Baghdad Bob saying everything was fine while the TV showed tanks entering Baghdad.

        • JustLikeAnimals

          “Let’s be clear….Benghazi happened a long time ago.”

        • Jay Stevens

          There IS one big difference. Saddam Hussein would have personally executed Baghdad Bob if he didn’t follow the party line.

      • Jeremy

        he must have had a lot of practice

      • Linda Cain

        He should be more worried about his own integrity, I would not lie for him. Nobody makes that fool Carney lie, he agrees to do it every time he stands up there.

    • Elaine

      The same thing happened to Fast and Furious whistle blowers and no one had their backs! I hope this time is different.

      • Michelle Grant

        wow we have a reader!!! impressive Elaine!!!!!!!!! that was a hit on those guys…….


      That’s “assclown” Jeremy. :)

      • Jeremy

        assclown works better I agree

    • Clayton Grant

      This admin always trys to write the truth. The whistleblowers are trying to right the truth.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Well… the truth is never wrong in the first place, but I like your style :)

    • Mike Baudanza

      lol,lol,and i thought gibbs was a clown !,at least until carney stuttered onto the podium!

    • Zathras11 @B5

      I’m sorry, did you mean @$$clown?

    • Christian Ortega

      Typical reichwing gibberish, under Bush more diplomats were killed than any administration and ten times more than this administration. Typical exaggerations but now because of the internet the truth wins. GOP will loose big in future elections because of you and your ilk riding with the Tea Party Taliban.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      A visualization of the Obama “response strategy” on the evening of Sept. 11, 2012.

  • HuandaRulz

    Now the Media moves to defensive position and Benghazi is now relevant. Don’t need any more proof of their biased “reporting”.

    • trixiewoobeans

      The only relevance Benghazi has to them right now is in discrediting, smearing and demonizing the whistleblowers, and further obscuring the REAL story to the VERY BEST of their abilities.

    • Suze

      I am actually encouraged that the MSM is covering the story at all, and there is a growing consensus that there was a cover up of some sort and that there actually wasn’t any provocative video to blame, but so far the liberals don’t want to think about how serious the crime was. They still would rather think that the right is politicizing the cover up.
      But there is something in this whole thing that is speaking really loudly that I believe everyone gets on a gut level; The whistleblowers have a lot to lose by coming out, they are even risking their lives. They are behaving like truth tellers. While the administration is acting defensively and have been evasive and anything but transparent about this whole thing. The best thing the administration has going for them at this point is that most liberals aren’t that interested in the benghazi thing; but if the MSM feels compelled to cover it, the testimony is going to require both Hillary and Obama respond, and that’s when they are going to dig themselves into a hole. It isn’t going to help them, that is for sure.

  • L.N. Smithee

    Anybody know any concerns Eric Boehlert (“Priceless”) might’ve had for the safety of Scott Prouty, the guy who taped Mitt Romney’s 47% remarks?

  • DjWeideman

    When the message interferes with your narrative, you discredit the messenger. That’s how the Left operates.

  • tops116

    Remember when liberals loved whistleblowers? Yeah, it was from January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009.

  • NRPax

    Anyone else want to bet on accusations of racism towards the whistleblowers? I’m in for 0600 Tuesday.

    • Canadian in USA

      What’s the over/under?

      • NRPax

        Five minutes either direction. I’m accounting for rapid news delivery.

    • Doc

      I’m in for whatever time jay and OblameO roll out of “the” bed.

  • Dan Thorpe

    Caught a segment with Brit Hume on Bret Baier’s show today at the gym. One of the guys behind me said “shut the fuck up Brit.” I swear the political left on this country, and its been propigated by Obama that Fox and other reporters that fight for the truth are beaten down. The political left does not want to believe the government lied to them as do any American. This administration has lied though, they covered up Fast & Furious and they lied and tried cover up the truth on Benghazi.

    • jody

      Did you tell the moron to shut the fuck up?

    • Sheldon Cooper

      That’s when a 10 lb dumbell is supposed to “slip” while doing triceps.

      • Doc

        drop a dumbbell on a dumbbell. I like it!

    • Dan Griffith

      The last thing a Liberal will do is admit they have been fooled.Not once but twice. As ol’ Abe said”You can fool some of the people ALL the time.”

      • Gary Freeman

        Obama could set a liberal on fire and then that liberal would still find some way to defend Obama.

        • ThomasER916

          They’d all blame the Burning Bush.

        • Suze

          I have seen Liberals turn on their own god if the god makes them look bad.

      • Suze

        It’s true that Liberals don’t make gracious chumps (when they find out their own have lied to them), and that’s why the MSM is going to double down their effort in destroying Obama and Hillary and Carney once this comes out on Benghazi…to make up for all the viewers they’ll lose because they weren’t in on it from the start. A liberal scorned is something to behold. A liberal duped is a horror. I remember how they turned on Nixon. When it’s their “guy” in the house and he makes the party look bad, and other nations are enjoying the scandal, the liberals who always care so much about being “cool,” are the most heinous to their own.

  • Jean R Page

    We must not let these courageous witnesses be smeared and intimidated. The ‘machine’ behind the president is fierce, loyal, and destructive.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Chicago’s finest thugs.

  • RblDiver

    “They’re plants being funded by the NRA/Karl Rove/Koch Brothers/Booooooosh/[insert eeeeeeevil right-wing organization here]”

    • Suze

      No they aren’t either plants. MSM is covering this now because they know it’s real stuff and has emails to back it up as well as other documents that up until now had been repressed. Washington Post and Time and Washington Times and CBS and eveybody but Chris Matthews is covering this…
      Sorry, but it ain’t good for Obama, a death knell for HIllary in 2016, Panetta is going down, and all the complict players.

      • RblDiver

        (Just to ensure we’re clear, my post was dripping with sarcasm :P)

        • Suze

          I just re read your post and see what you mean. A little tired am I.

  • Rob

    Leak state secrets that put soldiers’ lives in danger? HERO!
    Spill the beans on The Chosen One’s incompetence and malicious smearing of blame on everyone else? VILLAIN!

    • camnpat


    • ThomasER916

      Liberalism is a tribal Cult. Everything within the tribe is good. Everything outside of the tribe is evil. That’s all you’ll ever need to know.

      If you disagree you’re an anti-Semite.

  • Canadian in USA

    Serious question here and not trying to troll, but, if this all comes out that The President and Secretary Clinton were derelict in their duty and their inaction caused the death of the Benghazi 4, what is going to happen? Will they be brought impeached? Arrested? Brought up on charges? I seriously believe that they both are derelict in their duty – I just don’t know what’s going to happen to them. I *certainly* don’t think the GOP leadership has the testicular fortitude to do anything about it. I..sigh…I really don’t know what’s going to happen.

    • CatHerder

      Nothing much, other than we will at last know some of the (we hope) truth. Musical chairs will be played, with some being (supposedly) demoted and some (presumably) being promoted and/or transferred. The shell game will continue until the next disaster du jour claims the attention of most. Is it different in Canada?

      …and am I being cynical or realistic?

      • Canadian in USA

        The last “scandal” I remember being in Canada for was that the federal Liberal party (go figure) seemed to had siphoned funds out of a fund designated for promoting Canadian unity. It was an obvious trail of funds from the fund to the Liberal party with the regular “we are fighting for Canadian unity…” argument from the Prime Minister. In the end, after the Auditor General’s report, he resigned and the new Prime Minister promised elections after the full report was released. They ended up losing the election and a Conservative government took over.

        • CatHerder

          Thank you. It sounds more…honest… than our way. God grant that before I die I see an administration that admits errors and does not try to cover up, instead announcing how it will repair the damage.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Maybe some of the uninformed voters will finally understand that the media is in bed with the DNC and has led the charge of the Benghazi coverup for Obama/Hillary. And that America has a state-run media that is happily helping turn this country into a socialist nation. Yeah, that’s a big maybe, I know.

    • Doc

      Unnn nothing. That’s how clintoon’s and OblameO roll!

    • Suze

      What happens as a result of this horrible cover up depends on the media, and the fact is the media now are covering this….everyone but Chris Matthews, and he will too. He’ll have to or lose all his viewers.
      If you want to see an ugly animal, check out a liberal who feels he’s been played.

  • bo1921

    The love for whistleblowers is another leftist myth we can retire. Along with speaking truth to power and protest is patriotic. All three are directly related to Benghazi, for all who are interested to see.

  • Red Fred

    How low can they go? Lower than whale excrement, apparently.

    • MyrmidoNOT

      …only until “it” looks like ‘stardust’…

      Then (I assure you)…they will ‘start’ digging.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      …Lower than Whale excrement at the bottom of the Mariannas trench. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • camnpat

    If Benghazi happened “a long time ago” and really “what difference does it make now?” then I don’t want to hear one lib talking about WMD’s, blaming Bush for the economy, or complaining about any crappy Obama budget that didn’t pass (neither the House or the Senate, I might add). If the statute of limitation on caring about events they have is 5 months then all the crap happening in the country is entirely on Obama’s shoulders from now on.

    • Canadian in USA


  • Jillane Kent

    So much for that ‘Whistleblower Protection Act’ that was so championed by liberals during the Bush era…

    • trixiewoobeans

      They’re such Phonies!

      • bo1921

        They always have been. The only way they can advance their agenda is to lie and obfuscate, i.e. phony. Sunlight is an anathema to them.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Like the (novelty) Billary Clin-ton “Three Dollar Bill” in my wallet…But only when it satisfies their “needs” or “beliefs.” Jawamax 8<{D}

  • cscape

    at some point….. perhaps a month or two from now….. someone inside the White House will come forward (probably to the media) to spill the beans on what’s going on at the highest levels there….. THAT is when the real FUN will begin (prediction… the first to resign will be Valerie Jarrett)

    • forgetyoutooo

      Not before the 2014 elections, they are all aware of what the Clintons are capable of and that the White House is full of Chicago thugs.

      • Suze

        I am assuming you have read the Clinton Chronicles.
        What I cannot see happening is Hillary throwing her chances of the presidency in order to protect Obama. If she takes a serious hit, he is going to feel it. My gut sense is that they are so implicated in this together that their joint compromise insures one another’s silence, so if Hillary is seriously sacrificed she will pull Obama down. Either way the democratic party will have been really harmed, and the secretary of state position will be overseen thereafter.

      • cscape

        it took 30 years before the identity of “Deep Throat” was revealed

    • Suze

      Do tell. Why do you think Jarrett will resign? Just interested.

      • cscape

        because she’ll be asked to….. anyone who is as powerful (in the white house) as she is, MUST have as many enemies as friends in the west wing

        • Suze

          After watching the benghazi hearing yesterday you might be right, but also it’s looking like Cheryl Mills might take a hit, and of course what has been loudly implied is that it points to Hillary as ultimately calling the shots and Obama as having been given permission by mama Clinton to go to bed.

          • cscape

            i don’t believe that anything further will happen until the Congress goes after (by way of subpoena) those close to the President….. He will then invoke “Executive Privilege”… it’s like a chess game, and all that’s needed is a “smoking gun” (similar as with the Watergate Scandal, until John Dean’s testimony, and the court ruling regarding the missing 18 minutes of Oval Office recordings)

          • Suze

            The fact that it is being covered at all by MSM (even to just mocking it as republicans politicizing it) means it’s now on the radar. And now it is already accepted the Utube was a total lie. What we have to accept is that the libs don’t really care if their party lies as long as they get what they want. In fact, posing as the party who cares while actually playing on people’s lowest denominator is founded on lies. The only thing that will stop this corruption, while we still have a few leaders with integrity in office at all, is to press forward with all we are worth, which means to call an executive committee to oversee this process, and whether Obama invokes executive privilige or not, Hillary has been significantly wounded for 2016. There is a pretty big faction of low information liberals who still like to think of Obama and Hillary as “good people.” Once they can be shown as at the very least ..liars, this has weight with the most gullable voters.

          • cscape

            good point….. Rush just (sort of) made that point on his show a moment ago!

          • Suze

            What wears down passive agressive tactics such as stonewalling, ignoring, ridiculing…is keep right in their face using all the power of the process of law…persistently demand, don’t do anything criminal, keep bringing out the truth. They think they can wear you down; just keep it out there, and after a while even the dumbest liberal bystanders start to ask, “Hey, why doesn’t Obama just let them investigate, cooperate with them and get rid of these pests?”
            And then when subpoened, even if Obama still invokes executive privilege, others subpoened end up telling all.
            We really don’t have anything to lose at this point.
            He is literally going to destroy this country.

          • cscape

            we need a “deep throat” to come forward with the “smoking gun”

      • Guest

        Because they will need to offer up someone high enough in the admin to insulate the President.

        • Suze

          I don’t see how Obama can be insulated from this or Hillary. Anyway you look at it he knowingly lied at the very least, and the cover up of the actual event took the shape of not doing anything which killed these men. He is the commander and chief of the military. Ultimately he is responsible. It makes him look so bad. Panetta also lied outright. I rpredict, like Watergate, there will be a number of purges from the party in order to save the party’s integrity.

  • Ben Bollman

    I’m not going to tell the people who thought releasing the names of the whistleblowers was a good idea “I told you so”.

    Oh wait, yeah I am. I told you so.


      The whistleblowers wanted their names out there.

      • Ben Bollman

        Of course they did, that still in no way makes it a good idea. They should have waited until Wednesday so the media and liberals wouldn’t have a chance to attack their character before they testified.

        • Suze

          Maybe their intention (in disclosing their names) was to garner as much attention as possible for this hearing, since one of the witnesses was only second to Ambassador Stevens, and they are also career military (apolitical) with excellent reps, so if anything it would set the tone for the public to start believing they might have a justified motive. The fact that they are who they are certainly doesn’t paint a favorable picture of Hillary and Obama. And the fact that they are being transparent bespeaks the caliber of their testimony. Just my take.
          When I heard it was Eric Nordstrom I thought, Oh snit.
          I am noticing a shift in media coverage too. Just a crack in the hear-no-see-no-evil media. There is at least the concession that the utube story was contrived. It isn’t going to help this administration, that is safe to say.

          • barney59

            I agree with you, self-promotion is the only promotion with a media in the tank for the administration.

          • Suze

            During the election the msm was doing better because they were showing both sides in order to argue about it; it was controversial, and they got viewers. After the election, there wasn’t anything to fight about anymore. MSM was just stroking Obama. Romney the worthy opponent wasn’t upsetting them anymore. What to talk about? Very boring, especially since Obama wasn’t getting anything good done and was losing on the sequester and gun control and Obamacare was drowning. NBC then gets cancelled, so. Obama’s campaign manager Axelrod has to get another job so moves over to MSNBC which is also now tanking. FOX’s ratings are six times higher than all of the others put together. No kidding. Why, because they are actually covering the news. Fox has news about the real Boston bombers while MSM is still talking about that they might be right wingnuts. A real disconnect is apparent.
            Now here comes Benghazi again, and this time it’s gathered some heavy artillery. Are the mainstream media going to let Fox monopolize all the viewers? MSM has already conceded that there are hearings. They have to show some of the witnesses testimony, and it’s funny how people know the truth when they hear it. The very least that is going to come out of this is that Hillary, Obama, Panetta, Rice, Carney and by proxy, the MSM, all lied to Americans…and for eight months too while acting normal…Hillary did so under oath. And the worst that can come out of this is that their cover up was a choice they made to do in real time by not acting to save these men’s lives. I predict it is going to not only harm this whole administration, but also the media who were complicit in this. Who will believe them anymore?

          • Ben Bollman

            Maybe, sure it is going to drum up a lot of attention but then again just like this story says the media are going to do everything they can to discredit them. My point was that it could have waited until tomorrow or even today so the media wouldn’t have a chance to attack them before the testimony came out. We need to be smart about this.

          • Suze

            But look what has happened at this point. The Times and Washington Post, and Washington Times, CBS…are really looking at this story from a punitive perspective on Hillary and Obama…not the whistleblowers…because Nordstrom is so credible. And they are getting wind of other irrefutable evidence which is how it happens after a thing has had a chance to settle…and the MSM doesn’t want to be behind the loop. It’s going to be bad for Obama….
            but I got your point….

          • Ben Bollman

            Yeah, I know what you are saying but I am just saying it could have easily blown up in our faces.

          • Suze

            I just heard that on both sides they were required to provide a list of names and main questions to be answered to the board 78 hours beforehand. But I think you are talking about releasing those names to the public. However, in that case it wouldn’t be just up to us; the libs would have that information then too. I am sure they were disappointed when they found out who it was though

          • Suze

            I certainly know what you mean.

  • descolada9

    Our country’s administration is shameful, but not nearly as shameful as the sick bastards in the media.

    • Suze

      It’s hard to tell which is the media and which is the administration since they are so in sinc.

  • ThomasER916

    Liberals are open-minded, tolerant, and inclusive.

    If you disagree then you’re a racist, bigoted, homophobe who needs to GTFO!

    • Dee

      Don’t forget waging war on women!

  • Grace656

    If they’ll stand by while their “friend” is at risk of dying for political reasons, is there any doubt they’ll climb mountains and swim oceans to destroy these people for the same reason? The truth of this matter must be very ugly indeed.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Liberal coalescer:
    Good is evil – Evil is good
    Truths are lies – Lies are truths

  • David Gross

    Never met a liberal of the last 20 years that can handle the truth. Speak the truth? All the liberals I know would rather die than tell the truth. It is time for 2 new parties. Starting at the top. It is also time for Voter PHOTO ID cards.

    • trixiewoobeans

      They’d also rather die than admit they’re wrong.

  • Michelle Houghtaling


  • philiplockerman

    As the bus to Benghazi rolls down the road have no doubt that POTUS will once again throw a smiling Hillary under it . Not all of the sacrificial lambs have been slaughtered ……yet !

  • Lady_Clare

    The MSM is saying that the news is what they SAY is the news. I feel like I’m in Nazi Germany.

  • Gary Freeman

    Typical libs. Blaming the GOP for politicizing Benghazi, after we’ve had to sit and watch them politicize the Newton school shooting for months. What the libs are really saying is, “Politicizing Benghazi isn’t a good thing to do, because it can’t be used to attack Republicans!!!”

  • radicallyalyssa

    You know, if Hillary Clinton left me to die and I somehow survived, I’d probably be pretty forgiving; I mean, it’s ONLY my life and the lives of others, right?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I would do an Uma Thurman (From “Kill Bill Volumes 1 AND 2”) on Billary, if I survived something like that… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Roto

    I’ll bet these whistleblowers fair a heIIuva lot better than, say, the DNC’s Bunny Greenhouse who surfaced 2 weeks b4 the Presidential Election (imagine that) and then fizzled into obscurity as a stripped SES and demoted GS-15…

  • Larry Miller

    Now’s a real good time for everyone to go after Obama’s media, better known as Pravda. All posts, all interviews(Republicans at ALL levels) Force their hand constantly whether they like it or not……..the opening is there……USE IT!!

  • Fred Masey

    Carney is nearly as worthless a piece of meat as his predecessor! This would be far bigger than Watergate if the press were doing it’s job!

    • Richard Jefferies

      Or if a (R) would have been at the helm.

  • Richard Jefferies

    Just remember how all these same people sing the praises of Corporal Manning and the Wikileaks… leaks. He was a hero whistle-blower, these are malcontent whistle-blowers. The left is so transparent, except to the low infos that get their news from prime time news outlets.

  • Varek Zaitsev

    No. It was French arranged attack to get you for the old stuff.

  • TheKingJAK

    Anybody who cares more about politics than the lives of those serving this country, including those who died in Benghazi due to such attitudes, they need to leave this country.

  • Raejean

    Jay Carney is the illegitimate son of Baghdad Bob.

    • barney59

      Who said he was illegitimate? : )

  • Gallatin

    Hannah Allam
    Fox’s Rosen: Aren’t the Benghazi
    whistleblowers credible, w/distinguished careers? State: Not going to
    assess individual bios, work history

    I don’t have any problem assessing individual bios or work histories:

    baracky HUSSEIN obowmao—lying liar, likes to shift blame to youtube, runs guns across border to criminals. is a SOCIALIST, instead of taking care of things he should take care of inserts himself into situations that should receive no attention from a President—see Henry Louis Gates.

    shrillary clinton—lying liar, likes to shift blame to youtube, doesn’t answer 3 AM calls, flew around the world frequently and accomplished nothing.

    jay carney–lying liar, not very funny stand up comic.

  • Opinari

    More moral to be a whistle-blower than one of Obama’s cronies. Obama agenda is to lie about anything that does not put them in a good light. Hillary signed off on denial of extra security for Benghazi; Obama and Hillary blamed a stupid video (which looked like had been made in 5 minutes) when they KNEW the truth. They were covering their butts.

    • walterc

      And the guy is still in jail.

  • James A. Lonon

    OzBamma likes to point his finger at those who dare disagree like the Kings of old pointed their scepter as a sign of their power! Yes, he denies he is a dictator because he fancies himself the King of the world!

  • Diana

    Jay Carney needs to be fired. Obama needs to be impeached. Hillary Clinton needs to be put in prison. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid need to be fired. After that get rid of all the czars in office that are there illegally. Send all the illegal immigrants home. Protect our borders. Protect our country by giving full monetary support to the Pentagon. Elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as VP and Pres and we can start all over!

  • Steph VT

    Love David Burge’s Tweet: “Prediction: the media will spend 10x more resources investigating the Benghazi whistleblowers than they spent investigating Benghazi.” The truth.

  • Michelle Grant

    sickening …time to take out the trash in DC

  • Golphin

    So Carney Barker thinks that Benghazi was a long time ago? Kind of like when Bush was president a long time ago—— yet your Halfrican boss still blames him for everything?
    Yeah, thought so idiot.

  • 912er

    These whistleblowers are taking the biggest career risk since Beyonce left Destiny’s Child.

  • Tantalus XVI

    911 was an inside job perpetrated by the bankers and Bush, and Cheney, and the Jews and and some other people with fancy sounding names… but but but but but but this benghazi stuff is just crazy, what lunatic would think the government would deliberately do that?

    You could cut the stupid in the air with a knife.

    At the crossroads between heaven and hell liberals would stand in the middle with a sign that reads “Equality,” and side with evil in the hopes of getting free stuff.

  • $29561723

    Baghdad Jay at it again.

    • barney59

      Carney has a great TV career ahead of him as a dour little pathological liar. Hollywood will love him.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    The truth WILL come out, and KING FINK OBAMA, BILLARY, and CARNEY BARKER, et. Al. will be in BIG TROUBLE! And yes, the Media (in cahoots with the aforementioned), will try to slander, degradate, and dig up mud on the Whistle-blowers, but to no avail; Conservatives WILL WIN the House AND Senate in 2014, and Impeach the lot of these CRIMINALS! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • barney59

    If I were Admiral Mullin or Ambassador Pickford(sp?), it’s time to be really PO’d. Unless they are complicit in this with the Obama admin, they have been set-up as stooges for this tragic lapse of leadership.

  • walterc

    Why do they leak this stuff so far in advance? Should have released in the afternoon before the hearing. Don’t give them a chance to discredit even before the hearing starts.

  • rant stocks

    I hope this is a fire-storm wide spred across Washington,d.c. seeing a U-HAUL would be great at the whitehouse.

  • Christian Ortega

    Typical Issa reichwing swatting at the air. These wistleblowers are goose stepping operatives boosted by the haters of the President. The President has done a great job despite the obstuction and vile opposition of the boderline treasonist GOP.
    The GOP will loose big in 2014.

    • puca58

      …so says another member of the Ahnenerbe…

  • BeeKaaay

    And the bloodthirsty leftwingwackos are at it again. Benghazi is nothing. When people die under a leftwingwacko’s administration thanks to his bloodthirst, the leftwingwacko media will dutifully bury the story. Bloodthirsty types cover for the bloodthirsty.

  • DrSamHerman

    I look forward to all of this finally being explained. We were told that questioning Rice was racist and sexist, and yet it appears she knowingly lied. Shrillary asked us why does it still matter, of course she thought she could skate past this. Then there’s the leftist MSM that covered up for Obama for two months during the election and now they are suddenly interested in the story because President Kardashian is losing it. It is not very professional to enjoy the Democrats’ discomfort, but damn it sure is personally a hell of a lot of fun watching them squirm like worms on a hot sidewalk.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Carney. I get that “it’s deja vu all over again” feeling for some reason……

    • Suze

      thanks for this. Hysterical. I remember that guy.