Alex Jones believes that the Boston Marathon bombing was a “false flag” operation conducted by the U.S. government and predicted by “Family Guy.”

Alex Jones is also a grade-A nutball.

Despite his grand delusions, there aren’t a whole lot of people who take Jones seriously (and those who take him seriously generally aren’t taken seriously themselves). According to an AP report, though, one of the conspiracy loons who did give Jones a chance was none other than accused Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Color no one surprised:

Still, all this has got to make people wonder: what does Jones think about the revelation? Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray took it upon herself to find out:

Jones doesn’t want to make anything out of the Tsarnaev connection. Makes sense, since he’s always been the type to proceed with extreme caution:

But he says he’s concerned about the Tsarnaev family:

OK, well, the first part of that is true. Some family members definitely think it’s a setup.

But it’s not just the family crying conspiracy. In addition to his assertion that the government orchestrated the bombing, Jones also insists that the government is responsible for linking him to Tamerlan:

“I’ve seen this before,” Jones said. “The federal government trying to connect me to tragedies. That’s the media and the government’s own conspiracy theories.”

It’s all part of a nefarious plot, you see. Open your eyes, America.

But why stop at the U.S. government? This could be much, much bigger!

Oh man.

Minds? Blown. Like false flags in the wind.

For the record, Infowars doesn’t like it when they’re portrayed as fringe:

Terrorists? Not especially. Certifiably insane? You bet.

But hey, at least Alex is taking this all in stride:


  • TJ

    For some reason the media might run with this harder than the cop killer Chris Dorner was a Piers Morgan fan. They will say that the number 1 truther who said Bush did 911, made FEMA camps and killed millions in Iraq, a conservative talker because he is also a Birther.

    • Clayton Grant

      My conspiracy theory is that Jones is a Liberal plant used so they can point and say “Look at how demented the right is.”.

      • Mark81150

        Jones isn’t right or left, just dwelling in a palne of reality where the sky is a different color everyday..

        The left loves to use him as a stick to beat us with, but I don’t know anyone sane who likes or listens to him..

    • radicallyalyssa

      And Obama fan. You forgot that one.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Who listens to Alex Jones? LOL

    • PChandler

      Dangerous people.

    • Sons Thunder

      Matt Drudge.

      Privately told friends would be year of Alex Jones. Never met or talked with the man, but one hell of a broadcast in such homogenized media!— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) April 23, 2013

  • Hand of Doom

    Alex Jones is a moron with a shortwave radio.

  • Bristel

    Fairy Godparents!1one!!!1 (thanks to Fairly Oddparents for this moment)

    • Mike Peterson

      That’s exactly what he’s like!

  • Agha Memnun

    Next, Alex Jones will initiate an Infowars Jihad against the prevailing mainstream narrative of the Earth’s oblate spheroid shape. “The Earth is flat, but the CIA-Mossad-MI5 lizard people are brainwashing you with false-flag satellite imagery to believe otherwise!”

  • Guest

    The former game show host is still around? Alex Jones brings a whole new meaning to crazy.

  • TheSentinel

    King of the tinfoil hat lunatics.

  • Mark81150

    If anyone ever deserved to be hoisted by his own cRaZy petard, it’s be that nutjob Jones.. No proof is proof, and photoshop is his friend in cranking out fake evidence..

    and now, we discover he’s the go to radio guy for jihadists….

    what a flippin shock.

    He needs a judge to force him to take his meds..

  • ProudConservative

    ANSWER these Questions! 17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask –

    • Ben Bollman

      Oh boy, here they come. Posting an Infowars article as proof after literally this whole page is nothing but soundly discrediting Infowars and Alex Jones? Seriously? You people can’t be this stupid.

    • Cambria

      Don’t bother. They don’t care about unanswered questions, unless Malkin happens to agree.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Thanks for posting that, Marble.

  • Ben Bollman

    Cue Infowarrior attack in this comment section in 3….2….1

  • Ben Bollman

    Sadly, this will only further fuel the batsh-t crazy conspiracies the Infowarriors have already come up with. If one of you are here can you please explain to me how a rational person can keep following this guy? Seriously.

  • Ntr

    You have to realize that Alex Jones is, first and foremost, a marketer. You’re putting too much thought into what he’s saying. He’s not some “plant”, he not a liberal trying to make the right look bad, he’s none of that. He’s just a no-shame man trying to make money by any means. We should be paying more attention to the MSM that does this 24 hours a day.

    • onegoodnathan

      if he was really in it for the money he wouldve sold out to corporate like all the conservative and liberal shills. clear channel, fox, GE, viacom etc..

      even if you disagree with him Aj is his own man, nobody runs him

      • Ntr

        Of course, he isn’t in it ‘for the money’. But he is in it, in part, for a source of income.

  • Sons Thunder

    I wonder why @Twitchy Staff forgot to mention that Matt Drudge is a listener.

    Privately told friends would be year of Alex Jones. Never met or talked with the man, but one hell of a broadcast in such homogenized media!— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) April 23, 2013

    • Jillane Kent

      That isn’t necessarily a compliment. Rather, it could be an endorsement of his cult like appeal.

    • Ben Bollman

      Nowhere did I see the word ‘factual’

    • Corey Spofford

      Most people cannot and will not admit fault when wrong, so they keep lying to justify their wrong.

  • Bobbie Tsahtsiris

    Do you know that someone from InfoWars was the first person who got to ask a question at the first press confess with Mass Gov Deval Patrick and they didn’t like the question. He asked if this was “another false flag staged to attack our civil liberties”. Funny now they are claiming his a Alex Jones fan now after that question. I happen to read that a few days ago and then stumble on this post. Also look up Operation Northwoods … It was a false flag operation that was to take place inside the US with IEDs and they were going to blame it on Cuba. Kennedy put the stop to it. This is well known and not a conspiracy theory … just a good old plain conspiracy. You don’t have to be a conspiracy nut (which I’m not) to know that just a little history.

    • onegoodnathan

      take it easy, people arent ready to face the truths of false flag operations that are proven to be initiated by the US govt. most people have no idea that the gulf of tonkin was admittedly staged by the govt. hell, most people dont even know the loss of human life the gulf of tonkin triggered.

      US govt has been a bunch of scoundrels for decades.

  • Stephanie Snyder Staker

    You know, the sad thing is that Jones has some really interesting and informative guests if he would ONLY SHUT UP and let them talk! Whew, I feel better now. :) Seriously, he does have “some” good informed guests but then he just goes way out there and loses all credibility with me. The night of the bombing? He was all over the radio that it was a “false flag”. Maybe it was but come on, how about researching and having PROOF that it was. This is my beef with sites like Infowars, Prison Planet and even Newsmax. They make all these “news” reports without a single item of proof. Some of it is really scary stuff but I can’t take it seriously without some (more than one too) items of reference. There is none but accusations. The next night Jones was “Coast to Coast” – anyone familiar with that radio show? Talk about wing nuts! Yikes.

  • Zach Peterson

    As reported on, brothers were big supporters of Obama.

  • RamblingBeachCat

    In case anyone wasn’t aware (or needs proof), Alex Jones is actually just putting on an act while laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Rulz

    You’ve got problems if you think that Seth MacFarlane and his staff are prophets of intelligence.

  • Tucker Latham

    “Alex Jones alleges conspiracy”

    LOL… Ya don’t say 😉

  • Corey Spofford
  • camnpat

    The only thing missing is Jesse Ventura with his own conspiracy theory. That would make this a full house.

  • VL123

    Alex Jones makes libertarians looks bad. Of course I am more conservative than libertarian… but it’s nutjobs like him make me not a libertarian. My bro in law, who is a libertaian and a Jones “follower” wouldn’t admit he even heard of him when I questioned him in front of family. Privately, he said he listens to him. LOL. What does that tell ya!?

    • Raye09

      I am a libertarian and I am embarrassed by people like Alex Jones. Alex Jones should be ashamed of himself, all he has done is exploit mentally ill people, and sensationalize tragedies for a quick buck. He is also a shameless bully.

      Hey Alex, if you think the CIA is evil and the government is out to get you, why did you hire ex-government workers? I am waiting. I doubt Alex Jones believes half of what comes out of his own mouth. This is why no one takes libertarians seriously, we are busy trying to prove reptilian conspiracy theories, all the while Jones makes money off of hysteria. Someone needs to stand up to Alex Jones. He is no better than Michael Moore.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Oh yeah Twitchy? What will you say if Alex turns out to be right?

    • Face Paw

      You’ll still be a kook who listens to him.

  • monkeysworth

    Scumbag alex jones says the Navy Seals were involved:

  • Tantalus XVI

    Alex Jones done jumped like 17 sharks in one week! Less Fox Mulder more Glenn Beck, you might get somewhere.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Is anyone surprised? everytime I sneeze I expect Jones to show up & blame the Alien/illuminati/big government/manbear/pig/lizard shapeshifter conspiracy for it.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Alex Jones is like a train wreck, You don’t want to watch, but you can’t look away.