No, he can’t.

Twitchy has extensively documented the media silence on the trial of baby murderer Kermit Gosnell. This morning, NBC News’ Russert found out just how deafening that silence is. He wanted to let his followers know about the “horrifying” testimony being given at the Gosnell trial. Good on him for that. Unfortunately, NBC couldn’t help him out. Russert had to link instead to the Philadelphia Inquirer — a local outlet:

What does it say about your own network’s news reputation when you can’t even look to it for coverage?


Hey, good point!

Are the lives of the unborn and newly born worth nothing?

Countless innocent children have been slaughtered by Gosnell. The media should be spreading this story far and wide.

That’s an excellent question.

Now’s your chance to prove your worth as a journalist, Luke. Will you?

  • CatHerder

    Nothing that fails to advance the liberal agenda is news. Nothing.

    Now, get back out there and hoe that cotton!

  • mickeyco

    Nothing like a free press to advance the cause of democracy. Whatever happened to the public’s right to know?

    • Clayton Grant

      “The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of Ingsoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible.” – George Orwell, 1984

    • Judy B

      We now only have the right to know what “they” want us to know & you know that!

    • Tom Anderson

      The right to know is trumped by the need to know. They don’t think we need to know anything they don’t want us to know.

  • Clayton Grant

    I googled the name Kermit Gosnell this morning. Hardly any results linking to current MSM news stories. However, one link was to HuffPo where Kate Michelman (Former President, NARAL Pro-Choice America) had a editorial blaming PA for Gosnell’s atrocious acts because of PAs attempts to limit abortions. Talk about pathetic!

    • $19701396

      Google News has 7,061 results.

      • Clayton Grant

        Reading is fundamental. How many link to current MSM stories?

        • $19701396

          It appears nearly every MSM outlet has stories about it on there.

          • Joe W.

            Link to ONE for us, please…..

          • $19701396

            Which one would you like? Washington Post? Associated Press? USA Today? CBS News?

          • Joe W.

            Your choice, Gina. Take your pick….

          • $19701396
          • Joe W.

            Nice try, Gina. The USAToday link was your ONLY national link, and it was to the column THIS MORNING by Kirstin Powers questioning why no coverage of the story. The NBC Philadelphia link is for local coverage of a LOCAL trial. Do you happen to have ANY link to a major media NATIONAL media outlet covering this?? Besides FOX News?? You cannot. Thanks for playing.

          • $19701396

            You don’t consider The Associated Press a national media outlet?

          • Joe W.

            AP is a wire service, ma’am. If no one picks up the story and broadcasts it, it is irrelevant. And, according to “Life News”, AP has had very few stories at all. None picked up by the networks. Come on, lady, you cannot be trying to tell me that this story has not been buried by the major news outlets. You are not THAT vapid, are you??

          • $19701396

            It’s been buried by major TV networks. That’s absolutely certain. But it hasn’t been ignored by print media.

          • Joe W.

            Who reads print media any more, Gina?? Do you?? Circulation is way down for them all. People get their news from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX News, and the internet. FOX News and conservative web sites are the only entities giving this story any attention at all. Have you had the courage to read the Grand Jury Report?? Here is a link. Read it if you dare, and then tell me that this is NOT worthy of being front and center on EVERY news program…


          • $19701396

            I’ve read the Grand Jury report and have been following the case very closely. The response I made to Satirist was in regards to him (or her) saying that a Google search came up practically empty. I wasn’t excusing the television media for not covering the story. The fact that they’re not is outrageous.

          • Joe W.

            Wonderful!! Then we are in agreement. I apologize if I seemed a bit snippy…it is simply that this entire sordid business has me spitting mad, and I am bent on sounding every alarm I can to alert the people as to what is actually going on in the name of “women’s health” and “reproductive rights”….I have never been so disgusted nor angry in my entire 64 years of life. The fact that people, our “President” included, approve of and defend this abomination is reminiscent of Germany, circa 1939.

          • nc

            That’s not an overstatement, unfortunately.

          • Terri

            You are changing your story Gina. Satirist said, ” Hardly any results linking to current MSM news stories.” MSM news stories. MSM news stories. You decided to ignore MSM news stories and attempted instead to prove you are a low information voter. Good job Gina. We all know now.

          • Jack Deth

            Print media?


            Who take their marching orders from Reuters. Which is a wire service that would put Pravda to shame in regards to information. Or differing opinions.

            Have you ever pondered why there are so few papers in major cities that aren’t covered by AP, Reuters and Gannett? And why their popularity, subscription numbers and sales have been circling the drain annually?

          • Heather_A

            And all of these are regional. When Gosnell’s case makes *national* pages, then you have something.


      • Stephen K

        If the story was being covered the way it should be, Google would have returned millions of hits. 7k results on Google is nothing; about the only search strings that would return fewer links are ones with obscure and/or highly technical words.

        Nice try.

      • nc

        Google “Jodi Arias” and you’ll find 61,100 results.

        Oops, I should have Googled “Jodi Arias Trial” – that had 71,400,000 results.

    • JR48

      Yeah, Gosnell was so controlled that his clinic hadn’t seen an inspector over it’s threshold in 17 years. And it took the FBI worrying about fraudulent narcotics prescriptions to get the government to investigate him.

      • Clayton Grant

        You’re right, and it’s because the “pro-choice” crowd fights tooth and nail against anything or anyone which might impede their “right” to abortion on demand. It’s truly disgusting.

  • peteee363

    hey luke, when you find out why your daddy’s network is not covering actual news, can you find out what other actual news stories nbc won’t cover, and why?

  • Patricia Bowers Payne

    Tim Russert, Luke’s father was a very devout Catholic. I wonder how he would have handled this story?

  • kenai

    I just read a bit of the grand jury report. Not even Dr. Mengele reached Gosnell’s level. No wonder the MSM is trying to keep a lid on this.

    • Patriot077

      White House marching orders. Can’t afford the attention to the state senator in Illinois voting 4 times to let babies die if they survived their intended death from abortion.

  • Jeremy

    MSNBC = Mostly stuff nobody cares about.

  • JR48

    I suppose a single tweet with a link to a DIFFERENT local/non-national news agency is so that he can point to it and say ‘see, we are talking about it’.

    NBC is no longer a news agency.

  • DanlBoone

    unless you are a tardy barber,

  • regmgr

    Reporting on Kermit Gosnell would show badly on planned parenthood. Can’t do that at these so called news outlets. It might get people to think that planned parenthood isn’t in the game for just women but only to continue to make money at all costs.