For any senators still on the fence about confirming Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary, Alec Baldwin is here to put your reservations to rest — taking a page from the Chris Matthews Guide to Civil Discourse, natch:

McCain is a disgrace! Unlike, say, Chuck Hagel:

How’s this, Alec? We’ll confirm that the painfullly bumbling, disgraceful Chuck Hagel is unfit to serve.



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  • Bob Smooper

    Confirm Hagel and help support the Occupied people of Palestine as we try to politically reverse Jewish hostility and aggression.

    • Dan Thorpe

      troll alert!

  • Foxxman

    Wait. Why hasn’t Mr. Baldwin left the country yet? I mean, he SAID he would.

  • r_coplin2001

    Alec Baldwin stick to acting as you know nothing about foreign policy and Chuck Hagel should not be confirmed for anything as he doesnt know what he is talking about.

  • $129448

    what an IDIOT

  • GTJessop

    I just love how he uses his foundation’s name to hide behind his personal opinions. Is the ABFoundation a non-profit? Just curious…

  • TugboatPhil

    Well at least Baldwin didn’t call McCain a “filthy, disgusting little pig.” I guess if he loved him as much as his own daughter he might.

  • Maxx

    What Alec Baldwin knows about national security is somewhere between Jack and crap and…as they say…Jack just left town.

  • Paula_Alquist

    “Trademark petty and personal animus”? Ever hear of glass houses, Mr. Baldwin?

  • Axelgreaser

    THE HOLLYWOOD-OBAMA WHITE HOUSE CONNECTION IS NOXIOUS. And because American’s refuse to boycott Hollywood and put it in its place, it will be a major force in not our entertainment, but how we survive and move about in our daily lives. And to think that Alec Balwin has a hand in my existence is revolting. I can never get past this moron shrieking at his daughter over the phone. Checking in with has asinine political observations is one thing, but for him to partner with our ‘low informtion voter’ elected, radical, secretive, racist, bullying President to formulate policy for generations above, which Baldwins enourmous wealth excludes him from its most punitive aspects, is simplyh atrocious.

  • NewsReal

    Democrat Alec Baldwin supports the Anti-Capitalist OWS group , but does many commericals for Capital One Credit . OWS demands that credit card holders be forgiven for their debt.
    Should the credit card holders of capital one credit be forgiven for the debt ? Is Alec Baldwin beyond hypocritical or just a big hypocrite ?