Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to sign a bill that would prevent Americans from adopting Russian children:

The bill is widely seen as the Kremlin’s retaliation against an American law that calls for sanctions against Russians deemed to be human rights violators. It comes as Putin takes an increasingly confrontational attitude toward the West, brushing aside concerns about a crackdown on dissent and democratic freedoms.

Dozens of Russian children close to being adopted by American families now will almost certainly be blocked from leaving the country. The law also cuts off the main international adoption route for Russian children stuck in often dismal orphanages: Tens of thousands of Russian youngsters have been adopted in the U.S. in the past 20 years. There are about 740,000 children without parental care in Russia, according to UNICEF.

“Since 1992, American families have welcomed more than 60,000 Russian children into their homes, providing them with an opportunity to grow up in a family environment,” [State Dept.] spokesman Patrick Ventrell said in a statement from Washington. “The bill passed by Russia’s parliament would prevent many children from enjoying this opportunity …

This bill would also affect pending adoptions. If the bill is signed into law, 46 children would be forced to remain in Russia:

Absolutely monstrous. Conservative author and commentator Laura Ingraham, who has two adopted Russian children, took to Twitter to express her disappointment and disgust:

Many other Twitterers with friends or relatives who have adopted or have been adopted weighed in with testimonials of their own:

And parents of adopted Russian children are heartbroken:

A woman who herself was adopted from Russia had this to say:

Putin claims to be doing this out of concern for the children, but he is merely using them as pawns in his egomaniacal political games; it’s the children who will suffer the most. Shame on him.

  • Steve_J

    Too many U S adoptive parents treated the children like merchandise that could be returned because they were defective or weren’t what the “parents” expected.

    • arrow2010

      You have any evidence for that d-bag?

    • George Washington Mclintock

      What you have is 16 cases out of more than 60.000. Less than 0.02% is not too much of anything. So, no, you don’t have any evidence to back up your claims.

      • Steve_J

        just 19 Russian children, adopted by US parents, who are now dead.

        • George Washington Mclintock

          16 cases is what you offered as proof. 16 cases where all the parents involved were punished to the full extent of the law. You like numbers? You got 16 to prove your theory. The pro-adoption crowd can give you over 60,000 Russian kids who are healthy, happy, and way, way better off in the United States. The numbers aren’t in favor of your case. Did you see the tweets? Do all these people sound like they regard their adopted children as merchandise?

        • Jillane Kent

          Did you completely omit the greater number of successful adoptions by ignorance or design?

          • Steve_J

            No, the point is those examples are among the reasons Russia is about to pass their adoption law and that is Russia’s business.

          • Jillane Kent

            Russia has that right. That fact is beyond refute. However, who do you think will ultimately suffer in the end? Ultimately, the children will pay the price.

          • George Washington Mclintock

            Among the reasons? So why was this bill not passed in response to any of the 16 cases of abuse you cited, but only when the White House decided to go after Putin’s cronies? Russia’s business? No, Putin’s business, and it speaks volumes about Putin and Russia that he’d deny children a home to retaliate against sanctions.

  • sleazyrider

    Well..Barry..remember the hot mic?…heres your chance..

  • BeyondPolls

    Will liberals finally acknowledge the existence of adoption?

    • Jeanette Victoria

      Liberal believe it is much better to kill the unborn than to adopt a baby.

      • BeyondPolls

        IKR? They are anti-adoption whenever I try to present this abortion alternative to them. This also shows that they like to use abortion as a mode of population control.

  • Bob Smooper

    I partially support him: they just be allowed for liberal parents, gay parents, and single parents, but not repubs.

    • Jillane Kent

      You’ve failed the successful troll test. A proper troll would at least pretend to care more about the welfare of a child more than partisan talking points.

    • nc

      Who said anything about the parents’ political affiliation?

  • Stephanie Warren

    well you know russian’s population is declining. I can’t say I blame him for banning adoptions since they need all the people they can get due to rampant abortion.

    • Bob Smooper

      But on the plus side, Big Abortion is making a lot of money which is good for the economy!

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Uncle Vladimir trying to score some points against us Capitalist pigs via the children Russian society doesn’t give a shit about. Pure KGB propaganda. Feel very bad for the parents, but maybe they won’t end up like that woman in Tenn: swindled into taking a child that has been turned into a psychopath by his/her “care” in a Russian orphanage. It’s not a secret that foreign orphanages like to dump their worst-case kids on unsuspecting parents looking to adopt. Over 700.000 orphans, and only 18,000 waiting to adopt in Russia?!?! Seems like they may know something over there that parents here don’t. Shame. Bill says a whole lot more about Russia and Putin than it does about America.

  • sqeptiq

    Oh noes! A source of white adoptive babies is being closed down! Guess conservative white Americans will just have to settle for Asian or African babies if they want to adopt.

    • nc

      Typical lib assuming racist motives. It’s obvious you’ve never been involved in the adoption process.

  • Libertyship46

    I don’t know, I have mixed emotions about this. While it’s great that kids from another country have an opportunity to be adopted by parents here in the United States, how about the kids IN THIS COUNTRY that need and deserve a home? If the adoption process is too long in this country, why can’t we try and reform the process? Or is it that Americans are looking for more white babies rather than black or hispanic babies? Too blunt, I know, but there seems to be too many kids in this country, regardless of race, that need a home, from foster parents to full-time parents. I guess I’m more inclined to help Americans first.

    • MJ Pauls

      Regulations can make it very difficult to adopt domestically. I know a family who decided to do an international adoption after the social worker assigned to their case put one stumbling block after another in their way. One “problem” was the ceiling above their basement stairway being too low. The fire inspector came in, said it was fine and even had a few inches extra, but the worker refused to budge. After a long time and lots of pointless hoop-jumping, they gave up. If the regs need changed, then that’s definitely something that needs to be addressed. If a worker is going out of their way to make things difficult, they need to be in another line of work. Kids shouldn’t be bundled from foster house to foster house to institution because of an adult’s idiocy, whether Putin’s or a social worker’s.