New York Post readers were greeted this morning with a shocking sight. Slapped across the cover was a photo of a man seconds away from being killed by an oncoming subway train:

The Post is now facing a very nasty backlash — and they’ve earned it:

And what about the man who lost his life?

We can’t. Just horrible.

But perhaps the Post’s colossal lapse in taste highlights something even more disturbing than the cover itself:

  • Josephine (D)

    I’m beginning to hate the NY Post. Some of the sh!t they’ve been pulling lately is pissing me off, and this is flat out shameful and disgusting.

  • DRomani

    Anything these vultures can do to sell papers – they apparently will. If they had time to take the pic why didn’t they take the time to save him!!

  • mickeyco

    Perfectly horrible, BUT you have little room to complain since you’re showing it, too. Hypocritical much?

    • TugboatPhil

      The only editorializing by Twitchy Staff was this:

      New York Post readers were greeted this morning with a shocking sight. Slapped across the cover was a photo of a man seconds away from being killed by an oncoming subway train:

      The Post is now facing a very nasty backlash — and they’ve earned it:

      They didn’t say that the photo should or shouldn’t have been published. The story was about them doing it and the backlash. Where is the hypocrisy?

      • mickeyco

        You are correct. I don’t think, however, that this picture should have been published anywhere.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    New Yorkers. Liberals. Scum.

    • Lois

      Please don’t judge the bystanders like that until you know the whole story, and definitely don’t judge them for where they are from. It’s ignorant.

      • Lord Foggybottom

        You can call me ignorant all day long and it won’t change the fact that that man is dead and the POST printed the photo. I judge people based upon their actions, not by my feelings, and your actions tell me to judge you as a dope. And New Yorker’s actions tell me to judge them as some of the biggest idiots in the country. Prove me wrong.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Yes, just the way the Collaborationist Media never made unwarranted assertions about them redneck racist Teebaggerz, right?

    • Streetiebird

      Yeah, all the bystanders were obviously unemployed liberals. And all the outraged tweeters were obviously Conservative small-business owners.

      • Lord Foggybottom

        You’re not too bright, are you?

        • Brian Mouland

          Understatement of this and the last century

        • Streetiebird

          Awwww :) Cheer up!!

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Well, liberals anyway. See how NYC voted a month ago? Now, what did Mitt say about a certain 47% . . . .?

        • Streetiebird

          Awww :) How precious, still clinging to Romney’s failed campaign of hating the poor? Good luck with that Bobby.

    • v1cious

      New York Post endorsed Romney.

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    As horrible as that pic is I think the NY Post was right to publish it. One of the things wrong with this country is that everything bad that happens is sanitized so as not to offend someone. The world is a cruel and ugly place at times and the people of this country need to be riminded of that. Now, if they would only start telling the truth about terrorism and showing it in all it’s horrific details people may again remember the horror it brings and stand up to the ones who carry out terrorist acts instead of villifying the ones who fight against it.

    • 5n4k33y35


    • greekdish

      Exactly. Tired of sanitized news. We NEED to see reality. We need to see Peter Berg getting beheaded so we can see what kind of animals we are dealing with. We need to see a subway platform cleared out of bystanders who stepped back to click pictures.

      • Dwayne Jackson

        So knowing about the beheading isn’t sufficient you need to see the actual behaeading to… what. Your logic is idiotic.

        • John (it true me am)

          To bring the reality home, sometimes it is neccessary. Hearing about something is not the same thing as seeing something.

          Though having said that, the front page was too much in any scenario. Graphic images that matter should be published or at least available for viewing in some capacity, but shoving it in everyone’s faces, including children, crossed a line and was completely unneccessary in order to get any potential message across.

          And of course this was also an issue that while a tragedy wasn’t particularly something the extra impact would be needed anyway, anymore than publishing photos of every other lethal car accident. It differs greatly in its simply being an isolated accident from Greekdish’s (Correction: Nicholas) Berg reference in that Berg’s death was a literal portrait of the barbarism of our enemies in a time where too many people shy away from standing up to them, and something that it is potentially important for people to see to really understand. Another example would be graphic photos of, say, the results of drug abuse(or to go back to car accidents, ones that specifically involve driving under the influence) as a way to make people really see the dire consequences of certain things. Obviously the same cannot be said for a man being run over by a train, as I doubt anyone, anywhere is under any delusions about that particular outcome.

          • Brian Mouland

            Years ago I was doing a course in Human Sexuality and had to do a presentation about STDs. Thought I was losing my audience until I gave my power point presentation at the end which featured graphic pictures of what some STDS do to the human body. From the uncomfortable reaction of my audience I have come to believe the old adage; A picture is worth a thousand words.

          • Brian Mouland

            Years ago I was doing a course in Human Sexuality and had to do a presentation about STDs. Thought I was losing my audience until I gave my power point presentation at the end which featured graphic pictures of what some STDS do to the human body. From the uncomfortable reaction of my audience I have come to believe the old adage; A picture is worth a thousand words.

      • Dajake

        “Nicholas” Berg

        • John (it true me am)

          Ha, good catch. I repeated his use of Peter Berg myself not thinking about it.

          Peter Berg, well known film director, is still alive and has a head.

      • Emjay Grakykat

        Yea, the broadcast of that beheading going viral did a lot of good, didn’t it?

    • Brian Mouland

      Totally agree the real world is not a warm and fuzzy place. Iconic images like the fireman cradling the dead baby after the Oklahoma City bombing or the naked little girl running away from the bombing in Vietnam may be upsetting but sear into the conscience of people and make them accept reality; as flawed and unpretty as that reality might be.

    • Fun Photography.US

      Yea, but the photographer could have put his camera down and pulled the guy up in the amount of time he took to position himself, adjust his camera settings and take the picture!!! People are greedy and immoral. Despicable!!!

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Gotta love the mentality, when there is someone in danger, instead of whipping out a helping hand, stupid morons whip out their cell phones to take pictures.

    Just like a lady in Australia caught in a flood, trying to save her kids, and the bystanders did nothing to help…. just whipped out their cell phones and started taking film.

    Sick, sick culture…. but then again, ‘culture’ pretty much sums it up, since it’s what scientists use to grow bacterium.

    • tredglx

      Such is the mentality of a culture so engrossed in ‘reality’ television and celebrity papparazi scoops. Nothing is sacred anymore, not even life. It’s all a photo-op now, and whomever gets the best shot wins.
      Makes me sick to my stomach, thinking of the level of depravity and indifference to which this country has sunk.

  • walterc

    This is a man that was murdered by a train. NY Post insensitivity aside, this is a murder no different than the murder in KC or Casper, Wy. According to Bob Costas, we now need to outlaw trains and crossbows in addition to guns.

    What’s wrong with the people on the plat form not helping this man? Oh wait, this isn’t the first or last that New Yorkers stood and watched someone be murdered in their city.

    • $21367552

      Yeah we get it, there seems to be an interesting correlation between being an Internet commenter and having lightning fast reflexes and great physical strength. Maybe you should get out there and spend more time at dangerous stations blessing people with your superhuman feats rather than wringing your hands online about cold hearted people.

      • ForTheRepublic

        That rabble may have made some sense had there just been one person in the Subway tunnel. Something tells me that isn’t the case, though.

      • Jerry J Brown

        it was the fact it got printed, not the fact he took it.

        • Ester L Lacsamana

          the point is …it should never been out there even if they printed it; u also msing the point…

      • Nedra Fleming

        Um.. forgive me but didn’t they have the reflex to take the picture???????????????????? Your outrage is out of place. seriously

      • Dwayne Jackson

        Diakonon were you born stupid or did it take years to achieve such a level of ignorance. From your comm ent I can assume you would have used your lightning fast reflexes to grab your cell phone to take pics. MORON.

      • yahneverknow

        LOL “lightning fast” “superhuman”

        It is being reported that the man tried several times to scramble back up. This was AFTER landing on the tracks & almost hitting the 3rd rail, coming to his senses, and getting to the side to try to climb up.

        Sorry, plenty of time for people nearby to at least try to help him. No one even made one attempt to do so.

  • John Segundo

    BS, judging people who were there and didn’t try to save the man. There is a maniac pushing people off the platform, I will try to move away from the platform, anyone would. And looking at the photo you can see just how easy it would be for the panicked victim to pull down a well-meaning rescuer with him. It is fortunate nobody else died.

    • Michelle

      There was no maniac running down the platform pushing random people off it, it was one man who singled out this man and then left. 2-3 people could have worked together to pull this man out, no one even tried. Stop making excuses for cowards.

  • Marcy Cook

    Is this picture for real? A subway platform with no people? In New York? Something’s not right here.

  • peteee363

    i am neutral, but i would rather see this before picture, then the after picture. but yes, why did nobody do something to help save his life? nobody tried to pull him up, or stop the train, they just stood and watched, while snapping pics of the impending doom. the post did not cause the accident, nor did they have a reporter on scene, but whoever took the pic didn’t help the poor guy, why put all the blame on the post?

    • Jerry J Brown

      trains can’t stop quickly. And we dont have the facts, but maybe this happened too fast for anyone to help

      • Dwayne Jackson

        It didn’t happen so fast that a picture couldn’t be taken. I see no one in the pic trying to help the poor man.

    • Mary K. Allen

      The guy was drunk and lost precious seconds sitting dazed on the track after he was pushed. What if a good samaritan tried to help pull him up and it turned into a double tragedy if he was pulled down by the panicked man? A chain of people may have worked. but then that didn’t happen, did it?

      • TomJB

        So yes, just do nothing. Hope you never have desperate need of help, Mary, and everyone around you shares your attitude.

  • kayakingfatso

    While the picture *is* disturbing, the headline is even more so. DOOMED. Jesus. I hate people.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Now wait. The photographer tried to help. He bravely took his camera to use his flash to tell the train to use the brakes…which it was already doing since it was pulling into the station…that aside – what courage!

  • Peyton

    While I hate the printing of the cover, I really hate that no one was over there trying to help the poor man.

  • Kate

    Wow. That is horrifying! I live in Chicago and take the CTA train sometimes. This is my personal nightmare!

  • ed bamberger

    You know instead of cowering in fear or taking a damn picture, no one could have tried to maybe pull this guy up to the platform and save him ? shame on everyone who was there for being damn Cowards !

  • Streetiebird

    All of these tweeters must have been conservatives. You can tell dont’cha know.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Go down to the library, check out a book on music, and FIND A NEW TUNE TO WHISTLE.

    • Dwayne Jackson

      Please explain this comment. Being from the South I am ignorant and do not understand your logic.

      • Brian Mouland

        Always have trouble understanding shii-tybird I dont read troll

      • Streetiebird

        See, whenever Twitchy wants to demonize liberals, they pick random twitter posts that disagree with whatever anti-obama narrative they’re driving, then make a cute little article where they just call all the tweeters liberals when there’s no indication of their political leanings at all.

  • $23629333

    Why isn’t the focus on the fact that this man WAS KILLED BY A SUBWAY PUSHER? That is far scarier than the picture. That’s something to think about EVERY TIME you use the subway system anywhere. Thanks to the supposed “bleeding hearts” people who should be institutionalized – precisely because they’re capable of shoving someone in front of a subway train – are free and (possibly) standing right behind you on the subway platform.

    • 5n4k33y35

      People want to treat the murder as if he were a mere gust of wind. If the killer had been white, and the victim black it would be on the news for three months straight.

      Because the killer was black and the victim was not black, suddenly people are outraged at the New York Post for publishing.

      And the murderer hasn’t even been caught! NY Post is trying to shock people and piss them off so they will demand justice.

      • Dwayne Jackson

        The Post is merely trying to sell papers. get a clue.

    • Michelle

      I lived in Boston for 10 yrs and used the subway daily – I’m not a paranoid person by any means, but did think about things like this – you just never know when that crazy person has their eye on you, so I never stood close to the edge, always stood against the wall until the train pulled into the station.

      • TomJB

        Was in NYC 11 years. Same thing. Would never face the track full-on and be blind to whoever was behind me. I remember, though, that in every station, there is either a dugout down the middle of the tracks large enough for a person to lie in or the area under the edge of the platform is hollowed out. Even if a bystander could not physically help him up, they could have yelled to him to lie in the hole or get under the platform – as dazed as he doubtless was after being tossed down there, that little bit might have been enough.

        • Michelle

          I thought of that too. Yes, between the tracks a person could lay down – a few have survived that way. But my main thought was, he was just too panicked to notice the gap under the platform – he would have been safe there. My heart just breaks – he was so out of his mind, he didn’t even realize a safe place was right in front of this legs. If I was there and could not pull him out, I’d be screaming at him to get into that space under the platform.

  • 5n4k33y35

    That really happened, and it was a black criminal who did it to him. I’m glad that New York Post has front-paged another life lost to a violent black criminal.

    He was a good man and now he’s gone because of that aggressive panhandler who decided to become a murderer that day.

    I wish I could have saved the guy from his terrible fate. Condolences to his family.

  • Oscar Furter

    I assume Obama and his supporters would be saying not optimal but no big deal – he is white.

  • denise

    this is why the new york post is only useful for the bottom of the litter box!

  • Guest

    I hope the photographer is haunted for the rest of his life about his inaction. And I hope the guy that did it is murdered by his crack dealer.

    • moonsbreath

      Exactly! Why didn’t the photographer or person taking the picture on their cell phone put it down and help that man? Unreal.

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    Perhaps the person that pushed the man was the one that sold NYP the photo. May hap the NYP has now become guilty of murder, or at least complicit in murder.

  • George

    Ordinarily I am a Michelle Malkin fan. However, here Twitchy is, condemning the NY Post for printing the picture, and yet they also choose to post the picture on their site. Hypocritical for sure. There was no need to reprint the picture when it can easily be found elsewhere on the web. Oh look, Twitchy, there went your point.

  • LC

    Welcome to the seared conscience of the new age.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    many moons ago when i studied journalism, i took an ethics in journalism course (ok… i’ll give you a moment to collect yourself). i remember the discussions we had about photos and how much is too much. the prof seemed to think journalists should show some humanity to the subjects of their stories. i’m thinking that prof is a serious alcoholic about now.

  • afvet4america

    Disgusting people do disgusting things. All for the dollar. God help them! And may the Lord walk this road of sorrow with the man’s family as they try to get through this horrible tragic loss.

  • arpboy

    Guys, I read an article about this – the guy that took the picture already had his camera out (he was a freelance photographer) – he pointed the flash at the train to to grab his attention, he claims. If true, it was probably about as much as he could do. Now, my question arises from his decision to sell the photos. My next question is about publishing such photos.

    I don’t know how fast it was, but my impression from the article is that there were only a few seconds. Some have suggested that two or three people get together to help him out. I agree, except that this kind of coordination would have taken 5-15 seconds to put together. If this all happened in a few seconds, then after the initial stunned reaction, I just don’t see the time there.

    What a tragedy, what a shame. I hope the guy that pushed him gets caught.

  • Kam Patterson

    People are shocked that in one of the blue-est cities of one of the blue-est states, nobody offered to help this poor man? Why? what would be in it for them? The “Free Shit Army” goes beyond material goods, its a mindset, a way of life if you will. The picture was most likely taken by someone with an obamaphone.

    • Mary K. Allen

      Ditto Kam.

  • James J

    No one was man enough to pull him up. Unbelievable.

  • Daniel

    I don’t have the stomach required to read through 59 “OMG, that’s terrible” comments. Did anyone mention how that guy got down there to begin with?

    • NCRelite

      He was pushed by a panhandler. The victim got in an altercation with the panhandler, who was known to be aggressive, and he was subsequently shoved.

      Apparently the victim had gotten into a fight with his wife that morning and he had been drinking.

  • Shauna

    Won’t be long before we are playing ‘The Hunger Games’.


    The guy that took the photo and didn’t help the man should be publicly castrated.

  • Robert Kluver, Sr

    Printed by New York Post. Reprinted by Twitchy.

    So since I don’t get the NY Post, I could have been spared. Doesn’t this make Twitchy just as disrespectful as the NY Post?

    Seems a tad hypocritical.

  • Ten31

    This fellow was murdered because someone pushed him on to the train tracks. Will Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock call for NY to outlaw trains?

  • v1cious

    ITT: People that don’t know how a train works. Unless you’re Superman, you’re not getting there in time.

  • Adela Wagner

    It takes a village….of idiots. God help us.

  • $23629333

    In my part of the world we had a young woman shoved in front of a subway train by a loon, who confessed that he hated and killed her because she was pretty, and – as such – represented all the pretty woman he could never hope to attract.

    The woman was white, and the pusher was not. So – of course – the violins were brought out immediately, on behalf of the pusher. Since he was a loon, the pusher was not dealt with by the criminal justice system. He became the responsibility of the mental health system.

    This loon wasn’t off the streets too long before the folks in the white lab coats decided that he could be released. Since then, he has been free to shove again. Every city large enough to have a subway system has someone like this loon.

  • Michelle James

    absolutely disgusting…pout down your camera A Hole and help the guy up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Horton

    Why didn’t the photographer drop his camera and try and help, as it seems like he was the only one around?

  • Seewetoldu

    Typical reaction from brain dead Obama voters. They were thinking Obama was going to fly down and stop the train. Id like to know how many of those people just standing there are liberals. There is noway in hell I would stand there.Behold the ignorance of Americans of today.

  • Kristen Layman

    its fucked up people had time to sit there and take pics but not help him. they are fucked up!

  • BronxJo

    The reason that nobody was near enough to help, is that they had all moved to the other end of the platform before he was pushed. Apparently, the attacker had been acting crazy and the drunk victim had approached him to have a chat and tell him to calm down. This is also how the attacker got away easily, he went up the steps on the empty end.


    I will NEVER give another dime to the NY POST again! And I mean EVER! That editor who approved this should be dragged through the streets and rocks should be thrown at his head. Then his tactless a$$ should be FIRED!

  • Snake_Oil_Baron

    I’m guessing the pusher waited until the train was coming so few people would have gotten over the sudden shock in time to act. We are conditioned by railway crossing safety ads to believe that trains are moving much faster than they appear so running up and grabbing the guy would not be an instinctual thing to do. It cheapens real acts of heroism when we expect them by default and consider people cowards for not being ready to step up at a second’s notice.

  • Snake_Oil_Baron

    By the way, wouldn’t footholds built into the side of the platform have been useful? It’s not like this is the first time this has ever happened.

    And after seeing someone pushed over like that, wouldn’t anyone be a bit afraid that there were more than one guy waiting to push helpers off too? Wouldn’t you worry the guy might pull you in by accident as your foot slipped and suddenly make your kids orphans? We have instincts for a reason. We can override them but not always and not always in time.