During his press conference yesterday, President Obama lashed out at Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain over their criticism of UN Ambassador Susan Rice. The senators, who have led the charge demanding an investigation into the Bengazi attacks that killed four Americans, believe that Rice deliberately mislead the public by insisting that the attacks erupted spontaneously in response to a video, and they have vowed to block her confirmation if she is nominated for Secretary of State.

McCain addressed his criticism of Rice yesterday on CBS:

McCain criticized Rice for going “on national television in defiance of the facts 5 days later,” and added, “She is responsible to the Senate of the United States…I was on ‘Face the Nation’ the morning she came on and told that incredible story and right after the president of the Libyan National Assembly said it was al Qaeda…and yet she never changed her story.”

Referring to Rice, he said she was at a minimum, guilty of “not being very bright, because it was obvious that this was not a ‘flash mob’ and there was additional information by the time she went on every news show…in America.”

He insisted, “The consulate in Benghazi was turned into a death house and somebody has to be held responsible.”

McCain is absolutely right. We deserve the truth. And that’s just more than the perpetually outraged Moore can handle. He took to Twitter to castigate McCain for daring to demand accountability from the Obama Administration.

To Moore, McCain’s remarks are born purely out of revenge for Obama’s reelection. Apparently, Moore’s “fridge of a brain” has forgotten that revenge is President Obama’s fortĂ©.

Moore then dug deep into his intellectual arsenal:

Ah, yes. Gender- and race-baiting. The last refuge of the Left. If Moore had any sense, he’d realize that what’s genuinely sexist and racist is to assume women and blacks aren’t as accountable for their actions as white males like him. But that’s a totally reasonable assumption to make if you’re a liberal.

Meanwhile, this Twitterer makes a great point:

We’ve got the feeling that Moore will make us wait a very long time.

  • ChampionCapua

    @MMFlint Yo! The “attacking the Doritos & ice cream” isn’t going so well, is it? This week, let’s try “attacking the gym membership”. #Carbs

  • Liberal Hater

    Michael Moore is a fat fuck.

  • carla5731

    If Susan Rice needs this much protection to keep her from owning up to the responsibilities that come with her job–responsibilities that would be the same no matter who holds the position–she must be hopelessly incompetent.

    • Gallatin

      My thoughts exactly. How can she be Secretary of State and be in the same room with Vladimir Putin if obowmao has to protect her delicate sensibilities.

    • $6557272

      Yes, isn’t Moore and other Democrats saying, women and minorities are not competent at handling the rough and tumble of politics? It’s so pitiful hiding behind gender and race.

  • Jack Deth

    “John McCain sexist, racist for criticizing Susan Rice!”

    Says the left’s perpetually pimply faced fat boy who hasn’t had sex in decades and is rumored to be in love with liver and his right hand.

    Hey, Susan. How’s it feel to have THAT standing up for you?!!

    • Chelsey


  • Grumpa Grumpus

    yeah, a sexist racist would think that—

    Anyone else would see McCain feels neglected and is doing the political equivalent of jumping up & down while sounding an airhorn.

    That in this case it’s the correct thing is completely accidental in McCain’s case.

  • medicinewomantwo

    Okay, it’s cold, time to slaughter hogs……..his fat asz needs to go in hiding.

  • sweetsuccess45

    He is just a old fat white man if you want to get racist about it LOL LOL clean your stinky butt before you start telling others they smell fat slob UGLY freak oh wow did I say that LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

    No sh1t, hypocrites, do we really need to dig up the pics of CONDI Rice the Party of Compassion did up with her in an Aunt Jemima headrag?

  • Delilah50

    Convienently forgetting that Kelli Ayote is part of this group that is asking for a deeper investigation for Bengazi tragedy! A woman, Hello!

  • Steve_J

    Michael Moore=Candle matrerial

  • Joe W.

    Didn’t that sexist McCain have a female as his running mate in 2008??

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Well Michael……………Obama seems to be more mad at the people calling him out on the Benghazi attack than he is at the terrorists that perpetrated the Benghazi attack………….how about you address THAT issue as well……….

    • seek456

      in fact, didn’t he refer to them as “folks”??
      I believe he did, in his first t.v. appearance.

  • edward cropper

    Michael Moore is a fat obnoxious person. This is a true statement, not just an opinion. Does this make me a bigot of some sort ?

  • http://twitter.com/cheesytastic CheesyAwesome

    Typical he’d try to make it about sexism & racism. Do they not realize it does us women no favors by slinging the term “sexism” or “sexist” at people for criticizing someone who just happens to be a woman? Same with the words “racist/racism”.

  • Brent Guthrie

    Michael Moore- shouldn’t you be in Gaza firing Qassams at Israel?

  • $30423294

    Ms. Rice made false statements due to lack of intelligence.

    I think this statement would garner wide bipartisan support.

  • ChampionCapua

    Fact: John McCain was tied to a chair and had his arms broken repeatedly while a POW.
    Fact: Michael Moore has broken numerous armchairs while trying to stand up and go out to the kitchen to grab another bag of Cheetos.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      lol at the MM facts.

    • $6557272

      Right on, right on!

  • Kimberly O’Neal

    If Susan Rice cannot think for herself when on her feet then she sure as hell doesn’t need the position she has let alone one of even more importance.

    Race cards and women’s parts cards are so very last week M. Moore, get a new idea would ya, no one listens to these excuses any more! While you’re at it you need to go back to stuffing your face and stay out of politics .. you suck at it just as some others who shall remain nameless, but I think everyone knows who I mean.

  • CombatDiver

    It’s amazing how all these “enlightened” leftist’s want all these poor and helpless women and minorities to be treated differently than us evil white conservative males/females and they don’t see the inherent sexism and racism in their hypocrisy. I suppose if we pointed that out to them, they would just call us sexists or racist again.

  • Gallatin

    And of course it wasn’t sexist or racist when the left was bashing Clarence Thomas or Condoleeza Rice. The stink of their hypocrisy is simply nauseating.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

    it’s like hearing some overweight dog, sprawled out in its owner’s yard, raising it’s head up to bark at someone walking by

  • Gallatin

    I just can’t get over this fat slob; “McCain – you seem to be more mad at Obama than u are at the terrorists
    who killed our ambassador in Libya. Oh wait – Obama IS a terrorist!”

    mikey don’t you mean “spontaneous demonstrators” since that is what your twit of a president told us for days and days and days over and over and over again?

  • Dan Thorpe

    I would love to see all this Obama zombies, if the truth come out and he actually was proven to have lied and that he left those for Americans to die and he covered it up. Would they turn against him or try and blame the “conservative media” for tarnishing a great man

    • Glenn Mayton

      I’m sure it would’ve been Bushes fault by then.

  • mwill

    dear michael moore,

    you have money that you didnt earn, your movies suck and james o’keefe is a better director/producer then you are. i thought about adding (please drop dead of a massive coronary heart attack) but thats beneath me….lol….no its not….drop dead michael moore.

  • tessaprn

    Ok if this Susan Rice is suppose to go up against leaders of other countries how in the hell can she do her job if she needs Obama to protect her behind?

  • michael s

    as i’ve stated let all involved be held to account if wrong doing is determined. i believe michael moore is correct,not just mccain but lindsay graham also. time.com had a very telling article Why arent republicans going after Hillary Clinton on benghazi? i’ve asked that myself. its just strange that the string em up mentality seems to be exclusive to Pres Obama and UN Ambassador Rice .

    • chzhdintn

      That’s ridiculous. First of all there have been some Republicans calling out Clinton, but it really isn’t relevant. The fact is that Rice DID go on 5..count ’em 5 talk shows and repeat that nonsense about a very silly video being the catalyst for the attack when it was known to her (or should have been) not to be true. Furthermore, this was not an unprovoked statement, but rather a response to her being possibly considered to replace the soon to be departed Clinton. Get a grip! The president is half-black. So what? It does not make him immune to criticism or make said criticism racist. That is the argument of mental midgets…er..sorry…little people.

  • Hasan Ahmad

    McCain chose Palin who everyone in GOP hates. McCain supported Condy Rice after she said WMDs exist, 10s of thousands of Americans died for nothing. The old man has lots his meds

    • Jamie Wilson

      Uh, no we don’t. Palin is one of the most popular figures in the GOP. And fewer than ten thousand Americans died in Iraq and Afghanistan combined – and considering we didn’t have any terrorist attacks of significance after 9/11/01 UNTIL OBAMA WAS ELECTED, I don’t think they died for nothing. Of course, now we have to specify WHICH 9/11 (thanks, Obama!)

      Where do you get your facts, out of a Cracker Jack box? Maybe you need to find YOUR meds.

    • TexSizzle

      Before McShame chose Palin as her running mate, a huge number of conservatives were planning on voting Republican not for him but against Obowmao. Sarah gave us something to vote *for*, a true conservative. The fact that she is a true conservative is the reason she was and continues to be slandered/libeled by the left. Your claim that “everyone in GOP hates” her is bovinus manurus.

  • Jamie Wilson

    Heck, I didn’t even know she was black; assumed she was hispanic. Nor did I know whatserface, Valerie Jarret, the puppet master, was black. I thought SHE was white.

  • $6557272

    Hiding behind gender and race is worse than a man hiding behind a skirt.

  • ember

    Michael Moore needs to give Rice back her big girl panties. She wanted the job. She agreed to go out that Sunday and spew lies. Let her face the bus that her hero O threw her under.