Addressing the Senate today, Mitch McConnell acknowledged Chuck Grassley’s impressive voting record:

McConnell marked the milestone with a good-natured joke about his colleague’s very unique Twitter style:

Love it.

So true! Congratulations, Senator Grassley. And please — keep tweeting!



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    After all, turtle face..FAILED in his number one goal: Making Obama a one-term president.

    After a sound defeat, largely due to their extreme right positions, they decided on shifting further to the right? How much further can they get…..stonings? Veils for women?

    *bangs head*

    • NCRelite

      I would hardly call it a sound defeat. Obama simply got elected by creating false narratives and the low information voters buying into his brand of propaganda. The war on women, voter disinfranchizement, Big Bird, binders, and bayonets. Romney made the miscalculation that people cared about the economy the most.


        The GOP has indicated and shown many times that they wanted to lose to Obama while using the Republican voters like mindless sheep. NO one liked Romney in the GOP yet they picked him. The guy could not even win his own state, disfranchised the youth, minorities, and a long list.

        Adolf Mittler couldn’t separate himself from the Republican Party’s growing extremism.

        The Republican strategy of making the election a referendum on the president’s handling of the economy was perfectly sound. The problem was that the Republican Party couldn’t pass the credibility test itself. For many voters disenchanted with Obama, it still was not safe to vote for his opponent.

        • SpinMeNot

          Hmm — my, the stupid is strong with this one …

          GOP Indicated — please give an example.
          Adolf Mittler — oh very nice, this one is going to earn you a ration of shit. When has Mr. Romney advocated and worked for the death of an entire segment of the population based on religion? He hasn’t, ever period. You liberal-progressive pukes are the ones that support racial eugenic programs (planned parenthood). You liberal-progressive pukes are the ones that have done nothing but prevent the poor from finding a better life by giving them handouts because you think they are incapable of helping themselves. You liberal-progressive pukes are the ones that have turned Detroit and Chicago into demilitarized zones that resemble the ghettos of Warsaw in, circa 1940. You are completely ignorant. Comparing Romney to Hitler does nothing for your point. It does however prove you to be liberal-progressive puke, incapable of rational, critical thought and only regurgitate what your masters would have you say. Keep humping that coconut .. they’ll give you another treat soon enough. I’m not even sure I’d classify you as a useful idiot, I may need a fourth category …

          You almost had some good points there. Try again Junior.

    • SpinMeNot

      Really, stonings? veils for women — you are a limp dick, talking point repeating, liberal-progressive drone of the first order, aren’t you? What extreme right positions did Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan express? If they had been more to the right, more disenchanted republicans/conservatives would have voted and the election might very well have been diffierent.

      Its the right that is calling out vocally for the end of women being forced to wear veils, and your side calls us “bigots” for it. And it sure as hell isn’t the right in the streets throwing rocks at the police because we aren’t getting what we want — that’s your side.

      Jesus, Mary and Joseph … you are an idiot.

      And yes, we failed .. we all know we lost … what the hell is wrong with your side … wait, you assume that since you can’t think for yourself, we can’t either …

      Try again Junior.

  • walterc

    The fact that you’ve been there since 1993 is the part that bothers me. Serving in elected office was meant to be a sacrifice to you and your family, not a get rich quick scheme. Go home, and take Mconnell and the rest of those leeches with you.

    • SpinMeNot

      I shall refrain from one my history lessons, I’ve got to run an errand, but Walter, you just hit the nail on the head. Citizen Legislators — not professional politicians.

      Brilliant observation. Well done. *hat-tip*

      • walterc

        Thanks for the hat tip SpinMeNot. It’s good to meet like minded people that understand the original intent.