Mon dieu! Baumann, who writes for Mother Jones and The Economist, may be on to something. A group of self-righteous Obamaphiles came together for what may be the most pathetic, most pander-rific attempt at musical propaganda we’ve seen yet from the Left. Seriously. It must be seen to be believed.

Yeesh. Fitting that these clowns looked to “Les Misérables” for inspiration here. That spectacle was pretty darn miserable, n’est-ce pas?

“Healthcare is a right! Medicare’s a must! Don’t let rogue Republicans betray that trust!”


  • stillinthe60s

    Healthcare’s not in the Bill of Rights! Medicares going bust! Don’t let demagogue Dems gain your trust!

    • Elizabeth Cohen

      I still there with you!

  • Garth Haycock

    I hate the theater almost as much as I hate progressive policies.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Refuse to watch, but visited the site and the lyrics are up. Looks like the profound work of a 7th grade civics class under NEA direction.

  • Madelyn Martine

    I had to mute it, but I did notice…not a very diverse crowd was it. Libs are such hypocrites.

  • carla5731

    I don’t know if it can be crowned worst ever since it still has to compete with that horrible movie The Obama Effect.
    Still, it’s hilarious!

    • JeffreyFuller

      It was was just weird. What sane person could sit through that without throwing up.

  • JeffreyFuller

    Was I supposed to get something out of that video? It was kind of… well, it made me feel uncomfortable.

    • Eric Sigoloff

      it was kinda creepy….

  • QuadGMoto

    “Our [leftist] sense of right and wrong eroded”

    They recognize right and wrong? Who knew?

    • Maria

      Only when it refers to political parties.

    • David

      Right and wrong? I thought those were bourgeoisie conservative values.

  • James Holaday Jr

    They do realize I hope that Lincoln was a Republican and democrats would not let Rosa Parks sit in the front of the bus. The libs love to rewrite history in their favor.

    • guyPhone

      You realize the Republicans of the 19th century are not the Republicans of the 21st, right?

      • Craig Schwarzbek

        You do realize that it was the republican party that was for the civil rights changes in the 60’s. You do realize that MLK was republican. You do realize in 2008 most of the political donations made by Wall Street were to the democratic party. What was the last line of what James H. wrote? Are you trying to rewrite history yourself? Follow the lineage. It’s the same party. The Dems have gotten rid of the Wallaces’ and the other segregationist from the sixty’s. But they are still the Dems. It is part of their history. Just as Lincoln is part of the Repubs history,

  • Deb.AsAMom

    Liberal propaganda parasitically latches onto Les Miserables’ music, rewriting lyrics to fit their own agenda of iconic Obama-worship. Bastardizing Les Mis music is offensive.

  • Earl Tate

    This is unbelievably terrible and sad! Do they believe what they’re saying? Is this a joke? Puke!

  • Steven Ranting

    HEY! Im on Twitchy! coooooool

  • dio heerai

    da fuq ??????? got through 20 seconds of this , is that a record ? did I win gold ? why do i feel like barfing ?

    • TundraThunder

      I made it through 12 seconds. It’s hard to believe so many people don’t see any problems with the Obama administration. Political blindness must be bliss.

  • J.N. Ashby

    Probably would’ve sounded more authentic to their cause if the song were in Russian

    • Mark81150

      five stars…

      • J.N. Ashby

        That flag only has one star 😀

  • jsweaver

    Once and done

  • rockytony

    Wow how I loved this show. Now I will never see it again. By the way. Jackie Robinson was a Republican. He befriended Nixon for a while but long enough to support him over Kennedy and also was a confidant of Nelson Rockefeller.

  • Chip

    They really think libs have a clue what Les Miz is all about?

  • lainer51

    Knowing the way the media usually reacts — it will become the theme song for CNN and MS DNC!

  • CPBinDC

    I think that video actually made 35 people not vote for Obama and cost $110K

    • Eric Sigoloff

      I really “hope” they didn’t spend that much on it….

  • Tam_from_Michigan

    I honestly have never said this before, but that was soooo gay.

  • Mark81150

    ok.. I made it almost halfway before I had to turn it off or throw the laptop out the window…. “stand with me for freedom”?…..

    Those retards couldn’t even spell freedom, if they define it as forcing others to pay for their wants and whims… their screw ups, and messed up lives… a box of condoms is cheap.. but they really want us to fund their abortions… since “freedom” to them is putting their boot on the necks of those with a moral view better than theirs.

    Liberals love choice when it’s only to HAVE an abortion.. not to keep the child…The love choice when it’s to obey.. comply.. submit.. to choose to rebel.. stand up or .. push back against their power grab over your freedoms to be immoral in their eyes..

    Liberals love choice.. only when they can force you at the point of a gun to choose what they TELL YOU TOO…

    Orwell would love the modern liberals, for so accurately depicting the characters in Animal Farm, and 1984…. they are the quintessential authoritarian thugs..

  • Frank DiSalle

    At some point in time, someone thought and then said, “I’ve got an idea …”
    Frightening !

  • Rob Stevely

    Someone needs to tell them that Fred Phelps is a democrat.

  • $30423294

    The slogan is “forward.”

    Yet their propaganda has a fetish for the backward.

    Party of the Jackass wants to turn the clock back to the dark times of bloody revolution.

  • Chip

    Same old Hype and Chains.

  • Graham Shaw

    I love Les Mis and refuse to watch the Dems butcher it…

  • Jon

    You have to admire the blind faith they put in their god, I mean president.

  • EastValleyConservative

    I couldn’t make it through the whole thing. It was horrid. Talentless moonbats screeching. I guess this is the only job they could get??

  • catholic_citizen

    Oh my. Mr. Obama probably ate it up and has been looping it on his IPAD non-stop.

    I am thinking of another literary cliche. If Obama gets another term, we will all reduced to this:

  • Teresa Nelson

    you guys lasted a lot longer that I could. tried to listen to it but before the first stanza, and to shut er down.

  • Grooker

    That is quite possibly the gayest thing I’ve ever seen… and I’ve been to Provincetown and the Castro.

  • David

    I’ll give Libs this much, they have mastered the dark arts of political propaganda.

  • Ralph Hyatt

    Are we sure that it isn’t actually a parody of the left? And what is with the use of transformative? As in “this is a transformative parody?” What does that mean. You see a phrase like that, if it isn’t a parody it indicates low IQ.

  • Gabriel Chapman

    I’m pretty sure Bawa Walters has a case for patent infringment on the “look and feel” of that video. WTF is up with the soft filter anyway?

  • Gabriel Chapman

    Look at all that diversity! I haven’t seen such a sea of white since that last photo of the Obama Chicago campaign offices.

  • Max Efimov

    … and this kids what happens when GSA’s
    Vegas convention gets canceled. :)