You may recall that yesterday, Arby’s announced via Twitter that it would no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s show. (Limbaugh notes that Arby’s has never been a sponsor of his show. As we note here, Arby’s president is a Democrat donor.)

Conservatives were not at all happy with Arby’s actions – and they got very vocal about it.

Well, as it turns out, Arby’s has begun blocking conservatives who have tweeted complaints.!/lheal/status/188005302141067264!/FoolishReporter/status/188022781840080896!/rightinillinois/status/188024860163846144!/YankInGeorgia/status/188024128597532672!/RBPundit/status/188006235377909760!/YankInGeorgia/status/188024944465154048!/CuffyMeh/status/188007713966530560

Arby’s had one foot in it yesterday … we guess they decided they needed to step in it with the other foot to even things out.!/bob_owens/status/188007917776154624

Has a company Twitter account ever blocked its customers for complaining before? Is this … unprecedented? In any event, Arby’s, we’re thinkin’ you really screwed up.


Arby’s has quietly unblocked its critics, but those who were blocked remain unimpressed.

  • Conservative4Ever

    Hey @Arbys keep blocking us out.  You will fail to realize until it is too late that we outnumber liberals who protest violently

    • donttreadhere

       Exactly!  Who runs these companies?  They must have “Ivy League” MBAs.  Where else would it make good business sense to cave to the vocal, radical minority of liberals and offend the other 80% of the country?  Bye Arby’s.

    • notech

      That is all a lib has is his ability to shout down an opposition. They only get violent as a last resort. OK maybe not a last resort.

    • ponchcst

      And the worst thing is that while you and I are sitting in line to get our take out order (paying customers being offended by Arby’s), the protestors are at the front of the store not buying anything anyway. Awesome!

    • PoliticallyJadedNow

      How many of the loud and obnoxious libs are also militant vegetarians?  

  • Mike Wilson

    Really.  Who is more likely to buy 4 roast beef sandwiches for five bucks?  Whole Foods liberals or gun and bible clinging conservatives.  C’mon Arby’s – think it through!

    • Eric_Mc

      Good point. Liberals block fast food franchises, want to regulate diet and some even want meat production and consumption to stop. Joke’s on you, Arby’s.

    • texasgoat

      God bless your wisdom!

    • Jon

      The irony is that the CEO of Whole Foods is conservative. He wrote a scathing OpEd in the WSJ about what a catastrophe Obamacare is.

      • Cindi Heng

        I am going to shop at Whole Foods.

  • $6539006

    I just told them to go ahead and block me now. #badbusinessideas

  • StrikeSudden

    Ok conservs boycott arbys

    • reachrenee

      Why bother. No one eats there anyway

  • peteee363

    i went to an arby’s just the other day, only because it has been closed down, and a gyro shop is now there. i don’t like arby’s, but i love gyros, yum!

  • Alaskan

    Had just started going back to @Arby’s after they had DEM campaign signs up last year. Guess it is time to make it final. G’bye BeefnCheddar!

  • profchuck

    Arbys is playing a very dangerous game.  Their decision is bound to show up on their bottom line.

    • annettemhall

      They were already have financial problems. They are on there way out. We won’t be eating at Arbys.

  • sinh gao

    The Roark Capital Group owns Arby’s & other fast food like Carvel, Cinnabon, Moe’s etc…

    • Mark Ward

      Well, in THAT case…  Goodbye Cinnabon (too)!

    • $1718659

      I wish someone in the know would publish a list of restaurants owned by liberals, just so I know where NOT to eat!

      • Thomas
        • Cincy

           Yeah..I contacted them. Batteries Plus is owned by them too. Two days ago I bought a laptop battery. yesterday I returned it after reading about this.

          • Reid Rowan

            Um… the company (Roark) is named after an Ayn Rand character?  I’m confused…


          • Cincy

             Yeah…seriously, it’s named after Howard Roark from The Fountainhead. Pretty damned ironic, huh?

          • Thomas

            Good thing they’re libs or they would have to quickly promote a woman from the Secretary pool and hire an African American LOL

        • Robert Lilga

          If you find the page that lists the administration for this company you’ll notice that all positions above “executive assistant” and office manager are all staffed by men. So, calling a woman a bad name is what is holding women back and that’s why they can get great jobs in big companies? Typical progressive hypocrisy.

        • hazchic

          Crud.  Now I can’t have my beloved Carvel Ice Cream cakes.  I think it ironic they own ice cream, pretzyl, and cin buns AND then Atkins low-carb brand.  Typical hypocrite lefties. 

          • palintologist

            It’s ridiculously easy to make an ice-cream cake — and massively cheaper!  You can customize it to WHATEVER YOU WANT!  Self-reliance, baby!


        • Peter Bonk

          It all depends what you want to do.  Recall that in many cases, the individual stores are operated by local franchisees.  I would suggest going to the stores, placing a normal order, but then just as you go to pay say “Oh wait, you guys don’t like conservatives!  Forget that order”.  Get the local franchisess- who are the ones getting hurt by the idiot policy of the HQ folk- to be screaming at the HQ folk to repent, reconsider, etc. 

  • Discontentwliars

    Arby’s is excercising it’s right to advertise where ever it wants, and make a big deal other those places the don’t.  This standard practice tells the public what they believe. Thats why we can vote them out of business, buy not going to their business, to let them know what we think.

  • Discontentwliars

    You all do know that Arby’s hates women (well maybe they just don’t really care), it’s just their money they wanted.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    Arbys can kiss my ass

  • catkeepr

    Seriously, does anybody actually eat at Arbys? I have yet to see anybody at the local Arbys here, It seems to be empty all the time.

    • reshas1

      I haven’t eaten in an Arby’s in probably 35 years, last time made me sick.  My husband tries to eat their once every couple of years, every time he does, he has the runs.. 

      • Sarah020562

        Same when my husband eats there.  LOL! It’s good mood food” my husband shouts as he is occupying the bathroom. 

    • Bill Gryan

      I do, a few times a year, on family road trips. I’ll be looking for another restaurant from now on. 

      • reachrenee

        Roadkill is better than Arby’s

  • JLM

    Bush league move. Of course, I will never be in another Arby’s for this lifetime. So who cares?

  • twolaneflash

    Arby’s serves Pink Slime.  What do you think that manufactured “roast beef” is?

  • FlatFoot

    The household here is going to miss the Arby’s roast beef classics with horsey sauce… but they can kiss our posterior. We won’t miss them that much. We’re done. Never going back.

    • Pablo
      • FlatFoot

        LoL. My older teen son is going to love seeing that. He was lamenting the loss of Arby’s Horsey Sauce forever more than I was. Thanks. That will surely come in handy.

  • Marshall_Will

    Arby’s has been in demise since the dawn of the health food kick and favorite target of animal rights extremists for as long as I can remember.  Funny they’d wind up in the same bed together?

    Always feel awful for the real losers in all this.  The EMPLOYEES!  Its fine and well to say you won’t be going there, especially if you haven’t in years.  But for those clinging to jobs in the O’Drama Economy, just think about it is all I ask.    

    • SignPainterGuy

       I haven`t been in the local Arby`s this year; was thinking about their roast beef and a salad the other day.

      I don`t know if it is company-wide or just this store, but there is a 10 Commandments plaque on the wall right next to the counter; all at a time when there is a push to rid all public displays of it and anything else Christian ! Now that I think of it, this store has several patriotic memorials on their walls. Hmmm.

      Speaking of Limbaugh advertisers; he said the other day, he lost 5 and gained 7 ! That may be a “proportional” reference !

      • Marshall_Will

         You mean ‘those’ 10 Commandments?  Hmm indeed!  As is the case w/ many franchises today ( I doubt the founders would even recognize them? ) 

        • SignPainterGuy

           I`m guessing these decisions to block and boycott are corporate level, not franchise or individual stores.

  • rippersnort

    I just printed out my coupon for Beef & Cheddar Classics, oh no it fell in the shredder. That’s where your company is headed. Your blocked on my account now.. Turn around is fare play…

  • RhymesWithRight

    You can go here and vote for the topic I added to Arby’s account.

  • savarulz

    I like Arby’s but with this tactic, no more, anyway we got a Jack In the box opening next to Arby’s. Love Jack in the box.

  • RhymesWithRight

    Sadly, the Arbys nearest to me overcooks their meat so that it always tastes burnt — and the next nearest one closed due to lack of business.

    • Reasoned1

       That really isn’t meat. Have you ever looked at it. No meat I eat looks like that

  • Mo Fischbach

    I think it is “marvelous” that I never have to consider eating at Arby’s!!!!

  • RichardFulton

    Arby’s: It’s Bad Mood Food

  • RichardFulton

    Arby’s: It’s Bad Mood Food

  • Bruce Tahoe

    Well… I must admit that it does not hurt my feelings that the greasy spoon called Arbys doesn’t want my Conservative ass.

  • Pablo

    All I have to say is Walt’s. No Walt’s by you? Sorry to hear that. 

  • Pablo


    Congrats.There is a culture [war] happening and you just chose the side who
    wants to smash your windows and steal your ‘obscene’ profits”

    Same goes for @Arbys:twitter Well, minus the obscene profits, but still.

  • Cindy Wolf

    Well I’m not eating there anymore! That was an easy protest.

  • Chris Christie

    I was never that thrilled with Arby’s in teh first place….think I have eaten there three or four times in my life due to being the easiest/closest at the time….over priced and under taste…no lose here….

  • Dickn52

    Wow, and the food is terrible too.  Oh well, I can always spend my money someplace else.  though I will miss the horsey sauce.

    • RegConserative

      I will miss the horsey sauce.
      Me to.

      • weRbroke

        1 Tbsp. White Vinegar

        4 Tsp. Granulated Sugar

        1/8 Tsp. Salt

        1 Cup Mayo.

        2 Tbsp. plus 2 Tsp. prepared horseradish.

        1. In a small dish, dissolve
        the sugar and salt in the vinegar.

        2. Measure mayo. and horseradish into
        a blender. Add the vinegar solution, then turn blender on medium speed for about
        10 sec.

        3. pour sauce into a covered container and chill it for at least
        a couple hours to let the flavors mingle.

        Makes 1Cup

  • crosspatch

    That’s fine.  I have something more powerful than Twitter.  Cash.  They will see none of mine.  

  • Reasoned1

    I have only been to Arby’s maybe 3 or 4 times since they existed. Want to stop eating there? Just look at that stuff they call “meat” on their sandwiches. UGH what is it?

  • kim

     They own Moes????  This is very bad news for me.

  • annettemhall

    They didn’t ban me but it only took a couple minutes for them to remove my post.

  • 22044

    Hate to give up Moe’s, but why should Moe’s suffer because another company owned by Roark Capital Group decides to be idiotic?
    If anyone’s interested, here’s the page with all of Roark’s properties:

    • Cincy

       Roark has a board that is in on these decisions.

  • SamIam9

    Well, crossing them off my lunch options list.

  • John Gorentz

    Too bad I quit eating at Arby’s some time back on account of their sandwich bread is way too sweet/sugary.    Now I’m stuck with not being able to quit eating there over this.  

  • LouAnnWatson

    who cares? arby’s could shut every store tomorrow and it would be totally irrelevant to my life…their food sucks out loud. maybe moochelle can come in and get them to implement a healthier menu and totally bankrupt them.

  • weRbroke

    It’s a pity they are that DUMB…

    Do they really think they can rely on the party of moonbat to support them?  Most of those people don’t eat meat, and if they do, it’s not ROAST BEEF.

  • Phillip McKann

    True Story: I got >scrude< out of my fries at the Arby's drive-thru back in '93.  They haven't seen a dollar from me since then.  I hold a grudge a long time.

  • kazzer66

    Arby’s shouldn’t block conservatives, they’re the only ones who  don’t pay with food stamps…

    • reachrenee

      We’re the only ones with jobs

  • Sandra

    I just added Arbys to my boycott list, they have joined the esteemed company of the cowards at CocaCola and all the cowards intimidated by MMA and the left.  This is fun.  

  • John

    Idiots — how many leftist activists do they think actually dine at their cowboy-themed beef sandwich joints??

  • $1718659

    Anew Arbys opened near me a few months ago – I used to stop by maybe once a week or so. Not any more. Plenty of other places around here not run by liberals. Screw’em.

  • Nonameworks

    Well dang.  We always hit Arby’s up for the Jamocha shake.  That’ll be a pass now.I’ll sprinkle some Starbucks single into my not-Arby’s vanilla shake from now on.  There are other fish in the sea, other shakes on the block.

  • John Adams

    Arby’s is still open? I thought it went bankrupt a few years ago…

  • Carlos Mardel

    to bad, no more roast beef from arbys

    • bill q

      roast beef…… that what they are calling it?

  • Adjoran

    Now where am I going to go for reconstituted beef and beef byproducts and the highest prices of any fast food chain?

  • retiredvietvet

    Bye bye arbys! Along with coke, pepsi, NAPA, carbonite, sleep number………….

  • $23585869

    Too bad Arby’s .
    Bye- bye.

  • Dave Znothere

    thin-skinned b1tches!

  • JohnSkookum

    I never bothered with Twitter before, but now I want to join just so I can get blocked by these douchebags.

  • Leonie Alemann

    Arbys food isn’t good enough to keep the company running through this; nothing good on their menu is unique to them.  And now they’re showing us that they’re slow and stupid (this boycott thing was over last month, guys:  Rush won), and they don’t know who their customers are.  Buh-bye!

  • Jum

    So, Arby’s isn’t interested in hearing from conservatives outraged over corporate attempts to extort Rush Limbaugh, eh? Well, then my family isn’t interested in spending our usual $500 per annum at Arby’s.

    Nor do I think Arby’s stockholders will be very happy to see their money spent to finance a campaign just to gratify the political affinities of the CEO. 

  • Rob_Bryant

    Uh, just do what I did. I [email protected]:twitter 

  • Terri Sweeney

    Overpriced salt laden food.
    Best set aside.

  • Carl

    No more Arby’s for me!

  • Screamin Mime

    … I’m shocked that anyone follows Arbys on Twitter to begin with.

  • Sencho

    Honestly, given the quality of Arby’s product, any additional layer of protection between an Arby’s and the consumer is a good thing.

  • OccupiedTerritory

    Perhaps The Simpsons put it best: “I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s.”

  • Lefty

    Oh man!  Their parent corp owns Cinnabon and Aunt Annie’s Pretzels too..(along with a few other food chains)

    Oh well, I guess paying for oversugared, oversized Cinnamon rolls while stuck at the airport is now a thing of the past…

  • Angry Webmaster

    I don’t eat at Arby’s. The one time I did I got sick. If I want the worlds best roast beef sandwich, I go to a place called Harrison’s in North Andover MA. :)

  • radioone

    At least Arby’s is honest enough to tell Conservatives to “go to he**, we don’t want your business.  Fine, McD and Wendy’s are right across the street.

  • jdkchem

     That would be Orby’s now.  Obama’s Roast Beef, Yes Sir!

  • Bill Gryan

    Thanks for bringing the Coca Cola issue to my attention. I had no idea they were joining the wrong side of the voter ID issue. I’ve been buying Coke products for 30 years. Today it ends.

  • bandi9

    i quit eating there when they hired Kathy Griffith as their spokesperson.  they will be bankrupt in a year

  • bflat879

    Arby’s needs some serious PR people in there to deal with this. There are more conservatives than liberals so, unless you’re Obama, you don’t want to annoy that large a segment of the population.  We’re talking money here people, not votes. 

  • BMF

    Arby’s exercised their right to boycott the Rush Limbaugh show because Rush was exercising free speech that they didn’t like.

    Fair enough.

    And when people wanted exercise their right to free speech to comment on Arby’s decision, they were blocked.

    Arby’s seems to have a real problem with the 1st Amendment.

    I suspect a lot of people will be exercising their right to boycott Arby’s for the same reason that Arby’s is boycotting Rush.

    Fair enough.

  • Lex Dameron

    Punch back twice as hard.

  • OccupiedTerritory

    The Simpson’s put it best: “I’m so hungry I cold eat at Arby’s.”
    (I can’t boycott Arby’s because I’ve never eaten there.)

  • llipgrn

    I have tweeted to everybody I know about arbys.  They are already a miserable presence in Atlanta, their dumbass “good mood food” campaign has been an utter failure, the president has been a Dem lapdog for years.  Lets see if arbys can even make it past 2012.  Arbys might go down before the mayan long calendar ends.

  • X_Navy_SWO

    I went ahead and blocked @Arbys before they blocked me. If they’re liberal-donating free-speech haters, I don’t want their sponsored tweets showing up on my feed anyway.

  • frew01

    I can’t recall ever hearing an Arby’s commercial on Limbaugh’s show.  Did they actually advertise there?  I don’t recall seeing an Arby’s in Houston, either, so…

  • Founders1791

    Arby’s is diarrhea waiting to happen …

    BUY CHICK-FIL-A…real Conservatives that cares about ‘you’.

  • 100Rifles

    Idiots. If they didn’t want to advertise on Rush they could have just quietly phased out their ads and no one would think anything of it. But leftists by their nature just HAVE to let each other know what they “think”, i.e. how “socially conscious” they are.

  • Mom2Ian03

    Most of the Arby’s in Southern MD have closed anyway don’t think they’ll be able to make a come back now doing this. They were overpriced and not that good anyway!

  • JJ_Chester

    Not really very smart from a marketing point of view.  I suspect conservatives eat more roast beef sandwiches than liberals do and Rush reaches more of their target audience than any alternative outlet.

  • smbren

    Arby’s is too expensive anyway. I am running out of restaurants to patron, businesses to support, and actors to watch.

  • McGehee

    I’m thinking Hardee’s.

  • Cincy

    We have Roy Rogers restaurants in out area. I prefer them. Their beef is actually made of meat.

    I wonder if the geniuses at Arby’s realize that the people complaining about them advertising on Rush’s show probably weren’t their customers to begin with

  • Coronagold

    People follow advertisers on Twitter?  Monty was right. We are so DOOOOMED.

  • sunnyblack76

    I don’t think Michelle Obama would approve of anything on the Arby’s menu (e.g. curly Q fries, roast beef sandwich, apple turnover). 

    • Russ in OR

       In an eye-popping irony, I have never heard an Arbys commercial on Rush’s program, but I HAVE heard Michelle Obama promoting, even after the failed boycott.

  • Feebzy

    They must control the narrative or it doesn’t work!

  • bobbyvand

    Apparently they only want 20% of the country as potential customers. Very smart Arby’s. Get out the velvet rope and watch profits soar, right?

  • Russ in OR

    I would stop going there, but I already don’t go because their food is bad.  So many of my fellow residents of this town feel the same way that the Arbys here has already gone out of business. BTW, I’ve never heard their commercials on Rush’s program.

  • bobbyvand

    I just figured out Arbys strategy. Implode the business and ask for an Obama bailout. Then the media and administration can tought the great comeback of another corporation, all with taxpayer money. Win win for them, big lose for us. Kinda like GM. Brilliant!!!

  • jdubya_az

    Neither a fan of Rush nor Arby’s. I will however, never use their products or any relative company (is Arby’s part of a larger organization?).

    I know Rush had been in some hot water for his comments, and this woman, where is she now? That was a fast 15 minutes. Is she even an actual student?

  • DanMelson

    Many companies are using social media to enable them to respond better to customer concerns, enabling higher satisfaction, better retention and repeat customer rates, and higher profits.

    Arby’s, on the other hand: Epic fail

  • Mike Johnson

    Ha!  I’m blocked, too!

  • I_Callahan

    Just go to their web page, under “contact us”, click “Advertising Marketing and Promotions”, “complaint”, “continue”, click the “Radio”, put in your contact info, and send them a message.  I told them I’d never buy from them again unless they lifted the ban.

  • Mike Johnson

    this should be enough to keep us away…

  • DANEgerus

    How many whiney vegan Lefties eat at  @Arbys ?

  • Julie Carlile

    I will never eat at an Arbys again. Imagine telling over half the population of the US that you don’t want their business!

  • onetermandout

    I can’t watch any movies/TV shows due to all the socialist actors in them and now I can’t eat at Arby’s ever again. What’s a conservative to do?
    If ratdonalds follows suit, I won’t be able to eat out at all.

  • Julius500

    I can only hope that there are enough grassroots conservative organizations that get this message out so that really does hit the bottom line.  Look at what PP did to Komen.  This is ridiculous.  Even if I was wanted to, I couldn’t eat Arby’s now.  Their actions will always affect how much I enjoy (not)  their food. 

  • Cincy

    The president of Arby’s  Hala Moddelmog (that’s actually fun to say out loud) will go down in infamy as the subject of MBA case studies as to how to really screw up a business.

  • Caleb Herod
    • thohan

      What do you think food replicators are on Star Trek? The future is now!

  • Brickendale

    Can’t stand Arby’s anyways… They deserve to go under.

  • Kristina T

    Lmao @ all the retards acting like this is some big deal.

    It’s frigging twitter, not the end of the world. You all need to get a life.

  • Bill H.

    Arby’s should stick to making roast beef.

    • Cincy

       Wait! That’s beef they use? You sure?

  • Ronin

    Morons Weren’t they on the verge of losing it all not too long ago?

    Suicide by middle management. Much like the rest of the US.

    • thohan

      That’s what I understood. They were going to be absorbed by Wendy’s or something.

  • Doc

    DAMM now I have to go find another place that sells roast beast!

    • onetermandout

       You need to look more closely at the #%#%$# stuff arby sells; it’s not roast beef, anyway. It’s beef baloney, just pureed beef paste cooked in a tube just like cold cuts.

  • onetermandout

    I haven’t been able to watch any movies/TV shows due to all the libtard actors in them; now I can’t eat at arby’s any longer either.
    If ratdonalds follows suit, I won’t be able to eat out at all!

  • jimmer123

    screw arby’s.
    it’s crap food away.
    btw: who in their right mind would
    would be twittering @arbys?

  • Johnny MoonOwl

    Much like the conservatives in Iran who are now blocked by UN sanctions, conservatives in America find themselves sanctioned by citizens and corporations alike (after all, aren’t corporations just like people?). Fascism needs to be stopped when it is encountered. Flush Rush!

    • libsmakemelaugh

      Is this occutard stoned?

    • Cham4Cons

      Flush this Pres that has the unemployment at 10%(according to Gallup), real unemployement twice that, inflation going up, gas going WAY up, 16 trillion dollar deficit going way,way,way up…

       Everything else is secondary. As we speak they are planning to do more damage to YOU and this economy.

  • Brian Newman

    The liberal left in NOrthern California blocked an Arby’s from opening in Ukiah. Looks like Arby’s stockholders need to review what their goals are. If it’s to make their investments pay off, they need to bring in someone who knows not to offend 75% of the country.  Good luck, Arby’s. I won’t be eating there ever again.

    • $910553

       Me either.  Scratching off these fast food places rather quickly lately.  Looks like I’ll be saving some $$$!

  • KansasPatriot

    Isn’t it funny, my Hubby & I went to Arby’s for the first time to get a Reubin a few weeks ago. Won’t happen again! 

  • elcampeador

    Reblogged this on et cetera* and commented:
    Never cared for your food, Arb’s, Screw ya’!

  • Danno Mann

    How many tweets to @arbys does it take to get blocked? I’ve sent 6+ so far.

  • Danno Mann

    @Arbys How many sandwiches will you have to GIVE AWAY to placate the Americans you’ve upset? Millions?

  • Danno Mann

    Arby’s resorts to blocking conservatives on Twitter. How many more
    outlets that sell your warmed varmint be closed down now? 500+?

  • JT

    I’m going to miss their overpriced iridescent meat based   sandwiches.

    • thohan

      They do give off a chartreuse glow in just the right light, so true!

  • Cham4Cons

    Arby’s, dont fall into the trap. Fast food/beverage better stick together or you will be next big tobacco.

    Lots of rumours going around about fingers getting lopped off in your kitchens with the roast beef. Is that true?

  • IluvUSA77

    Well this stinks. I love Arbys..Oh well, there’s plenty of other fast food places, right?

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    I have alway preferred Lion’s Choice for their real sliced roast beef, not the rolled kind Arby’s sells. I like Rush, and I love Lion’s Choice and the best AuJus to dip in. My Obamabot daughter boycotts red meat, BP, eats tofu and snowboards.
    Where did I go wrong?

    • thohan

      People come around. Don’t give up hope!

  • Dhruv

    Finally a company has the balls to block the rightwing nutjobs. Loving @Arbys all the more. You gained my support and respect. The conservatives can go and f^%$ themselves. Their days are over.

    • Independent

      What ever you say chief now go scrub that floor in arbys bathroom after you get done making the fries.

  • Extorris

    Reblogged this on Wanderings Of Extorris and commented:
    Adding Arby’s To The List

  • Tom Calvert

    I remember the NAACP asking Michael Jordan to support or endorse a Democratic candidate once and he said no, he’s not in to politics and he wouldn’t do it, “besides” he said, “Republicans buy shoes too.” Smart man!   

  • Independent

    I would love to say I will never eat there again but I said that after I ate there the first time and found out why they suck.

  • genomega

    If they think they can make it with just lefty bottom feeders as customers I wish them luck.

  • Tracer Bullett

    Hey Arbys just how shit stupid are you? Don’t know which is worse their political activism or their ignorance. Fix it or I stop eating there

    • reachrenee

      Their food is worse. Save yourself and eat where Michelle tells you to.

  • AniMatsuri

    Yeah, Arby’s alreadly is a failing business. Snubbing conservatives will make them fail even faster now.

  • Stop Statism

    If my recollection is correct, Arby`s had to close a bunch of stores not too terribly long ago, at least in this area. Talk about self inflicted wound

  • lillymckim

    Eat More Chicken!

  • lillymckim

    Arby’s a once thriving business now aligns themselves with a small group of radicals pretending to be customers who use harassment, blackmail, and veiled threats to make them
     “Toe The Line” as they say on their twitter accounts and web sites and Arby’s thinks this association with these radicals will help their brand?  How?

  • Pedro Sykes

    Arby’s bought Wendy’s in 2008 I quess I’ll stop eating at both. Too bad, I like Wendy’s and they just passed Burger King, which I avoid like the plague. Stupid move on Arby’s part. My doctor will be proud.

    • AniMatsuri

      That was then. Wendy’s is in the driver’s seat right now. They are looking to sell the money loser Arby’s soon.

  • Robert Ray

    Yeah, all those treehugging vegans aren’t exactly buying roast beef now are they?

  • Kevin Espinosa

    The food cost to much and my dog refuses to eat it

  • Shelf Reliance Ohio

    The jamocha shake has been a waste of time ever since they got a new shake machine. Just one more reason not to go there. 

  • Murphy's Mom

    Wow.  And I really enjoyed their breakfast foods.  Too bad.  My money’s going somewhere else.  And I don’t care whether they know it or not…

  • Mark_Krieg

    Arby’s use to be my noon lunch place, Not any more, you stupid ass people, you don’t deserve my money.

  • Jay

    Way to overreact there, Arby’s.  I still love you, even if you are run by morons.

  • Sarah020562

    Once a week I usually stop at our local Arby’s and grab some lunch for our daughter, I am usually the only car that is in the lot and drive thru, well, I guess they now lost their last paying customer.  Both my husband and I get sick when we eat there.  My husband is usually singing but It’s “good mood food”  as he is occupying the bathroom.  

  • SuzanneBaruch

    Arby’s food is disgusting and overpriced, which reflects poor decision-making skills; so I’m not at all surprised that the Company’s social media exec is similarly clueless.

  • MOCasteel

    i sent in my complaint also!

  • foghorn1

    How do you get blocked, I want to be blocked by Arby’s so I can tell my family I can not go to Arby’s.

  • notech

    I used to love Arby’s. They sound like corporate is run by a bunch of cry babies…la la lo lo la le la lo la la la

  • Tom Koch

    Arby’s can block all they want to, but I am a Conservative and I have a wallet.  Suffice it to s say that it will be no longer opening at Arby’s!!!.  They were the most expensive of the fat food joints (pun intended).

  • mrbill59

    whats your beef jerky? arbys is overpriced

  • Patriot_765

    New coke,
    Netflix split,
    Making war on your 40% conservative customers
    More dumb business ideas

    Bye bye Arbys…

  • Serafinos

    They can block Twitter — but they can’t block your messages from their website complaints.  We just filled out their form & sent the message the…”
    ‘boycott has just started. Pull ads from Rush for something he’s already apologized for? Enjoy sitting in CFO’s office watching profits dwindle. Have a nice day’.


    CONTACT PAGE == go for it! Let them hear loud & clear how y’all feel.  BTW – can call, as well :)

    • Frank Ferraro

       Nice idea, done.

  • LoneRangler

    I have been patronizing Arby’s for 40 years.  I’ll miss them. Quiznos, here I come. 

  • stud duck

    cool.  how stupid do you have to be to listen to rush anyway?  what a loudmouth blowhard gasbag.  scientists say that people that listen to rush aren’t smart enough to eat at Arby’s anyway.

    • CarmichaelPatriot

      Are these the same “scientists” that lie about the weather and then call it climate change?   How’s that “War on Poverty” going?  I don’t see any progress after 40 years and $15 trillion.  It’s a quagmire…

  • Guest

    cross Arby’s off the list!

  • Brandon

    Looks like me and my friends will be eating at Arby’s today and more often. Yum! I applaud them for standing up against a drug-abusing, misogynistic woman hater.

    • Frank Ferraro

      The only true misogynist in the media is I know Bill Maher. Go back to the DUmmies where you belong.

  • PerspectiveSeeker

    So, conservatives are going to boycott Arby’s over this??
    Well, I suppose it’s only fair, since liberals have been boycotting Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr and Chick-fil-A for years for much more substantial reasons.

    • Frank Ferraro

      too little, too late. I know of no boycotts for Chick-Fil-A, or for Hardee/Carl’s for that matter, but they’re not in my neck of the woods.

      Now that you mention it, there is a Chick-Fil-A that just opened across the street from Arby’s in my neighborhood. Thanks for the idea, to Chick-Fil-A for lunch it is!

  • JohnCalla

    Chick-Fil-A is where it’s at.

  • Ken Watson

    This word, unprecedented. I do not think it means what you think that it means.

  • palintologist

    It was rare that I went to Arby’s because you practically need to take out a second mortgage to eat there.  And now they’re dissing ads for Rush on (what has to be local) affiliate stations? 

    So long, Arby’s!

  • Matthew Taylor

    LOL! rarely went there but definitely won’t be going now.  ROFL.

    • CarmichaelPatriot

      Funny tht Arby’s cowtows to the Croissant eating crowd when they probably don’t even eat there to begin with.   Aren’t most vegetarians/vegans liberals?   They’re definitely not eating there.   Arby’s, way to know your customer base.

  • RichardCrow

    with all the conservaturds leaving it will really pick up the atmosphere at arby’s.

  • Flavia Mestiza Grubbs

    can’t standy Arby’s anyway…

  • ponchcst

    What’s Arby’s? Oh yeah, that low quality fast food chain that no one ever visits anymore, right? This is like a last self-inflicted coup de grâce. If they weren’t done already, it would seem like they probably are now. The bowing to left-wing vegetarian pressure. Way to go Arby’s!!!

  • JustPeachyontheBlaze

    Alternative/similar restaurant is Rax. Not sure if they have any particular political stance, though. . .

  • antisocial21

    assholes always screw up my food anywyay

  • Miranda

    what would happen if a few thousand peole drove up, ordered ten or so arbys meals and changed their mind, just wondering

  • Manfortruth

    Take this information and let’ not only boycott Arby’s and include G.E. and not buy their products to show how we can turn the tides on them! MSnbc and their reporters are much much much worse than Rush!!

  • Chris Christie

    I must confess that their food tastes like a#% ….you can keep Coke products and Walgreen’s too…..I find it against all odds that Walgreen’s has lasted as long as they have…their crap is so expensive to begin with….

    • Meteorlady

       Boycott Progressive Insurance also. They only contribute to the left.

  • FuzzyBobby

    What a bunch of, oh never mind.  Guess I’ll have to start eating at home.  Won’t go there any more.  

  • dan dantzler

    Great, eat some place local and avoid the Arby’s non-food poison!!

    • Suzanne Howard

      GREAT idea! We do our best to support our local businesses. Getting real tired of these companies thinking they can shut us down with their nonsense (and their Chinese junk). But that’s another story…

  • jb7511


  • $6543284

    I never thought Arby’s food was that good to begin with.

  • Malcolm

    I guess they are not learning the lesson of carbonite….going down in flames..

  • Mark Newman

    I tweeted @arby’s!!!!!!!!!!

  • acartersr

    Boycott Arby’s

  • acartersr

    Boycott Arby’s

  • T M

    I’d be so pissed if I was an employee or a franchisee. When a company does something stupid like this instead of just trying to stay in business, lay-offs ensue.

  • mathewsjw

    lefties don’t eat meat so @arbys is plain idiot to boycott meat eating conservatives that will reciprocate with an arbys’ boycot

  • Ridgerunner99507

    No more Arby’s for me. I have now blocked myself and my money from Arby’s restaurants.

  • Tracy Smith

    I am sure the local Arby’s doesn’t go along with this siding between the libs and repubs, they just want to make money and a living, however, who let the clowns into the top running the show, who are too stupid to realize that millions of people will stop going there because of their stupid views on politics?

  • Chance Boudreaux

    it’s #goodcomradefood !

  • toocoldinwa

    I’m not thinking Arbys anymore.  Plenty of other fast food within a couple blocks of every one of them.

  • kshoosh86

    Oh look- it’s an excuse to never go to @Arbys again!

  • Suzanne Howard

    Hey Arby’s! We don’t need YOU either! We’ll take our $$ to Chick-Fil-A! Ha Ha! Look who is laughing now! Stay out of the culture war, just sell your fake beef like usual and you’ll be fine.