arbys hates conservatives

arbys hates conservatives

  • Dane Gummig

    Last time I eat at Arby’s!  And if we conservatives stop eating there……it’s just a matter of time before they go under because the vegi eating, tofu sucking left won’t support Arby’s   when it comes down to it!  Good bye my ol friend!

  • Cibercore

    No more Arbys for me.

    • Richard

      None for me either – and i ate ther regularly

  • Jackie Williams

    So say you? Besides my local Arby’s being MOUSE INFESTED, this is another reason to stay away!

  • ScottSCRIBEPratt

    This is ABSOLUTELY hilarious!!  Arby’s is one of the most expensive “Fast Food” chains in the country.  I think if you are liberal enough with your funds to eat at Arby’s, then your political views should not be an issue.  I am happy to say that the nearest Arby’s to my location, drops it down on the list of regular stops. It is also amusing, to note that the areas only Arby’s is in the wealthiest(Owned by BIG Business)strip mall complex in Sheboygan County.

  • Kate Robertson

    no more Arby’s for me either!!! I don’t like liberal’s! and I won’t support you with our hard earned $$$

  • Jack

    I was going to go there today.  Thanks for the heads up.  Money’s tight enough without giving it to people that hate me.

  • WindRiver23

    Good bye Arbys. Who needs you or your censorship.