As Twitchy readers will recall, the makers of SpaghettiOs apologized last month for a crass Pearl Harbor day promotional tweet. Actress and “comedian” Natasha Leggero, a co-host of NBC’s New Year’s Eve special along with TV/radio personality Carson Daly, apparently decided to double-down on stupid with a New Year’s Eve swipe at America’s greatest generation.

Because nothing says festive like mocking WWII heroes who survived the Pearl Harbor raid.

NBC is getting an earful from viewers on its Facebook page, too.

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 1.18.41 AM

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 1.23.25 AM

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 1.19.02 AM

“Hiding it well?” Nah. Seems like their idiocracy has been laid bare for all to see.


Here’s the video:

  • Pope Sparkles (F)

    Countdown to her apology. I wonder if she’ll hashtag it on Twitter?

    • Wag_a_muffin

      Nah, she won’t apologize. She’ll set up a hashtag whining about how evil those who criticize her for her “witty remark” are. And go all “I’m the victim here” on us.

      • Joshua Embrey

        When will these witty folks ever have the nuts to make a “clever” joke about Muslims?

        • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          “SILENCE! I KILL YOU!”

          • bapdco

            Sorry, that’s “KEEL”, not “KILL”.

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Didn’t want to make fun of the accent– might get called “xenophobic.” Then I’d have to clutch my pearls and swoon, after hearing that word.

          • bapdco

            LOL. I”m only repeating it the way I heard it from Achmed the Dead Terrorist. (Jeff Dunham)

          • Asillem4

            *hands him a pearl necklace just to see him swoon*

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            I have one already– it was presented to me by the Jive Lady herself, Barbara Billingsley– but thanks for the offer.

          • plaingolf

            Hey there’s nothing wrong with being afraid of xenos!

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            Yeah that whole face hugger thing with the bursting chest kinda kills any level of Kum Baya..

          • PatriotRG

            I prefer Islamophobe. Its my fav. I usually respond with Islamophile.

          • Jay Stevens

            I keep saying that there is no such thing as “islamophobia”.

            A phobia is an unreasoning fear. The last 300 years of our history has indicated that it is reasonable to be afraid of Muslims.

          • jetch

            accent jokes are too explosive…

          • Worship Dancer

            just remember they are not towel heads or rag heads. what they wear is a little sheet so you MUST call them little sheet heads.

          • PatriotRG

            Actually its Keeeeeel.

          • Worship Dancer


          • Donald Lewis

            Now thats funny right there!!!

          • PatriotRG

            I will behead you – your father was a camel and he drank elderberry wine – I spit on you. You dare imply us Muslims will be violent? That’s insulting. A Fatwa on you!

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            Triple word score for Monty Python reference..

          • PatriotRG

            You got it! nice . Do you know I didn’t think any one would! I’m going to see them in London!

          • SkyePuppy

            The Muslims? Or Monty Python?

          • PatriotRG

            Monty Python – Avoid the Muslims at all costs! Islam doesn’t do stand up comedy. Although it would be good if they did.

          • Worship Dancer


        • Fhalkyn Phoenix

          They like their heads where they are, thank you very much.

        • William2010

          Josshua Embry,

          Re: “When will these witty folks ever have the nuts to make a “clever” joke about Muslims?”

          That will happen after Hell Freezes over and the devil wears ice skates.

          That will happen after I win World and Olympic gold medals, and set world records, in the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 1500 meter runs, Judo, Tae Kwon do, Equestrian, and Gymanstics events, as well as winning the UFC, Muay Thai World Championships, Shaolin Kung Fu World Championships, Wing Chun Gung Fu Championships, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Championships, all Boxing commission championships, World Spelling Bee championships, Geography, Memory, Science, and Language Championships, all at the same time period.

          That will happen when I can own and fly, maintain, and repair several Gulf Stream 650, 5, 4 personal jets, Cessna Citation X personal jets, King Air Aircraft, a few Boeing 757s, some 150 foot and longer Yachts, a few long, sea worthy sailing boats, property in Maui, Kauai, Lanai, and the Big Island, Hawaii, the Florida Keys, South Miami Beach, India, Italy, New Zealand, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, and either Ireland or Scottland, many of them huge mansions, all simultaneously.

          That will happen when I can pitch 100% strikes with a fast ball at 125 MPH, unhittable slider, curve, cutter, and knuckle ball, can through all the way to home plate or third base from the wall, even from 500 feet or more, cutting down runners who tag and run one base on a fly ball, and when I can hit with a 1,000 batting average, with an average of one home run for every 5 at bats, and I can field like Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, and Roberto Clemente, and the finest infielders as well, combined, times 10, and can steal every base successfully with a 100 % success rate – at least 500 bases per season.

          That will happen when I can wrestle 1,000 grizzly bears, or 200 Bull Bush African Elephants, simultaneously, and defeat them all handily.

          They will go after Muslims after I can do all these things, all at the same time, or in the same year.


          Muslims are off limits to leftists, disrespectful people, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, etc., bashers, except to lather Muslims with praise … never with criticism.

        • Tyson Litz

          OK, comedic genius, give your BEST joke relating Spaghettio’s and Pearl Harbor vets.
          That joke was HILARIOUS!!!
          Tolerate Duck Dynasty, try to destroy Natasha Leggarro!
          Seems about right.
          Where’s your FREE SPEECH crying now???

      • gunnyjeep

        I know nothing about twitter what is with the hash tag I understand the @ but not the #

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Think of the hashtag ( # ) as a labeled bookmark – it lets you find tweets that reference that tag

        • Wag_a_muffin

          On twitter, the hashtag or (#) before a word in a post allows you to tag that post for that word. So if a person wants to apologize, he/she may decide to tag the word, apology, then it would be #apology–or “hashtag, apology.” (for a further explanation, see: )

          • gunnyjeep

            Thanks for the info – I hate getting old.

          • JohnFLob

            You will never get old. You only become youth challenged.

          • gunnyjeep

            And I am challenged by my youngest son daily 😉

      • cscape

        nope….. we’re going to get the COMEDIAN defense (as in Bill Maher)….. along with some sort of a labyrinthine mea culpa aimed at “anyone who might have been insulted through their misunderstanding of her comment”

    • SYG

      I’m personally fed up with this new social media trend that is happening throughout the country. “Insult anybody you want, then quickly offer an apology, and expect that all’s forgiven.” BS . .If a few of these idiots were “tarred and feathered” like in the old days, there would be less insulting and lying going on.

    • GoldsteinsBook

      Considering their outrage, i’s unfortunate Twitchy editors have so far chosen to ignore Leggero’s response.

  • Steven S Mellnick

    Keep digging that hole, NBC. Ya can push your remaining viewership into it and shovel the dirt on top of it. Be sure to tap it down good. Can’t let the little bit of ratings you do have from successful shows escape. What a group of asshats.

    • James N. Samples

      The SOLE reason I put up with NBC is for Jay Leno… when he goes bye-bye, I will NEVER watch NBC again.


      Possibly the ass of a polar bear.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        What is WRONG with these people?

        Is NBC, MSNBC the default job for the classless and clueless?..



        cue the dunce Todd sputtering faux…. You do know it’s not pronounced FOX right?… (foe) isn’t exactly a very bright slam if you say it out loud..

        But French words are HARD for you guys.. Like the last liberal I knew asking me what Dur-bis meant?… dur-bis?.. spell it please… debris… facepalm.. that’s pronounced (de-brie) you moron..

        Talking to the supposedly educated left follies.. act 327..

        • Corey Dennison


    • dukem1

      Everyone who is is interested should remember, it’s not NBC, it’s COMCAST.

  • TocksNedlog

    Okay, just for the heck of it . . . WHO?

    • Pamela V. Manney


    • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

      Guess you and I think alike here, who is she and why is she even on the show? Half of these twits aren’t even well known let alone funny. Which to me means that we have yet another person jealous of what someone else accomplished in their lives because they are too insignificant to be noticed. When she get’s old I hope she has lived the life of a feminist, because that means no one will care whether she can chew her food or not when she is the age of some of the WWII vets. Disgusting isn’t strong enough.

      • Donald Lewis

        Heck, i was just hoping she got some sort of instant tooth decay overnight and woke up with all her teeth laying next to her bed with a can of spaghetti o’s from the tooth fairy as a repayment

    • vinrod

      I had to look her up too. :-

  • TocksNedlog

    What would Tom “The Greatest Generation” Brokaw say?

    • Winger

      I genuinely liked the book but have you ever heard Brokaw speak out about NBC’s abuses? Apparently he’s had no problem with their content.

      • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

        Same with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. They honor WWII vets out of one side of their mouths, but trash everything they fought for out of the other.

        • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Well, we DID come to the aid of Mother Russia…maybe that’s what they love the GI’s for.

    • beebop1952

      nada. nothing. zip. he thinks like all of them. unless there is a pay check in it for him …

  • Iron Mike

    Why watch the crap (NBC, CBS, ABS, CNN and MSNBC)? They will take ever opportunity to lie to you and insult anyone who is a conservative or cracker or has Christian values.

    • Robert Rivera

      So many traitors and just trash in this country anymore, there needs to be clean-up and soon.

      • BigTim Mullins

        Amen Robert! Amen!

      • Gonepostal68

        Those traitors and trash people are the hippies and other cowards of the 60’s. Now they are in congress and teaching our public schools.

        • Diane Kruse

          I have always said that I believed it was my generation that started the decline of Patriotism in America. To many kids grew up with some of their mentality and sick ideas about America and thats why today we see the lack of respect for our soldiers and what they gave for our country

          • trixiewoobeans

            You know, I was too young to take part in that generation’s oh-so-passionate and romantic (to my eyes) demonstrations, lifestyles and beliefs. I was SO jealous I couldn’t join in. As soon as I was old enough, I headed to San Francisco to participate in at least SOME of the action still left. I soon found those people were “Users” of the lowest order, and I don’t just mean drugs. Most were spoiled, privileged, selfish, greedy (carefully hidden), cold-hearted moral and spiritual vacuums. WHAT a rude awakening for me! I still believed in the Ideals, but those spouting them were just as bad, and usually worse, than those they demonized. I saw those same people represented and embodied by the Clinton’s in the 90’s. I saw a lot of things. I had to admit all the high-flown ideals, social programs, Democrat “fixes,” etc., sounded good and noble, but were failing miserably. I cut and run. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me! Natasha & Co. are the result of their social “tooling” and indoctrination. Mean hearts, small minds and verbiage seems to be all that’s there.

      • JohnFLob

        Todd: Why are you an expert on egress routes?
        Do you feel you may need one or more. If you need assistance I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers to help you.

    • Connie B

      Why watch TV at all? I got rid of it six years ago and now just the sound of it offends me…gag!

  • Winger

    Between NBC and MessNBC, it must be the network idiots go to to die.

    • Rosalie

      They’re hired by the same idiots. That’s why they come out with inappropriate, obnoxious comments. They’re all the same.

  • Buster’s View

    OK, I’ll bite..who in the world is Natasha Leggero??

    • mickeyco

      It’s gotten so that I have to keep going back & forth from Twitchy to Google to find out who the players are.

      • Fairfax51


      • BeautifulAmerica

        Don’t give goog le your business; they are in cahoots with the government in ignoring our 4th Amendment rights. Switch to Bing or other search engine.

    • David

      a “D” grade comedian. With no common sense.

    • Paige Jackson

      Apparently, she’s someone whose pimp told her she was witty. She really took that to heart, too.

    • Jay Stevens

      Google say that she is a comedienne.

      • Buster’s View

        Huh. Funny what passes for funny these days.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I don’t care who y’are, that there’s OFFENSIVE!

    Just on general principle to older people– but especially to those who might have a point about not having their service to their nation crassly appropriated by some brand of prepared pasta.

    All right, no one has a right not to be offended, but common decency tells you that you don’t make offensive comments gratuitously, if you ever do at all.

    • freeinaz

      “Common decency”, that’s what is truly missing from most of these clowns on the MSM networks. They really believe they’re so much better than the rest of us little people.

    • Fairfax51

      And WWII Vets are the target? Have they no sense at all. If it wasn’t for WWII vets they might be speaking their hate in Russian, Italian, German or Japanese.

      • WhoMeToo

        They wouldn’t be speaking in another language… because they wouldn’t exist. ~_^

  • What Burns My Bacon

    I can’t wait to see the video to hear what she actually said. We were watching CNN until we could no longer stand listening to Kathy Griffin and we switched to FOX.

    • Winger

      She ever take her top off like she threateded to do? For your sake, I hope not. That’s undoubtedly a sight a from which a person could never recover.

      • Donald Johnson

        She probably didn’t want to show off her own 2 spaghettio’s.

    • AlmostaCowboy

      You were watching CNN………..

  • brewitstrong

    Come on, what would you expect from NBC (Nothing But Communists).

  • keyboard jockey

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Comcast they own controlling interest in NBCU, that owns NBC and MSNBC. When I state “interest” I mean financially. Apparently they have no interest whatsoever about what get’s broadcasted over their network’s air waves.

    • ked5

      oh yes they do. just watch what would happen (and how fast) to someone to deigned to openly mock their highly vaunted leftist ideals.

      • keyboard jockey

        I think it’s benign neglect, They don’t do anything about MSNBC until one of their personalities creates a sh1tstorm like Bashir for instance.

  • Wag_a_muffin

    I’m sure we’ll now see Natasha Leggero implore us to “lighten up. It was a joke.” No, you’re a joke, Natasha. An unfunny joke.

  • Walknot

    It was a stupidass comment but….lets not turn into the perpetually offended. Pick your battles folks.

    • freeinaz

      Your right, however, it doesn’t hurt to call them on their double standards.

      • Walknot

        Agreed, as long as folks realize we risk exchanging one form of PC for another.

    • HDNKR

      Tell that to the thousands that fought and died at Pearl Harbor…..Tell the relatives of those who perished….”lets not turn into the perpetually offended Pick you battles folks”….Its idiots like you Walknot that should have perished at Pearl Harbor or for that matter today….you freaking MORON!

    • AlmostaCowboy

      NO! Call them out on their dumbassity every time !

      • Walknot

        And then look holier than thou? You gunna fix the World? You gunna edjumacate them are ya? Here is a clue for ya, the more you nit pick, the less people are going to listen to ya. You can’t fix stupid and this twit; she is as dumb as they come.

        • AlmostaCowboy

          Nope. None of that. Just don’t let them get away with a single thing.

          • Walknot

            Well that’s a whole mess of stupid you gotta chase after then, more power to ya, I don’t care to waste the energy myself.

          • AlmostaCowboy

            Shoot! That ain’t hardly no effort at all. It’s more effort AVOIDING it! LOL!

    • Robert Rivera

      Just shut your pie-hole, punk. You have no clue, you ignorant POS.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        I get that you disagree with Walknot. But why the double barreled blast?

      • Walknot

        That’s it, that’s all you got?

    • xmaniac

      Let’s turn this around. Who cares what some middle-aged, flat-chested moronic bimbo has to say. These celebrities are never as smart as they think they are and are not worth listening to. They have the right to say stupid things because of the men and women who have secured that right for them. They’re just too stupid to realize that freedom isn’t free.

  • unknown

    These “American celebrities” really are grinding my gears with their self-righteous, smug attitude, their ignorance to anything outside their little world, and their oh-so-concern facade when it comes to the rest of the country’s populace.

  • NetStoopid

    Oh my I’m offended I’m offended, call the who gives a rat’s ass police!!

    • Robert Rivera

      FOAD, coward.

    • NetStoopid

      Oh for God’s sake, grow up. Quit being so offended by stuff. You sound like a bunch of babies. I’m sure the greatest generation would sit around crying about how offended they are.

      • F the Left

        They were too busy defending our country to “cry” over people being offended, meatball. That’s why they deserve our respect and defense against unwarranted attacks by mindless liberal douchebags like yourself.

        • NetStoopid

          Yeah I’m a liberal. You are brilliant. FFS no wonder this country is screwed. We all sit around and cry about some stupid whore on TV saying something mean. You act as though I’m degrading our veterans when I have done no such thing or even implied such a thing. Feel free to go on being offended. It will get you far, I’m sure.

    • NetStoopid

      Anyone who reads my twitter feed, my facebook page or sees my youtube page knows what I stand for. You people are just so pissed off your looking for any little thing to be pissed off about. Your becoming exactly like the leftists. You will destroy anyone who doesn’t fall in lockstep with your precious emotional bull crap. I was there for the WWII Vets in DC at the memorials. I am a vet myself you douchebags. Grow a set of balls and get over your girly feelings being hurt.

      • Corey Dennison

        From one Vet to another: Take your self-righteous butthurt somewhere else.

        • NetStoopid

          That’s funny. I’m not the butthurt one. It’s all the little girls running around here with the vapors over what some dipshit said on TV.

          • Corey Dennison

            I’m not the butthurt one.

            Go back and read your posts.

  • Rosalie

    Another network that Obama has in his back pocket. So what do you expect from them? The CEO’s, I’m sure, thought her obnoxious comment was funny too.

  • NatesMama

    Find it hilarious that the Fox Network head of scheduling (@MaskedScheduler) was shown here hoping she said it. Now that *is* hilarious.

  • Mackie

    Just visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial for the first time in September. It was a very solemn and moving experience that I will never forget.–GOD BLESS all those who lost their lives there, and those entombed in the USS Arizona, a ship that has not stopped bleeding for 72 years.

  • Calvin

    if you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  • Eric

    She needs a nose job.

    • AlmostaCowboy

      I can do that! :-

    • JustEric

      A reverse lobotomy is far more pressing.

  • GaylePutt

    Bottom feeder.

  • WhoDat

    It doesn’t seem she was mocking them for being survivors, but she was trying to joke that they were old.

    But, that’s just what I can gather from the quotes, as I haven’t seen a video.

    • F the Left

      Ageism isn’t funny, especially when it’s aimed at our veterans. So, FU ya ignorant troll.

  • Kickass Conservative

    Well, at least she has her looks to fall back on…oh, wait…

  • Faith1770

    NBC/MSNBC are trash!!!

  • Kickass Conservative

    Honestly, when the Messiah disrespects WWII vets for political gain, I’m sure his followers see those same vets as fair game.

  • Ron Blaise

    One excellent reason I never watch any NBC station or program, especially MSNBC. Disgusting, stupid behavior is the norm for them.

  • Grace656

    The young seem to forget it will be them one day being humiliated – that’s if they’re lucky enough to make it through life. Getting old ain’t for sissies – she’s going to have a tough time.
    Some networks seem to think it’s okay to be obnoxious on New Years Eve – look at CNN (Kathy Griffin?).

  • cerpas

    Why are Veterans suddenly the victim? Why did obama deny them a 1.8% pay raise as approved by Congress? Why did over 300,000 vets get kicked of Tricare health? Why are all veterans COLA allowances being set at 1%? That does not keep up with the cost of living. Why? I’ll tell you why the Armed Forces are not dependent upon the Government. They dont vote democrat. They are a enemy to the administration.

  • realsmartmom

    She looks like a washed-up version of Susanna Hoffs……I thought that’s who she was to be honest. She’s like that Sarah Silverman character who thinks she’s so damn funny…….If you’re going to let your hosts get drunk BEFORE the event NBC, please do your six or seven viewers the courtesy of slapping a muzzle on the ones who turn into obnoxious loudmouths…..thanks a million.

    • Paige Jackson

      “She looks like a washed-up version of Susanna Hoffs”…I agree, but redundant. :)

  • Rick246

    Pardon me but who is this unknown and unaccomplished actress?

  • cabman86

    Natasha who? Never heard of her! Don’t want to either. I say the vets need to deport her to the Pacific

  • Tina Martin

    typical liberal….no class…no respect. . I missed it of course as I was watching Fox….the network with class!!

    • Todd Bridges


    • WhoDat

      I’m sorry, but did you type that “Fox….the network with class” with a straight face?

      • The Working Man

        WhoDat Asshat….

      • Robert Rivera

        Did you go down on Barry with a straight face, nah, you went in with mouth agape, you pathetic trash.

  • Tina McCormick

    I chose to watch Fox, and I am glad I did!

  • Yukon36

    In her own mind, she thinks she is sexy, cute and bright. Another arrogant know nothing person in front of a camera.

  • ⬅Jack Off Prez.

    The liberal mainstream media is bullshìt.

  • Chris P.

    They should not be banned/removed from the air.
    How do YOU the public solve this problem?
    Allow them to use the free speech rights that those World War 2 vets fought for and STOP WATCHING NBC, period. NBC will get the message.
    Whom ever these two clowns are will not get the message as they would have never made the comment in the first place….
    Calling for their removal will violate what those vets fought for, our rights protected by the Constitution….

  • David Molinarolo

    Just when NBC can’t seem to go any lower…they do.

  • CLEmom

    Never heard of her.

  • CLEmom

    Hey kids, next up is the gay wedding float in the Tournament of Roses parade!


    Leave it to a Liberal to double-down on stupid.

  • Irishgal121

    This is part for the course for our “media”. Didn’t watch NBC, glad I missed it. As the daughter of a WWII vet, sister of a Navy vet and mother of a Marine, I am sickened and outraged. An apology is the least we should expect. A modicum of respect, please, for all those who answer the call and have stood to post…unlike this no-talent hack.

  • buzzer7

    What do you expect from the typical brain dead morons they have on NBC! Natasha Leggero? that sounds more like a Venereal Disease, than the name of a person!

  • deimos19

    If she lives a long life, she will be gumming her food also. Then she can think back and realize what an a-hole she was.

  • sustantivo

    Just keep your legs together, Natasha…no one wants to see that mashed potatoes and gravy mess you call a crotch.

  • GreginVA

    picking on Vets? Nitwit Brainless well I leave the last letter in NBC to her to fill in.

  • CrustyB

    NBC: When You Want An Alternative To Intelligent, Decent Behavior

  • Klaus Fischer

    It never fails, but again PC prevents someone like Carson to respond to this phony twat when she dishonors veterans. Having observed Carson on several seasons of “The Voice” I had him on the top of the list for that type of job. No longer.

  • Ruth E Fabiano

    For this lady, Ill give her the worst insult of all: I dont know who she is. Im under 40 and relatively knowledgeable of pop culture and Ive never heard of her.

    As for the original Spaghetti-O’s post- I honestly dont think theres anything wrong with it. I for one think its nice to see the American flag around, its usually absent now. And yes, my grandpa was in WW2 and my grandma was in the Civilian Air Patrol. Maybe the smile was a little much, but otherwise I think its fine. Save the outrage/energy for something a little more worthwhile.

  • LibertyLane

    I turned it off…

  • Michael R Bardsley

    Maybe she can go on MSNBC with Melissa Perry-Harris and issue a bulk apology for all the stupid things people say on those 2 networks. Maybe even some pre-emptive apologies?

    To be fair… I’d never even heard of her until this Twitchy post.

  • Paul Crittenden

    What chu talkin’ bout, Liberal?

  • Jo Post

    ABC wasn’t any better with that skank Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out. Has really fallen off since Dick Clark passed away. No more — next year Fox all the way …

    • Steven Kingham

      I happened to be watching its segment and I called the over/under on how many times it stuck out its tongue at 8. To its credit not a single tongue flash. It did have the circus midget for the first song though.

  • disqus_qm6OxDniZ1

    Is Carson still alive? I figure he’s gumming his food now because he was freakin OLD when he couched “casting couch” his first show. And his “guests” are as relevant and welcome into the American mainstream as Polio. Never heard of this chick and the only thing special about her is her IQ and the use of “leg” in her last name.

  • dittoheadadt

    Dick Clark is missed more and more every year.

    NBC wasn’t alone in the crap department. Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin were about as stupid and unfunny as could be on CNN. I could take about 10 minutes of their inane drivel.

    • Irishgal121

      Kathy Griffin…another no-talent hack who will do anything for publicity…

  • Rib Man

    She can apologize all she wants, her feelings and character have been revealed and people won’t forget this. She would crumble if she lived just 10 minutes of what all veterans who’ve fought in wars have lived through.

  • Paul Crittenden

    Thankful I didn’t need television to bring in the New Year.

  • lanceburson

    and the humorless people from facebook head over to twitter
    it was a bad joke…get over youselves

  • Stanley Previtte

    Never heard of this chick. Lets quit talking about her. She’s a non-contributor. Takes full advantage of her freedom of speech while stepping on those who fought and died to keep that freedom intact. I say lets drop her from the discussion and leave comments about veterans we know. Raise their names and not hers. She’s a nobody in the whole scheme of things.

  • blackhorserevival

    why are you still on the air, where’s the outcry!!! you should publicly be banned from television, isn’t that what the left wants!! those men and women died for freedom, so you could get rich and run your nasty mouth!!

  • Ben Bollman

    To be fair though being shocking is part of her act and NBC knew exactly what they were doing when they hired her. They hired her to say things like this so the blame lays at their feet.

    • 98ZJUSMC

      You don’t think NBC really cares, do you?

      I thought not.

      • Ben Bollman

        Not at all which is why they hired her in the first place. They lost all shame years ago.

        • 98ZJUSMC

          I’m trying to remember the last time I watched them.

          Coming up with a blank. Sometime in the nineties, I think.

          • Ben Bollman

            I used to watch The Office but that was the last time I watched a whole show. I check out some of Jay Leno’s monologue sometimes too I guess but that is about it.

  • mimi

    Never heard of her so went to google, offensive?? Have you seen her photos? Flashing a toddler, breastfeeding a dog??? What would you expect, NBC gets none of my time EPIC FAIL

  • Scottie G

    Why do lib women want free birth control, because they’re that easy.

  • David

    That remark was down right disrespectful, rude and crude. Shame on her.

  • arttie

    I went to bed at 10 PM and missed the whole kerfuffle.

  • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I’m not saying her joke was funny or that it wasn’t distasteful, but enough already. Either everything is a sacred cow and can’t be joked about, or nothing is.

    People are being WAY too oversensitive about EVERY little thing.

    …with the down votes proving my point. 😀

    • kypsalis

      I just scrolled down to the comments to say the exact same thing. I’m so sick of the world demanding that this person or that person never speak anything against what they believe. Free speech folks…not just for one party or the other. Its for ALL of us. If this woman wants to make an idiotic comment, its on her.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Kristine, I agree with you, but I would really like to see some evidence that the libbie thought police has slowed down. Do you see any?

      • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I haven’t been looking for it and I don’t expect it. Doesn’t mean we have to be like them and overreact to things.

        • nc ✓s & balances

          For the record, I’m not the one who’s down voting you.

          While I agree with you in principle, we need to be careful of offering too many “other cheeks” when a good hard slap might be a better option.

          • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            I am not at all against advocating some swift kicks to the throats of some liberals, I’m just sayin’ let’s pick a fight with some meat on it. Not something like this. 😀

          • nc ✓s & balances

            Well, i admit some of the reaction on this thread does seem over the top.

            I am very close to my 92 year old cousin who is a WWII Vet. While the comment was definitely inappropriate, I don’t think it would “wound” him. I’ll ask him when I see him this Saturday.

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Small insults allowed to go unaddressed for too long of a time tend to embolden the insulters into thinking they can do it with impunity. Draw the line somewhere, well on this side of irresponsible vituperation and contumely.
            (Not to be confused with the Broken Windows Fallacy, itself a fascinating topic.)

    • Marvin Nelson

      People like you with your cavalier attitude toward this type of behavior are a major part of what’s wrong with this country.

      • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        So you not liking something I said for you justifies a personal attack.

        How are you at all better than what you’re professing to be against?

        Oh well. You’re entitled I guess. I’m happy being someone who does not overreact to every little thing vs being a person who attacks strangers on the internet. All good. 😀

  • Tom Wharton

    I’m not the least bit surprised by this whore’s behavior. Not one bit.

  • Robert Rivera

    Keep swallowing your master Barry’s solution, dumb SOB.

  • Alphabet_Soup

    This is why libs have to keep each other tightly controlled and scripted – given a chance to ad lib their true venal, cruel, disgusting natures seep out.

  • gold7406

    great thing about progressives, if there was still a draft, they would be canadians.

  • Jesse Oaks

    Please put the video of her comments on Youtube, I think the world would like to know what kind of people get air time now. I knew two Pearl Harbor suvivors and my dad was in the Marines during WWII.

  • AmericanMom

    There’s no shortage of ignorant liberal sluts making snarky, vile and nasty comments about anything that crosses their vapid hate-filled minds.

  • Lindakl

    I don’t think these people are evil…just terminally stupid.

  • Robert Rivera

    I wouldn’t waste a bullet on you, boy. You get the bat, knucklehead.

    • Alex

      You’re an embarrassment to anyone who’s actually fought to defend their fellow countrymen. You use uniform as a prop, to convince others that you have value, but your words, your anger, and your deranged aggression all make it obvious that you’re little more than a psychopath who somehow managed to avoid getting weeded out during the recruiting process.

      • Robert Rivera

        That picture of me is older than you are, guaranteed, punk kid. YOU are the embarrassment, you are worthless trash. You have no understanding of history except for what’s been inculcated into that dried of raisin of a brain of yours. You are nothing but an ignorant, willing slave.

        • Alex

          That’s even more sad. Truly. It would be bad enough for some dumbass kid in his 20’s to be using that picture – at least he’d have the excuse of inexperience. You? Your only excuse is that you’ve never done anything else of value. You have my pity.

  • Its_My_Fault

    And she is…?

  • Hank Devigne

    What issues from the mouth, defines a person. She who lives by the sword, will die by it. LEGGERO? is that a contrived name ? She’s just earned the Jane Fonda achievement award.

  • Delphinus13

    I’m done with NBC, MSNBC, and ALL their ilk. This individual is disgusting and owes the vets who risked, or sometimes gave, their lives defending her freedom of speech.

  • disqus_Y38bxN0VuX

    NBC and MSNBC has some hate-filled commentators. Just stop watching…

  • jim

    NBC/MSNBC whats the difference they are both stupid and hire stupid people.she will use the same excuse Bill Mahr uses that she is a comedian? so she thinks

  • jarofstars

    Who is this ignorant woman???Never heard of her and I’m glad that’s the case. That is also why I don’t watch the tripe for new years it’s usually ridiculous and inane.

  • Robert Rivera

    I wouldn’t use my real name and picture either if I was as pathetically stupid and ignorant as you, boy.

  • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Well, that’s just stupid. While I think people are overreacting, there is no way this is some vast right-wing conspiracy. Talk about overreaching.

  • Its_My_Fault

    WWII vets died so she could have the unfortunate privilege of wearing a stupid fake polar bear on her head and sound like a “has- been” moron on TV.

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    I hope that some day she realizes that her pathetic life cannot hold a candle to the lives of these veterans.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    She will get a pass like the other Idiot of MSNBC did over the racial Attack on Romney. She is Media, and Media protects their own…Disgusting little NOBODY!!!

  • Kelly Kennamer

    ok this is silly…y’all think the Vets any Vet me being one cares what some little twit it offensive as it was..we taint a buncha pussy’s with thin skin…y’all sound like a bunch little crybaby liberals

  • bluewaternavy

    WHO is she for God’s sake? I’ve never heard of her. Daly ring a bell, but not the doofus.

  • Charles Cates

    My late father was a WWII Combat Veteran of the European Theater. I don’t think he would have been offended by the Spaghettios Post, slightly inappropriate but obviously not crafted to be offensive or over the top in any way, Her remark on the other hand, was a verbal slap in the face to the few elderly survivors of “The Greates Generation :” interestingly enough a phrase largely made prominent by the book authored by NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw. I wonder if he has made any comment on this flap ?

  • Robert Rivera

    I hope all the enemies of America are as stupid as you, I can’t wait.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    And referencing a weeks-old gaffe made by some goobers (who may even have originally thought it was a good idea), on a New Year’s Eve telecast, was appropriate HOW, and WHY, exactly?

  • John Blythe

    It is about time to remove these people from life!

  • ledzepp8

    I’m not one to defend idiots like this, but I guess I really don’t get the uproar. Based on the comment from the tweets, she wasn’t making a joke about military men/women and their heroics. She was making a joke about old people. That’s not to say it’s a funny joke…just that I don’t get the outrage. I also never really got why people got so upset about the Spaghetti Os thing. It was kind of silly but I didn’t see disrespect from them. It was a Spaghetti O holding an US flag. The only thing you could say is that the mascot shouldn’t have been smiling ear to ear. I suppose he could have been making a frowny face.

  • Timewarped

    It’s a joke watching these lame ass networks and buying the highly over priced products that are advertised on them to keep them alive. Life is much nicer whenever I don’t tune in and remain tuned-out

  • AToTheK1

    “Ooh she’s so EDGY!” There’s no such thing as a “funny” woman. Sorry.

  • Eliza

    I am so glad I watched the Twilight Zone Marathon. It’s my birthday today and I don’t want to spend it spewing at morons like this bitch. Happy New Year Folks.

  • hopp

    Should we know her?

  • Raymond Smith


  • jyearsley

    Who the heck is Natasha Legos? And why should anyone watch her?

  • WhoDat

    She makes a joke about old people, and people here make misogynistic comments about her.

    Acting like those you dislike, again.

    • disappearing moderate

      Saying all women are twits is misogynistic. Saying a particular woman is a twit isn’t. I understand that you might find remarks about her appearance and conjectures about her personal life to be irrelevant or impolite. Never the less, those remarks are aimed at Natasha Leggeros, not women in general.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It’s amazing that an oblivious obtuse idiot like you can get dressed in the morning– or do you require help with that?

    Explain the one-to-one correspondence you see here. Y’know, with your usual debating tricks.

    • Zakuska

      We’re obviously being trolled guys. Check the twitter account of this loser and the account of the actual actor. Different # of actual post. 2014 resolution DONT FEED TROLLS.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Thank you– we already know.
        Get the actor to ask this asshat to use a different avatar.

      • Corey Dennison

        Exactly. I pointed out yesterday that “Willis” was nothing but a troll…looking for a fight. It’s his only purpose here. And if anyone noticed, he changed his avatar from yesterday (the actor Todd Bridges) to his current bigoted one (anti-Christ signage). That is evidence that all he wants to do is incite.

        I decided not to respond to any more of his inanity and asked that he quit trying to engage me with his stupid postings. He still can’t do that–he’s still trying to respond to me. He is nothing but a troll.

        Edit: Also notice one of the traits of the troll in question: follow any conversation stream that he is in–every single time, no matter what–he feels the need to get the last post in, even if it’s something as useless as the typical “I know you are but what am I” or some other throw-away line. Every. Time. We’re dealing with a very immature person (who gave his age as 34, but I would venture it may be lower than that, judging by his behavior).

  • amerigal

    Makes me wonder who she had to sleep with to get where she got, it wasn’t her brains she was spreading around, that’s for sure!

  • Guest

    If I ever watched her or that pitiful excuse of a network I would not stop. But I don’t so I have no leverage. This corrupt pig better be careful about ridiculing those who have lived a long time. The stupid usually don’t. She could be at risk for a short life.

  • turnoutjim

    So we have a “gay” marriage being performed on a float at the Rose Parade and we are to applaud it, some dumb bimbo attempt at humor at the mockery of vets. A network “suspended” one of their stars for expressing his opinion and citing the bible. A cable “news” network that make ad hominem attacks on it’s political opponents and it’s consider news, attacks on gun ownership, religion, traditional family standards, yup, sure can tell there’s a democrat in the White House – who doesn’t give a dam about what made this country great……

    • PursueJustice

      The new America. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?

  • [email protected]

    If I ever watched her or that pitiful excuse of a network I would now stop. But I don’t so I have no leverage. This corrupt pig better be careful about ridiculing those who have lived a long time. The stupid usually don’t. She could be at risk for a short life.

  • Johnny Teel

    Another “dumb” moment from the so called hollywood elite. Carson Daly does look annoyed in the picture.

  • Josh Nelson

    I’ll just leave this right here…

  • Jack Wagon

    Please crawl back into your hole, put on your little pajamas, curl up on the couch with your hot chocolate and leave the discussion to us adults..

  • bapdco

    Your anger won’t faze them. They’ll just issue a shallow apology and “all will be right with the world”! If you really want to have an impact, switch channels (permanently).

  • Michele Galloway

    Who the hell is she? I don’t recognize the name or the face. Just a nobody making an ignorant statement because negative attention is better than no attention, right?

  • David Tremaine

    My Grandfather and his two brothers both killed Grandfather survived were at Pearl-Harbor. It was disgusting listening to this IDIOT talk about the men and women who were being blown to bits trying to defend this country. Every year my family goes to Hawaii to lay flowers over the Arizona that’s were my two uncles are in entombed.

  • marahnatha

    Adding her to my “Dixie Chicked” list with “Stanhope.” It’s OK for comedians to be silly, but never stupid. Can she even pronounce “alienate your audience?” You only get one chance to make a good first impression. BTW, I wasn’t offended by the Spagetti-o tweet & I didn’t see any response from Veterans that said they were offended. What else would they use but their symbol?

  • JRH

    OK, this is what I hate about Twitchy. How hard is it to quote exactly what she said? How hard? WTF did she say EXACTLY?

  • Guest

    Happy ladies and gentlemen

  • ConstitutionalCourier

    Get a life, who wants to hear what you have to say. After all you are only an actor and not a real person.

  • PatriotVet

    Unbelievable !!! . If it hadn’t been for the Vets her stupid ass wouldn’t be here celebrating her GOD given freedom that was fought for from our Vets. Another Socialist LIberal anti-american showing her true colors and Carson Daly I am very very dissappointed in you for not stopping and correcting her. You are just as guilty for being a bystander. Shame on you. You have no guts man.

  • Mark Chandler

    Huh? WHAT did she say? The article does not show the clip. It does not restate her statements in quotation marks. It just cobbles tweets together in a string. When did this become acceptable news? How dare anyone pick this up. I am deleting the lead that led me here. Who cares about a collection of random brain farts?

  • Linda S Canter

    I think your a liar….. Like all liberal trolls….. No Grandfather call…. No Grandfather WWII vet alive (if you ever had one)…. Just a bunch of empty BS from another lying liberal…..

  • OldmanRick

    Nothing to see here. Just another example of an individual’s limited capacity for conscience thought and being nothing more than a bio-system for a sphincter valve.

  • ToyZebra

    I didn’t watch one second of New Year coverage. I didn’t know exactly what would happen, but I knew there would be some kind of nonsense like this.

  • ConstitutionalCourier

    NoBrainsConsortium (NBC) has nothing but low class losers on their shows with minimal intellectual capacities and excessive egocentric attitudes about themselves and the world. They are all pathetic people

  • Janice LEE

    Watching NBC and expecting……….what exactly????

  • northofmontana

    just cant wait till the savages at msnbc start defending this tramp.Of course I wont be watching it because that network is banned ,blocked from my house.By the age of four,want to be comedians should have learned ,its only funny when your target truly laughs with you.

  • Kelly Kennamer

    ok this is silly…y’all think the Vets any Vet me being one cares what some little twit it offensive as it was..we aint pussy’s with thin skin…y’all sound like a bunch little crybaby liberals

  • Jeff Herndon

    just one more liberal peace of shit on NBC hope they all die be for they get old sooner the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rozdunlap


  • Slanderous Me

    I guess she didn’t get the lib talking points memo that said to remember it’s an election year and pretend to care about the military ( and the police)!

  • Susan Fuchs

    Liberals must be the most bigoted, stupid people living…..

  • Syble

    To explain why we long for the “good old days” Dick Clark (The loss of a true Gentleman) Where are you??? 500 TV channels … $100/mo and nothing worth watching on NYE.. Anyone remember watching one or two channels .. through the snow ..and having to get up, walk to the TV to change channels??? Since there is so much trash on there now days.. sure a good thing they invented the remote!!!

  • wildchill

    She should be drowned in Pearl Harbor. I have zero tolerance for useless hacks like her. Its ashame someone didn’t go up and slap the crap out of her.

  • Ivy_King

    A fish rots from the head down. Chairman 0 chose to cynically, contemptuously diss WWII vets when he used the “government shutdown” as rationalization for closing access to the WWII Memorial. When political power is the ultimate imperative, customs and traditions are fair game, and WWII veterans are mere cannon fodder. For the slavish Obama-zombies, “history” began in November 2008, and vets are just old men who can’t chew food, “ha ha ha”.

  • Patricia Wilbourn

    And now you know why I DO NOT watch MSM..they have NO respect for anyone who doesn’t kowtow to their idiotic views, NBC, in my opinion is the WORST. Bashing veterans is funny??? I think not, and if she isn’t from this country, she needs to go back where she came from, and if she is an American, she better, by dang be thankful for those who died to give her the ‘privilege’ to spout her mouth!

  • My2centswrth

    Another empty-minded unknown from NBC commenting on something they know nothing about. She probably could not have pointed to Pearl Harbor on a map before this. Where do they find such mentally vacant non-talents to place in front of the cameras?

  • Mavrick55

    As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a furry pretty pig. But it’s still a smelly PIG!

  • frankieboy1

    Carson Daly also made a comment about how if Rob Ford (Toronto mayor) was American he’d be the head of the Tea Party. Not only does this insult mostly serious-minded, sober citizens-I think the real parallel would be Marion Barry, Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner…disgusting

    • Michael Bowler

      Democrats ALWAYS accuse others of what they are doing.

  • nuclear conservative

    What a stupid cow this woman is.
    Who in Gods name insults Pearl Harbor Vets they are our Nations HERO’S.
    Unlike you the only thing you had bad to happen to you in your life is to be heckled because your a Douchebag.

  • nuclear conservative

    She is a total disgrace.

  • QueenB ✓

    Well sweetie, they may gum their food, but they had no problem storming the WWII memorial, blowing down the barriers the man I’m sure you voted for and consider a hero of somesort put up when he threw his little, “I didn’t get all I want” temper tantrum. You would have stayed on the other side like the good little sheep you are.

    • Ivy_King

      NOTHING is sacred to this regime, particularly when punishment of their political adversaries and consolidation of power is the Holy Grail.

  • Indy

    Is there a video or a transcript online? I’m having trouble finding out exactly what was said…

  • BubbaTex

    What a pathetic individual

  • jharrison

    I hope she lives long enough to loose her teeth and lay in a bed in a substandard nursing home with a load in her depends for hours while listening to bad jokes about washed out models and news people. NBC I hope your stock goes down the swirly bowl and you shut down.

  • Michael Bowler

    I would engage in an ad hominem using a “C” word that refers to a part of female anatomy…frankly, that would be an insult to vaginas everywhere.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    At this point I can’t help but wonder if liberals have ANY kind of mental filter that makes them stop and think “Maybe I shouldn’t crack a joke at the expense of a WWII veteran.”

    But considering they thought a child yet incapable of speech was the perfect punching bag, I’d wager the answer is “no”.

    • Marvin Nelson

      A mental filter requires something to which to apply the filter. This woman has nothing between her ears, so there is nothing to stop her verbal diarrhea.

    • Michael Bowler

      Lin, Very true.

      It is my opinion that, for the most part, the snide dismissal of veterans we see from liberal quarters, routinely, is intentional. Not a matter of just poor taste, but intentional derision.

  • Marvin Nelson

    I happened to flip over to NBC when checking out the New Year’s Eve specials. After about five minutes of watching Natasha Leggero (I honestly don’t know her) acting like a drunk dumba$$, I turned off the TV and grabbed the champagne. We never watch the Numbnuts Broadcasting Network; this just validates my viewing habits. I missed the insult to the WWII vets, but would have gone through the roof. My dad landed at Normandy, but I would have still been upset by her vain attempt at “comedy.”

  • Becky J Barrow

    I’m sure our vets are just thrilled to know that they’ve paid, with their lives, for people to have the freedom to be ignorant, thoughtless, uncaring, cruel and ridiculous at their expense no less. Natasha whoever-the-heck-you-are…go find a Communist nation to spout your lack of class, America is getting fed up with your kind. Sincerely, Mrs. Sgt. Daniel A Barrow.

    • William Richardson

      I don’t think even a communist nation would want an idiot like her. And this is Senior Master Sergeant William Richardson, USAF (Ret.)

      • Becky J Barrow

        I think I’d have to agree with you, Sir!

  • Piper2

    These Far Left Liberals make it a point to set their agenda at the most Inopportune time to Insult, Slander and Ridicule (one) our Greatest Generation. These Political Correctness Secular Humanist Crowd seem to make it their Priority to Mock and Degrade people they are Oblivious off. In each case it’s the same….THEY CONDEMN THE INNOCENT AND PRAISE THE WICKED.

  • Beth Rose-Acor

    Best part about all of this is that Natasha is pretty much an unknown, a bit player or extra. She is a comedian and actress that has very little air time and projects, with little popularity. At age 40, probably not going to get much better. She likely has nothing to fall back on and when her small and unnoticed “career” is over, it will be public assistance and welfare for her. Those vets will all be remembered long after Natasha whatshername is gone.

  • Jim Loveless

    Who hires more trash?NBC or MSNBC?I now have both blocked,If America is so bad to you,get hell out.

  • old cracker

    Who is this bitch? Is she related to Jan Vrotsos?

  • Edward Lozano

    Anyone know who these no-talent people are that come out of the woodwork and say such incredibly insulting things?

  • lvjohn

    she is just your liberal crack whore of the week.

  • Thomas

    Why does anyone ever watch NBC or MSNBC, one cannot even enjoy a football game without being lectured.

  • T.J.Bembenek

    Consider the source and the network. Disgusting! No further commentary is necessary.

  • disappearing moderate

    For those who think the outrage is over the top: My father in law served in the Pacific during WWII. Afterwards, he worked two jobs and was a volunteer fireman until retirement. He recently took a job mowing a golf course so he can play every day for free. So, no, I don’t really think he gives a crap what this woman says. That doesn’t mean this woman’s remarks weren’t rude, disrespectful and in poor taste. Vets fought to preserve a person’s right to say stupid stuff. They also fought for the rights of other people to call out the stupidity.

    • Leopold Stoch

      Very well said. As a Veteran, myself, and having family who fought and died, with a few still living, in WWII, not only do they not care, they also are WAY tougher and can take a joke.

  • Dan Voegeli

    We were going through the channels at our home, and to the person, no one knew who the heck Natasha Lego’s, is. Still don’t.

  • TexasGirl

    The sad thing is, young people don’t have respect anymore – they’re taught revisionist history at school, they aren’t being raised by their parents – and it seems we’re maybe half a generation away from no one even caring enough to call them out on it. :(

  • JT Deviln

    Now Now. Why should she apologize…. Did Phil Robertson apologize.. She is just using her freedom of speech… She shouldn’t be condemed, suspended or any reprocussions at all for using her freedom of speech…..

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    We live in a country where these pseudo celebrities feel comfortable belittling people greater than themselves. Natasha Legerro is all over 24/7 Comedy. I think I’ll give that small pleasure up until she’s gone from there. Was it really necessary, never mind appropriate, for her to take a stab at people without whom her freedom to be a fool on TV would probably not exist?

  • karen

    Turn the channel….don’t support such shameful and stupid behavior!!!!! HGT V’S coverage is great!!!

  • Gen Smith

    Who is Carson Daly anyway and why would I think he or his guests have a place in my life? Just another couple of pieces of s–t!

  • Cara Newsom Livingston

    She will get on and apologize by saying she didn’t say that – even though film has captured it!! Like any veteran would even care if she apologized – they have already formulated an opinion of her!! The very freedoms she enjoys were fought for by those men and women!! So disrespectful!!! I wonder if she knows Japanese!!
    Duct tape her mouth and remover her from the camera forever!!!

  • Snookyjack50

    I watched Fox News for New Years. It was so much fun and classy. That chick I never heard of before today is exactly why I can’t watch The classless NBC network.

  • Legirons

    She was awful, the stupid hair waxing commentary was stupid. Is anyone really surprised though? I would have been more surprised if they’d of come up with an uplifting message, one of hope and desire for a better tomorrow. Not this bunch of dumbasses.

  • living for truth

    These scum of the earth people don’t mind making fun of true heros. Their heros are Che Guevara, the little coward that Patton slapped, Ted Kennedy, Mao, and the list continues. They have nothing but contempt on our country’s true heros.

    • jaydee007

      Actually, they wouldn’t look up to one of the Little Cowards Patton Slapped.
      When Patton was given command of 3rd Army the Private (I believe he was a Sargent by then) Kuhl Asked For and was Granted transfer into Patton’s 3rd Army. Seems he had a Higher opinion of the man who slapped him than of Omar Bradley. The other man, Private Bennett had been sent home by that time.

  • Cindi Shive Mckinley

    I’ll bet she voted for Obama,too!! What a DISRESPECTFUL IDIOT!

  • Bill Gordon

    It’s NBC, what do you expect. They don’t respect anything but money. It’s a network that’s easy to not watch.

  • greekdawg

    Complain to comcast they own nbc and msnbc and they allow this crap to go on.

  • Angela Pearson

    Natasha was an idiot through out the entire show with every word that came out of her mouth. What about her New Years resolution comment where she said she wanted to get a Perscription of Adderall cuz she likes to party while making “to do lists”. ?

  • DebK

    Who the hell is she anyway????

  • $1014973

    NBC just lost 5 more viewers, or half of their total audience.

  • damifinoone


  • rickg62

    Never heard of her and for that I’m thankful.

  • USPatriot

    When does the [ Knock Out ] game on liberals start? I want to play

  • antlaura

    First year in ever that I did not watch it…. mostly because Miley Cyrus was on but now I’m even more glad I didn’t! My father was a WWII Veteran…. that woman needs to publicly apologize and thank those same Veteran’s for her freedom to say stupid things!!!

  • R90

    They can apologize all they want, I don;t care, they can rot in hell. They say all they want, then screw up, then apologize. You said it, you meant it. Take your punishment.

  • Thomas Cahill

    One classless debacle after another from the NBC brand. Incredible.

  • Katie Smith

    THIS is the Left. Nasty, mean-spirited, cruel, demoralizing, disrespectful.

  • LooneyBinEscapee

    who and or what is a Natasha Leggero? I haven’t watched NBC for anything other than a hockey game or SNF for years.

  • Susan

    Between the two channels – NBC and MSNBC – what a classy bunch. They are constantly having to apologize or get fired for insults they say. I did the right thing by leaving this channel some time ago. Wouldn’t want to be affiliated with them in any regard, period. What a bunch of imbeciles from the top all the way to the bottom!

  • Keith Kingsley

    NBC at its finest.

  • jststric

    I only saw the last 5 minutes of their show. I wondered who she was. And I’m still saying, “WHO???”

  • lorraine

    NBC should apologize, while they didn’t make the comment they keep putting people on air that they know will make these comments.

  • natalie greene

    Disgusting Pig!!!

  • LegalizeShemp

    Liberals worship these people as gods who walk the earth. We are in big, big trouble folks.

  • BruthaV

    My god, look at the size of Carson Daly’s melon! His head is enormous!
    For New Year 2015 they can just “drop” his head, instead of the ball.
    Too bad there is not a correlation between the size of one’s head and
    their brain/intelligence.

  • Adam Johnson

    It was horribly stupid, I for one was never bothered by the Spaghetti-O’s tweet. They really were trying to be respectful. But this was crudeness for the sake of comedy and should be ignored. NBC already has no viewers. Let her say whatever she wants. I for one would never have known about this without this story. This stuff just keeps ruining their brand, and if we say “let her say stupid stuff if she wants to” then we can’t be accused of double standards ourselves.

  • constitutionminded

    Why would anyone watch NBC? Actually, why watch network TV at all.

    • 97E

      Only thing I watch is NCIS on CBS (I save watching the one other network show for the internet).

  • Alan N Glenda Johnson

    Well Natasha you just proved you are the most stupid generation to ever live. Insulting the greatest generation to ever live…really….Hey NBC you are responsible for this! You allow stupid people like this to be the face of NBC. Just remember Natasha (stupid) you would be speaking Japanese if it wasn’t for the brave men. You disgust me!

  • Richard Magnuson

    Typical liberal, illiterate skank. After all, it is NBC.

  • Dan Nigro

    WHY in the hell are you watching NBC anyway??? It’s a pig channel. Not one single TV show is a hit, not one single news broadcaster is liked/respected. And now that you did watch that station, will you EVER again? I haven’t watched ANYTHING on NBC except the Sunday night NFL game, from the kickoff to the final tick. Bob Costas, the Liberal pig with his 4 facelifts, can’t keep HIS political opinions out of FOOTBALL, as my friends tell me. As I tell them, why watch ANYTHING but the kickoff and last tick of the GAME? Otherwise, I’ve watched NOTHING on NBC in 15 -16 years.

  • robert anthony

    Who needs an axis of evil from abroad when we have liberals at home?

  • robert anthony

    Make fun of Obama?…Never!
    Make fun of muslims? Too dangerous!
    Make fun of those who fought to preserve freedom? Awesome and edgy!

  • cl

    I turned off the show.

  • Chip

    “Cutting Edge” now obviously means “sophomoric.”

  • blue_strat

    and what’s even more shocking is .. NBC viewers not being amuzed.
    maybe there’s hope for humanity yet?

  • DeadlockVictim

    “Hope none of you get old.” I’ll have to remember that one, it’s a great way of saying “drop dead”.

  • Green_Bean

    They are puppets of the Media machine and the Liberal agenda. This is normal for Natasha and Carson. It is a shame no doubt, But these people are puppets and morons. Move on.

  • TheBerean

    Heterophobic, Biblephobic, Classless, low rent, ……

  • 97E


    Take a look at NBC’s Facebook page.

    I have never before seen such anger online.

    But will NBC listen? Probably not.

  • MovingToNevada

    Sorry, never heard of this irrelevant chick.

  • Saltygi

    Check this out for how WWI vets treated by govt

  • blue_strat

    your typical liberal: 1st to point fingers, last, if ever, to accept responsibility and continually accusing others of the very things they say, do and are.
    they live in a world of denial and illusion. if they can visualize something, no matter how outlandish or improbable it may be, it becomes reality .. to them.
    if it weren’t for what others say, liberals wouldn’t have any material.
    so lets do our part and not talk to them.

  • Kirk Billingsley

    She even looks like a Russian Communist in her get-up!

  • Jeffrey Pinyan

    New Years Eve broadcasts are not Roasts, where her sort of humor would be passable because of its shock value. But why should she care?

  • Cupric

    Is this the same bimbo who kept trying to “go down” and the gay anchorman last year?

  • radicallyalyssa

    We changed the channel. Some people really have zero class, but what IS funny is that no one knows who she is. Everyone had to refer to her as “the dark-haired actress…”

  • LeftistsStink

    All New Year’s Eve tv programs suck. Some suck more than others, much more. Never heard of either of these idiots.

  • Linda White Besink

    Oh and Jane Lynch was dressed like a tuna boat fisherman.

  • Donna Fleming

    She isn’t witty, she an insensitive mouth who is history challenged.

  • Katie-Josh Murphy

    I turned OFF this program and found another channel to watch the ball drop on! Her “humor” is not only disrespectful but not funny in the least bit. YOU need to realize who paid for YOUR freedom so you can sit there and get paid for…nothing. I hope you get full backlash for this NBC and Natasha leggero!

  • Tina Thomas

    Please do not disgrace true comedians by calling her one. She isn’t funny. In fact, she is rude and shouldn’t even be given any coverage on ANY network.

  • Jeffrey Glenn Pruett

    NBC you had better do something about this!

  • Kmid219

    Ignore her. Make her irrelevant. I visited Pearl Harbor 4 years ago and there were Pearl Harbor vets sitting at a table to meet with the public. The line was huge – just people waiting for their turn to thank these vets for their service. The respect and love was palpable. That’s what matters, not what some drunk D-list celebrity says on TV.

  • jeff

    If you say anything then you are a racist.

  • craigzimmerman12

    I guess that’s what passes for humor these days.

    • Alex

      Her actual comment wasn’t all that funny, but the response from all the idiots looking for a reason to be offended has been friggin hilarious!

    • keyboard jockey

      Some people are so easily amused.

  • Alma Aland

    Sadly, my father is no longer here to “gum his food”. He was a hero of WWII and volunteered to risk his life so that she and all the other idiots out there can speak their minds and get away with it. What has she sacrificed for anything or anyone?? She is a disgrace and has offended not only those brave men that served but their families as well !!!!

  • Bill


  • Tom Stephens

    Change you can step in.

  • right_on

    Makers of Spaghettio’s = EVIL CORPORATION

    Natasha Leggero = Comedienne

    Those evil corporations (or any conservative, for that matter) cannot get away with making poor, distasteful, or crass jokes at the expense of liberals. But…if you’re a LIBERAL, comedian or not, you should be able to get away with the same thing, ’cause, doncha know, YOU WERE JUST TRYING TO BE FUNNY, not offensive.

    Yeah, that’s how it is.

  • Chad Cole

    Wow so NBC NYE was produced and starring MSNBC neverbeens. Let’s see a comedian I’ve never heard of mocking Romney’s black grandbaby then playing the victim when called. Then another even un funnier and unknown comedian mocks the greatest generation. Wow I know I am old fashioned but in my day comedians were funny, not bitter repulsive freaks getting by on attacking people

  • thenewsjunkie

    Wow so when does reposting dozens of other people’s tweets count as journalism? Who gives a crap what they said on twitter. How about just reporting on the actual incident?

    • Corey Dennison

      This isn’t a news site. It’s a commentary site based on Twitter. Hence the catchy name “Twitchy.”

      Clear now?

    • Chad Cole

      That is what twitchy does the point of the website. It’s not a news website it’s a website that reports tweets get it Twitchy = tweets

  • Ya Dont Say?

    NBC is on a roll…another dumba$$ highlights their stupid in public. Geez.

  • Raejean

    There is something ironically priceless about a know-nothing nobody “TV comic” lamely dissing WWII veterans to whom she arguably could owe her freedom to diss, if not her very life. But then, it’s all in perfect keeping with (MS)NBC and today’s scraping-bottom-of-the-barrel level of programming class.

    • Paige Jackson

      I truly, deeply wish people like her could somehow go back and take the place of the shot-to-pieces guys on the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima. THEIR lives were worth something, unlike hers.

  • Will Johnson

    It seems to me that NBC has no respect for the country or those that serve and protect it. Then again they are part of the lame stream system,

  • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

    It was funniest thing I’ve heard! All you Republicans need to lighten up – all those old people gumming their made in China spaghetti-o is costing you money! the longer they live in those under-funded vet hospitals the less profit those corporations make ..


    • Corey Dennison

      We’re not all Republicans, but whatever, champ.


    • D.I.

      How old are you, five?

      • sako204

        He’s a hungover troll still smoked up from last night’s party.

  • bill

    My uncle Edward who I never got to know died because of this attack . and this B***H says this? F her… and you as well NBC. here is another network i will not watch or support because of the outlandish personalities they have to host. who is she, she needs to GET OUT of this country and go BACK where she comes from….

  • Mistertbones

    Normally, I find her pretty funny. But this time, she definitely crossed the line.

  • sako204

    NBC = Nothing But Crap

  • JohnL1313

    This will be a resume enhancement for her among the Left. She’ll soon have her own segment on MSNBC and will be a guest lecturer at an Ivy League university.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    Liberals…..This is who they really are.

  • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

    Fake outrage noted. not one of you Republicans would approve tax increases to support veterans benefits and you even endorsed govt shutdowns that directly affected vets. hypocrites. everyone of you.

    • Corey Dennison

      Again (since you can’t read, apparently) we’re not all Republicans here. And pResident 404 and Harry “Pederast” Reid get the ‘credit’ for the shutdown, as much as the spineless GOP does.

      • Revan

        That is liberalism for you they claim to support the troops but refuse to talk bad about one of their own when they make fun of them and try to blame the other side for something both sides should be blamed for.

    • sentry_99

      Not one of you Democrats would approve cutting benefits to illegal immigrants to support veterans benefits. You even supported Obama who designed
      the sequester to intentionally cause pain. Hypocrites. Everyone of you.

      See how that works?

      • Corey Dennison

        Exactly! The Sequester originated in the White House. It was Obama’s Frankenstein that got out of control and then he tried to blame the other side.

      • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

        repeating Fake News propaganda is not a points winner. try again sore loser.

        • sentry_99

          I’m sorry reality is so painful for you to bear. Take your crying somewhere else.

    • Revan

      Stop lying. We all it it was you liberals that started that bull.

  • p8triotmom

    Disgusting! Is there no depth to their stupidity and insensitivity? They were probably the first to jump on the remarks about gays that Phil Robertson made, but fail to see how offensive their crude remarks about veterans who fought, died and shed their blood to defend the USA and assure freedom for their silly a$$es!

  • Revan

    Liberals hate the troops and here is the proof.

  • FlatFoot

    Elitist Hollywood celebrity limousine liberals care not for the sanctity of honor, truth, or sacrifice… unless they’re paid in homage to them.

    Should we have realistically expected anything less from them, and NBC? No.

    Whose fault is that? Ours.

    Collective We are the enablers. Collective We are the financiers. Collective We are the ones sitting on our hands doing practically nothing in defense of America and all the good, decent and righteous things we hold dear. Our traditions, our legacy, our ‘beacon of light’ exceptionalism all takes a backseat to Collective We living our lives uninformed, blissfully ignorant, embracing the path of least resistance because it is far, far easier to live our Collective We lives vicariously through others who supposedly embody the “American Dream”, when, in fact, they are the very antithesis of the guiding principles and nurturing morals the United States of America was founded on, sneering and jeering at the ultimate sacrifices given by millions upon millions of patriotic Americans upon the alter of Truth, Justice and Liberty for 237 years.

    Collective We are to blame.

  • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Natasha Leggero; I have two words for you dear, eat poop.

  • neoface

    Most liberals have that lamebrain disease, not curable until they grow a heart or find their soul.

  • jetch

    so she’s the nbc response to the red head idiot who hosts with Anderson cooper, huh? I guess they’ve decided that’s what viewers want, which to me seems not only stupid but illogical. people like “that” are out partying and getting drunk, not watching tv on new years eve. normal people with families are (or were) watching those shows.
    maybe they should consider catering to their actual viewers and not people who would rather die than be caught watching tv on new years.

  • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

    ha ha ha. spaghetti started it.

    3 weeks ago by promoting their made in China garbage.

    • Corey Dennison

      Gee…no one knew the back-story until YOU deigned to come down from Mt. Douchebag to inform us all. Thank you almighty dingus. Praised be thy ego and most holy superiority complex.

  • Maliheh

    More like Fox news viewers watching nbc

  • $3838536

    NBC hopes to out-garbage CNN’s Cooper & Griffin sleaze-fest.


    the really funny thing is y’all that ANY WW2 VET COULD WHIP CARSON DALYS ASS IF THEY CHOSE TO.

  • HumorSmith

    Good grief. When will this country regain its sense of humor? Lighten up will you? Some of the best comedy has always been offensive. So you didn’t find her comment funny? There’s this new gadget you’ve perhaps heard of? It’s called a remote and if you hit the right button you can change channels quicker than you can launch a bitchfest on Twitchy.

    • ernst1776

      Good grief. when will people regain their sense of decency and honor? Some of the best humor is offensive?? I agree, in night clubs not on Nat’l TV celebrating the new year.

      • HumorSmith

        Right. That makes a whole bunch of sense. So all a comedian needs to do is make offensive remarks to small audiences in intimate clubs and then all is fine? Hoo boy. Like I said we all need to lighten up. That’s basically the reason I don’t hang out here much anymore because each day I found myself reading the latest “shocking and horrendous” whatever by (insert name./organization/comedian/actor here) and I would get all wound up and pitch a hissy fit over pretty much nothing important. I am a much happier calmer person now.

        • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

          RightTards live in manly constant state of fear, gloom, and doom. that is the only way their handler’s can stay in control. They are so out of touch with America that they. believe a Mexican born polygamist could be their savior.

          it is ironic that any of these people are even sticking up for a cult. Mormonism is sick.

    • Ntr

      That’s the thing, she wasn’t saying it to be comedic. The tone of her “joke” was clearly meant as mockery. Learn the difference.

      She’s a comedian like BIll Maher is a comedian…bitter and unfunny.

      • HumorSmith

        Pedantic much? I know the difference and I surely don’t need to be talked down to by anyone here TYVM. A lot of comedy is mockery. Learn the difference.

        • Ntr

          Your tone says you’re possibly one of those dim bulb’d lefties from tumblr. Go scour the tags over there to find something to be offended about.

      • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

        Bill is fantastic .. I love the way he beats mormon followers to the ground and keeps white trash liars like Palin in the light.


        • sentry_99

          Are you drunk or high?

          • Corey Dennison

            Yes. Yes he is.

    • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

      These people think Bob Hope is still alive.

      • Excubitores Omega

        Actually no, unlike the Left we understand life and death. As well as honor and decency. As for comedy that is self evident from the Left’s posts.

  • William A. Lamey

    I believe that NBC and MSNBC are the lowest of low when it comes to Informing the Public about News or Information in General. Those involved SHOULD be made to Apologize to the People who they Insult.

  • Frankie Miles

    Perhaps one who insults our veterans should be sent to the frontlines of whatever war we may be involved in for one week. Might learn some respect and appreciation of our wonderful Veteran Patriots!!!! But first, she should be kicked off the show. IF NOT, then that means you agree with her, which makes you pigs!!!!

  • HumorSmith

    Wooo! Look at all the “thumb downs” I’m getting. Good job lightening up peeps. Happy new year. :)

    • Corey Dennison

      I know…how dare anyone express an opinion that they didn’t like something? I mean, who do those people think they are? Good job being a self-righteous little d-bag.

      • HumorSmith

        Nice pejorative. That didn’t take long at all. And again…grow a sense of humor pally it’ll do ya good. See the little smiley face? That would indicate I’m being facetious. Or should I have just painted a clown face up there? Man….me self-righteous? Are there no mirrors in your house Corey? :) :) :) 😉

        • Corey Dennison

          I was going off the rest of your posts as well.

          :) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) ;):) :) :) 😉

          • HumorSmith

            Yet you still found it necessary to resort to name-calling. That shows a distinct lack of originality and thought. And if it’s self-righteous to propose that it might be nice if we could learn to laugh again then guilty am I and happily so. Uptight, unsmiling inflexible people with no idea what it means to not take things so seriously are a good part of the reason this country is a shadow of the beautiful America in which I was born. Also? Didn’t making all those smiley faces tire out your little fingers?

          • HumorSmith

            OMG! Another downward thumb. Careful now you might hurt my feelings and I know y’all are all about the inoffensive here.

            Now as to the whole offensive statement thing I defer to the brilliant Stephen Fry, and I shall give him the final word as I’m kinda bored playing with you guys; you are far too easily provoked. And I am a conservative!

            “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”- Stephen Fry

          • sentry_99

            There’s another one. Are you going to make a complaint post every time you get a down arrow? Seems maybe you should, I don’t know….lighten up?

          • Corey Dennison

            Also? Didn’t making all those smiley faces tire out your little fingers?

            Wow. Never heard of ‘copy and paste?’

  • jhorenka

    Anyone ever done a search on how many times liberals apologize compared to conservatives?

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    Why didn’t Carson Daily make a stand instead of laughing with her? I knew there was some reason why I cared nothing about those “Ball Dropping” shows just like that parade thats been advertized about two queers being married on one of the floats. NBC and California have really screwed up New Years Celebrations to watch any more.

  • Hi This Is My Username

    While I was out doing some dinner shopping with the family, last night, we came across a Vietnam Vet. We thanked him and wished him Happy New Year. It was nice and he certainly didn’t expect it.

    • BAW

      The vast majority of Vietnam Vets deserve, in my opinion, a measure of extra respect for the way they have moved on with their lives in spite of all the lies told about them, all the attacks. In spite of the disrespect for them and their service, they haven’t whined or complained or demanded anything. Most just went on with their lives (dealt with their own problems) with decency and honor. I’m that age and know many personally. I’ve read Stolen Valor. It was the first time in my life I saw and understood the true nature of the left. I was disgusted by them then and have only learned through the years that it was not a one time thing. A lack of decency and respect is part of their fundamental nature.

  • LegalizeShemp

    The radical Leftists who produce this garbage instruct the talent to be “edgy and controversial”, ridiculing traditional values and upsetting every apple cart. They crave attention and they know the predictable outrage from decent people can be dismissed as the rantings of “last century, Puritanical crusty right wing extremists”. She’ll probably get an award next year from the entertainment Left, bashing the US is a winner in Hollywood.

    • Excubitores Omega

      Only if we allow them to as it is with everything else. Having the courage to speak against them without fear is one step and a critical one. Another is to make certain they cannot escape the truth of what they say nor their actions by dissembling and cover up. Both Benghazi and Obamacare are yet another set of examples. The economic power is our hands and it past time we used it against them. Support organizations and products that align with our values whenever feasible. Hollywood creates this garbage due to our funding of it. Deny them that source of wealth.

  • Bob

    NBC knew exactly what they were getting into with Natasha. If you ever have seen any of her work, you will know she is raunchy. She did not act the way she did becuase she may have been drunk, that’s her, NBC knew it. It was a joke. I highly doubt Ms. Leggero went to the event with the intention of offending the veterans. It was a joke that everyone has blown out of proportions.

  • AZWarrior

    As a vet, I am pretty much used to the leftist hate. The Pearl Harbor Surviors still alive probably blew this ignorance off as well. They know what they went through and don’t have to listen to crap from anyone. They are after all better men than their detractors.

    • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

      Unless you fought in WWII you have been nothing more then a fool being the muscle for corporate America. Anything after 1945 has been a farce.

      • tops116 ✓Quipper

        “Unless you fought in WWII you have been nothing more then a fool being the muscle for corporate America.”

        That’s an interesting statement from someone who needs both an expensive computer made by a corporation and an account funded by another corporation in order to comment on this website.

        • Corey Dennison

          Judging by his posts, he really seems like a hard-core Ron Paul guy.

          Edit: Upon further review of his newer posts, hew may not be a Ron Paul supporter, be he is definitely anti-veteran/anti-military.

        • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

          I don’t recall any Vietcong ever attacking Apple or a Iraq child writing software for Microsoft.

    • Excubitores Omega

      Thank you for your service, and indeed this is another “Progressive” who lacks the basic morals and intelligence to understand respect as well as how her own present life is a result of your and those other veterans sacrifice before her.

  • Michele Gibson Pierson

    Holy shit. I saw her face for a moment as I was flipping through the channels, as the daughter of a World War II veteran I’m glad I didn’t hear those comments and even more grateful that I just kept flipping past her face. I never heard of her before, I’m hoping I never hear about her again. I sure wouldn’t mind helping her fix her face so she can gum some SpaghettiOs too. Permanently.

  • DrSamHerman

    Remind her of that joke when she’s sitting in her nursing home, neglected by her family and unable to care for herself. See if she thinks that joke is funny then.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    I love that Carson Daly wasn’t all that impressed with her comment. The smile was quickly gone from his face when she said it, and he was the only one who didn’t laugh.

  • Vik

    This is too much… If this joke wee made against any other really old people, it would be funny. Just because they are vets doesn’t mean they’re not elderly as well, and neither does it put them on a pedestal where they can’t be joked about. Respecting their otherwordly valor in WWII isn’t mutually exclusive with making jokes, especially as the joke wasn;t a personal insult, but just a joke that could be said about the elderly in general. This is PC gone too far.

  • American Hunter

    Bath her in Spaghetti Os, they would make a better union together! Round, sloppy Hoes…I mean Os!

  • Jim McCormack

    We need a war on this country to let folks know the thrill of watching hundreds die from a back stabbiing enemy. She’s low down and typical left wing stupid. Reflects on the Dept Of Uneducation in this nation where 2+2 =5

  • Son of Thunder

    I thought it was pretty funny.

    “Greatest Generation” – Right. The generation that gave us social welfare programs that are bankrupting this country. The generation that started the destruction of the healthcare industry. The generation that ushered in a command economy and the end of any sort of capitalism in this country. The greatest generation, my ass.

    • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

      You can refund all those earned benefits you gotten so far .. including education, infrastructure, and of course tax credits and social services.

      • Son of Thunder

        As soon as the government gives me all of the money they’ve stolen from me over the years back, I will.

  • Andrew Huddleston

    The network sucks big time and has for a long time.

  • Locutus O. Borg

    A stupid comment by a stupid person, begets more stupidity… See below Malkinite commentary into the realm of idiocy.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      “A stupid comment by a stupid person, begets more stupidity”

      Much like resistance, self-awareness is futile.

  • Jerome Padin

    This empty headed liberal Hollywood pervert mocks good, decent, honorable brave men who accomplished feats of heroism when all she has accomplished with her useless existence is pollute the airways of America.

    • Paige Jackson

      Got that right. Somewhere out there are thousands of people who could make SO much better use of the organs she’s lugging around.

  • stillinthe60s

    She must be auditioning for a gig on MSNBC.

  • PatriotRG

    You don’t have a belief system or a moral code. You believe in nothing, stand for nothing – you are … well nothing.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Just when you think the entertainment Left has sunk as low as anyone can go, you find them swimming in your septic tank.

  • dmar003

    Can some one tell her the history of WWII. She mocks our vets who paid the ultimate price to keep this nation free. Natasha Leggero, the name sounds like a Russians name. If this the “cream of the crop”, now they know why no one watches NBC. This shows the mentality of their hosts. Maybe she needs a teleprompter.

    • William2010


      Regarding her possibly needing a TelePrompTer, Is she smart enough, has she ever learned, does she have the ability to read?

  • Ron Vaughan

    and this what represents this nbc – and they are happy with it – I look for ways to not watch this net/work , and when the football is no longer there I will not watch it any longer , this bitch needs to be knocked the f out and her teeth taken while she is out and then when she wakes UP , low-and-behold there is a can of spaghetti O’s for her to gum – besides who is this idiot of an idiot – anyhow – have never heard of her or her name

  • Penwestern

    Awful and Not Funny!

  • LegalizeShemp

    The retorts to the Spaghettios piece seemed immediate and well planned, as though they were scripted. I wonder if these two morons were simply reading a Teleprompter with liberal stupidity already written in by some other left wing clown writer or producer.

  • William Healy

    So , who is the jerkoff who brays like a donkey at her lame attempt at elder bashing?


    It will be a typical Liberal apology. Not sorry for saying it, just sorry that some less “enlightened ” people were offended by it.

    • William2010

      Well said, TTTCOTTH!

      It is not the sayer of the offensive quip who is at fault, it is the stupid idiot, unenlightened masses who are not sophisticated enough, not Evolved enough, now aware enough, not hip enough to “get it.”

      Those poor elitist snobs must endure such hardship dealing with the low lifes who are not as smart as they are

  • LegalizeShemp

    Don’t keep asking, “who is this person and why are they relevant?”, they are relevant because these are the Chosen Ones, carefully selected by the liberal elite to represent their views, anti-American, anti-capitalist and anti-traditional values. These are the false idols of the secular humanist Left, and they are relevant because the liberals worship them as the false gods they truly are, liberals would jump off a cliff if these people asked them to, dragging us all with them, which makes them very dangerous indeed.

  • Mick_Pearson

    Lawdy Lawdy I just barely made it to my fainting couch! Xhit, where are my facking pearls? Stay adorable Twitchy.;-)

  • Gina Dee

    That Woman should be ashamed of herself and the Man laughing also.. I am glad that Carson was not very happy with her remark… at least he was like Oh Geez… Exactly Woman .. get a life.. Shame on her…

  • William2010

    Was that Anthony Anderson, sitting to the viewers’ far left, laughing loudly after Natasha Leggero’s attempt at quick humor?

    Nevertheless, it was a quick quip. I am not convinced that her comment betrays a disrespect for WW II surviving Veterans, but it does show a lack of forethought and a lack of self control. Of course, if she does already have the mindset of arrogance, disrespect, and animosity toward Veterans, then it is easier for her to spew her venom.

    It was and is a disrespectful, mean statement, and, without even reading into it as to her actually feelings about Veterans, it is uncalled for. Apologizing now merely is the same as saying, “I don’t respect Veterans, but I say I am sorry so people won’t hate me, and because my bosses at NBC told me to, otherwise, F U!,” if she even does apologize. She night pull one of those “non-apology” apologies, such as, “I am sorry that you idiots are stupid enough to disagree with me, or that you lower forms of life care about, and respect Veterans, as if anyone was offended by my not offensive statement about WW II Surviving Veterans.”

    The thin lady on our, the viewer’s left, was complaining that Spaghettios can’t really be called pasta?


    It IS Pasta, in reality, is it not, just as Tortellini, Linguini, Zitti, Spaghetti, and other forms of wheat and other materials constituting such foods are classified as Pasta.

    • Alex

      Calling spaghettios “pasta” is disrespectful to His Holiness the All Powerful Flying Spaghetti Monster. I would hope that at least during this season you could keep your heathen views to yourself.

      • William2010

        Alex, do you know who coined the term “Flying Spaghetti Monster?”

        Was it Richard Dawkins?

        Do you prefer the Flying Spaghetti Monster decorated in full Regalia, such as Pasta Sauce with lots of Basil and Garlic, of with Pesto Sauce, using Sweet Italian Pesto, Parmasean Cheese, Locatelli Romano Cheese, Garlic, Parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Habernero Pepper, Salt, and Coreander leaf, or do you prefer the Flying Spaghetti Monster au natural?

        Do you have an altar at your home where you worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or is He always with you, in your stomach, after a delicious meal?

        • Alex

          I don’t know who coined it, but I know it wasn’t dawkins.

          I love the FSM in all his many forms, be they plain, lightly garnished, or fully dressed. I know in my heart of hearts that he is always with me, and loves me despite my sinful nature. As long as I wear my pirate regalia once a week and ask for his mercy, he will forgive my trespasses and guide me on the true path of salvation and love.

  • desselle0010

    Youth is wasted on the young. I would love to see her in 50 years and feed her all the soft food she can swallow.

  • Cliff Williams

    Why would anyone be surprised that something like this happened on NBC? You must not be paying attention.

  • onegoodnathan

    so don’t watch NBC

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Where was that kind of advice for people that wouldn’t stop bitching about Phil Robertson?

      • onegoodnathan

        people prefer to throw bombs I guess. which will cause things to get worse, but it’ll keep the partisan media relevant–so they will continue this narrative.

    • JohnFLob

      It has been some many years since I stopped watching NBC and MSNBC I did not know they still existed.

  • Harlan

    I wish her new show, Suburgatory, all the success that it deserves. What’s the over/under on it? 2 shows and it’s yanked?

  • Roberto

    Please don’t give her the satisfaction of a thread about her. She’s worthless but she’s just pulling a “Miley” trying for shock n awe to get herself promoted. She suc ks.

  • Tjd/95

    The four of them showed us what idiots look like. They should all be ashamed! Waiting for the formal apology.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Carson Daly didn’t find it funny at all. Watch the video again and pay attention to his reaction.

  • ricoliv

    Who the hell is Natasha Leggero? Couldn’t NBC find a REAL person to host the New Year’s Eve show? Natasha Leggero?????????

    • William2010


      Re: “Who the hell is Natasha Leggero? Couldn’t NBC find a REAL person to host the New Year’s Eve show? Natasha Leggero?????????”

      Good question.

      I have no idea who Natasha Leggero is either. I have no recollection of ever hearing of her until this post on Twitchy.

      Twitchy, if it does nothing else, it helps make unknown people, many of them foul, rude, cruel, sadistic, arrogant, narcissistic, and leftist, famous.

    • JohnFLob

      Maybe they could not find a real person willing to appear on their shows/networks.

    • Chandler Marlowe

      A “comedian” in the vein of Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin, who says shocking things to get attention.

  • Americangirl1964

    The four stooges!

  • marcyharris92

    Like the old Russian Proverb–in a few years she will be lucky to be able to eat Spaghetti-O’s. Age and death are great equalizers and she will be lucky to live as long as many of these guys. Besides, my Dad who was a Colonel in WWII and died a few years ago still had all his natural teeth thanks to good health and good hygiene Just by the way. He was still handsome at nearly 90 with a full head of beautiful white hair. She will soon learn about respect for age. Hope she gets none.

  • cscape

    i just remembered something…… back in october, during the so-called govt. shutdown, the President ordered the WW2 Memorial barricaded, thereby setting up a physical confrontation with visiting WW2 Veterans….. Thus, the left has now put the “greatest generation” on their “they-must-be-racists” HATE-LIST…. this could be the motivation for their hate and denigration

  • retsubcpo

    Why are any of you surprised when these products of the modern, higher indoctrination (education) system which is designed to destroy any pride in the actions of our nation in up until the leftist outbreak of the 60’s denigrate and insult anyone who either served in the military or believed the US was an instrument of good prior to the democrat creation of the nanny state? This is one of the objectives of modem democrat party. The destruction of pride in our nation and it’s accomplishments. Obama and the rest of the todays democrat party are globalists. They see the idea of patriotism as an out dated idea and that the US need to submerge it’s idea of greatness and leadership into the “global community”. Obama and the democrat party will, given the chance, surrender our national identity to their concept of that global community. This indoctrinated fools comments are the direct result of the modern, progressive/liberal democrat vision of the US as just another cog in their great, global community of nations. No more important then any other nation. Do you honestly think that Barack Obama, a young, ambitious politician with the visions of grandeur he sees himself just “fading away” in 3 years hitting the speech circuit? He sees himself as the “President of the World” in 10-15 years. And if the democrat succeed in their plans, that very well may come to pass.

    • Alex

      I love conspiracy morons. No matter what is going on in the world or which politician is currently in office I can always count on you guys to come up with some insane and hilarious nonsense.

      • Josh Corrington

        I know… Like that NSA conspiracy that’s been going around for years..

      • retsubcpo

        And the sheep continue to herd together. Keep bleating old son.

  • Glynn

    What a clueless waste of skin she is. If not for our veterans, she would not be sitting there free to speak whatever stupid thing comes out of her pie hole.

  • cscape

    if you think about it…… sweet little natasha actually was taking a full broadsides on her “commander in chief”, who has been instrumental in gutting the budget for Veterans’ Benefits – among which are DENTAL SERVICES…. and so, if our honored Pearl Harbor Vets can no longer chew their food, the blame rests squarely with our courageous liberal politicians

    • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

      Democrats have never cut benefits or outsourced their care to the lowest bidder. your hypocrisy is noted.

      • cscape

        the 2013 Budget Sequester, which drastically cut the military was the idea of the Obama Administration (i am quite certain that was never reported in state controlled media)

        • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

          how many GOP members rushed to change any of it? it is so easy to catch you morons in your lies. hahajajaha

          • cscape

            17…. and stop calling other people MORONS…. it is an intolerant insult to emotionally challenged Americans

  • Marie Hall

    don’t come out in publix you might get your ask kicked

  • Andy Trimble

    Daly’s response was acceptable, the cackling moron on the left should never be allowed to have a live mic again for the rest of his life.

  • Karen Callahan

    I am amazed anyone still watches any of these TV networks. They are all liberal cesspools of stupidity.

  • Shannon Long

    I would love to punch her in her teeth, and then see what she can chew

  • Alice Ledeboer Jenkins

    ok. Who is this bimbo and who did she &*&*&%^ to get on tv? Let her go back to the swamps where she came from, or go hang out with other losers who are thinking they so cool

  • Mark R.R.Smith

    nbc/msnbc. are they in competition for most stupid cruel insensitive comments? Not that anyone watches msnbc. The peacock network is now the turkey network. Fire all 4 of the people who were there. The other 3 were laughing at the joke.
    Coo-laid must be the only drink they can drink.

  • gold7406

    military, that’s something someone else has to do. the left is way too hip for military service.

  • Guest

    Are you people really offended by this?! You’re just as bad as liberals. Stop this PC madness! YOU disgust me. It WAS funny. WTH is wrong with you?! RIDICULOUS!

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    I would think NBC would be reluctant to celebrate the beginning of 2014. 2004 was the last time anyone bothered to watch their network.

  • David Proulx

    Are you people really offended by all this? REALLY?! It WAS funny. You’re just as bad as liberals. YOU disgust me. Stop this PC madness! WTH is wrong with you people?! RIDICIULOUS!

    • hand jive

      Small things amuse small minds.

    • danscalera1

      David you are obviously a liberal asshole!!!

  • Cathy

    She needs to be removed from life…

  • thorgodofthenorth

    Just a skank trying to be noticed. Well it seems she got what she wanted. Don’t bother with an apology you two bit POS.

  • docscience

    Remember, if you have Comcast, you have NBC.

    Drop Comcast.

  • Red Fred

    This network has scraped the bottom continuously for too long. They’ll be leaving us soon.

  • Sean Barrentine

    And how do you define what is bad and what is good? Humans are not anything close to perfect, so how can humans determine a stable measure of good vs. bad? The moral codes we have established in Western culture, or any culture for that matter, have their roots in one faith or another, and with the belief that one would have to answer for their doings in this life. How do you gain a moral code without basing it off of ones first formed by various religions, particularly in the U.S., which has its roots in Judeo-Christian principles of morality, governance, and economy. Also, and don’t take this as me assuming anything, I’m asking here, but do you mean to say that those that base their life choices around their religious beliefs haven’t the same capacity for logic and common sense? Bear with me, I’m a little tired, and rather hungry, so I may or may not be making any sense.

    • daeghrefn

      I notice you didn’t get an answer from the anti-Jesus who is too cowardly apparently to be the anti-Muhammad as well. Typical proggie.

  • TJefferson44

    Of course some, like Natasha, feel the need to make fun of others to make themselves look good. Ungrateful moron! These “survivors” paid the price to protect this country so that you and your miserable family could have the liberties you enjoy today! Class A moron!

  • TJefferson44

    @Todd Bridges … so you have “a moral code”? And where, pray-tell does this “moral code” derive from and who wrote it or where did you subscribe to it?

    • Alex

      Where does your moral code derive from, who wrote it, and where did you subscribe to it?

      • TJefferson44
      • JohnFLob

        Is this an alias Todd?

      • TJefferson44

        I believe the question was directed at Todd Bridges. Are you him?

        • Alex

          I believe my question was directed at TJefferson44. Are you not him?

          • TJefferson44

            I asked the question (of Todd). However, if you’d like to answer it, I will be glad to give you my answer. But you don’t get to answer a question with a question. Great strategy, against the ignorant. So answer the question.

  • Jason Lovelace

    Why is ANY-one surprised by this on NBC? WHY?!? We know what’s up with the Liberals and Leftists in this country, and if we don’t by now, it’s probably too late!!! They are worse than communists! I mean, after all, at least Stalin had the scruples to magnify Gens. Bagration and Kutusov during WWII: These so-called “liberal” and “progressive” people have no scruples whatsoever!!! NONE! They make fun of babies in family photos, and they make fun of Vets who laid down their lives for their and our freedoms and they’ve been doing it for years. WHY is ANY-one surprised?!?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      The masks are slipping one by one. Not that the masks fooled everyone in the first place…

  • SB

    Yes, I am impressed ~~ ((( NOT ))) ~~ this generation of unfunny people gets worse & worse every second !! Shame on them, no appreciation whatsoever, totally disgusting !!!

  • Fred Almonte Sr.

    Natasha WHO ???????? What the heck is her claim to fame besides being a total idiot?

  • hand jive

    She should stick to doing Chelsea Handlers show, where now one actually has to see her disrespectful azz.

  • SYG

    Lost all self respect that she had. . . .if she ever had any. Totally detached from any real emotion. It’s all about the greed and $ $ $ $ Just like most of todays’s world.

  • NWaff

    The reason why the WWII generation is called the Greatest Generation
    – because this generation isn’t

  • SR5150

    Carson Daly is a “personality”? Don’t you have to have one to be one?

  • Don Skizenta

    I mean it sucks that this idiot is actually on tv.

  • Jowanda Moore

    So this bimbo “nobody” (I’ve certainly never heard of her) thinks she is really funny by taking potshots at our Pearl Harbor Veterans who put their lives on the line so dumb shits like this broad can be stupid and make stupid remarks like this. As for the dumb ass who thought it was so funny as to lean over laughing, well he is just too stupid to exist and is breathing good oxygen someone respectable could be breathing. Both of them don’t deserve to be doing any commentary for any National broadcast. They both owe these Veterans and all veterans an apology as well as any Americans offended by this remark. They somehow seem to belong with the likes of Jane Fonda.

  • Tyson Litz

    Michelle Malkin, Twitchy bitchers, et al…
    Where is your crying, pissing, moaning, and whining about “FREE SPEECH” – “Phil Robertson” – “Duck Dynasty” etc. NOW?!?
    Oh, wait… lib network has comedian on making a wisecrack (a funny one, at that) regarding vets & Spaghettio’s (a major part of the Robertson food pyramid) and suddenly your cries for tolerance and rights goes back into your bag of lazy mental tricks.
    Grow up & grow a set

  • notenoughtime

    Natasha, who?! Thought it was a program to usher in the New Year not to demean our brave veterans.

  • disqus_R1egx4YuXe

    OH MAN !REALLY ??? What a little twit to put it politically correct! She needs her little furry ass kicked and kicked off of TV!

  • Rick Fambry

    bitch needs to choke on her words or maybe a mouthful of spaghettios and his laugh at the end, he deserves a foot up his ass!!! not fucking funny at all… their sacrifices provided the ability and freedom for them to mock them!!! how wonderfully patriotic of them……………………….. NOT!!!

  • notenoughtime

    NBC = nothing but crap!

  • Tom LaGesse

    Ok, folks… She said something pretty stupid and offensive. But you know what? Those men and women of the greatest generation would probably say, “Yeah, she said something really stupid about me and my contemporaries. I disagree with her sentiments; but, I would still fight to the death for her right to say it.” That goes to show the integrity that generation had, and still possesses today. You know what? I completely disagree with her, too, and am offended that she would make fun of anyone like that. But, I, too, would fight to the death for her right to say it.

  • danscalera1

    This pig flunked out as a Hooker and is now trying to be funny! She SUCKS at both!!

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      ^^^ THAT! Dan…Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Kevin Buxton

    I guess some stupid people just don’t get it.I am to this day am flying in warbirds with a lot of the guys she is talking about.The station put and ignorant fool on and has no idea who the people are .apology or not vets no matter what war sweetie will stick together so you and your fat ass can go to hell from another vet.I hope they boycott your channel

  • John Lukaszewski

    I saw this last night. It made me want to vomit. The Greatest Generation deserves our respect, and not this. I immediately turned the channel and didn’t look back.

  • Yeeheecom

    My Dad was in training I think in New Jersey or New York when Pearl Harbor was attacked and was sent there to provide security in case the Japanese decided to attack again. My dad is no longer alive and when I heard this so called human being mocking the survivors it just felt to me like she just slapped every veteran in the face. Do these people even think before they open their mouths? It doesn’t appear so. Here is a pic of my dad in 1941.

  • Citizensteph

    bye bye BSNBC, I haven’t been watching you for awhile, now I never will again.

  • Mary

    You forgot to mention the conversations re: vaginas, sex…family night on NBC (and the other stations were no better). Ringing in the New Year now has a new meaning..dang, where’s Dick Clark when we need him..God rest his sole.

  • Vern

    Never heard of her, till now. Maybe this is why.

  • Tracy O’Brien

    This is why I don’t turn on the TV on NYE until about 45 seconds before the ball drops. Then I turn it off about 10 seconds after it’s done. What’s worse than the comment is the laughter it engendered. They all should have stared at her stonily for about 10 seconds and then gone on with something else.

  • Howard Buchman

    There’s something to be said of proper decorum. In her attempt to be funny, it came out offensive. You have the right to say what you want, but we have the right to expect respect.

  • Richard StJohn

    They are called the greatest generation because of their sacrifices and accomplishments. It is because of them and those that came before them as well that my generation has known very little of hardship. Is this the new liberal stance? They’ve moved on from mocking God, Christians, and religion in general and will now be targeting veterans? I really hope so. Veterans aren’t as forgiving as God is.

    • Alex

      According to the bible, God killed a bunch of kids because they made fun of an old man. He also destroyed an entire civilization because they made a large tower. If that’s forgiving, I’d hate to see what the veterans do. Rape and genocide at the very least.

      Luckily, speaking as a veteran, I can say that you’re completely clueless. Most of us are a hell of a lot more forgiving – and more thick skinned – than you and your god.

  • Madley

    Never heard of her before and the joke clearly wasn’t funny. It’s unscripted television and with that someone is going to say something that offends someone on almost every show.

    If you don’t want to be offended don’t watch TV anymore or just me an adult about it and turn the channel and don’t support the person that offended you.

    • Alex

      But they do want to be offended. Nobody gets offended by such a mild joke unless they’re REALLY working hard at it.

  • arrow2010

    #SorryNotSorry coming.

  • magnolia3

    Expecting an imbecile like Leggero to understand why her comment is so insulting to Pearl Harbor/WWII vets (and pretty much everyone else) is very probably a total waste of time. This fool is simply mass taking up space on the planet…She has no importance whatsoever and probably has absolutely no idea about the sacrifices that Pearl Harbor/WWII vets made so she can sit there and say such asinine things. Morons like her are why I virtually never watch network TV or go to movies anymore. She is clearly a product and reflection of the intellectually and morally bankrupt culture that is unfortunately and sadly becoming the norm in our country.

  • JohnSvengali

    I honestly pray that our cultural civil war turns into a real one. It takes a periodic wake-up call restoring American values by way of a war to purge this nation like an enema ridding us of these vermin.

    It is not hyperbole to state where we are obviously heading. Long before there was an American Revolution and American Civil War, divisions existed and grew to the point of political and cultural failure, only resolved in war. We have enemies within our borders, and at least half our leaders need to be tried, convicted, strung up and gibbeted!

  • pamela ortiz

    Ignorance at it’s finest! Shame on her!

  • Gregg Hammerquist

    The Spaghetti-O’s thing wasn’t even that bad. Maybe not as respectful as it should have been but an innocent mistake. This ‘lady’ was just awful. I work at a retirement center and see some of these vets. We have a 102 year old lady who still lives on the Independent Living side of my facility! She eats solid food!

  • Donny Zunker

    NBC… MSNBC… you folks got sum ‘xplaning too due… (thanks Ricky Ricardo!)
    First you got Bashir suggesting we dump and where…
    Then you got Alex going nuts…
    Let’s not forget Ms. Harris showing over and over how many IQ points she has…
    And lastly this gal…
    I think she should get her own show, so we can see which one gets fired first…

    I think she should get her own show so we can have more reasons to bash NBC and MSNBC…
    Happy New Year!
    And THANKS to all of the vets who did their duty in WWII and all the wars since..!!

  • JLC1914

    Who the heck is Natasha Leggero?

  • daeghrefn

    “I was phrasing on his terms. I don’t believe in sins just bad things. ”

    Precious. “Bad things”? “Bad” according to what standard? What is this “bad” of which you speak?

    • Jim Moury


  • JLC1914

    What a bunch of dolts. Is there some law that you can’t be a Hollywood “celebrity” unless you are dumb as a doornail?

  • author5555

    Most Hollywood celebs are just flatout stupid and dumb. Hollywood needs to break off and sink to the bottom of the ocean.

  • author5555

    Let’s deport all of the far left idiots in this country.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Question for Natasha (for which I’ll probably never get an answer anyway, but…):Did you have a relative who fought in World War II? Does your family know anyone who had a Family member serving at Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked us?If you did, you’re a hypocrite (typical of Liberals like you); if not, STFU, , especially with the TASTELESS JOKES! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • stuckinIL4now

    Well whaddya expect from the NothingButCrass network? Watch at your own peril and be prepared to be insulted.

  • Tom Robertson

    Stupoid bi tch.

  • ArtBrecher

    I’ve never heard of Natasha whoever she is and now that I know she’s an moron I’ll be doubly careful to make sure I never hear from her again.

  • Stinsby

    I honestly do not see how the SpaghettiOs post was offensive other than the O was smiling in rembrance of such a somber occasion. But what this woman said is highly offensive.

  • Joseph Spencer

    You insulted all World War 2 veterans and NBC owes them an apolegy NOW

  • ember

    Wow…bet her grandparents are so proud.

  • HenriZ344

    I had never heard of her before reading this. I guess she’s supposed to be a comedian. Not a very good one it seems.

  • steve jackson

    What an asshole jerk of colored boy laughing too! He should have been around during slavery. Ass wipe go back to Africa. That other hole whore bag should have a bag on her head too! I bet she has no idea where Pearl Harbor is located. Along with the colored boy!

  • [email protected]

    Wonder how she would be doing if she were speaking Japanese or German, dumb ass liberal bitch, that is why we are in a downward spiral, the truth on why we are the greatest country on earth is subverted by what they call teachers these days.

  • Patti

    I ended up changing the channel because of the idiotic banter and the fact that I have no idea who Natasha Leggero or Carson Daly are. .

  • disqus_FJDuFvu947

    not funny…you’re an idiot!

  • Big Brucey

    @natashaleggero knows better than to mock the 90+ year olds. She gets a taste of being that old every time she gets her bikini wax.

  • Byron Shutt

    NBC NOthing But Communists.

  • draculaagainstnwo

    send her and her buddy back in time when it happened and put them on the deck of the arizona and let the fun begin this stupid ho and her bud would be making comments to this saying why did the president goad the japanese into that and why were the ships chaned together believe or not this what had happened that day a man i know was on that ship by the name of nick name of cactus jack anderson who worked for ksws in the latter sixties i met him as a child at that station there is youtube of him under the name jack anderson survivor of the arizona

  • Debbi Dresser

    Who is she?

  • Ralph Haines

    Ever wonder why NBC hosts are always apologizing? They keep forgetting to pull their heads out of their asses.

  • Kevin Blankenship

    Wow, did that dumb woman just say that? Seriously what is wrong with these Liberals??

  • wretchedwhiterabbit

    “The Greatest Generation” ? LOL

    Let’s see…go fight to help the Communists defeat Germany, take over Eastern Europe, 1/3 of the rest of the world and murder over 300 million people, then come home and proceed to vote themselves social benefits, deregulate immigration and give away the United States to third world welfare immigrants, leading to our current multicultural, multi-ethnic, failing society, and now you expect your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, whose futures you sold to China, to thank you for it? LMAO And, just why would you expect a west coast stand-up comic to respect any of that?

    • onegoodnathan

      Imperial japan and Germany were traded in for the USSR and Red China. US govt even solidified Mao over the Chinese Nationalists post war.

      the greatest generation was 1776

    • American-By-Choice

      What in the hell are you talking about?

      Socialism, which seems to be you main bitch, is a cancer of the character of man. It is little more than man’s weakness being raised up as a strength.

      They didn’t vote for THIS! >>> the catastrophic results of socialism. THEY VOTED FOR THE LIE THAT SOLD IT! As did the idiots they went to save.

      What you may not have considered is that there is no one who will come to save us … .

      To even THINK about denigrating the WW2 vets, is foolish beyond measure.

      They did far more, with far less, than you could ever even hope to imagine.


      Huh? Young lady, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard…since watching the above video

  • Ryan Leslie

    Judging by some of these tweets, the children shouldn’t view their parents tweets either.. This lady is actually quite funny when she does stand up but she was a drunken nightmare here. It is very possible that she just ruined her career.

  • Alain DeWitt

    Who is Natasha Leggero? Never heard of her. Guess NBC is pretty hard up for “celebrity” hosts

    • American-By-Choice

      Ditto… (never heard of her).

  • Shayne Michael Hill

    who cares what that nobody has to say about anything? does anyone even know who she is? she must have worked wonders on somebodys casting couch…

  • Rupert Chappelle

    If you do not expect idiots, morons and imbeciles to make stupid comments on TV, you may be one of them.

  • Greg Van Curen

    This is an insult to all elderly people that may have problems chewing hard foods.

  • American-By-Choice

    Well, when these idiots have ‘tolerated themselves into Sharia’, having rejected everything that stands against it, I hope I’m sitting close enough to the TEE-VEE to watch the “HOPE for CHANGE” cleve their necks, and the “NEWS ALERTS” of such individuals converting to Islam by the tens of thousands, lined up around their Wallmarts for their prayer rugs.

    LOL! Can’t ya just see this defiant, edgy gal all dressed down in her Islamic garb? Never to speak, except when spoken to and so rarely ever, so spoken…

    They truly are Godless, helpless and hopeless.

  • Jim Ross

    And why are you watching NBC ? What does it take for you to get it ??


    And who is the laughing bald guy. Morons all. Never turned the boob tube on. I chose, wisley.

  • Obozo_Must_Go

    Interesting that the simian-brained Nigre is the only one to laugh at her idiotic comment, but I think it’s more a rip on old people than Pearl Harbor survivors…..either way abhorrent behavior by a new-age Lib-Tard on NBC.

  • William Chlystun

    Well we know how she got where she is right still standing huh

  • Eric Weaver

    NBC and the so called entertainment world are the scum at the bottom of the barrel.

  • Patrick Lee Romano

    I’d boycott them again – but wait,Is tha liberal BS still on the air…Neilsen won’t catch them on my airwaves…

  • Jason Asselin
  • Laurie

    No respect. The others should have told her that was out of line and kicked her off the stage.

  • John Andrews

    Did you really expect anything better from NBC?? Classless as usual..

  • John Pace

    So offensive on so many levels, Maybe someone will punch her teeth down her throat and SHE would be the one gumming her spaghetti O’s

  • Jjb54

    What the hell is going on? Seriously?? Mock and insult the Mitt Romney and family for adopting a cute little girl (who happens to be black) .. to this ….. what the frack is going on with America?

  • BodyArmour

    boycott her and whatever vapid self promotional , vindictive selfish crap she does to earn a living,.., my Dad lost two cousins that who were a brother and sister that day,.. one a Navy machinist mate and the other an army nurse;,.. why don’t we still burn heretic’s,(?) and I classify her as a heretic,..

  • [email protected]

    Apology ! No lets trash this silly B#$%^& career ! It will be easy.

  • Len Tippett

    NBC, there better be a good reason why this comment has not been addressed and why those individuals are still working. If this is the type of respect your programs shows, you have lost me as a regular observer. Totally uncalled for and disrespectful.

  • BarfromLV

    I think I t’s bad taste to mock anyone.

  • stangbanger49

    This is bullshit I am sick and tired of these liberal morons attacking like this. Also who is this stupid bitch I have never heard of this idiot.

  • ktoo

    I’m sorry…Who is she?

  • ktoo

    How long until NBC just starts each day with a blanket apology?

  • ktoo

    There’s a solution to this: satelite TV. Once Comcast understands NBC is costing them customers, they’ll make changes.

  • spaceycakes

    why do I not see any comments from nbc?

  • MsMNnice

    Shameful…How can anyone be so blatantly disrespectful to our nation’s veterans? Think about what horrors they lived through during that time! It’s bad enough that she made such a cold-hearted comment, but the others didn’t say anything to correct her either. Their behavior is deplorable. Absolutely, shameful…

  • toreilly

    NBC permanently blocked at my house…

  • Noumenon

    First NBC edits audio files (Zimmerman/Trayvon) to fit their political bent; now, with their silence, they condone humiliation of our Vets. NBC has now replaced whale poop as the lowest matter on the planet.