Nail on the head.

Thanks to President Stompy Foot, elderly residents have been forced out of their private homes on Lake Mead because they happen to be located on federal land.

It’s shutdown theater gone wild.

As the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, some 60 families were given notice:

Bob Hitchcock is in his “least favorite place” these days — inside his landlocked Las Vegas home instead of at his cabin on the North Shore of Lake Mead, tooling around with old engines in his garage.

He’s one of an estimated 60 families with vacation homes along the lake who were given notice by the National Park Service earlier this week to gather their stuff and leave, according to Christie Vanover, a spokeswoman for the Lake Mead Recreational Area.

The homes — from Stewart’s Point on the north to Katherine’s Landing and Temple Bar on the south — sit on federal land.

As a result, the federal government shutdown left Hitchcock just 24 hours to evacuate his two-bedroom, two bath cabin in Stewart’s Point, about 70 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

…“I wouldn’t call it a government shutdown,” said Hitchcock, 71, a retired zone manager for 7-Eleven. “I’d call it a government meltdown. If my kids ever acted like these politicians are acting — it’s probably not politically correct to say this anymore — but I’d beat the crap out of them, then send them to their rooms.”

KNTV has the story of another elderly couple affected by Obama’s shutdown evacuation notices.

The government shutdown is being felt close to home for some locals. They say they’re being forced out of private homes on Lake Mead because they sit on federal land.

Joyce Spencer is 77-years-old and her husband Ralph is 80. They’ve been spending most of their time in the family ice cream store since going home isn’t an option.

The Spencers never expected to be forced out of their Lake Mead home, which they’ve owned since the 70s, but on Thursday, a park ranger said they had 24 hours to get out.

“I had to go to town today and buy Ralph undershirts and jeans because I forgot his pants,” Joyce Spencer told Action News.

The Stewart’s Point home sits on federal land, so even though the Spencers own their cabin outright, they’re not allowed in until the government reopens.

Attention, GOP.


Turnabout is fair play.

Remember: You can’t fix craven fecklessness, but you can vote it out.

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    I can almost understand that this happens because the homes/businesses are located on federal land. I don’t agree with it and it shows just how petty the POTUS can be. But my question is that, I assume that this land is leased, do the people there that own these homes/businesses still have to pay the lease?

    • Matt

      The POTUS is a spoiled brat who is used to getting his way and can’t handle it when things don’t.

      • bonnieblue2A


        • Ms. Lynelle

          That was funny! lol

        • Russell The Love Muscle

          Classic!! That’s my new term for the white house! #Spitehouse

      • gcole22

        He is a dictator.

        • Deborah Hallsted

          Definitely the first syllable, at least.

          • gcole22

            You are clever, I like that.

          • Jay Stevens

            I hear he is going to start wearing turtlenecks – to hide the circumcision scar.

          • DixieAngel_76

            Hahahaha! Good one!

        • AlmostaCowboy

          A despot. Slightly different.

      • Jazzee

        amen spoiled jerk of a brat…he has been pampered his entire life when he wasn’t using dope and skipping school and visiting Pakistan with his ‘down low’ friends……….what a disgrace we have in the white house

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      I don’t understand it at all from a fiscal standpoint. Do these homeowners get routine service from federal employees? Is their grass cut by the Park Service?

      This is just another case of the President allocating funds to show that he doesn’t have any money. It cost more to contact these people than it would have to just put the Park Service folks on furlough.

      • snowleopard (the true one)

        Political gain by inflicting pain on people, that is why this has been done by the admin.

        Have people howl in inconvenience and disruption of their lives and plans, and keep the pressure on the conservatives until they cave into Obama’s demands w/o compromise.

        • Craig Jacobs

          Comrade! You must not speak out against the official pravda of the Politburo. The services of the FSB will be used to track you and you will be reported to the KGB.

          Sorry, for a minute there I thought we had been transported to the USSR.

          What I meant to say was, be careful what you say or the NSA will track you down and report you to the IRS.

          • Bill Smith

            Hell I bet the Russias have more freedom than we do under this socialist regime!!

          • tammy

            Putin told Pravda that we are more Communist than they are. He said Communism is a failed concept and how could we not see that it almost destroyed their country. He said Russia is now turning to Capitalism, because they saw we became rich and powerful under it. Putin also said, Russia is turning to God, while we are becoming Godless. He goes to Christian church every Sunday. He is enticing companies to move there by giving them huge tax breaks and cutting all the red tape. Businesses are flocking to Russia from all over the world. Their economy is booming

          • Raphael

            Religion doesn’t help russia anymore than it helps the US. US has a high percentage of people with religious conditioning. Every day they’re praising the lord and masturbating over pics of jesus. Putin supports hate thugs murdering gay people. Both countries contain a fair number of retards.

          • Cyrena

            Did you know Russia has a balanced budget, record low inflation and that Its GDP has raised it from #22 to #11 ranking?

            I never thought I would see the day that Russia was better off economically than we are.

          • rhetorical1

            They are still a repressed society. Things are loosening up but they have a long way to go toward freedom.

        • Birdbranze

          It also shows his absolute hatred of the American people. No one can do this and shut down the WWII memorial and have a conscience. He thinks this is great fun obviously, I mean, he’s a lame duck with nothing to loose since the dems own the senate (Including the RINO’s), we need to take the senate back in 14!

        • gcole22

          If they do cave it could be the end of us. Imagine what a dictator can do in the next three years if we can’t stop him?

        • Jazzee

          how smart is it to act like a baby???? he is hurting elderly folks, stopping Amber alerts for the ‘children’ but because this has nothing to do with a gun grab he cares less
          it is a disgrace he needs to grow up the wimpy jerk

        • Richard Allan Stauch

          Exactly! But we are not political game pieces! We are the People who “ordain and establish” the Constitution! Impeach Obama and Reid!

      • OneThinDime

        The underlying question is why are their homes on federal land?

        • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

          Reading a bit more on this, it seems that land was made available around Lake Mead in the early days to help that area become a tourist destination. It figures the government would think that they’d have to do something to make an area a desirable destination.

          • OneThinDime

            Thanks for the info. It seems the gov’t only has a property interest not actual ownership and there would be an enforceable contract for the homeowners. Where is the ACLU? Oh wait, they only help Obama. Where is the ACLJ?

          • americangirl

            Jay Sekulow (ACLJ) is firing lawsuits as fast as he can, and rightfully so. He needs backing up though.

          • Candace Blanton

            This should be a wake up call to those that think it willbe great to have Obamacare. What the government giveth, the government can also taketh.

        • ThomasCollins1

          The underlying question should be why does the federal government control 30 of the land west of the Mississippi? They are only allowed to own property for forts, arsenals, and other useful buildings.

          • TimT2011

            I may be wrong about this, but it’s my understanding that the federal government bought a lot of land out west during and after the dust bowl era to make sure the land wasn’t over-farmed. The goal (be it wrong or right) was to prevent those weather conditions from happening again.

          • dana

            part of the deal to become a state was to give the fed rights to land, lots of it, while we may get PILT I think almost any of us would rather have the land in state/private control

          • ThomasCollins1

            “ exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings…”

            Art I sec.8 cl 17

            “…the federal government bought a lot of land out west during and after the dust bowl era to make sure the land wasn’t over-farmed. The goal (be it wrong or right) was to prevent those weather conditions from happening again”.

            How many times have you heard a politician say “we’ve passed this law to make sure that ___ never happens again”? Passing laws does not ensure that something won’t happen again, it just provides some kind of legal remedy when (not if) it does. This is especially true for something inanimate, like weather, which, believe me, doesn’t give a hoot what the law is.

          • TimT2011

            ThomasCollins1, I personally don’t believe in all the climate change stuff, but I suppose I can see that you might need grass and trees to stop dust from being picked up and blown across wide distances.

            I really don’t know though, wasn’t saying I agreed with what the government did back then, but that was my understanding of why they bought so much.

          • DixieAngel_76

            Just a note; I once read that there’s an old saying which goes something like “if you were to put the federal government in charge of the Sahara desert, within 5 years they would have a shortage of sand.”

          • tammy

            I know in Utah, they didn’t buy it, they confiscated the land. They have a huge amount of the State of Utah.

          • Toni Welnhofer

            The govmt. has been buying tons of land in every state for the last 30yrs. that I know of.

        • candiceanne

          Has to do with Lake Mead being formed by the Hoover Dam.

      • gcole22

        Dictator Obama gets away with it because of the liberal media. I hope everyone realizes soon he is a dictator.

      • Rulz


      • Chrissy the Hyphenated

        The ONLY notice necessary was to let residents know what federally funded services were being shut down. If folks want to stay under those conditions, it’s their business. Or it should be.

      • JaxCracker

        General maintenance and park police surveillance is probably the main excuse that Obama will use. In fairness, you know that thugs love to find unprotected assets to attack and plunder. I suspect the lightly-manned police surveillance of the homes now has orders to shoot first and ask questions later (much like looters would be treated in homes evacuated after hurricanes)

    • JMW

      I just tweeted the newspaper in NV to ask them if the government shutdown in the 90s when it was Clinton vs. Gingrich caused these people to be kicked out of their homes….. my guess is no. Now who is really responsible here? President Historic First is doing many historic things around the nation right now…. none of them good.

      • ahunteranderson

        Or you could just read the article. It clearly states they did not have to leave during the Clinton shutdown.

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      Obama has shown how ruthless and unconcerned about people he is, after all, to him the individual does not matter unless they can be used for his own political gain.

      He will use this to say – the Republicans caused this due to them not being willing to surrender unconditionally and just give me all that I desire.

      I hope people see the truth of Obama the madman.

      • Christopher Kidder

        you guys are all smoking some good Right wing ganja…. do some real research fools! You see…. I am doing my research. I read every perspective and make an educated decision. You all here are a bunch of monkeys who only read one side of a story and believe all the crap your party is feeding you. Do I side with Obama? Not really… but if you all think the R up there in congress have your “interests” at heart, you are dumber than the lint between my thigh and nut sack. Ugh… you all make me sick…. go to college and do some critical thinking practices. Fools.

        • Ali’s Snackbar

          …and yet you have said nothing. What research? Make a point or STFU.

        • John Payne

          I’m thinking that you need to go put your jammies on and let the Big Boys talk. You’ve made a considerable amount of suppositions, Name calling and finger pointing without ONCE making any kind of Point or exercising a bit of common sense! ” Dumber than the lint between your thigh and Nutsack?” My 6 year old has much better manners than that and doesn’t require the adolescent attention you so richly desire. I can see how your parents would be wanting to keep a gun-free home as I’m sure they’re both inclined to use one on themselves for the wasted college tuition money they invested in your failed attempt at adulthood….

          • Wynonna Juggs

            John pain…..does your mommie and daddy know you are online?

        • n51104

          Piss off

        • idalily

          Uh-huh. Right.

        • Getserious!

          Typical liberal BS–you say NOTHING, have zero facts, just insult and pretend you are educated and smarter. What a joke!!

        • Gmama

          Please explain why spending money to make people leave homes is justified. While you are at it explain why using government workers and resources to block open air memorials that have never been manned is rational, fair and good stewardship of our resources. Explain why Camp David, the White House and Biden’s residence have not been shut down, at the very least the first family could be given around 1500 sq feet and the rest of the residence roped off, without staff. Jill Biden and Joe could be put up in the Lincoln bedroom and Jill and Michelle could cook and clean like the rest of America does.

          Christopher, I’m sure an empty nut sack collects a lot of lint.

        • Rich

          Kidder is right. You guys need to read a book, or at least a couple articles from the international media. Even Fox news is reporting that the shutdown has been planned by the gop for the last year and a half. What happens during a shutdown is that THINGS SHUTS DOWN. That’s why they call it that. Everything that is not akin to a federal life support system closes up shop. House republicans KNEW THAT. They are counting on your gullibility to be able to purposefully shut down the government, then tell you all about the atrocious things that are happening as a result to enrage you, in hopes that you’ll accept their assertion that it’s the fault of the president. Which you gladly will, apparently, because you are THAT GULLIBLE, and more. Also, you guys’ derogatory puns are just magnificently horrific. I would work on those some more before you put them in a public space. Yikes!!!

        • Mickey Roberts

          These “people kicked out of their homes” were pretty well to do people in their VACATION homes. One of the stipulations of being allowed to build a VACATION home on Lake Mead is that it MUST NOT be your primary residence. You do not in any way own the land, it MUST be a vacation home and not your primary home. It is SUBJECT to the rules of the federal government. Those are facts, like them or not. When you shut off the ignition in your car, you have no radio, lights, heat, power steering, power brakes. The GOPigs should have thought about veterans, the “poor people vacationing on Lake Mead”, seniors, federal employees, our military, FBI, CIA, everyone, They were too STUPID to understand, just as you people are. The ACA is a law and the shut down has absolutely zero effect on it. Do you even know the difference between a bill and a law? Chris I willbet dollars to donuts not one of these republitards does. Rafael “Ted” Cruz, the Canadian born Cuban knew this when he read Green Eggs and Ham, which by the way, is a story about a guy who does not like GE&H until he tries it. Then he realizes he likes it. Rafael is not even smart enough to read the whole book, and he is the guy that led this freaking moronic, stupid, assinine move to shut down something that should NEVER be shut down. Why? Because veterans dont get taken care of, surrvivor benefits for fallen soldiers families dont get paid. people get kicked out of their vacation homes, all kinds of bad shit happens.

      • LaQueefa Matumba

        The only time he is ruthless is when it comes to American citizens, The rest of the world dumps all over him.

    • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

      There is no excuse for this; please register “idiot” the next time you vote.

    • Phebelyn

      “In later years, the National Park Service took the land over. That’s who Hitchcock has been writing his yearly rent check to since 1987, when he retired and bought the cabin from the previous owner.

      At first the rent was only $500 a year; it’s since grown to $2,400 a year.

      He expected the increase, it was part of the deal 25 years ago. A deal that requires he take apart his cabin and haul it away when he ends his lease.”

      I’m sure they will have to continue to pay their lease.

      The article also states: “But he can’t quite grasp this latest calamity. After all, he wasn’t told to vacate during the Clinton Administration in 1995, when the government was closed down for more than three weeks.”

      Obama doesn’t have to do this. #WorstPresidentEver!

    • Dixie_Sugarbaker

      I don’t and can’t understand it. There would be a lease agreement between the homeowners and the feds that the feds must be violating. Tortious interference of an agreement and a Fifth amendment taking of property.

      • OneThinDime

        Ask the Native Americans how well those treaties worked out for them.

      • idalily

        It’s far worse than spite. It’s a dictator in action.

      • Bonnie Lynn

        heck if a low life tenant refuses to pay there rent there is no state i know of that can kick them out in 24 hours but these where all paying there rent where is the tenant landlord law at

    • Anthony Bertorelli

      This actions are clearly out of spite rather than necessity. Bill Clinton was never this vindictive during the 1995 shutdown.

      • ObamaFail

        That’s because Bill Clinton was at least man enough to compromise, and didn’t spend 90% of his time as POTUS just demonizing Republicans to try to paint himself as a good guy.

        • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

          Exactly! And the stuff he DID spend 90% of his time doing is NSFW.

        • Tere Wilson

          And the other 10% golfing at about $500,000 a hole withwith Joe Biden (that would be punishment enough, actually)

        • Chrissy the Hyphenated

          He also negotiated with Republicans and the MSM held him accountable to a greater degree than they do Teh Won.

      • Deborah Hallsted

        O was embarrassed in front of the world by Putin and the Syrian debacle. Now he has to prove his “masculinity” by dominating those most powerless to fight back. Typical behavior for narcissists questioning their manhood.

      • tammy

        Today, I read and saw pictures, where they would not let people pull off the highway to take a look at Mt Rushmore. They blocked off the pullover sites off the open highway. He is an a$$. Many people have been ordered to make it as hard on the public as possible

    • Brad Bettin

      Ordinarily, a tenant has a “right of quiet enjoyment” – which means that, as long as the tenant is honoring the lease, the landlord can’t do anything to interfere with the tenant’s use of the property.

      “Obviously” the federal leases must not read like that.

      I do wonder, though, when Obama & Biden will be told they have to leave their homes located on federal property because “the government is closed.”

      • Goodyeargirl

        I don’t think it matters about leases to the Feds. See the information about Mount Vernon, privately funded which they tried to shut down. The owners, Ladies of Mount Vernon, pushed back and they are open so Obama had the parking lot shut down as it is owned JOINTLY by the Feds and the Ladies……. He should only be allowed to shut down HALF of it…….. just sayin’

      • marge angel

        I and many others would love to see that happen.. put them out.. the inlaws and valerie jarrett as well.. she is really the one running the govt from his end anyway..

    • Goodyeargirl

      Excellent question! They should not be obligated for any fees while not being allowed on the property.

    • Allen Papa Smith

      You can almost understand this? What the hell? It makes no sense, they own their homes, that it’s on federal land doesn’t matter. The federal government doesn’t spend any money there, you can’t shut down something that’s not paid for by the government. That’s ridiculous!

    • Steve Carter

      It does not take a lot of advanced Spy-Craft to let yourself into a National Park. You simply take out the bolt-cutters and crack the lock, or get out of your car and move the cones. It will take a Nation of Men to defy a Nation of Fairies = Obama’s plan for America

    • Byron Shutt

      Then I guess the White House should close…..non-essential.

    • Mykal Faircloth

      There is no such thing as “Federal land”. All land bought with our stolen tax dollars, belongs to us.

    • april1934

      Good question! If you lease something you can stay as long as the lease is for. you own it until the lease is up.

    • Rulz

      I would think so, but really those who thumb this down are splitting hairs or are angry liberals who just thumb everything down without even reading or understanding it.

      The main idea is the democrats want this to be painful to try and hurt the GOP politically.

      I’m an academic institution, and I’m not going to fall for their nonsense.

    • Charles Batchelor

      Yes but the park on which it sits is being closed, there are laws in some states that make it a crime for your landlord to interfere with your use of leased property but sadly it does apply to the federal government. And yes, they still have to pay or loose the lease, a lot of these homes are own by private indivuiduals because it was once private land that is now part of the parks until those individuals move or die.

    • Elissa

      The people own their own homes outright!

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    The petty BS will continue until morale improves.

    • grais

      Looks like the morale of Americans Is improving.

      Obama’s learning a little something about American defiance.

    • brwaldbaum

      According to the Democrat playbook, internment camps are next.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “The petty BS will continue until morale improves.”

      Google “Admiral Byng.” There was an example of attempting to improve morale. He’s the source of Voltaire’s famous quote about how every now and then you have to hang an admiral, in order to instill “courage” in the others.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Governance by temper-tantrum.

  • Rusty Bill

    Civil war, coming to a country near you…

  • Clayton Grant

    OK. Let’s toss everyone out of federally subsidised housing, the White House, the VP’s home at the Naval Observatory, etc. since they are all on federal lands. Fair is fair!

    • b_truit

      ill help

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      But will the lamestream media succeed in blaming it on the republicans? That’s the problem.

      • JMW

        Yep. New media needs to be utilized to get the word out. Fb and twitter etc. need to be lit up by free citizens right now to get the word out to the non-political and moderates etc that don’t pay attention to politics. This situation is getting “real” real fast right now. Time to fight for freedom. Everyone of us needs to spend some time and effort getting the word out to every low info voter in this country. Let’s roll people.

      • ObamaFail

        With braindead liberals who think that Obama’s poop smells like chocolate and his urine tastes like Mountain Dew? Yeah, they’ll succeed.

      • marge angel

        of course the lamestream media will blame it on the Republicans and esp the tea party faction.. and the low information people will believe them..

    • grais

      Obama seems to think his thug tactics can intimidate Americans. He’s about to find out that most of America is Not Chicago.
      None of this stuff happened in any other shutdown.

      • BlueGood

        All Obama phones should be SHUT DOWN!

        Yes indeedy…EVICT the “Child in Chief” as well!

      • King Barachmed Hussein 0ballah

        This is MY shutdown, MINE!!! And you will all do my bidding!
        That is all for now.

    • Slamhole

      Ha! Twisting yourselves into pretzels on blame.
      Charlatans working the suckers in the GOP.
      Bow down before Koch bros.
      This site is a hoot

      • b_truit

        Koch? you still stuck on those liberal talking points? dude at least get up to speed on your partys talking points. Us conservatives, hate women, sick kids, and vets. That why Obama shut down the WWII memorial, and harry reid said no to funding sick kids. …er wait..

        • Slamhole

          Here’s today’s NYT
          Instead of name calling, try and inform me how this article is incorrect.

          • DWAAP


          • James Moe Morency

            Politics is politics. The democrats have their dep ocket leftist supporters. Does the name George Soros, nazi collaborator ring a bell? But low blows are low blows, and if you can back any party that would hurt WW II vets and children with cancer and senior citizens just to be petty, then you are as low as them. I have never been all in on ANY party, bad governance is bad governance, no matter who is in charge. Shame on anyon who approves.

        • Slamhole

          Up to speed enough for ya?

          • James Moe Morency

            Isn’t there something on MSKGB you should be watching?

        • idalily

          Koch? Liberals obviously haven’t updated their pointless talking points lately. Sure you don’t want to go back to that sure fire winner, Boooooosh?

      • ObamaFail

        You’re an idiot. Your President is proving himself to be a petty, petulant child who will work with actual terrorists, but will refuse to work with the GOP. You libs are scum, and Obama is proving it.

      • trixiewoobeans

        OFA troll?

      • DWAAP


        • Deborah Hallsted


          • DWAAP


        • idalily


        • Slamhole

          There’s a CAPS LOCK button that you can press to save you from looking like an unhinged lunatic

      • grais

        Nope. Pointing to temper tantrum that His Mighty Petulance is having.

        “We were told to make life as difficult for people as we can.”


      • Deborah Hallsted

        Chad, …is that you?

        • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

          He’s in the Democrat Relocation Program after his Obamacare fiasco.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            Oh, I understand now, lol

      • Oscar C

        SLIMhole… you are a JacksASS.

      • tammy

        I’ll take the Kock Bros over Obama buddy, Soros. The Nazi, who made his money by helping kill Germans. Big buddy to Hitler too. He is here helping Obama to destroy our economy. He said so himself and bragged that he had already destroyed 2 other countries economies. Soros is plain evil and also the most visits to the white house of all people

    • ObamaFail

      All of the illegals who are living in government housing on our tax dime should be booted out of their homes as well. That’d probably save a couple of hundred million dollars right there.

      • Lee Rubba

        I believe about the illegals thing but I live in subsidized HUD housing and I have nowhere else to go. I have a child still in school and I am disabled. I am sight impaired due to breast cancer. My 2nd round of chemo took my sight. Now what should I tell my daughter?? We have to leave our home?? I pay more money than most where I live and yes, some should not even be here. So do u have any advice for me now?? smh in disgust in NJ. #verysadndisappointed

        • Diane

          Lee Rubba, he isn’t talking about you. Our country needs to be able to take care of our own who, like you, need it, instead of spending most on people who don’t even care enough about the country to come here legally.

          • Lee Rubba

            Thank you Diane but I know it doesn’t effect just me. But I was explaining my point on this. I NEVER took advantage of the system. In fact, I only collected Welfare for 4 months total since my daughter was born and that was at different times in her life, not all at once. I just think it is sinful what they are doing on Capital Hill with our lives and livelihoods. I am not the kind of person who would NOT work if I was able too. I had a good work ethic when I was able to and now I am scared to death. Not a good place to be when you are going blind already.

        • Deborah Hallsted

          I’m so sorry you’re in that situation

          • Lee Rubba

            And it’s not my fault that I had to resort to this. I lost my house after I lost my job in 2009. And in 2010 I found out that I had a 3cm lump in my right breast. So this is all we have and what do I tell my daughter?? We have to go to a shelter?? And what about our kitties?? To the pound?? I am so upset about all of this bs I can’t stand it anymore. I sit here and use my magnifying glass to read these and it just upsets me more. For someone like me to be at the bottom of the barrel and have nowhere else to go…..what do I do?? Thank u for caring tho. Makes me feel good that someone out there that I don’t know would care so much. May God bless u. This is not what I had planned for my life. Nor my daughter’s.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            I understand, I have two terminal daughters I support, alone. That’s why I couldn’t let your comment pass. I think what people were saying, though, is not that anything will happen to people in your living circumstance, but that it is an example of people living under the govt’s thumb, and if you’re going to evict certain people, and justify it, what about the millions of HUD housing? Just as people said O lives on govt. subsidized housing/land-and he won’t get evicted, either. They were illustrating many live on govt. related housing situations, such as Native Americans. ! I don’t believe O would do anything about low income housing as well, as he thinks that’s his voting base. And as for you, may God bless you, and help you. It’s no fault of your own, of course, and ostensibly you are one of the deserving that the programs were designed originally for.

          • Lee Rubba

            Thank u Deborah for saying that. But with people in my situation, this is pretty scary to us. I shouldn’t have to live in fear of the government for things that are necessary to live. And just so u know, I never voted for this POS either. I am smarter than that!! lol U have a very blessed day. Take care and keep up the fight for us all!!! I know I will do whatever I can on my end. Thank God, I remember how to type or it would b really hard for me to get my point across!!

          • Ryan Johnson

            I’m not sure how much this will help you, but you can zoom in by holding ctrl and scrolling your mouse wheel forward if you’re on windows. so sorry to hear about all you’re going through.

          • Lee Rubba

            Thank you Damien Johnson. But I found an easier way to enlarge my screen. Just hit cntrl and the plus or minus sign to the right of the number pad. Thank you for caring and I didn’t comment so people can be sorry for me. Not that type of person. Have been dealing with the sight loss for over 3 years now. When alot goes at once, that’s scary as hell. But I worry for my daughter, not just for myself. And I also worry about others in my same perdiciment , Can’t spell it correctly, but u get my drift.

    • Goodyeargirl

      would that mean we’d have to lock everyone in military housing out, and in the ghetto housing the government claims to support… (an obvious lie as it’s absolutely pitiful at upkeep and maintainance)? How about subsidized Section 8 housing? No, he wouldn’t sacrifice those votes……….

    • tammy

      There is nothing fair with Obama, especially if you are white or Christian. He is also refusing to allow Catholic chaplains to perform any religious services on any bases. They can be arrested. They can not even volunteer their services. No prayers, no counseling, no communion, no services. That is sick. I didn’t see anywhere were Muslims are not allowed.

    • marge angel

      section 8 housing as well? these people were paying leasing fees.. section 8 are getting subsidized housing on the taxpayers dime.

      • Guest

        I wouldn’t put it past Pres Petulance, but Congress would not let it happen. Maybe you missed my sarcasm.

    • sandiw

      Section 8? Turn out the lights?

      • Guest

        Of course not. Congress would never let that happen. Was my sarcasm hidden?

  • itsatax

    What does the their lease say? Judging by the recklessness of some of the Regime’s other “shutdown” actions, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are in default and nobody bothered to even look at the lease language before pulling this stunt.

  • Leah Keever

    Why are there private homes on federal land?

    • IBXNJ

      There are THOUSANDS of homes like this all over the country….the owners own the buildings and LEASE the land from the Feds

    • Bonhoeffer

      Why does the federal government even own that land?! It isn’t a post office, military base, arsenal, or administrative facility. Therefore, there is nothing in the Constitution which empowers theffederal government to buy, seize, or otherwise own that land. It belongs to the state whose borders it is within and to the people.

      • GaryTheBrave

        You can blame Teddy Roosevelt and the Congress of the period. Photographers of the era took photos of scenic locales like Yosemite and showed them to Congress and the President. Thinking that ONLY the federal government had the resources to husband these locations (sound familiar?) they passed laws that allowed the federal government to take these lands for the public welfare.

        The canyon that forms Lake Mead was a very beautiful area. But since the government took it to “take care of it” they got a sense of ownership and decided they could fill the government coffers by filling the canyon with water and selling the water and the electricity from the dam.

        A couple of years ago, during a drought, the water level got so low that the former canyon became visible. Many pro and amateur photographers took to the water to get pictures of the formerly pristine gorge because they weren’t certain if they would have another chance in their lifetime. Something similar occurred this week too.

      • fordgal15

        As a taxpayer, you are also an owner of that property. If not, I don`t have to pay taxes like illegal immigrants.

    • Phebelyn

      “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who built the Hoover Dam, began giving away yearly leases on land around Lake Mead at bargain rates to make the place a popular tourist attraction.”

  • Julescat

    people living in public housing and section 8 homes should be evicted too?

    • plaingolf

      Ha! Stop teasing me. I live near Trenton!

      • b_truit

        im sorry

        • plaingolf

          Sympathy accepted.

      • Jim Denney

        It could be worse, it could be Camden.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Can’t evict Obama voters! Obama punishing his enemies.

      • Clayton B

        as quoted by the First Puppeteer of the United States, “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.” VJ

        • Deborah Hallsted

          Apt reminder, thanks.

  • Blake Waymire

    Well, progs believe that the government owns everything anyway and we’re just borrowing it.

    • Goodyeargirl

      some of the atrocities being committed under eminent domain these days are unbelievable.

  • Macsen Overdrive ✓re-rolled

    Barack Obama wants everybody but himself and his family to feel the pain of the Shutdown.

    • fordgal15

      I say we quit working and go play golf like obama. Hard to take taxes from someone NOT WORKING?!

  • alanstorm


    We need to see that everywhere.

    • Clayton Grant

      ^ x 10

  • $9898556

    Impeach Obama now!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I’m afraid an uprising is what this dictator wants. He’s testing to see how well the police and troopers listen to his orders. He’s already equipped every major city’s police department with tanks and militia-level weaponry. He’s dividing this country and egging us on to create upheaval. He will then declare martial law and we’ll never see another election again.

    I want to believe the truth will reach the low information voters, but even the report above by the Review-Journal leaves the individual reader to decide who is responsible for this, and many already believe it’s the republicans. It omits the fact that these types of closures have NEVER happened in prior shutdowns under either a democrat or republican president. Where is that information???

    Our biggest enemy is the media. If we don’t figure out a way to effectively counter their propaganda, we are going to lose every battle and eventually the war.

    • alanstorm

      To be fair, the militarization of the police started before his term. On the other hand, he’s done nothing to slow it down, either.

      He is trying to provoke a violent response. Don’t give him that unless and until there is no other option.

    • Walknot

      I have no doubt the folks pulling his strings are shock someone hasn’t tried to smoke him.

    • DWAAP

      Watch, as 2016 comes, the Marshal Law will be implemented.

      • Mick_Pearson

        Yo Festus, it’s Martial Law.

        Stay adorable Twitchy.

        • DWAAP

          You are so correct, must have been thinking of shopping at the store…………….lol, thank you for pointing that out!

  • David

    In a complicated analysis of Obama’s brain and after analyzing for about five seconds, I have come up with the psychological term pinpointing his mental problems – He’s NUTS.

    • Scott Murphy

      Nucking Futz actually

  • SideTraKd

    I hope they can sue the hell out of the administration for violating their leases.

    • JMW

      They should be able to…. during the Clinton/Gingrich shutdown they most likely were NOT kicked out… Obama is strong arming the nation right now and these stories need to trickle out into the mainstream. Everyone needs to post this stuff on fb and other social media sites and get involved in the twitter wars…… the moderates and independents need to read about this stuff…. the lefty liberals will just ignore it, but the moderates and non-politicals and independents might just get their eyes opened a bit.

  • MaddMedic
  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Here’s the story on Review-Journal, a Las Vegas newspaper. You can make Disqus comments there:

    • JMW

      Thank you for that link. I did make some comments…. including calling out the reporter to do some research to see if Bill Clinton evicted these folks during the shutdown when he was President. Obama is unprecedented in his hatred for America and Americans.

    • Jim Denney

      Why would anybody down vote you for providing a local link?

      Non-inquiring “mind” that doesn’t really want to know?

      • Orpheus75

        Troll nibble. They vote down on things that make your head spin. Like factual link’s

  • Scott Murphy

    And the left has the balls to call the GOP a terrorist organization??


    No way this happens unless the POTUS is quite sure how it will be portrayed in the media, and we all know how that will turn out.

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)


  • Suzyqpie

    Who would have ever guessed that the NPS would serve as Pres 0bama’s Basij…

  • Matt

    This is pretty ridiculous.

    Damn babies in government.

  • sickofitall1096

    If this type of behavior does not open some people’s eyes to what an absolute scum bag this POTUS is then we as a country are truly lost. The Liberty Insurgency (hat tip Buck Sexton) needs to start now!

  • GaryTheBrave

    I wonder if these people will return and find their homes torn down.

    When the Grand Canyon was made a National Park there was a hermit living there. The government allowe him to stay until his death. His shack is now a mini-museum to life back then. If the agreement was good enough for a hermit why not solid citizens today?

    • DeadlockVictim

      …or transferred to OFA operatives as rewards. Or to public housing residents sick of looking at their own damage.

  • Scott Murphy

    What is it going to take for people in this country so see that this bastard hates us and our country? He needs to go NOW!!

  • Scott Murphy

    Obama-lama-ding-dong wants to “Make it hurt”. Silly me I thought the role of the president is to be a UNITER and not a DIVIDER. When are we going to finally wake up and get rid of this useless and utterly despicable excuse for a human being?

    • idalily

      Alas, his side of the aisle doesn’t want us to be united. Their hatred of the opposing political party (a hatred ginned up by Obama to almost frenzied levels) is greater than any love they might have for our country. I keep asking myself when this nightmare will end. When will people FINALLY see what an @$$hat Obama is? How blind can they be? And yet, they keep tolerating his tyranny. I honestly don’t get it.

  • Guest

    That is what girly Presidents do, throw hissy fits. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn fully support his hissy fit though as they have said, this is who the American voters have elected.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Hey, it’s Sunday. Can we all say a prayer Steve Lonegan beats the crap out of Cory Booker in the special senate election in NJ? The media have all but crowned Booker NJ’s next senator, but polls say it’s a lot closer than we think. This would be a HUGE referendum on Obama and ObamaCare — a “blue” state electing a tea-party backed republican. And it would be an election even the lamestream media cannot ignore.

    We have a chance to have a voice now — we don’t have to wait until 2014. Now more than ever we need to slap the lamestream media in the face with some reality, and winning this special election would be one helluva way to do it.

    P.S. I was appalled that Romney didn’t even bother to run ads in NJ and just succumbed to this idea that we are a blue state. I live in a very red district. Other than the cities of Newark, Trenton, Camden and Paterson, this state has a lot of independent voters who can go either way, and many of them are feeling a lot of buyer’s remorse right now. We have a chance. SAY A PRAYER!

  • johnmully

    Stay in your homes people and tell the rangers to go an f themselves! Make a stand then film everything!

  • Marvin Nelson

    Request to members of the House of Representatives: We have HAD IT with this sorry excuse for a person who is running rampant over our freedoms. It is past time to act, and I don’t mean by passing a CR. If this SOB wants a fight, take the gloves off and give him one. At this point, I am ready to primary every senator and representative in my district. If I were you, I’d be very afraid at this point because your head is on the block in 2014. If you don’t grow a set and deal with this moronic, childish behavior, you will be looking for work a year from now.

  • James

    What about all of the folks in Government housing? Aren’t these considered Federal land? ( HUD is a government agency) The projects received government funding. Are they going to kick these out on the street?

  • KathyR

    After Admitting GOP To Blame For Shutdown, Right-Wing Media Attack Obama Anyway

  • Greg Lindberg


  • Red Fred

    Okay, if these people are kicked out of their homes, ALL residents on federal land, including the WH need to find other lodging.

  • jeffy

    @christievanover is the gal at lake mead playing a roll in this.

  • Tod Wad

    When we the people who believe in God, Liberty and the 2nd Amendment finally decide to protect our 2nd Amendment right to raise our guns to protect our freedoms. What will the Libtards do? Raise their guns against us? They don’t believe in owning one. Probably don’t know how to shoot one. If they do finally prove the hypocrisy that they are. Seems to me it is going to be a very short battle. God Bless all of us who choose to defend our freedom against this corrupt and inept administration. We will win!!!

  • happyscrapper

    Does the POTUS even know about all this? I suspect he does. But we need to PROVE that he is aware of this and doing NOTHING. Then, we need to let the public know the golf course he uses is on Federal Land and it is still open! Obama needs to leave the WH (that has been closed to the public for over a year) and move into his Chicago house.
    Time for WE THE PEOPLE to get very loud and in your face. So LOUD that even the MSM can’t ignore us!
    Oh, and by the way…closing down Federal parks, etc. is not saving a dime and in fact, the business lost will cost the American People Millions!!!

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Know about it? He probably gave the go code personally.

    • anjullyn

      We KNOW he knows about it. The park ranger said he was told to “make life as hard as possible for citizens.” This order was sent by the OBM which reports and gets orders from the executive branch. Meaning Obama.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Just think of the revenue lost by the tourist industry. Normally 13,000 would be visiting the Statue of Liberty, now only 3,000-all those who’s living comes from tourism there, and other sites, will be effected.

  • Robert Sullivan

    The gestapo boot of obuma at it again, how much longer must we suffer this fool in the white house

  • Slamhole

    Ya’ll are GOP tools. Party of responsibility. lol

    • IceColdTroll


    • HWarrior13

      People….PLEASE don’t feed the trolls.

    • ObamaFail

      And you’re a Democrat shill who drops to his knees for Obama everytime Obama intentionally tries to hurt Americans. How’s that Hope and Change working for you buddy? You libs are all scum who support terrorism (you guys were demanding the release of the Boston Bomber), you support aiding terrorism (you libs are all for Obama funding and arming Al-Qaeda.). Just wait, you libs will get your wake up call eventually. You scumbags think that you’re exempt from Obama’s Anti-American agenda, but since you’re an American, you are going to be hit just as hard as the rest of us. WAKE UP!

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Whatever you have to tell yourself to distract from Obama’s War on the Elderly.

  • Hcon1

    Wanted by the White House: MORE Sob Stories!
    We will not accept any of the following: Anything that blames Obama and/or the Democrats.

  • CobraJet428

    New Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist: Different shades of the same color–RED. The Constitution is the nut they want to crack.

  • johnnygeneric

    This is why the Federal Government should not be allowed to own land. Ever.

    • CBDenver

      Spot on! J

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Or have this much power! Big government at it’s worst.

    • idalily

      I would up-vote this 1000 times if I could. I live in a state where 2/3 of the land is owned by the Feds. Why? Because we had gold, silver, and gemstones. I hate the Federal government and the liberals who enable them more with each passing day.

  • Jack Deth

    Thank you, Low Intelligence Voters!

    This is what happens when a spoiled, petulant five year old who lives the political “Chicago Way” doesn’t get his.

  • jukin

    The mental illness, that all leftists must have in order to be leftists, is right on the surface for all to see.

    Juvenile narcissists do NOT like being told “No.”

  • al hunt

    When there is a massive stand off the MSM will be saying “CRAZED GUNMAN” instead of fed up American.

  • Dean Ellis

    Look at the big picture here. For the last several years Americans have been screaming for less government. Now it shuts down and everyone is screaming for more government. They got you right where they want you.

    • CBDenver

      What are you talking about? Those folks at Lake Meade are not asking for more government. They want the feds to leave them alone!

      • Christine Voss

        Exactly! It has taken ‘more government’ to shut down all these parks, the ocean, military priests, Pisgah Inn, the memorials, Mount Vernon…. These places did NOT shut themselves down.

    • ObamaFail

      No one is screaming for more government. We’re demanding Obama stop acting like a petulant child and trying to make the shut down hurt more just to try to get his way.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      No, people are upset that Obama is harassing others to try to score political points. I’m not surprised you missed that, what with your post so devoid of logic and competency.

    • idalily

      No, seriously, what planet are you from?

  • Sally Asay

    But Obama is giving 300 million to bail out Detroit? This _____ continues to amaze me! Such a petty man! If these folks can’t stay on Federal land – neither can he! OUT, DAMNED SPOT!!!

    • Deborah Hallsted

      GREAT example!!!!

  • FlatFoot

    This is madness.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub


  • Ntr

    Just our government acting like it always has. It did the same to endless numbers of Native Americans on “federal land”. It did the same to homesteaders on “federal land”. This is just another example of DC using a form of ’eminent domain’ to boot people off of their land. Land they’ve never owned nor have any right to. This shows that DC is polluted with socialism (anti-private-land-rights other than their own) and a complete arrogant disregard for its citizens.

    It’s like our government is run by (even more) high-strung narcissistic brats who do not realize that their behavior during this shutdown is making citizens and state-level politicians think that perhaps the federal government doesn’t deserve as much funding going into the blackhole that is DC.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Think Slowbama will round up Republicans like Democrat FDR rounded up the Japanese during WWII, and cite “national security interests” and “emergency measures” like that Commie did?

    • ObamaFail

      If he did, he’d suddenly look and find out that he just rounded up the majority of the taxpayers.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Yes, narcissists don’t like to be told “No” they think everyone should bow down to their wonderful ideas. It’s hilarious listening to President Stampy Feet whine like a baby.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Gotta love the President Stompy Foot name! If you notice he is just punishing park going white folk and the military. Not sure what the military did to make Stompy foot so peeved.

  • Jack Deth

    So. When does Obama’s Gestapo minions start booting registered Republican’s out of military base housing across the US and its protectorates?

    • Bob Howell

      He would if he ever thinks about it. He is making it as hard on everyone as he can to show that he is the dictator/ruler and no one can refuse his orders without being punished.

  • socalcon

    National Park Service: close NPs
    Interior: close down oil extraction sites
    Transportation : interstate highways
    FCC: conservative radio
    fAA: Red state airspace

  • Rulz

    GOP 2014

  • $46835779

    Hilarious! And those drooling, knuckle-dragging half-monkeys actually blame this on Democrates? HAHAHAHAHA
    Goea to show how bad it is to have an IQ under 70…

    • edjuk8


      • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

        Well, he did say he had an IQ under 70, didn’t he…? :-)

      • ZH38

        Being stupid is required for ‘democrates.’ LOL!

      • Margaret Swain

        Maybe it’s his idea of a new movement or philosophy. You know, Plato had his, Confucious had his, now Obama has his, Democrates, a philospher who coined his “golden sentences” one of which said ” He who is perfectly vanquished by riches, can never be just.” Hmmmmmm – So maybe this guy is really a deep thinker LOL!

    • simonlebon

      ….And it happens in harry reids district. Imagine that.

    • Brett Weir

      The same Republicans that fooled the democrats into voting to go to war in Iraq?

    • ObamaFail

      The Dems shut down the government, only a braindead liberal moron can’t see it. Harry Reid and Obama are the reason the debt ceiling is reached every year, they’re the reason the shut down still hasn’t ended yet, and they’re the reason your premiums are going to skyrocket. And on the topic of IQ’s? If there was an IQ test requirement to vote, Obama’s entire voting base would disappear.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper


      Behold, a spelling mistake only someone with an IQ under 70 would make.

    • anjullyn

      Take your MEDS NOW! Misspelling words and uncontrollable inappropriate laughter are the signs of your mental illness. Spare citizens the horror of dealing with unmedicated you.

  • $46835779

    When Reagan was young and healthy, he was a Democrat; as his dementia kicked in and he slowly turned into a rotting vegetable, he grew more and more conservative… goes to show it takes an IQ of 70 and under to be a republican: a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, drooling, superstitious animal LOL

    • ZH38

      Nothing like a brain-dead, Obama-worshipping zombie POS to lecture Republicans! So far we have Obama and his communist party …

      Shutting down the WWII monument

      Blocking people from viewing Mt. Rushmore

      Kicking elderly folks out of their own homes

      Shutting down parking lots near historic monuments

      And the dems think this is going to hurt the GOP. LOL!

      • ObamaFail

        Obama also shut down the Grand Canyon. The Dems also want to shut down access to the oceans, because apparently they think the Messiah owns the oceans. B-Buddha is in for a rude awakening, when the Dems “Final Solution” for the country they despise is realized, and suddenly his welfare and food stamps stop rolling in.

      • Christine Voss

        Don’t forget shutting down the ocean.
        Pisgah Inn, a private business.
        Forbidding Catholic priests to say mass even voluntarily for our troops.
        Closing Mount Vernon, also privately owned.

    • ObamaFail

      The Dems ran Detroit into the ground. IF that’s not proof enough that if the Dems ran the country with no opposition they would bankrupt the US, which is what Obama is constantly trying to do, then it proves what a Neanderthal brained loser you truly are. Why don’t you go abort a baby and masturbate to Sandra Fluke. No one here wants to hear you spew phony Democrat talking points.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      “as his dementia kicked in and he slowly turned into a rotting vegetable”

      So, dementia is the reason Obama’s an idiot?

      “goes to show it takes an IQ of 70”

      To produce a transcript so bad that it will never be released.

      “a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, drooling, superstitious animal”

      That’s a pretty nasty insult of Obama right there.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      #PleaseDoNotFeedTheTrolls Jawamax 8<{D}

    • anjullyn

      Please take your meds. Your delusions are beginning again.

    • genemcleroy

      B-Buddha–IF YOU had the brains that you feel that you do, YOU might be able to see that this administration, led by Obama, has done nothing but create problems and scandals that has the WORLD laughing at us. Get off the Obama high horse and start looking at reality.

    • idalily

      Comedy gold.

  • DaMonk

    No way you can make this kind of stuff up!!!

  • sgb1

    Just how does these homes being on leased Federal Land tie into the budget crisis? surely it does’t cost anything to let them stay there. These idiots are being absurd.

  • punnylady

    Let’s sign a petition to tell O’Bama that he must move out of his house and start to pay rent in a non publicly owned property!!! In fact since all of these fools live in what is paid by public money..let’s force all of them to move into non publicly owned rentals!!!

  • Kannibal Jones

    look…the obamaland wants to make this as personal and as painful as it can..our president is a punk spitting in our faces…daring us to do something about it if we don’t like it

  • ScarlettNY

    I request that access to the UN be barrycaded immediately, those clowns receive Federal funds.

  • Richard Wayne

    They keep making the case that they shouldn’t be in charge of our healthcare with this campaign to impose pain just because they are being challenged. Wake up establishment republicans and fight this now with these examples or future stories will be Liberals withholding medical treatments because of budget issues. (I guess we are already there with the cancer kids.)

    This fight is about freedom, not about the bottom feeders of society getting free stuff.

  • Zeeman

    When officials were asked why so many things are “shut down” that have never been shut down before in a government shut down they respond by saying that they received this message from the Whitehouse ->

  • stuckinIL4now

    So shouldn’t all the lowinfObamabotzombies be thrown out of their federally subsidized low-income housing as well?

  • W Dawes

    You need to tell these idiotic Feds that this shutdown puts us at a time when we had a U.S. Constitution and no government, BUT PLENTY OF NATURAL RIGHTS INCLUDING PROPERTY!

  • Jim Warrillow

    Next thing you know they are going to kick Native Americans off their reservations because they are government lands.

  • ZH38

    The Petulant-child-in-chief continues his pain campaign by attacking more elderly folks. First it was the WWII vets in wheelchairs and now it is retirees vacation homes. Yet the dummycrats think this is going to hurt Republicans? How delusional!

  • John Howard

    #ObamaSpites #ObamaSmites #ObamaSpitsInYourEye

  • Press Watchusa

    The only problem
    If they are liberals – They will blame the Conservatives

  • Steve in Katy

    It would be great if the State came to the rescue and protected their rights as residents. But then there’s a film maker in California still in jail for Benghazi.

  • Liliana Rawks

    If this is true — if they can kick people out of their homes because to get to them one must travel over federal land, then the White House should be off limits to its inhabitants as well.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Good point

  • ZH38

    No welfare and no food stamps during the government shut down.

  • docmacs

    So why is it ok for the govt to just break the lease? If I were a contract law expert, I would be suing the govt for all the breaches.

  • Daniel Eck

    People ! This is why we have a 2ND Amendment !

  • Lois Daniel Skipworth

    Obama & Biden needs to be put out of their homes. They are federal land. I wish that every veteran from every war and every citizen that is mad about their stupid tactics would invade Washington. It looks like if it will ever end the American people are going to have to take the country back. In my 61 years I have never witnessed such a stupid, idiotic, money hungry, power hungry, anti American, Muslim, childish, foreign affairs ignorant, arrogant, selfish, kills babies, trying to kill off the seniors, wants to be God and dictator president that sits in Washington today. He wants to dictate what we eat, wear, play, breathe, tax, drive, home, and everything else. Hell (which he doesn’t believe in) is probably preparing a special place for him and his cronies.

  • ZedBear

    Apparently, though, there is still plenty of money to spend on sending notices and jackboots, yes?

  • Sakemoto

    There’s nothing lower than a National Park Service employee who would participate in the eviction of law-abiding citizens visiting their monuments and parks. Now this. Never forget.

  • Carl Petersen

    Why is it so hard for Republicans to understand that a shutdown means that everything that is not essential gets closed? These people all knew when they purchased their homes that the land was not owned by them.

    • Sakemoto


    • stuckinIL4now

      It’s also not essential that these places get “closed” and it’s just Obumuh being a jackass and embarrassing the Office of the President, tryin’ to gin up anger from the ignoramuses who zombie-voted for him AND it’s costing money, he’s actually calling gubmint workers back to work to close them–so isn’t that a violation of the shutdown?

      • Deborah Hallsted

        Mount Vernon, for instance is privately owned. There is no essential money saved, nothing to be shutdown -federally. Yet they closed the parking lot.

    • ceyanne

      Really? Do you think that there is something in the lease that specifically addresses the issue of what happens in the event of a gov’t shutdown? I honestly have no idea. But then if that is the case, this isn’t the first gov’ shutdown in the last 25 years. Why wouldn’t they have been kicked out during all the other shutdowns if that is stipulated in their lease? Why is this time different? I’ll tell you what is different, we have a big petty baby in office right now.

    • ObamaFail

      Is National Chess Week essential? Because Harry Reid made sure funding was okayed for that. And the Dems are the ones keeping the government shut, because they refuse to negotiate with Republicans, because they’re too busy paling around with IRan and Al-Qaeda.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      #PleaseDoNotFeedtheTrolls Jawamax 8<{D}

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      So, why is Obama’s golf course still open? Or is it hard for you to understand that a golf course isn’t essential?

      But hey, whatever you have to tell yourself to distract from Obama harassing old people.

    • benched42

      So explain to me why Congress and their staff, the White House and all staff, the Supreme Court and its staff are “essential”. And why is Obama’s golf course (on Andrews Air Base) not shut down?

    • Christine Voss

      The White House is not owned by Obama. If a 77 and 80 year old couple can be kicked out of their private home on 24 hours notice, Obama and his family can leave their publicly owned home, too. This is disgusting.

  • raymond francis jones

    That is only the begining it will get worse.

  • ricoC

    Our president is a snake. Period.

  • tp517

    I hear there is a shortage of jackboots. The Feds and DHS placed orders for them last week.

  • Dara Beard

    All I can say is that I wouldn’t want to be Obama, Reid or Pelosi on Judgment Day!

  • DaleC

    Are they evacuating the indian reservations?

  • ThomasCollins1

    I wonder if there’s still anyone left in the country who doesn’t understand why it’s not a good idea to give government power over everything.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      There ARE, Thomas..Keep reading… Jawamax 8<{D}

    • idalily

      Sadly, there are. Read the idiocy on Daily Kos, NYT, etc.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I say we Drop-Kick KING FINK OBAMA into the deepest part of Chesapeake Bay, with a pair of Concrete shoes! #OccuPatriots Jawamax 8<{D}

  • nell

    All the homes that POTUS and Biden live in are Federally owned…Kick them out…NOW!!!

    • JGPA

      Hmm. Good point. Can we kick them out permanently?

  • JGPA

    Sure don’t remember memorials being closed or elderly folks being kicked out of their homes during the last government shutdown. What do you suppose is different this time? Obama, anyone?

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    So, Obama’s gone from harassing veterans to harassing seniors in general?

    And at what point will Obama close his golf course? After all, it’s on federal land. Someone wanna put up some barricades before his next visit?

  • Jason Davidson

    Obama, in his infinite hissy fit,

    is now throwing people out of their privately owned homes just because
    the homes sits on Federal land. Where are the calls from Congress for

  • Dina

    I wonder if he has realized that Democrats also use the parks, museums, and memorials?? Sooner or later at least some of them should be getting fed up. I cannot believe he would evict someone from their home..again I say what more do these blind people need to see what kind of tyrant he is.

    • idalily

      They will not blame Obama. They will blame the GOP. Personally, I don’t care who they blame. I am so sick of liberals and their blame game, I just tune it out when they whine.

  • Miketrt

    This is why you never give liberals power. They have a tendency to be deranged.

    • idalily

      Tendency? I fear we are long past that. Their derangement is in full flower.

  • KCallahan

    Don’t ever build your house and not own the land it sits on! Welcome to America, the land of tyranny. When you have a tyrant as president this is what happens. Americans have lost control of their government which was suppose to be “by the people for the people”. Ain’t no more. It is government against the people. We are the serfs and Obama is the master, which is just what he wants. He has carried that “slave chip” on his shoulder for a long time and now he can be the master. Feels good to be master doesn’t it Barry. Michelle and Barry are the plantation owners now and America from coast to coast is their plantation. They can tell you where you can go and can’t go, where you can live and not live. It is nice being a tyrant isn’t it Barry.

  • cscape

    The White House is on FEDERAL LAND….. evict the family that lives there, NOW!!!

  • P. Shirley

    One if the requirements to live here is for these guys to have an alternative residence, why don’t they? At the same time the WH, as was mentioned in a couple of tweets, is also on Federal property. So, this means the president should be spending most of his time at the local Salvation Army. As far as I’m concerned, this could be his permanent residence.

  • FreedomCzar

    It is disgusting and maddening O has turned Americans against Americans. NO self respecting NPS ranger or other personnel should obey these stupid morons and their orders to make it difficult. The whole damned NPS should be fired or threatened with defunding by the House if they continue to harass the rightful owners of the parks…..taxpayers….not the freeloading Obama phone crowd, illegal immigrant crowd, the OFA bunch or any other left wing outfit!

  • Christine Voss

    This is insane! How much money–that he supposedly doesn’t have–has Obama spent to kick old people out of their homes, shut veterans out of open air monuments that cost NOTHING to simply walk up to, block off highways to prevent anyone taking pictures of Mount Rushmore, go after private inns in the Blue Ridge Mountains, try to close the ocean, and tell Catholic priests they can’t even volunteer to say mass???

  • jpay80

    With this logic, wouldn’t every federal housing projects be treated the same?

  • Velva

    When our country shuts down the veterans wall thatn is going too far. Theses are the people who fought for this country. This is just crazy. What is our country coming to. The people who run our country can’t even get along. Why do we even vote for them?

  • Bryan

    If the government is shut down and private citizens are forced to leave their private homes, shouldn’t the public servants be forced to leave their public homes?

    • ked5

      starting at the top . . .

  • religionandhistory

    A ” Cone Heads ” quick one liner defense ? …………..” We’re from France ” ?

  • goldsage

    What I want to know is next week when the Constitution Truckers, bikers and citizens descend on DC, (Million man march – 11-13) will they surround the White House and demand that the POTUS and FLOTUS pack up and leave the people’s house?

    • JGPA

      It’s not POTUS and FLOTUS. More like the crazy half-azzed cracker and Buttercup.

      • goldsage

        It doesn’t really help to call names. That’s what THEY do. Better to make our own demands.

  • BigTBoom

    These home owners should make a scene, force the government to break their door down and arrest them. Then broadcast it all over the internet by wiring their homes with web cams…publicize the event as much as possible!

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Fine idea, but we all know the media will jump on the story and absolutely spin it into how it’s the Republican’s fault.

      • BigTBoom

        Make sure they get good audio coverage and yell while being assaulted “why is someone wasting the money sending these people to my privately owned home and arresting me for living as I do every day, here in MY HOME, in MY COUNTRY.”

    • Underdog

      The result would be several seniors with broken bones, which is nearly always fatal at that age, even if medical attention is prompt because fractures in elderly folks are highly vulnerable to infection.

  • James Lewis


  • rippersnort

    Why don’t they call Harry Reid. Oh wait….


    How long does it take to impeach a tyrant taking over this country? This man is out of control and BOTH PARTIES sit on their collective rear ends and do nothing about it!

  • Mac Abee

    I just really want to know how the Dhimmicrats are going to try to defend this.

  • woman in the desert

    I live just a few miles from Lake Mead. Fortunately I am not on the federal lands. Some of these people who are being kept from their homes are actually full time residents. The president is doing everything in his power to make the citizens of this country suffer, so we will never stand up for ourselves again.

  • mommeme

    This is great news… the WHITE HOUSE is on Federal land…so…OBAMA NEEDS TO GO!! Pack up and be gone in 24 hrs. dude. Pay your own way for a change.

  • PKinKC

    President Obama “kicked” these people off their land? Are you folks for real??? It’s the federal government that has charge of these lands…do you even think the President had any idea this was happening? Aren’t you morons tired of blaming everything on the President? Oh, you burned the Oatmeal…the President’s fault!! The wind is blowing…the President’s fault! Please research who has charge of the Federal Lands, and then find out how long it takes their actions to reach the White House. In fact, research everything you blame on him and see who is actually responsible. And don’t give me “the buck stops here” because it can take months before that buck even reaches his desk, if at all!

  • Lynn Terry

    I hope everyone remembers this BS form the Democratic President and party.

  • $3838536

    That’s Harry Reid country. What did you expect?

  • Jerry J Brown

    Nobody really owns anything anyway. Does anyone own the moon? Usage is a more debatable concept and those people are using that land and the gov’t is NOT!!!!

  • genemcleroy

    You people that continue to blame the republicans for this REALY SHOULD GET THE FACTS BEFORE YOU MOUTH OFF. 53% or more people that were polled wants Obama care repealed or reworked. It seems that you mimic the presidents talking points without checking into the consequences of this bill. It is so bad that the unions that support Obama is getting special deals to get out of it, the congress is getting special deals as of now, over three thousand businesses are also exempt in one manner or the other. What is wrong with you people?? When someone in congress FINALLY stands up for the people you party line people are so pigheaded that you would rather have a train wreck (a top democrat’s word about this bill) instead of a compromise!!! It is disgusting to know that there are Americans out there that will go against the good of all citizens just to stay with a party vote no matter how wrong it is!!
    If this is so great why doesn’t congress and Obama want to take it on??

  • Not Chicken Little

    This is the tyrannical government the Obamabots voted for – and Obama and his bureaucracy is only too happy to oblige.

    Let this be a warning – there will never be any shortage of petty government officials who like to lord it over people if and when they get the chance, and deny them their basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – and that includes property rights.

  • GENE

    Each day brings more of the traitors moves to kill America. This f_________ country best wake up before we are all in the street. Time for the people to take back her hard fought free country.

  • abbypatch

    I love the tweet from Tom Francois. He’s absolutely correct. Obama and the rest of those who have homes on federal land should also be kicked out. Don’t forget the article in the Washington Times stated the park rangers were told to make it as miserable as they can for the public.

    Nice, huh? I think the government is overstepping its bounds and those that are giving orders like this need to be fired!

  • candiceanne

    Can we give the Obamas 24 seconds to get out of OUR house and then NOT let them back in even when the 15% of the government not operating reopens? And isn’t Lake Mead Harry Reid’s turf? Nevada, it would seem your boys refusal to hold a vote and refusal to negotiate with the House that has passed budgets now has you folks being kicked out of your homes. What are YOU Nevadans going to do about it?

  • randomanglican

    That’s what happens to those who do not support THE DEAR LEADER!!!

  • rubykatherine

    This same vindictiveness will rear its ugly head when someone who disagrees with the Obama administration on ANYTHING attempts to apply for needed health care. “Make them suffer” could just as easliy become the Obamacare adminiatrators’ motto as well.

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    What if they had refused to go, like Obama is doing? Isn’t the White House on federal land? He should order himself out. And make it stick.

  • Beverley F. Clement

    Obama has gone past meltdown and is now in full fledged megalomaniac mode. He needs to be stopped. Time is not on our side. Charges must be filed in the House of Representatives for his impeachment. They must then be sent to the Senate, very close to the 2014 elections date as possible, and he must be found guilty, IF both Houses of Congress recognize their responsibility to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!

  • 7munchkins

    Time to ask these seniors who they voted for. If they supported that flaming pile of horse excrement REID or BO, then stop whining, you asked for it. If not, then it’s time to spend your retirement years kicking those bastards out of office!

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Ironic that they actually demonstrate why BIG government and it’s intrusion is dangerous, i.e. the all-powerful are free to inflict any injustice on the “little people”. Thanks, Spite House for proving conservatives RIGHT.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Government is designed to take, not give.

      • Deborah Hallsted

        Try telling a liberal that. Like taking a drunks car keys.

  • Indynana


    • ZH38

      You can thank Obama for that. The resident of the Spite House is spending more money to fence off the WWII memorial, push retirees out of their homes near Lake Mead and shut off scenic views of Mount Rushmore than just leaving them alone.

      The petulant child-in-chief bears 100% of the blame for this.

      • Joanne13

        Just had a friend write the following on Facebook (and he’s RIGHT ON TARGET!): It’s weird to think that our government has to pay people to staff the National Parks during the government shutdown in order to keep visitors out because they can’t afford to pay people to staff the National Parks.

  • Harold Schaefer

    Um wasn’t it the republicans who shut down the government! !!

    • Todd Hill

      The Republicans have signed multiple funding laws in the House, however the Democrat-controlled senate has thus-far refused to pass and sign those laws (with the exception of funding the military). Had the senate passed those bills which funded various aspects of the government, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

      The House isn’t merely a puppet which is supposed to dance on strings controlled by the Senate and/or the President. They’re doing their job, as much as you may hate them for it. Oh, and 6 days into this thing and we haven’t had elderly people dying on the street and other cataclysmic events that was foretold by Obama the Democrat Oracle…

    • ZH38

      No. The Republicans do not control the Executive Branch. The democrats do. That’s why it is Obama, not Ted Cruz or John Boehner, who is calling the National Park Service ordering these places fenced off.

  • Oscar C

    POTUS = Petulant Obnoxious Treasonous Unreliable Scumbag

    • Millie Tyler

      What do you mean? He is completely reliable- to do the wrong thing and make the wrong decisions and mislead people!!!

  • Linda Galli

    Governor of Nevada; take a page out of Wisconsin Governor’s play book and reclaim the parks for your state. end the madness. Start the petitions and recall heinous Harry Reid. He is the one behind half the garbage coming out of the WH. Send the message we wont take it anymore.

  • Bill Smith

    That piece of garbage needs to be thrown out of the White House!

  • Mark Werst

    I find it disturbing that the Obama Administration can force people out of their hmes weather it is on federal l;and or not this is just Obama making every one miserable while trying to blame republicans.

  • Roxane D Morris

    Face it, Obama is a dictator. kicking elderly out in the street, hating veterans, even closing privately owned landmarks but with his own money opens a federal muslim museum in respect. Wake up. Figure it out. He is a muslim dictator who hates everything about America! God Bless

  • Joanne13

    I WISH that those who only watch MSM would at least watch FOX occasionally! FOX is far from perfect but they DO try and present ‘far & balanced’ news coverage. If they’d watch ‘Bret Baier’ etc. they’d hear what MSM isn’t reporting. Sadly since they for the most part exclusively watch MSM they don’t realize they’re getting a one-sided HIGHLY slanted view of the news. It’s so sad to me because they’re railing at and blaming the people who for the MOST part are trying to do the right thing and HELP the country! But how do you get that across to them? I mean, I watch broadcast news every night (local) and hear their liberal/biased MSM slant to the news. But I balance it by watching FOX and get to hear BOTH SIDES of a story! I’ll never understand why Democrat voters don’t do the same. I have to assume they just don’t WANT to know the truth (maybe they don’t want to give up their fantasies about how evil the ‘other side’ is?).

  • Harold Schaefer

    I am not saying it is right, but lets keep the blame where it belongs!! The tea party thugs refuse to face reality and insist that unless they get their way nobody can play. I thought they were adults up there. The people spoke and elected him for another 4 years.

    • Joanne13

      If you actually believe that the vote was legal last year you are truly deluded. You explain to me how 100% of votes in ANY state has EVER gone to one candidate. It HASN’T and it NEVER WILL. But they did to Obama. Fraud was reported all over the place and our over-seas military couldn’t even get their ballots in to BE counted! And to add insult to injury a FOREIGN company tabulated votes OUTSIDE our own country! And you want to sit there and tell ME that YOU actually BELIEVE Obama was actually LEGALLY voted in? If you do, I know about a bridge in Brooklyn that’s for sale cheap . . .

      I’m a member of the Tea Party, a 65 yrs old mother and grandmother, a Christian that loves God and her community and loves her country. I attend church regularly, am on a prayer chain, make crafts with friends and we use the proceeds to help children in need in our local community, I love to watch birds at my feeders, like to garden, sit and watch TV in the evening and ‘talk’ to my buds online through email and on Facebook. I could go on and on. I’m likely to be very much like your OWN wife or mother (or grandmother!). I’m NOT crazy, a THUG or any other derogatory name you want to call me. People like me are true blue American’s who LOVE THE UNITED STATES. We hate seeing what has happened to our country, the way our freedom(s) have been whittled away more with EACH election! We want to buy what we want when we want to buy it. We DON’T want the government to tell us WHAT to buy or WHEN to buy it. We don’t want the government to tell us what to EAT or how to cook what we eat or WHEN to eat. We don’t want the government telling people what type of private business they can build or WHO they must hire or WHO they must serve. We feel that because millions of past service men and women gave their lives so that we can BE FREE and REMAIN a nation of FREE PEOPLE that we need to stand up and say ‘NO’ when any administration try’s to STEAL those freedoms so many have died to preserve. I could include more about myself but suffice it to say that we Tea Party Thugs as you call us are simply Americans that LOVE OUR NATION and her people and want us to ALL enjoy the freedom(s) our forefathers and millions since have been willing to give their lives to retain.

      You should thank your STARS that there ARE people like us willing to fight in any way that we can to try and keep dictator wannabe’s like Obama from imposing every freedom destroying mandate he can think of as he attempts a completely Communistic take over of our once great nation. If he DOES succeed to do what he and his comrades WANT to do, you’ll be crying in your beer wishing you’d have paid more attention to what is REALLY happening to American…. right under your nose!

    • iizthatiiz

      Really??? I mean really really? You actually believe that because of a political dispute between distinct ideologies in Washington D.C. .. that Obama has the power to evict Americans from their homes?? What about all the Federally subsidized housing rampant in this nations inner cities? It would be the height of hypocrisy not to advocate for their displacement. Am sorry, but I cannot comprehend your facist thinking.

    • Kickass Conservative

      Yawn. You forgot the part where you blame Bush….

    • Randy Hansen

      I am so glad the Tea Party is expecting the government to act like a responsible adult and not spend more than they have. I will take the Tea Party values over Obama’s failed Socialism. Why on earth would anyone be stupid enough to think something that has failed everywhere it has been used would work here”.

  • Randy Hansen

    I always wondered how you could find people to man the ovens and burn the corpses of their fellow citizens. Pretty chilling to realize we have a federal work force that would do the same thing if ordered.

  • Scott Roberts

    Obama is a DESPICABLE LOUT who should be ARRESTED for his CALLOUS DISREGARD OF OUR LAWS! He is NOT a GODDAMNED KING! He is an EMPLOYEE of the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and should be FIRED then ARRESTED! If you are a DEMOCRAT and still support this son of a bitch, I HOPE YOUR PARENTS ARE ON LIFE SUPPORT WHEN HE PULLS THE PLUGS so you can watch him do to THEM what he is doing to the REST of the COUNTRY!

  • sallyshep

    why are they doing all these petty things when only 17% of the govt. is actually shut down. Read Byron York’s article in the Washington Examiner. ”
    “Where’s sense of crisis in a 17% government shutdown?” Eye opening.

    • Joanne13

      It’s ALL politics…. the politics of PERCEPTION. The goal is to make the ‘other’ party look bad, hoping to stem the tide of anger (at Obama) that’s swelling up all over the country. It’s politics PURE & SIMPLE.

  • april1934

    This president is not endearing himself to the people.

  • Merrilee Lockwood Thomas

    Here’s a plan….Since the White House is Federal property why not shut the White House down and let all of the staff go home. Obama can go stay in a hotel. There’s one close by….and pay for it himself.

  • King Barachmed Hussein 0ballah

    Heed this, my subjects! You need not worship me, but you will obey me!

  • april1934

    The United States also leases land from other countries, can those countries make U.S.A. get out before their lease is up? These people should see a lawyer.

  • shooter1001

    This is why Americans should be armed! Obama will take one step too many and somebody with not much to lose will start shooting. Then all the pent up anger at government will spring back at our hated rulers and the blood will flow.

    • Joanne13

      That’s pretty much what I think they’re counting on… then Marshall Law & what follows. People need to keep a cool head…

  • jenndee

    Get these vets and people out there telling their stories! Especially if they aren’t for this pain in the ass president! Let’s beat the administration at its own game!

  • Harold Schaefer

    Okay typical republican response, when you don’t have a valid response resort to name calling. Is it any wonder why nothing gets done in this country?

    • Joanne13

      SERIOUSLY? YOU…. the person who STARTED name calling? NOW you want civility? You’ve got nerve, I’ll give you that.

      • Randy Hansen

        He learned to name call from Obama. He can’t give a speech without attacking someone.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    This is a test by the brown stain to see how much WE will take. No push back, a greater outrage next time.

  • Sue

    If the white house is on federal lands and the federal government is closed then why isn’t the white house and vps house closed and tenants kicked out. they are on federal lands too aren’t they. this is ridiculous

  • Harold Schaefer

    Sounds like someone has an anger issue. Could it be that the people you think are there to represent you really aren’t ? I was not talking about the members of the tea party, I am talking about the people in congress. If you think they have the same beliefs you do, then you are sadly mistaken. They said what you wanted to hear to get your votes and have not done one thing to back up what they promissed.

  • GWPA

    It is only seems fair that we lock the Obama’s out of the White House until the shutdown is over. We need the masses protesting in front of the Main Stream Media showing as much outrage as possible for the President’s scorched earth policy against the citizens of this country as he shows towards those that dare disagree with his policies.

  • Harold Schaefer

    I did not slander anyone here!! What I did was refer to the elected officials. Some people are very sensative!

    • Joanne13

      REALLY Harold? You must think our memories are VERY short! A mere 10 hrs ago you wrote: I am not saying it is right, but lets keep the blame where it belongs!! The tea party thugs refuse to face reality and insist that unless they get their way nobody can play. I thought they were adults up there. The people spoke and elected him for another 4 years.

      Now if that’s NOT ‘name calling’ what would you CALL it??

  • pedrobud

    These people in Washington are evil for these little games. It is all about them and to hell with the people outside the beltway

  • UrDumber

    War on Seniors! War on Seniors!

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Let’s kick them out of our house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • Jack Reacher

    Why do these people leave???I would stay in my house and be armed with everything I get my hands on. I would put signs up saying that anyone on my property is trespassing and a enemy of both myself and the constitution. I would not allow any park ranger to make me leave my home.
    Americans today are just pathetic sheep!!! Stand up for your rights! Stop bowing to the badges……and defend your rights and family. If people in these situations started doing that you would see many park rangers refusing to carry out these goon tactics.

  • Toni Welnhofer

    The potus is poking the people!! And their gonna get angrier!!

  • Breanda Mc Cabe

    throw Obama out of the white house, it sits on Federal land, … comment on here

  • Nan231

    “If my kids ever acted like these politicians are acting”— wrong! It’s the President who is acting like this, he could very easily realign funds to cover these costs and make cuts elsewhere. Instead he choses to make a point to the American people, “I’m in charge here and you mess with me and this is what you get.” Imagine health care under his tutelage.

  • chazaroota

    The Gov of this state should mobilize the national guard, take those citizens back to their homes and DARE Oscumma to try and take them out!!!

  • Tanker74

    The spite with which Obama and his D-baggers are handling this 13 percent government slowdown is backfiring on them.

  • Walter Of Florida

    Good for you people. Obama won Nevada by something like 7 or 8 percent over Romney. Bless your hearts. You’re getting what you voted for. A petty child in the Whitehouse. LMAO Ya’ll deserve all the hope and change he is giving you.

    • mommeme

      And Acorn helped Harry and Barry big time in Nevada. Bless their collective hearts! lol

  • Truckie 117

    When will people stand up band together and say No we are not leaving!

  • atunionbob

    The POTUS had nothing to do with this, this whole mess is caused by a blackmailing Republican party. Its like setting you house on fire and then blaming the fire dept for it. The Republithugs, say they will not allow the govt to pay its bills until the Senate and the POTUS give in on demands. Then they have the Balls to say the POTUS and Senate are not compromising. So its like this,,,,,I say, I want to burn down YOUR house, you say no…I say, how about just the second floor then…you say, no way. I then state, how about letting me burn down the garage then…again you say No. Then I ask, well what can I burn down, you say nothing, and i accuse YOU of not compromising. Do you idiots understand now how 89% of America sees this now? And if you think that 800000 people furloughed, Women and children denied food through WIC, Meals on wheels, and food stamps are going to forget and forgive this in 2014? You are sadly mistaken. Because we wont let them forget.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Oh right! The best way to react to fascist government is to vote for it some MORE! The POTUS has EVERYTHING to do with it because he ILLEGALLY changed the law. Now he can LEGALLY change it BACK. That was the “compromise”. But you already knew that, right?

    • Joanne13

      You believe what you hear from MSM which is nothing more than Obama’s PROPAGANDISTS. It’s VERY RARE to ever hear the real truth about what is happening in the government on main stream media. If you TRULY want to know the truth I have a challenge for you… Give yourself a chance to hear the other side. I know you don’t want to do that but TRY for just one week. Watch ‘Bret Baier’ on FOX news every evening for the next week. Watch Bill O’Riley too (yes I know, he’s somewhat arrogant and even annoying). But he WILL tell you the truth. He is BALANCED in his reporting as is Bret Baier. I know you probably HATE FOX and everyone on there. But it’s obvious you are only hearing propaganda and it’s NOT designed to enlighten you but rather to keep you clueless and CONTROLLABLE. It’s up to you whether or not you care enough about America to search for BALANCED news coverage.

    • mommeme

      Put down the glass, step away from the punchbowl. You will be fine once it gets out of your system….if enough brain cells are left. You just outed yourself.

  • desselle0010

    How sorry is it that when all the other Government shut downs occurred this did not happen, so why now? This is all being organised by this administration to inflict as much pain on people as possible so they can get their way or the highway. SORRY!!!

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    While old dog harry sits at the Ritz Carlton…with our tax money…Obama and Obiden are living in our government’s houses….they throw our elderly people out in the streets…They are taking a page out of Michelle and Valerie Jarrett when they were throwing the indigent people from the hospital they worked at, in the street instead of finding them a place to live ….these are gutter trash disgusting people and will never be forgiven here on Earth and in Hell…Obama couldn’t even calm the waters as he promised so now he shuts down the Oceans in Florida and Adios…old people of Lake Mead…Harry ….the guy with noballs to stop Obama said….”why would I want to save a sick child” “Why would I want to do that”

  • right_on

    Sigh…the DEMOCRAT President working hard for, um, ON the America taxpayer? HE, apparently, has drawn a “red line” against the enemies of his party of American Marxist’s.

  • Randy

    If its your cabin or house, tell the park ranger to go f4ck himself. I know that stretch of land, theres nothing there except for your houses. Obama and his minions only understand one thing. Jihad!

  • Eric

    You bastards who elected Obama owe the rest of us an APOLOGY!!!

    • mommeme

      Amen, and a little a$$ kissing….

  • Wow_Who_Would_Think

    The Obama’s should then go home to Chicago until the shut down ends. It is the height of hypocrisy for them to kick people out of their homes because of the homes being on federal property but for them not to do leave the WH for the same reason.

  • Wow_Who_Would_Think

    he Obama’s should then go home to Chicago until the shut down ends. It is the height of hypocrisy for them to kick people out of their homes because of the homes being on federal property but for them not to do leave the WH for the same reason.

  • Getserious!

    The shutdown is causing this how?? The fact it is on federal land has nothing to do with it–are they going to pretend they have government employees taking care of these private homes? Of course not, just another case of this administration telling park rangers they are ordered to make things as difficult as possible for average and elderly Americans!

  • Elaine Sawyer

    Obama and Bidden needs to leave their homes too. They are on Federal Lands Too!!! This is Outrageous!!! They have gone to far!!! Impeach Obama Now!!! I fell sorry for these Senior Citizens being kick out of there homes. God Blessings to These Senior Citizens Always!!!

  • LawrenceNative

    just a dry run for inflicting maximum pain with IRS healthcare.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    And because they peacefully LEFT, we see how the sheep of the nation are so easily ruled by Fascists.

  • AZWarrior

    The Republican Party needs to include a plank in their next platform that holds the National Park Service responsible for all this and promises to dismantle it when elected.

    • Joanne13

      ‘National’ parks should be put BACK into STATE control. The feds shouldn’t have their greedy paws in any of them!

  • Rick Jackson

    Hey aren’t these Harry Reid’s voters??? OOPS!

  • Robert Walter Fry Jr.

    The people at the ranger service will bow down and do anything they are told. What happened to people saying this is wrong, i wont do it??? people have to stand up for others and against our common enemy, who at the present moment would be obama and our demo government.

  • Amy Strohmeyer

    The white house is federally owned lets evict it’s current tenants!!

  • darcy922

    This kind of cruelty is totally unacceptable. If that’s the case what about the older folks that has gotten the reverse mortgage loan offered by the government they are allowed to live in their home after the transaction, the only difference is the government owns them. Can they be thrown out as well. ?

    • Joanne13

      Shhhh…… DON’T give them any ideas or those people will be out on the streets TOO! Just sayin…

  • Kathy McAlexander

    The scary part is that any of this “Government Owned” federal land might not be “Government Owned” if our country defaults on its’ debts. So I Pray to God that our POTUS has the sense to recognize, and if he already does, I Pray that he even Gives a Sh*t. Otherwise, we might be at the mercy of the ones we owe the debt to.

  • Jackie Wood

    A home is a home…Federal land or not. A large proportion of my friends are now being kicked out of their retirement homes. If you consider we graduated HS in 1969, college in 1973 +, this is really a nasty mess…we worked, we paid our taxes…

  • Melody Wittman

    I say lets kick the obamas and bidens out of there homes as we the people own them and they are located on federal land.

  • Just Another Guy

    What’s next? Closing “public housing” that receives Federal funds?

  • Kim McCormack

    I just hope to God everybody remembers this pettiness next elections because 80% of the demobrats are right with him. Republicans are just trying to get the country to stop going down this road to the collapse of the dollar completely. WE HAVE TO STOP THIS SPENDING DEBAUCLE THE DEMOCRATS ARE ON! THE DOLLAR IS NOT WORTH A DIME!!!

  • Barbara Winters

    I think he’s getting a little of hand with power going to his big head. He’s just asking for it, and it will be the end of him.

  • righthearted

    Don’t look now, people….but you HAVE been transported to the USSR/Nazi Germany/mafia era Chicago/a muslim run caliphate, all rolled up into a nice neat, Soros controlled package named Barack Hussein Obama! Born into communism, raised by a muslim in muslim schools, and educated in the best socialist schools the US has to offer; supported and bankrolled by the staunchest anti-American, anti-capitalist, anarchist racists in the world and surrounded by not only his hand-picked cabinet of those with the same mind, but he also has created a “shadow government” of even more radicals that wouldn’t have survived even the most cursory examination from the Senate…this is the perfect storm released on our wonderful nation…elected not once, but twice…given eight full years to wreak his havoc on We The People!! Now that he’s beginning to be seen in his full glory, and we’re beginning to realize the bitter taste of the fruit of his works, it’s just a bit too late to stop his runaway train of destruction now!!

  • billybob1952

    HEY BIG GOVERNMENT… we don’t need you to tell us we can’t be on our own land, land that is owned by THE PEOPLE… GO HOME!

  • George Murrey

    Like I said, you get what you voted for. All hail to the guy that reaches across the aisle wants to work to get thing accomplished. Really, REALLY?

    • DixieAngel_76

      I voted for the American, not this clown.

  • al1949

    This is no different than TERRORISM. It is fully intended to have the same effect. To strike fear into the hearts of innocent people. It must stop!

  • 00000

    I’d go right back into my home.

  • Johnnie Incog

    How many shut-downs since they bought in the 70’s? And this is the FIRST to pull this crap. Not even Nixon was this craven.

  • MikeTheTiger

    Don’t be fooled, this is all Obama and Harry Reid, not Republicans. If these folks can’t remain on federal land due to a government shutdown caused by the Senate’s failure to act on 4 bills sent to them by the House and the President’s threat to veto any bill that doesn’t fund ACA. So who’s not negotiating here? Sounds to me like this is all a problem cause by Democrats. Do they really think we are too stupid to realize this? The President is picking and choosing who he wants to punish – this should be illegal. The Forrest Service doesn’t provide any direct services to these folks, except maybe from Smokey The Bear. Isn’t the White House on Federal Land? Why isn’t it closed down?

    • Cherub Rock

      You have been fooled!

  • sue

    I say it’s time to charge this despot with crimes against the people! If it was le
    gal to sell them the rights to the homes on federal land, it should be illegal to order them to vacate! Could someone check on this? It’s unbelievable!

  • sue

    This must be something he learned at the knee of someone, not familiar with our Constitution. Let’s send a camera crew out and find out how many of the dislocated from Lake Mead voted for Mr. Obama. You know, it is the Executive Branch that is ordering all this closure; not the House Republicans. They do not have that privilege. Why doesn’t the alphabet media do some real investigating and get to the truth about what is really going on with the alleged shutdown?

  • WrinkledThought

    If we are going to kick out folks from their homes on Federal Lands, we should demand it starts at the White House!!!!!!!

  • Harold Schaefer

    Are you a member of congress? Reread my answer. My comment was directed at the elected officials who are holding this nation hostage and refuse to negotiate, not anyone on this page!

  • Harold Schaefer

    Really the ACA is an exact copy of Romneys plan in effect in MA. If this plan was really as bad as they say, why wouldn’t they let it take effect and then let the american people run every democrat and republican who voted for it out of office and then put their plan in?

  • JaxCracker

    These people knew that this could happen. They had to agree to have a primary residence elsewhere before being allowed to live in homes on Federal land. Sure, Obama could sidestep this situation by issuing an Executive Order permitting them to stay in their homes. But before we become demagogue dealers like libs, we need to discuss the WHOLE truth and not stop reading about a situation when we hear what we want to hear. I’m not quite as upset once I realized that all these residents do have their primary homes to go back to.

  • Novus Ordo

    So are Boehner and the Tea Party reps going to apologize to the eldery couple?

  • alcides da texiera

    “I had to go to town today and buy Ralph undershirts and jeans because I forgot his pants,” Joyce Spencer told Action News. Ok My Ingles is not that good ,, but I dont get the connection.