The slobbering love affair between GOP Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Team Obama continues to blossom.

Smoochie, smoochie.

Too bad there isn’t an Academy Award for Best GOP suck-up to the White House.


Nuts: Chris Christie reportedly says he’s ‘not much different from Andrew Cuomo’

Uhhhh: Stumbling Obama and Christie canoodle in Brigantine, NJ, while outcry for help grows

Drudge rips NJ gov: ‘Christie clowns on ‘SNL’ as residents suffer’

Chris Christie praises Obama’s Hurricane Sandy ‘leadership’; libs rejoice, conservatives rebuke

  • Andrea Blachford

    Was she charged of watching what he ate?

  • James DeAcutis

    0 – 1

  • Tangchung

    Christie looks like he has a loaf of marble rye bread in his throat.

  • notenoughtime

    Thought Christie was smart enough to see through the politics and using him as a pawn. Guess not!

  • average schmoe

    I wonder if Michelle forced him to eat only 3 Chicken Nuggets and a side of Broccoli like she makes my 17 year old thin, athletic son in High School?

    • louisiana_mom

      If your 17 yo is like my 16 yo, he/she comes home and raids the kitchen because they are starving! My son has actually gained weight this year thanks to the starvation lunch he is served at school.

      • Smitty 

        wait… 3 anti government involvement folks complaining about how bad government lunches are… this is classic. Please. Continue.

        • louisiana_mom

          What is so “classic” about it? I paid for those lunches, with my tax dollars. If the school did not provide the lunch, then I would provide my son with a lunch to bring with the money I would save on taxes.

        • Christina Carter

          Idiot, they didn’t say free lunch. School lunch. Remember, schools still serve hot lunch even for those few people who actually pay. The point was that mrs Obama made them so small that they are almost inadequate nutrition. Where did you even get the free lunch idea from? It’s nowhere in their comments.

          • Balto2

            How about the little girl who took her lunch to school and the lunchroom police took away her sandwich. Taking your own lunch doesn’t guarantee you will have it in the end…. The little girl was given the school fare and she was left hungry. This story was on the news!

          • grumpyank

            Look at it this way. It’s not fair that she has a sandwich when other kids are eating raw veggies. This little girl might grow up to be a “one percenter”!

          • George Murrey

            Those free lunches that kids get are paid for buy us. So, they are not free.

        • George Murrey

          I bet you love eating at your kid’s school cafeteria. My g-daughter is not impressed with what they serve. When my wife and I grew up, our lunches were a lot better, that’s because we didn’t have a nanny telling us what to eat and when to eat it. Time for the schools to tell the gov’t to get out of their lunch programs.

          • grumpyank

            Little kids have to be indoctrinated to accept that the government knows what’s best for them.

        • average schmoe

          I am one of the few still paying for these lunches and taxes. Don’t call me an idiot.

          • grumpyank

            To Smitty, you’re just a source of tax revenue.

        • grumpyank

          Another “smartest guy in the room” Obama supporter.

        • $5326605

          Dear Libturd,
          Just because YOU and your Mooching offspring eat “free” lunches does not mean most of us do. In fact, I not only buy MY kids lunches, I PAY for YOUR kids lunches as well you miserable leech on society.

    • Kevin Gallagher

      My 8 year old girl cant even get full from that. She brings her lunch now.

  • Steve_J

    Is that Christie’s consolation prize for Obama not cutting the red tape like he said he would?

  • Steve Elliott

    Couple porkers

    • b_truit


  • $2346491

    Hee.. Krispy Kreme is just setting himself up for an epic fall at the hands of the Savior. Remember the wonderful, wonderful job that Rubio did dismantling the Oompa Loompa.. Get ready for something even more epic. I hope that it ends up with Christie crying like a baby.

  • Charm4sure

    Wonder how long it took for Mooch to ask the Krispy Kreme about losing weight?

  • stephaniejane81

    ummmm, he’s losing me more and more. I have no idea, as a conservative, how I could logically support someone like Christie.

    • goldwater89

      I support him because he’s a true small government conservative.

      • blueniner

        You better do your homework…….

      • b_truit

        Yea and if we listened to everything obama says he’d be cutting th debt in half. Dude watch what they say, not what they do

        • plumberskid

          You got that backwards…watch what they DO

      • DisgustedinTexas04

        Christie is a RHINO. He’s no republican. A sell out and a disappointment to all who voted for him.

        • Sandra Buchna

          Thats the truth

        • $5326605

          Yes he is a RINO. He is the size of a Rhino as well.

      • justamom

        Hey Goldwater: I was a Goldwater gal and you are not…Goldwater would not recognize Christie.

    • grumpyank

      You can’t blame him entirely. He did a favor for Obama, so Obama is doing a favor for him. Kind of like “The Godfather”.

      • stephaniejane81

        mmuuaaa ha ha! you know sometimes I feel like we’re in a movie like the Godfather….you know, the government is the mafia–or being controlled by the mafia.

  • DizzyMissL

    If Rs run him, it will be the first time in my life that I will not vote R for a prez

    • eddie333

      Right. If they run him, or Jeb Bush.

    • goldwater89

      That’s funny because Christie is the only Republican who can actually win in 2016.

      • louisiana_mom

        Funny, that’s the same thing you RINOs said about McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012… how’d that work out? I agree with DizzyMissL, it will be the first time in my life I will not vote R for president.

        • goldwater89

          Oh because Rick Santorum or Rick Perry would’ve won, right?

          • Kevin Gallagher

            Oh I didnt realize that only those 3 guys were looking for the nomination….

          • goldwater89

            Romney and Huntsman were the only sane ones running.

          • Matthew Koch

            The republicans haven’t won an election with a moderate candidate in over 40 years.

            Why vote for “Democrat-Lite” when you can vote for the genuine article on the other side of the ballot.

            Pissing off your base won’t win you a national election.

          • goldwater89

            George H.W. Bush is/was a moderate Republican, so was Reagan. By the way, what made Romney a moderate?

          • Matthew Koch

            You think Reagan was a moderate?!

            Reagan brought a billy club to his opponents. The bushes might not have fought as hard as Reagan, but they still tried to fight their opponents. Bush uno clobbered Dukakis. Bush 2 hammered Gore and Kerry.

            Romney had his own version of Obamacare. What did Romney do when Obama was pummeling him? He talked on and on about how wonderful a guy Obama is. That really won’t make people think that the attacks on you are false.

            The bushes aren’t moderates. They ain’t as far to the right as Reagan but they ain’t moderates. The reason bush 1 started to lose his base heading into 1992 was because he thought he had to become Democrat light in order to win. Not surprisingly it backfired. When he ran as a conservative in 1988 he won big. As dem lite in 1992, royal bitch slap.

          • goldwater89

            Yes, Reagan was a moderate. When did you ever hear him talk about social issues? Never. He also raised taxes eleven times. He also ballooned the country’s debt. He’s not the small government guy some of you make him out to be.

            Romney was elected to serve the people of Massachusetts and he gave them what they wanted: healthcare.

          • Scott Jacobs

            He raised taxes because he was told that there would be spending cuts, and from start of his first term to the end of his second, rates dropped.

            So stop with you “Reagan raised taxes so you should love Obama for trying to do it too” BS, which is really what you were trying for.

            All Reagan did was wrongly assume that Democrats weren’t lying piles of crap. A shame that no Republican – either in Congress or the White House – has ever managed to actually learn that lesson.

          • usaman

            Wrong. The Democrat Congress under Tip O’Neil balooned the debt. The Executive Branch of big gubmint does ont have the Constitutional authority to run up the debt. Only Congess can. Reagan agredd to revenue increses to get spending reduction. But once again, you cannot negotiate with those scum bag Democrats. Just like the Republican House now, the Democrats got their revenue and then never give reductions in spending. Screw them and the horse they rode in on.

          • putthehammerdown

            Yeah, Mitt did it all by his lonesome and the Democraric House and Senate had Zero to do with it, is that about the size of it?
            As far as the ‘Reagan ballooned the debt’ crapola, Tip O’Neil said he was gonna go 3 for 1 on cuts vs. new revenue.
            No ‘cuts’ were ever enacted, but the ‘revenue’ mysteriously got passed.
            Reagan’s “Letters” book clearly spells this chicanery out, plain and simple.

          • blueniner

            George H Bush…..”read my lips no new taxes” …..BuBye

          • louisiana_mom

            LOL! What made Romney a moderate? Let’s see, there was Romneycare, him signing gun control legislation, cap and trade legislation, ….. do I need to continue? Gees….

          • SideshowJon36

            Huntsman was an Obama admin plant. If he wanted to win, he would’ve ran for the other party’s nomination

          • louisiana_mom

            They would have stood a better chance than Romney did, especially after Romney started moving Left. Run another RINO and I’ll vote Libertarian and I can promise you the Republican party will lose more Conservative votes than they gain in Independent or minority votes.

          • goldwater89

            Hate to break it to you, but they would’ve lost in a landslide. The country doesn’t want a social issues freak like Rick “can’t remember what program he wants to cut” Perry or Rick “I’m obsessed with gay people” Santorum. Oh, and I can’t forgot Michele “Gays can be cured” Bachmann.

            “I can promise you the Republican party will lose more Conservative votes than they gain in Independent or minority votes.”

            That’s where you’re wrong. You social “conservatives” make up a small portion of the party. Go ahead and start a third party and take your Christine O’Donnell’s and Todd Akin’s with you. Your people won’t even be able to win a race for county dog catcher.

            Libertarian? You realize they’re pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, right? Wouldn’t you be going against your “values” by voting for them?

          • louisiana_mom

            I’m not a “social conservative,” I am a Tea Partier. I disagree with RINOs on the size of government, their spending, and their not attempting to deregulate. If it is not mentioned in the Constitution, then it shouldn’t be a political issue.

          • goldwater89

            If you aren’t a social conservative then why do you people only nominate politicians who rant and rave about gay marriage and abortion?

            And can you please tell me what makes Chris Christie a big government guy?

            “declaring war against the most extreme government union bosses, fighting for education reform across the Garden State, spending less in this year’s FY13 budget than Corzine spent in actual dollars in FY08, reforming and keeping afloat the state’s dying public pension and health benefit programs by eliminating COLAs, increasing employee contributions, raising the retirement age while saving the moribund system $120 billion over 30 years. Cut business taxes by $2.6 billion and created 100,000 new jobs over two years in his one state.”

            “remain true to his conservative Catholic convictions and still hold a 74 percent approval rating in today’s Quinnipiac poll that also gives him a 71 percent reelect rating, has the Republican governor ahead with independents 68-18 and leading with women 54-31?”


            If that’s your definition of a RINO then sign me up.

          • louisiana_mom

            Run another RINO and you will lose this voter who has voted Republican for 30 years… and I’m not alone. Just remember though, I didn’t leave the Republican party, you left me. I believe the same things I did in 1983… smaller government, less taxes, and less regulations. You will not win anyone from the Left side with you “compassionate” Conservatism and are losing true Conservatives…

          • goldwater89

            Do you know how many times Reagan raised taxes? Eleven.

            I just proved to you that Christie is a small government Republican. Can’t argue with facts.

          • louisiana_mom

            Reagan made the mistake of “compromising” with the Dem House… but at least he got something everytime he compromised, unlike Bush who just gave the Dems what they wanted so they would shut up. And I will not vote for Christy, Jeb (or any other Bush), or another RINO again. Put up a Conservative or I’ll vote Libertarian.

          • $24698634

            You are setting yourself up for a lot of political heartache.

          • louisiana_mom

            No more than wasting my vote on losing RINOs…

          • $24698634

            Ok, good luck.  Maybe you need a new party.

          • blueniner

            Goldwater….Christie? oxymoron…….

          • $2346491

            What makes Christie offensive to Republicans is the fact that he virtually endorsed Obama and campaigned for during the final weeks of 2012 and that he is continuing to play footsie with the Obama administration. I’m a moderate Republican (I support gay marriage for instance) and won’t vote for Christie in either a primary or a general.

          • John Locke

            YOu mean they wanted Barrack “Corpsemen” Obama who thought you could win the medal of honor, decided to give shoutouts to his friends instead of handling the Ft. Hood shooting, got a good night’s sleep then vacationed in Vegas while Bengai happened?

          • dareisay

            Our country has bigger problems than social issues! Can we please talk about them, our country is in peril!

          • Chris Edwards

            You are a compete idiot. Best you shut up now while some here can still respect you.

          • Smitty 

            The truth hurts, four out of the last five presidential elections agree with this analysis. When you look at the popular votes and break down their statistics… Oh wait, the NEW anti-science gop doesn’t care about numbers, just their partisan agendas, and fear tactics.

          • $2346491

            So Rick Perry and Rick Santorum are the only Republicans running against Christie in 2016? It seems to me that there are much better candidates running… Like Marco Rubio and some of the other governors (Jindal or Martinez.) I think that the leftists want to run against Christie because they know how weak a candidate he’ll be. His thin skinned personality will get the best of them and he’ll turn off soccer moms in the suburbs of Philly and Columbus.

      • Kevin Gallagher

        If the R’s run Christie then i’m voting Libertarian.

        • $40665324

          Then you will be voting loser again.

          • Kevin Gallagher

            And you voting for McCain and Romney had what result?

          • $40665324

            Not the point. A Libertarian can never win a general election.

      • Richard Hertz

        With Republicans like him, who needs Democrats?

      • Josh Corrington

        And I will still vote for Rand Paul in 2016 because because all of the above are neocon puppets

      • Renny

        I thought that was sarcasm. Alas. That’s so messed up.

      • chevyll

        Its because he’s not really a Republican. RINO comes to mind

      • Balto2

        He is a RINO and if he wins, we have another democrat anyway. There are good people who should run and it is not Christie or Bush by a long shot! We need a President who is honest, and does not use tragedy as a photo opt. and one that is inclusive of everyone, not deliberately pitting groups against each other. Hard to find —- yes Possible to find —- yes Truthfully, I like Dr. Carson, he tells it like it is and he is a genius which this county needs desperately to turn it away from the abyss.

      • justamom

        You wouldn’t have voted for Goldwater, so nix the name, unless it’s your own!

      • grumpyank

        Well, he has to get the nomination first. So far, he’s failing.

      • $5326605

        Horse Crap.

    • Kevin McGeehan

      He can barely walk, don’t expect him to run!

      • TheTweetest


      • $5326605

        Fatty McWaddles has not seen his own pecker for a decade.

    • b_truit

      I would sit home if they run him.

    • DisgustedinTexas04

      He is no Repub. RHINO best suits him .After his performance at the Republican convention (he was endorsing himself,not Gov. Romney),I would not be shocked if he went public that he is switching parties. Disappointment.Not the man I thought he was.

      • $5326605

        RINO. Size of a Rhino, but RINO = Republican In Name Only. RINO.

  • eddie333

    Her bangs need to be about 5 inches longer. Then she would look better.

    • louisiana_mom

      Her bangs would need to be about 5 feet longer to accomplish that task… jus’ sayin’

  • L.N. Smithee

    She wanted to sit next to someone whose butt made hers seem small.

    • $2943864

      . . . and she is still looking. Thank you – I’ll be here all week.

      • T-Bird

        Hahhahhahahahahahahahaha. Nice

  • lark

    I wanted Steve Lonegan but NJ had to go with the party pick so can you say RINO

  • Semper Fi

    Say so long to the White House, Tubby.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    C.C. for president…fugetaboutit.

  • Booker

    Just like other establishment Republicans, its all about the faint praise and media worship.

  • peoplectr

    With those two sitting together……I just hope they had enough food. Both have wide butts to keep up.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    So the Pillsbury Doughboy dines with Aunt Jemimah. Interesting.

    • Smitty 

      Comments like this would be why the GOP has lost four out of the last five popular vote elections. Even when a member of your party tries to work with the other side, you throw him under the bus and make the former hero, that a majority of your membership was trying to get to run to be the nominee of your party, the butt of your jokes, and a little bit of racial snark, and you have the complete package….

      • $2346491

        Yes… Let’s play a little game. Hillary Clinton decided a week before the 2012 election that it was in her interest for Mitt Romney to be elected. So Bill decided to heap bipartisan praise on Romney before the election for something like his charity work or his business competence. As a result, Obama lost. In that case would you still be supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016?

        That is why Republicans really hate Christie. He stabbed Romney in the back a week before the election and virtually endorsed Obama. This certainly benefited Christie and Obama politically, but did nothing to help residents of NJ. The residents would have gotten their FEMA relief whether or not Christie frenched Obama and the campaign rally those two had in NJ probably made it more difficult for rescue workers. (Nanny Bloomberg basically suggested Obama stay away because of it and Nanny Bloomberg is a leftist.)

    • blueniner

      No Aunt Ester…..

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    His reprogramming is nearly complete.

  • Ardell Simon

    true RINO!

  • Mark Malcomb

    I think it’s a good thing we learn about him early on. He truly is a RINO not to mention a RHINO. I hope they enjoyed their ribs and fries…

  • fedupchuck

    Glad he is showing his true self before running for a National office


  • flybwoy

    I absolutely LOVE the comments from the bitter Republicans.

    They don’t seem to realize that the US has completely changed, and they’re stuck back in the hatin’ fifties.

    And it’s why they’ve got four more years of Obama

    Keep hating Republicans! It lost you the last election.

    • Jimmy in TxHillcountry

      Troll much? Your comments are not conducive for non partisanship governance,,,,,, remember? I was a child in the 50’s and I remember it being a good time to live in.

      • lyrical56

        i agree. I was child in the 50’s too! Also I live in the TX Hill Country.

    • $2346491

      Why exactly are y’all defending a supposedly Republican governor? Is it because like us you know that he would be a surefire loser in 2016?,

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Damn, I keep forgetting that huge loss of what was it? 3 or 5 points? I guess the almost HALF of the population that voted against Obama need to move to another country now. Because everybody knows even if half the country disagrees on something, they need to STFU and roll over. Nice Fascist!

      Again. Democrats turned out the vote and the GOP didn’t. And Christie’s dog and pony show with Obama was a major contribution to Obama’s campaign. Christie has exchanged his political future in a desperate quid pro quo for government money and saving his a** as governor. He knew exactly what he was doing.

  • Jeffrey Everhart

    Chris Christie’s bravado sounds nice, and looks cute, but he’s just another cheap politician. My hope is the Republican Party gets behind someone like Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan. We don’t need a rotund candidate.

    • msmtl

      Cruz looks even better.

      • ctmom

        Cruz is Canadian by birth.

        • msmtl


    • blueniner

      NO ROOOOOBIOS please……..

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    At the fast and furious rate the Obamas spends money on themselves and their cronies….there will be nothing left to run…these two biggest ever welfare takers will have swallowed up everything near and dear to our Republic…this country will not survive another 4 years of manufactured crisis…a la Saul Alinsky…Obamas and Clintons Hero…Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” book dedicated to Lucifer was written for Obama/Lucifer…and….we now know what he meant…Keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next…”Never let a crisis go to waste” Rahm Emmanuel…

  • Jeff Trippett

    So, if someone decides that people are more important than politics, they’re stupid or a bad choice for a candidacy? Comments about Michelle Obama’s behind? Really? These are the things that are important to you, huh? People talk about the ability to reach across party lines and when someone does it they are faced with petty and ignorant criticism. You people are all that is wrong with the Republican Party. You people hold Reagan up as a golden calf. But, when an intelligent man does the same thing, you tear him down. You only show how ignorant conservatives have grown. No right minded person can be a conservative now because of the childish behavior that has consumed the party. Read your posts and tell me I’m wrong. Most people grew up…but, not the people posting here.

  • Sherry ;Michaels

    We’ll see if Christie still sings Nobozo’s praises when the funds for Sandy are cut……. I’m disgusted wih Christie…… turncoat!

  • Renny

    RINO, Democrat wannabe.

  • rinodino

    Christie 2016!!!!!

  • blueniner

    Christie is a POS RINO Liberal, sucking up to Barry again. please become a Springsteen Demoncrat, take the mask of you Testa Dura!

  • john

    How much did you receive in selling the Republican Party out
    to the far left? I will make a judgment call by saying you have something in
    common with Judas!

  • Garth Haycock

    I’ve lost all respect for Christie. It’s disheartening to learn that he was a progressive who pretended to be a conservative.

  • Chauncey Freeman

    Absolute power corrupts the corpulent absolutely.

  • Carmelosr

    There goes a politician getting his payback for the elections….shame..shame

  • John Clement

    he sat next to her because he knew she wasn’t going to eat her fries and he wanted them.

  • George Murrey

    I’d feel sorry of any governor, let alone Gov Christie, to sit beside a woman that spends our tax $$$$$s on dresses and vacations the middle class couldn’t afford. I’m sure the governor was gracious, but thought it awkward to be beside her.

  • ctmom

    He is probably asking her advice on who he should replace Menendez with.

  • Martin McDonald

    It’s RINO (Republican In Name Only)

  • Bob G

    Isn’t it amazing that as RINO Christie got closer and closer to re-election, he became closer and closer to the Obama’s in word and deed.
    Questions: How long does Michelle’s hair straightening last before it returns to a brillo pad? Do the taxpayers have to cover that cost?

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Nobody hates the Obamas more than me but that’s just a stupid, desperate, unfunny, actual misogynist and racist remark. Especially considering her hair’s been straightened forever even decades ago. So your little “joke” doesn’t have a single kernel of truth in it, required for a punchline or satirical observation, FFS.

  • Ann

    Looks like next election, Christy will not even get re-elected as Governor, much less get a nod for POTUS. Big mistakes he has made. Huge, huge mistakes.

  • Sylvia Masia Poling Arotin

    Poor guy looks like he’s about to puke.

  • ClaudeinSocal

    Chris Christie is the white Juan Williams of The RINO’s. & since Ann Coulter like this RINO, we all know Hillary Clinton will win in 2016.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Governor Christie was overheard speaking to FLOTUS several times during dinner…

    “…you gonna eat that?”

  • $24698634

    You sure turned on him quick. Wasn’t long ago he was your savior, at least that’s what Coulter was saying.

    • FlatFoot

      Wasn’t long ago that Chris Christie wasn’t Obama Girl 2012, either.

      People change. Opinions change. Public sentiments change.

      It ain’t eazy being RINO cheezy — but somehow Chris Christie still manages.

      Maybe he’s pals with John McCain and got some good pointers.
      Ya think?

      • overthecoastline

        “People change. Opinions change. Public sentiments change.”

        And yet Sarah Palin remains unwavering, steadfast, and committed to America, our troops and common-sense conservatism, as she has been all her life. I stand with Sarah.

        PALIN, 2016. Because she remains the only leader with integrity and a proven track record.

      • $24698634

        I think with that attitude you will continue to lose elections.

        • FlatFoot

          meh — okay — whatever. I don’t think we were going to count on Chris Christie and/or John McCain to change their RINO spots and come riding into town and save the day anyway.

          But thanks for caring.

  • FlatFoot

    Governor Christie, congratulations on your festering feasting coup — but you still seem somewhat unhappy, maybe if…

    Of course I’m not happy! Look at me! I’m a big fat slob! I’ve got bigger ti tt ies than you do! I’ve got more chins than a Chinese phone book!

    * sigh *

    I’ve not seen my willie in two years, which is long enough to declare it legally dead.
    I can’t stop eating.
    I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat.
    It’s a vicious cycle.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s someone I’d like to get in touch with and forgive… myself.

    * breeeeeep * * fffffffffffff * ** BRAAAAAAAP **

    Oops. Sorry.
    I farted.

    It’s a long road ahead.

  • Twoiron

    I hope Christie didn’t get any watermelon juice on him…

  • Kele Johnson

    He should just go ahead and give up all pretense of conservatism.

  • grumpyank

    Christie did Obama a favor, so he gets the “plum” seat – although that’s hardly a prize I would seek.

  • justamom

    Goodbye, Christie. Used to think I might like you, but no more!

  • Julie Horsford Butler

    Is that who that is? I thought it was Snooki.

  • bitters

    It’s enough to gag a maggot…

  • $5326605

    How many chairs did Fatty McWaddles requiire? How many servings of food to fill that fat gullet? Perhaps he had a couple of Big Macs and Whoppers in the limo on the way?

    • moseyon

      You really are nasty people.

  • overthecoastline

    On a bright note, Moochelle’s bangs seem to be growing longer. With any luck, in a few months they will be down to her knees, obstructing our view of her face, her toned upper arms and her fat can. She will be known as “FCIUS” – – FIrst Cousin It of the United States.

  • Jack Meoff

    He sat next to my wife (“Michelle”) because they share something special: THEY BOTH HAVE BIG FAT BUTTS!

  • [email protected]

    Christe is just another suck up to Socialist Obama’s He don’t know what side of the fence to stand on. Never vote for this traider. U don’t know if he’s aliberal or not.