Iranian-American pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned in Iran for practicing Christianity.  He has been told he “will hang” for his faith and faces a show trial tomorrow.

Twitter activists are speaking out, spreading word about Pastor Saeed, and praying for justice.

Troubling details about the judge in the case here:

Make your voice heard and sign a petition for Pastor Saeed’s release here.

  • Joe W.

    Barky doesn’t give a crap. The guy isn’t a muzzie and he didn’t donate to OFA….So he’ll just punt…When is tee time???

    • pajamakat

      Barky. I like that. And you are correct. He doesn’t give a rats arse about anything or anyone.

  • Sons Thunder

    White House petition here:

  • nc

    No sense of embarrassment or blowback from lack of action about Benghazi or the imprisonment of Jon Hammar, just in the last few months. So since Pastor Saeed doesn’t fit BHO’s agenda (a la Fluke), I expect the WH to do nothing.

    God bless this brave Pastor and keep him safe.

  • GreenEyedGal

    Only 49 members of Congress have spoken out about this? WTH! We need to start over from scratch.