The roll call vote on the congressional pay freeze — a stinging rebuke of President Obama’s unilateral attempt to raise government pay by executive order — has not been posted by the House Clerk’s website yet. We’ll add it as soon as it’s up.

From California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa’s office:

On a bi-partisan vote of 287-129 the House of Representatives approved H.R. 6726, a bill to overturn the President’s executive order that gave an across the board pay hike to Members of Congress and federal bureaucrats. The President’s executive order will cost taxpayers $11 billion over the next 10 years.  The bill was introduced by Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, R-Pa. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., led debate on the House Floor.

“The President, the Senate Majority, and the House Minority have not been able to agree to even the most meager spending cuts,” Issa said in the statement. “Yet the President’s executive order gives all members of Congress a salary hike on top of the $174,000 a year we already earn.”

The President’s executive order gave an across the board salary hike to white collar federal employees, whose average compensation exceeds $100,000. In January 2012, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a study which found that total compensation for federal employees was 16% greater than comparable private sector employees.

“The President’s across the board pay increase for white collar workers is not necessary to retain talented employees and just wastes taxpayer money,” Issa continued. “Federal employees have continued to receive promotions and within-grade pay increases over the past few years of the supposed ‘pay freeze,’ and voluntary separations from the federal government are near all-time lows.”



  • EOD

    Should have been a Pay Cut

  • ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    Should have been a pink slip.

  • Garth Haycock

    Color me unimpressed. Now, get rid of their pension and that would be something to talk about.

  • FilleGitane

    They should be charged rent for taking up space

  • drschuetz

    Obama does something stupid, Congress votes against it, and the Senate over-rides the Congress so that Obama gets his way. We think that Congress is “on our side” and they’re all laughing all the way to the bank with our money. It’s a scam. They will get the raise and we will thank them for “trying anyway”.

  • louisiana_mom

    And what about the raises for federal employees that was included in the same EO? This is nothing more than a distraction from that fact!

  • BeyondPolls

    Methinks Cantor wants to be Speaker.

  • justlittlolme

    Teeny tiny baby step …. but in the right direction!

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on INTERNED in Northfield!!!.

  • nc

    BHO and his congressional supporters of this pay raise have stretched the definition of “chutzpah.”