Troubled and talkative professional football player Chad Ochocinco, a prolific and often entertaining Twitter user, has been the subject of many Twitchy posts over the past year. This afternoon, he posted a couple of cryptic tweets that have some of his fans worried (especially in light of the weekend’s murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs star Jovan Belcher).

We hope Ochocinco gets the help and support he needs.


Update: His latest tweet indicates Ochocinco is a sick, sick man. Jerk:

  • FFlintstone

    Chad Johnson is not the suicidal type. This is a Terrell Owens-like cry for help. TO did something similar a few years ago. Chad’s sad, not suicidal. He’s seeking attention.

    • kate_middleton

      Yeah, I think he’s probably really sad about not playing this year. He was excited to be with the Dolphins, and then he got cut after that incident with his wife (which was all kind of sketchy as to what happened).

      Love Chad or hate him, he’s never been in trouble before that. But he’s definitely full of himself. I am sure he misses the attention he got when he was playing.

      • Carter_Burger67

        He didn’t get cut because of the domestic incident. he got cut for the profanity laced news conference. Dolphin managment decided they really didn’t want to deal with him, his ego and the drama that comes with it.

        • kate_middleton

          I’m sure that has to do with it. But if you watched Hard Knocks, they cut him the morning after he was arrested. After that news conference, Philbin sat him down and talked about how it wasn’t appropriate, etc., and Chad seemed contrite (for Chad at least).

  • Josephine (D)

    If he is suicidal, he needs help. If he just wants attention, he’s an ass.

  • Jose Battaglia

    Who cares?

  • Vanakatherock

    Well, his tweets were technically proving he was full of it. His update confirms it.

  • ricci

    idiocy at its best

  • Guest

    I said the same thing when Obama was reelected. Actually, I said: WE’RE TOTALLY FU*KED NOW! Same difference…

    • infousmc


  • Lord Foggybottom

    Drama queen…

  • John Williams

    Chad, your a self serving, publicity seeking, delusional man. What, no-one to stroke your over inflated ego? That’s a damn shame. Be a man Chad, you screwed up. Accept it, own it, grow up, move on. Ok, I’ll get you a happy meal!! Now go away.

  •!/dudgeohpolitix Dudge OH Politics

    So the gist of @OchoCinco’s two tweets are “I’m going to say goodbye, because none of us know when our number will be up”, fueled, no doubt, by his reflection on yesterday’s events, which he then follows up with a humorous tweet about lack of toilet paper and he’s a jerk, because people never follow moments of pensive intraspection with moments of humor? *smh*

  • Rulz

    If you think someone is suicidal or threatens suicide, call law enforcement.

  • LoriGirl

    Ocho who?


    Out of the blue and into the black

  • Emjay Grakykat

    Ochocinco = Attention whore. Can’t stand the thought of people thinking about Belcher and not him for 5 minutes.

  • TexasGirl512

    What an asshole!

  • AtlEsquire1973

    What a waste of time. Crap or get off the pot.