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Is Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson a fan of Charles Krauthammer and Glenn Beck?

See what Johnson has to say about Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and others.

Cry for help? NFL star Chad Ochocinco cryptically tweets ‘Goodbye…’; Update: Sick joke?

Troubled and talkative professional football player Chad Ochocinco, a prolific and often entertaining Twitter user, has been the subject of many Twitchy posts over the past year. This afternoon, he posted a couple of cryptic tweets that have some of his fans worried (especially in light of the weekend’s murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs star […]

Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada live-tweet their wedding; Update: Chad did all the tweeting, but not during the ceremony

NFL player Chad Ochocinco and “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada are set to live-tweet their nuptials this evening. The ceremony hasn’t started yet, but it looks like Chad’s already getting pretty emotional: This is bull shit… I don't recall sending the butterflies in my stomach and invite… and why am I shaking like I'm in […]

‘Hard Knocks’ just got a little more interesting: Ochocinco signs with Dolphins

Well, he had to land somewhere, we suppose. Less than a week after being released by the New England Patriots, wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has signed with the Miami Dolphins. The deal is reportedly for one year, but it may be all the Dolphins need to create the buzz around the franchise that they’ve been […]

Ochocinco works out with Dolphins

Less than a week after the New England Patriots released wide receiver and frequent tweeter Chad Ochocinco, he’s already busy working out for other teams. On Monday, the Miami Dolphins confirmed interest in Ochocinco. Considering the team has been selected for HBO’s Hard Knocks, they could use his personality to improve interest in the show […]

Stay tuned: Ochocinco may have breaking news

Is it possible that Chad Ochocinco has already found a new job just hours after the New England Patriots released him? Stay tuned!

Chad Ochocinco loses his job; Update: Calls himself an 'unemployed black guy'

Former Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco is not subject to waivers. He now becomes an unrestricted free agent. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) June 7, 2012 will closely monitor Ochocinco’s Twitter account where we’re sure he’ll have something to say! In the meantime, here’s what the Twitterverse is saying: @ochocinco sorry to hear about your release, […]

Ochocinco gives Twitter a Sex Ed lesson

It’s pretty clear that Chad Ochocinco has something on his mind. First, the New England Patriots wide receiver posted a skewed picture of the famous McDonald’s “golden arches”. Then he tweeted a picture of his girlfriend, Evelyn Lozada’s birth control, saying he wants to “charter in exorbitant vaginal activities”. Oh, Ocho. Everybody wants to be […]

Chad Ochocinco wants you to follow his mom on Twitter

Awww …

No question's too personal for Ochocinco

Hmmm … The person I lost my virginity to at the age of 22 is on twitter @justbeingtrice We family so I feel I can share such a precious moment… — Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) May 18, 2012 Well, that’s awkward.

Deepak Ochocinco

True spiritual peace awaits those who think only of Ochocinco. Motivational words from a motivational man. Love him as he loves you.

Chad Ochocinco is looking for a good pancake recipe

So if anyone out there knows how to make pancakes that taste like the ones at IHOP, drop him a line.

Ochocinco threatens new teammate Jabar Gaffney

Just minutes after hearing the New England Patriots signed Jabar Gaffney, his new teammate Chad Ochocinco said he was going to whoop his ass. That’s probably not the best way to welcome a new teammate to town. As loaded as the Patriots receiving corps currently is, it’s highly unlikely both Ochocinco and Gaffney make the […]

Chad Ochocinco isn’t interested in settling down

Guess he’s just content to reside in the land of milk and honies.

Ochocinco gives relationship advice

McDonalds.. If she declines dump her.. RT @Eddie_PDX: going on a first date bro… Where is a good place to take her for a first date? — Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) April 27, 2012 @ochocinco what meal should I buy her to impress her… Happy meal? Cuz it comes with a gift? — Eddie (@Eddie_PDX) April […]

Chad Ochocinco has heard the angels sing

80 proof, that is. We hadn’t pegged him as a religious guy, but one man’s shopping experience is another man’s epiphany.

What's the catch? Ochocinco is giving his cars away

Part-time New England Patriots bench-warmer and full-time tweeter Chad Ochocinco is apparently giving away some of his expensive rides. All the things i've done for fans throughout the years why would i lie now RT @SkiddyBeddy: are you serious about giving away all your cars? — Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) April 22, 2012 According to the […]

Ochocinco says his life is Twitter

Who knew?

Ochocinco shares a touching childhood memory

Who among us doesn’t want to imagine a teenage Ochocinco playing with himself in a Walmart? At this point, it really doesn’t matter if he’s making it up, because it’s totally something he could have done. It just seems to … fit. The real shame in all this is that no one’s yet invented brain […]

Chad Ochocinco is running out of gas money

Luckily, not even the rising prices of gas will keep him from expressing his opinions on every single subject known to mankind.

Oh n-Ochocinco

No. No no no.

Ochocinco needs more condoms

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is delighted to inform everyone that he satisfies his condom needs at Walgreen’s drug store. It’s nice to see that he is enjoying the offseason. @ochocinco "Stay thirsty my friends" — Wenzel Dashington™ (@WnzelDashington) March 31, 2012 @ochocinco WHAT DO YOU NEED CONDOMS FOR????????blank stare — char (@hotchic2011) […]

Happy Monday from Chad Ochocinco!

I’m pretty sure this is the perfect Monday plan. It could probably have involved a good breakfast with a healthy helping of bacon, but I like that Chad left that “to-do” list option open if you’re not a breakfast person.

Twitter is furious at Stacey Dash for saying the same thing about ‘Black History Month’ as Morgan Freeman


Adam Baldwin feels the pinch at the pump, assigns blame [pic]

“It’s not expensive gas, it’s the value or your dollar going *poof*”

‘What was she thinking’? Greta Van Susteren is not a fan of Jill Abramson’s tattoo

There are mistakes. And then there are mistakes.

Online celeb spat of the day: Rihanna vs. Teyana Taylor

Rihanna is a pop queen/bad girl/former punching bag of douchetastic R&B singer Chris Brown. Teyana Taylor is a “recording artist and actress” and all-around diva-wannabe on social media. She showed off her pipes on Instagram… I'm, caught up in Tha rapture of love….. A video posted by Jimmy Neutch (@teyanataylor) on Sep 12, 2013 at […]

Celebs mourn country star Mindy McCready, dead of apparent suicide: Haunting last tweets; ‘I’m still here’

That was country music star Mindy McCready’s last tweet: ‘I’m still here.”

Ms. McCready was found dead in her home last night; an apparent suicide.

Warren G thinks Miami Dolphins should stay out of Chad Johnson’s personal life

According to rapper Warren G, an arrest for domestic violence should not hinder your professional football career. G is speaking out against the Miami Dolphins for dropping Chad Johnson, who was arrested over the weekend for headbutting his wife, “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada, in a dispute over a receipt for condoms. “Dam they let […]

Celebs are wishing all you dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!

It’s that time of the year again. We come together and celebrate fathers, and allow them to do manly things like hang out, barbecue, drink beer, watch Law & Order (and ESPN at the same time), and dozens of more fun activities dads have mastered. Celebrities have taken to their Twitters early, wishing to the […]

Live Twitter report: Cops at Junior Seau’s home, gunfire heard; Update: Seau dead, suicide confirmed

Future hall of fame linebacker Junior Seau has been pronounced dead after gunfire was heard at his home. Later we learned Seau took his own life by shooting himself in the chest.

Twitchy covered the entire story from start to finish.

Colts owner gives away Toyota and signed balls

Big Jay Souers,VP of everything happening cool in ColtsLand…will sort this contest thru! Stay Tuned on everything interactive COLTS!! — Jim Irsay (@JimIrsay) April 23, 2012 It looks like Chad Ochocinco isn’t the only person giving away cars these days! Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay announced that he’s also going to give away a brand […]

Donte Stallworth’s passive aggressive Twitter tirade

Apparently somebody… who travels in certain circles… did… something… which NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth did not like very much.

Hollywood Twitter Fight Night

Lots of cat-fighting between and among assorted Hollywood celebrities tonight. Meee-OW: I'm not your mom, buddy:)“@chrismonteith50: @TomArnold you eat dicks?” — Tom Arnold (@TomArnold) April 5, 2012 Isn't it a Shame ?! RT @GoToMichael You're beautiful great body&singer.Made lots of people happy w/your songs But gawd what an asshole u r — Cher (@cher) April […]

Twitter fight: Touré vs. Piers Morgan; update: Touré appears on Morgan’s show