The book promo website for now-infamous David Petraeus biographer and alleged mistress Paula Broadwell was deleted earlier today. We wouldn’t be surprised if Broadwell’s Twitter account disappeared next.

Fortunately, Twitchy is forever — and these top 11 most cringe-inducing Broadwell tweets will be preserved for posterity.

Awkward, indeed.












Related: In case you missed it, the most awkwardly awkward author interview of Broadwell in hindsight ever:



FBI investigating Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell for ‘improper access to classified info’

Breaking: CIA Director David Petraeus resigns; Could he be the next Benghazi scapegoat?; Update: Petraeus will not testify at Benghazi hearing

  • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

    Oh the IRONY……..

  • SwTk

    Vultures are circling. I still smell scapegoat. It feels like a horses head under the sheets.

    • ronnieswife

      Me too. There’s a lot of folks under the Obama bus.

      • ccrnurse848

        It’s getting crowded under there….

  • imme

    “Come For The Election. Stay for the Impeachment.’

    • philomena

      Let us pray.

    • SpinMeNot

      I can’t believe I am about to say this to another man …

      “Don’t be a tease …”

    • Mike Johnson

      Do you honestly believe ANYTHING will stick to this teflon administration? Especially with the state-run media covering his a$$?

      • Faith Dunn

        one can only hope

      • daisy amos

        I worry about that for another reason, unrelated to media complicity. I do not believe they care about the “people’s will” or voice, as we old-fashioned people say, (perhaps other than to win elections and BHO doesn’t have to worry about that anymore). They don’t even care about Congress – or the law for that matter. They just care about power, especially now that they think they have some kind of electoral mandate. So you’re right to raise your question, Mr. Johnson. It’s not the tough kind of Teflon though! I think it’s more of the brazen-bully kind.

        • LivingRedInABlueState

          You are so spot on! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

          • Big Al

            Hope the watchman at fort knox is awake these days, wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t being used as the administrations piggy bank.

      • Rosewould

        Your comment reminded me of another person described as ‘teflon’, then I remembered it was John Gotti.

        • Ergo

          yeah but at least John Gotti had a soul

          • RetiredNavyphotog

            …and he was a snappy dresser.

          • Melody Canterberry

            Indeed. I doubt he’d ever be caught out in public in mom jeans.

          • rykart2082

            Don’t you mean to say “at least John Gotti was white?”

          • Ergo

            nope, I’ve met plenty of black people with souls. I’ve just never met a politician with a one.

    • ccrnurse848

      …and, I’M PRAYING!!!!!!!

    • Nan231

      There won’t be an impeachment, the big story is that the CIA contract guys were there to look for weapons and when they found them they were shipping them to Syria. Obama didn’t want the CIA guys to help the AMB because that would blow their cover, so they told them to stand down. After the guys went anyway and AMB Stephens was already dead they thought the whole attack was finished. Then later that night Al-Qaeda found the CIA location and attacked it with mortars. They got lucky hits and killed the two CIA contractors. The two contractors that Obama didn’t want you to know were there because they were hunting down weapons. Kinda like Iran-Contra affair. You don’t think Obama could think this up on his own. I have to go there is someone knocking on my door…………

    • 1KR

      but then we’re stuck with Blow Bidumb

    • Stephen Speck

      There’s no hope for impeachment. The Senate is controlled by the Democrats. Maybe in 2 years, but that’s may even be wishful thinking.

  • ScubaSteve

    Scary thing is.. If impeachment happens. Then we have…do i dare to say it… Biden as prez. Very scary thought.

    • disappearing moderate

      Scary indeed, but even scarier is that we’d probably be better off.

      • Belinda Henry

        They can just put him in a room full of shiny objects. He”ll be fine.

        • bubbles2213

          lol. He’d be occupied for days!

        • Driver_S

          LOL…….has to

        • SideshowJon36

          Make them sharp shiny objects, and we’ll have President Boehner in no time!

          • Donna

            No we have to get rid of him, trust me I do not like Nancy at all but she fought like a dog we need some one like that on our side. Boehner is not the one.

      • rbtpowell

        That’s funny……………….

      • JMY3000

        Yeah, Biden is stupid, but has always been your typical democrat. He’d deal like Clinton did, just because of his legacy. Obama is an ideologue, pure and simple. Everything he does is in the name of hating America and advancing the State.

        • MaryAnne Kennard

          Truer words have never been spoken

      • Brent Guthrie

        Probably not better off. Valerie Jarrett would probably stay on as Biden’s Advisor.

        • SMH-DraggingMyHeels

          That. Is a horrifying thought, and probable reality. O_o

        • rickg62

          Not sure if that would happen. Jarrett probably couldn’t control Biden as she has Obama. She’s not popular in the WH and wouldn’t have Obama at her back.

        • Tee Santee

          Can we impeach presedent Jarrett? pls?/

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Surely we can impeach them both? How does President Boehner sound?

      • YERMOM182

        sadly not much better than President Biden

        • JustLikeAnimals


        • rbtpowell

          This is very true………..

        • Robert Kluver, Sr

          Not if the house replaces Boehner as Majority leader!!

          • hotnblak

            Replace Boehner with Ryan, he should have been running with Romney as Vice P.

      • Emjay Graykat

        At least Biden doesn’t cave…he sticks to what he believes in. Boehner is worthless.

        • Belinda Henry

          what exactly does Biden believe in? Ray Bans, Depends, Poli-dent?

          • usmccp

            So what if Binden likes to plug stuff? Sunglasses, bladder control products, denture adhesive, hair…

          • Alicia Hake

            and biker chicks! lol

          • Rosewould

            Biker chicks.

        • rbtpowell

          Can’t disagree on Boehner……..However, sticking to stupid is likely much worse.

      • Gayle B

        It depends on how you pronounce it!

      • coacht11

        Would TAKE biden over obama ANYDAY,, Hell I would take Mickey Mouse over obama,, at least he REALLY IS an American.

    • judyann j

      BOTH Obama/Biden culpable, BOTH lied to America, BOTH must B impeached together

      • Marlene Hessler

        Has anybody noticed that Louisiana and Texas have filed petitions to SECEDE from the US. With any luck more will file within a week. Hopefully, a direct line from the Gulf to the Canadian border enabling the NEW US to commence the pipeline. Drudge has the article and the link to the petitions. Feel free to sign up. Signatures are coming in at over 400 an hour. Should have enough by Wednesday. Louisiana filed day after election. Texas filed 9 Nov. There is hope. Sometimes you have to remove a leg or an arm to save the body. There is hope for the US yet. It would be possible to expatriate and get tax relief. That section of the country holds most of the country’s resources, oil, gas, water, coal. And, it is mostly conservative folks that do not spend more than they have.

        • daisy amos

          I’m from California, but I’d be willing to move to Texas… I’ve been to San Antonio and I love their River Walk. My husband and I also had the best steak ever at an old hotel there! Also, housing in San Antonio is really inexpensive, compared to California!

          • Robert Kluver, Sr

            Property prices are like 1/3 the price as Maryland. I need to move there too. Maryland is now 100% blue State. O’malley nut job is the Governor and this a-hole is going to try to run for President.

          • Nan231

            Just check your liberal creds at the state line.

          • don s

            Well then just do it. San Antonio is growing jobs are growing, and I’m growing older every day

        • Brian Furlano

          As much as Id’ like to see states secede from the union, and relocate to said state. I doubt our dictator would allow it no matter how many signatures are on petitions. I could easily see troops being called in and state government leaders arresste, and Obama allied governement being installed.

          • Ergo

            a more likely scenario would be small groups attacking critical american infrastructure. Power plants, water treatment facilities, data transmission lines and starbucks.

        • RetiredNavyphotog

          Will I need a passport?

    • JustLikeAnimals

      We’d prolly be better off because Biden would simply forget where he was every morning and not show up at the WH.

    • irishgirl91

      We can survive a prez that is crap because he is stupid. Hard to survive one that hates the country as it was founded and wants to see it knocked on it’s ass as punishment.

      • clevonlittle

        no…… don’t boo, vote…….. it’s the best revenge

      • GeorgeLCSmith

        It’s harder yet to survive an electorate so ignorant as to keep him in office for another term.

      • Belen A. Diaz

        All of you sound so damn crazy…. Get over it …. Or move to another country since you all are so unhappy here… Bye….

    • Elaine

      Maybe he goes WITH the dictator since he has been in on it all from the beginning tellng lies, too?

    • augusts.child

      Obama picked Biden on purpose. If we wanted a dumby in office, we would have gone and dusted off Dan Quayle.

    • Pat Loudoun

      Why do you think SCOAMF picked him in the first place?

    • cantonst

      Indict them all, including Obama, Biden, Clinton, Panetta, Holder, Joint Chiefs, etc….then watch them turn on each other…it only takes one to turn, then the dominoes all fall…

    • daisy amos

      You mean you prefer Obama to Biden? The good thing about Biden is he would just keep laughing!

    • Zanshi

      Actually, I don’t know. He might help the Republicans quite a bit. No one will be able to keep him from the cameras for a significant amount of time.

    • Cowboy12

      Clinton was impeached but never left office. I’m not sure how that process works (or doesn’t work) but there must be an additional step that needs to be taken to remove someone from office.


    Paula, can you do a book about me next?

    • SwTk

      “She” looks planted to me as well.

      • Guest

        Do you think her are boobs are real?

        • SwTk

          Does it matter? LOL


    Biden is high on chromosomes.

  • ronnieswife

    Another scapegoat. My thoughts too. Especially now that Hillary can’t make the hearing nxt week either

  • Emjay Graykat


  • Emjay Graykat

    Sooooooo…if he doesn’t show up to the hearings…which he won’t…why the hell can’t he be subpoenaed?

    • Kimberly Schutzenhofer

      He can be and they will – just another delay tactic. And for the most part – this is just a squirrel for all the dumbasses that didn’t pay any attention to the Benghazi story to begin with – they had to throw that group a bone so they wouldn’t really pay attention to what’s going on now that the investigation can go forward since the election is over.

      • SpinMeNot

        True, but now he can take the fifth as a private citizen, rather than an Obama employee. They think moving the stink two klicks to the east is going to somehow hide it.

        • SpinMeNot

          For those that haven’t heard, I was out to buy a few doors (doing a bit of good old manual labor today, new doors for a few rooms) and heard that our erstwhile man-under-the-bus will not actually be taking the stand this week.

      • Marlene Hessler

        Probably want to delay until after the elector college meets and votes. The election is over, but that vote isn’t.

    • MaryAnne Kennard

      He can. I heard a senator say they would Friday night.

  • radjahshelduck

    Brad Paisley wants eveyone to know:
    David [email protected]

    In light of the #Petraeus Affair with his biographer, I’d like to confirm @BradPaisley NEVER hit on me when we were working on his book.

    Retweeted by Brad Paisley

    • TheOriginalDonald

      NO NO NO, that sounds like something Little Jimmy Dickens would say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Belinda Henry

      Paisley is a liberal,haven’t bought his music since he announced it. Its not that he’s really had anything good since Whiskey lullaby,

  • Michelle Blackwell

    I love people talking about impeachment. If Bush wasn’t impeached for the handling of the 3000 people he killed on American soil, then nothing will happen here over 4 people in a hostile country who were mostly CIA operatives.

    This is simply a fantasy and will never happen.

    It is just like Rumsfeld, Powell and Gonzalez resigning amid scandal. Senate makes a big show, lots of smoke and mirrors and in the end nothing.

    • Joe W.


    • Fifth Estate


    • Gallatin

      We had started a Harry Potter discusion on another posting and you have not responded to a question I had; what is your stand on the 2nd Amendment?

      • SpinMeNot

        Feet spread, shoulder width, arms extended firm grip on weapon both hands. Squeeze trigger, don’t anticipate recoil?

        • Gallatin

          Ms. Blackwell had brought up Harry Potter as a better read than Atlas Shrugged and I had asked what she liked about Harry and she replied:

          “Oh, it is a land of wonder and wizardry of love and quidditch and much better than Twilight.

          Also, no one is using this particular book of young adult fiction as justification for their political stances.”

          • SpinMeNot

            Fair enough, I just couldn’t resist my response, you used the word ‘stance’ in association to a question on the 2nd amendment.

            To be honest, I’d like to see what the liberal-puke has to say on the matter.

          • Gallatin

            Whether JK Rowling intended it or not Harry Potter has a Libertarian/Conservative theme running through the entire story. I use Harry Potter all the time when I discuss politics and the world with my nieces and nephews.

          • SpinMeNot

            hrmm, interesting, may have to look into reading, rather than watching those. Thank you for the information, most appreciated.

          • Gallatin

            Watching is good if you don’t want to read, although I did enjoy the books. If Ms. Blackwell doesn’t respond I will go ahead and explain to her why Harry Potter is a wonderful series for our young people to learn the proper ideas about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

          • SpinMeNot

            I look forward to that, thanks. I’ve tried watching them, I find it hard to find a message with all the special effects. The production values, the casts, all quite entertaining and perhaps some of the most creative and pleasant films made in many years.

          • Gallatin

            I still like your first post it brought a smile to my face in this less than happy week.

          • SpinMeNot

            Thank you, very kind words. As has been my life, the honor is in the service to others.

      • Danny Meeker

        Gun control means, “I HIT WHAT I SHOOT.”

        • Gallatin

          Another true patriot. Ms Blackwell won’t respond to the question. She likes Harry Potter because no one uses it to advance their political beliefs, but then she hadn’t run in to me until three days ago.

    • Belinda Henry

      Bush didn’t mishandle it and unlike Obama he would have stayed up all night and cancelled his plans for the next day until he found out what happened.

      • lateblum

        Then I guess it was okay for Bronco to fly to Vegas. He DID know what happened. He let it happen. I’m surprised he didn’t go golfing whilst in Nevada. . . Did he?

    • rbtpowell

      You are such a pathetic POS………………..go lay by your dish

    • Maria Seeger

      Gawd help us….another Bush Derangement Syndrome victim…and a Truther to boot! Idiot.

    • SpinMeNot

      Michelle, how did GWB kill 3000 people on American soil? BHO killed 30 on 06 AUG 2011, BHO watched while 4 and probably more died on 11 SEP 2012.

      You are a delusional liberal puke that thinks they can show up spout lies, and expect men and women with a command of the facts and basic moral character to accept it as truth. Got news for you missy, there is a new curmudgeon in town. I’ve been raining on a few parades the past few days. I’ll be clouding up on yours every chance I get.

      I’ll be here, watching, waiting. Spew your crap. I won’t be civil, I won’t be polite. Evil deserves no quarter, you will get no quarter.

      Not on my watch.

    • TocksNedlog

      Did you find the proof that Obama was a “law professor” yet?

    • numag

      The only reason it won’t happen is that the democratically controlled SENATE would never convict Obama if he was impeached by the House. Partisanship at its finest.

  • Brett McMicken

    why is it her last name even sounds awkward?

  • Maria Seeger

    I feel sorry for Paula Broadwell. Whether she actually had an affair with Patreaus is beside the point. She didn’t ask to have her name besmirched all over the internet to save Obama’s hide. And now what credibility she had as an author and biographer is shot to hell, because as usual, the man gets off scott free while the woman has to endure the smirks and sniggers and innuendos.
    But, of course, Obama’s mindless followers would rather believe the lie about the scandal than the truth about their lying President. For the record, I think the affair is made up. I have a hard time believing that the CIA didn’t know about it already and even better…that the gossip mags never got wind of it. Either Patreaus is very good at a cover-up or it never happened. And if it did happen, it was probably over by the time he got back to the States.

    • TocksNedlog

      Are you really asserting that Petraeus agreed to resign over a made-up extramarital affair as a cover to avoid testifying on Benghazi?
      He sacrificed his entire government service career AND publicly humiliated his wife just to provide cover for the administration.
      Sure he did.

      • SpinMeNot

        Actually, if the investigation found he was having an affair, with his level of security clearance, it is a big deal. It makes him vulnerable to blackmail. It could possibly even result in criminal prosecution depending on the other party.

        However, I believe you are still essentially correct — this is just another distraction.

      • Maria Seeger

        Again, the CIA vetted him before he took over for them. I am sure that they did a thorough background investigation, and besides…this affair happened in Afghanistan. You’re not going to tell me that somebody in his staff didn’t already know about it. Yes, I think he did agree to resign over this affair, made-up or not, because it was probably over before he came to the States. Patreaus is not a stupid man. He might have been able to hide his affair in Afhganistan, but not once he got stateside.
        If the CIA knew in advance that he was a possible security risk, then why did they go ahead and let him serve as the head of their department? And what investigation was the FBI conducting that led to the revelation about this affair? Sorry, but this doesn’t pass the smell test. I suspect that former General Patreaus wasn’t given a choice, given what he probably knows about Benghazi. Now, wake up and smell the coffee. Democrats are infamous for looking the other way whenever one of *theirs* has an affair, but they sure are quick to judge a Republican in the same position.

        • TocksNedlog

          I agree with everything you wrote.

      • stltchr

        the affair took place while he was still a General …would cost him a demotion and loss of retirement. Or you can resign and take your paycheck..What would you do

        • TocksNedlog

          The only thing I’m questioning is the theory some people here are floating that the affair story was “made up” to provide cover for Petraeus to avoid Benghazi questions. No doubt it is being USED for that purpose, but the affair itself is NOT a made up story.

          • numag

            I agree. It happened. But it was USED to muzzle Patraeus until at least AFTER the election. Now that the election is over Patraeus is putting an end to the blackmail threats and coming out with the truth about the affair. Now he is free to tell the truth about what happened in Benghazi.

        • RetiredNavyphotog

          Adultery is a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    • SpinMeNot

      Why do you feel sorry for her? She put herself in a group of depraved and immoral people. Mr. Patreaus, somewhere along the way lost sight of what ever led him to a life of service and placed his political aspirations over the safety of the men and women he commanded. He lead from behind, with BHO, putting brave men and women in harms way under rules of engagement that guaranteed casualties higher then then needed to be. He stood by when BHO outted NSW DEVGRU, The Night Stalkers and Army SF-D. and we lost 30 of our finest warriors because of him and his buddy BHO.

      Jezebel gets what Jezebel deserves. She put herself in the spotlight. Let her take responsibility for her actions. Save your sorrow for the families of the 30 fine men that died on 06 AUG 2011 so BHO, Liar-and-Chief could score political points.

      My apologies, I neglected to ask you extend your concern to the 4 brave men that died on 11 SEP 2012 in Libya, while BHO watched and got some rest so he could go campaign the next day.

      BHO will need another $1M vacation before he can be rested enough to shaft the rest of the fine men and women that serve this country in the military and diplomatic service.

      • Maria Seeger

        I understand that all this moral outrage is because of Benghazi. Nevertheless, the timing of this affair is too convenient. IF she agreed to go along with this, I hope she was at least smart enough to get something out of it. But no, I don’t think she deserves to get slammed by the Left with all this faux outrage she’s getting. And I find it hard to believe that the Democrats are morally outraged about Patreaus having an affair, given their past history of looking the other way when their past heroes cheated on their wives: Bill Clinton, JFK, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards…and the list goes on.
        Again, this man was vetted by the CIA before he took over as the head of that Department, so color me skeptical if I don’t believe that they didn’t know about that so-called affair before he took office.

        • SpinMeNot

          No, I don’t think you do understand the moral outrage. First, any kleptocrat, on either side of that aisle that claims moral outrage is just another lying sack of crap. They long ago lost any claim to the moral high ground.

          He ignored the oath he to took in front of God to honor himself and his wife in the bonds of matrimony. He ignored his responsibility to this nation, and he ignored his responsibility to the men and women under his command.

          He was vetted by the same government that doesn’t see voter fraud in murals, posters, campaign works and gun toting (or claiming to be toting a gun) in polling places. Please tell me you think an Obama insider got any level of vetting. Please tell me you think they actually care. An investigation was initiated by the FBI (which is what I really don’t understand) and they got caught. He is simply the next body under the bus.

          I understand the point you are making with regard to the general lack of morality in the left. Unfortunately, many claiming to be on the “right” are no better. Lets not go down that road, stay focused, continue the mission.

          She knew he was married, if there was an affair, she is in the wrong and deserves to be slammed. If not, she is participating in a coverup of a coverup of a coverup and is again in the wrong.

          Ms. Seeger — there can be no compromise on principles of fundamental morality. Good is good, evil is evil. Its not pretty but its that simple.

          They cut us no slack, we cut them no slack. God will judge them in the end. But on this earth, I will not excuse what anyone involved in this situation has done under any circumstances.

        • stltchr

          1. she went to flags here

          2. worked for the New York Times…no flags here

          3. reading his email account for flags here

          4. Nothing to see here…move along…

      • Marlene Hessler

        My sympathies to Mrs. Petraeus. What did she do to have her name dragged through the mud. Question: Why was it necessary to mention the affair? There is no need to give a reason for retiring or resigning. Maybe it was done intentionally to DEFLECT ATTENTION from the messiah and Benghazi????? With all respect or disrespect, screw the affair. Focus: Benghazi, the administration and Petraeus and Hillaryous, the Clintstone involved up to their eyeballs. WND says they were supplying weapons to Al Qaeda. WND says there is a lot more dirt that needs to see the light of day. FOCUS. Don’t waste time and effort on the ‘fringes’. Get to the real meat and demand answers. The slimy folks need to be subpoenaed and fast.

        • SpinMeNot

          Here here, you are absolutely correct with regard to Mrs. Patraeus, I feel a bit of a cad for not reaching that point sooner. Ms Hessler, thank you for your thoughtful comments, well said.

        • numag

          Obviously Patraeus was being threatened with the embarrassment of the affair being revealed, so he decided to put an end to it by coming out with it himself. Now he’s free to tell the truth about what happened in Benghazi because they can no longer threaten him with the affair.

    • ccrnurse848

      She’s certainly a grown woman and he’s a grown man – don’t feel sorry for them… it’s called choices and consequences!

    • Candy

      I will only feel sorry for her if it turns out she did not have the affair. Otherwise, she deserves all she gets. I do feel sorry for Mrs. Petraeus, however.

    • Dionysus86

      Have we not yet seen the futility of believing in alternative realities? Dean Chambers? Dick Morris?

      Sometimes, Maria, yes, it is what it seems. Grow up.

    • ariadeer

      She’s a homewrecking hussy. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She’s ambitious to the point of ruining the lives of everyone around her.

      • Guest

        I think her boobs are fake.

  • TocksNedlog

    There will NOT be an impeachment of the President.
    Which is not to suggest that he has not committed any high crimes or misdemeanors. In all likelihood he has.
    But he won’t be held accountable.

    • numag

      Democrats retaining control of the Senate ENSURES that there will not be an impeachment. The House CAN impeach on its own, but without an indictment in the Senate it would be futile and I doubt the House would be willing to go through what it did in 1998 only to be stopped in the Senate.

  • Chip

    So, Valerie Jarrett was afraid Patraeus was going to run against Hillary in ’16?

  • ralph v

    Obama won, I voted Mitt.. I am over it, but God is not!

  • janesoutham

    In the Jon Stewart interview, she also talks about “the foundation of our relationship.” She also brings up her husband in the interview, saying that hubby told her to say that Patraeus was going to run for President, so she could sell more books.

  • JMY3000

    So merely because the general was a Bush guy we’re going to dump this all on the (ridiculously) gorgeous Paula? It takes two to tango and as a “leader”, a freakin general, and a married man, he should have known better. Why is there all this hate at Broadwell? Both people suck as human beings, and Petraeus more- he was in charge of our intelligence and security.

  • bitteraftertaste

    Impeachment? Boner doesn’t have the guts-the GOP is gutless and Obama has punked not only them, but the nation when he got re-elected. The fact that he did shows just how inept the GOP is. So hold your lady parts or whatever on impeachment-aint gonna happen, MSM won’t let it. Obama is making sh*t sandwiches and we are gonna eat a mess of them in the next 4 years. Then Hellery is going to run and the 47% (more like 60%) along with the union slugs, will vote her in. So, if you are white or conservative, sit back and take a bite.

    • numag

      More importantly, the democratically controlled SENATE won’t let it happen.

  • Elaine

    Ok, I read several articles about the FBI investigating this a while ago and holding it over his head until AFTER the election and before the Benghazi hearings. He did implicate Obama early on, remember? i don’t think he was willing to lie under oath!

  • Maria Seeger

    I see the tabloids *finally* got ahold of this. As I stated in another post, whoever does the PR for the White House ought to be fired for lack of subtlety. If they REALLY wanted a distraction, this should have been leaked to the tabloids first, let it grow legs and pick up steam in the MSM, and make it so people demanded his resignation. If the WH had played their cards right, people would have completely forgotten about Benghazi. As it is, they’ve created an even more awkward situation.

    • numag

      That’s exactly why Patraeus decided to OUT himself, to prevent that very thing from happening.

  • Scabbeus

    Broadwell is the new Lewinski…any chance I can get a Broadwell?

  • ccrnurse848

    In the end…. the WH can’t afford for Petraeus to testify about Benghazi-Gate… especially after he already made the public statement that the CIA was not responsible… Do you honestly think the WH didn’t know about the affair? …. come inn… they knew Petraeus couldn’t bear to have his integrity and honor questioned… the WH held it as a trump card for just such an instance as this… when the fire got too hot, they played their card…. it’s called politics…

    • numag

      Exactly. And to stop the affair from being held over his head indefinitely Petraeus decided to let it all come out into the open.

  • Ralpheo

    Don’t know enough about Congressional hearings and all, but are Clinton and Petraeus not testifying b/c they’re not being called or b/c they refuse to testify? Surely, Obama hasn’t granted them immunity, has he?

    • $22022212

      from what i have read Petraeus can and will be called. the only difference is as a private citizen he can lawyer up.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        He can be recalled to active duty and charged with adultery under the Uniform Code of Military Justice if he was banging her in Afghanistan.

  • kat

    I wonder how much they paid her to “out” what length they will go is astounding!

  • Michael Hampton

    Wait! Yesterday Twitchy was telling me that it was a lie that he resigned because of the affair and that the affair itself never happened! So now it did happen but it is still not why he resigned. Got it.

    • numag

      Michael, the affair may be the EXCUSE he’s using. But the TIMING is unavoidably suspicious.

  • Typewriterstreaming

    It is a very sad time for America.

  • lainer51

    How convenient… any inquiries into Benghazi before the election were staved off perfectly… hmmmmm…. say it aint’ so, a corrupt regime running our country???

    • numag

      Nah, that’s impossible. Obama PROMISED that he would have the most transparent administration in history.

  • daisy amos

    On Greta van Susteren’s Fox News show, a Republican congressman recently stated that, regardless of Gen. Patraeus’ resignation and extramarital affair, he will have to testify voluntarily; if not, he will be subpeonaed.

  • HawaiiRules

    Was a simple mistake, the General asked her to polish his helmet, and she misunderstood.

  • DEF

    Destroy Petraeus to save Obama!!! Obama seems to have occult powers!! With a wave of his hand he could stop the destruction of a great General…. Because of one little affair… Everyone knows Petraeus was just engaging in the behavior they have defended vehemently …Remember all those condoms Fluke required!! Petraeus better testify as soon as possible….Before they create enough noise to complete his total loss of credibility or cause him to die from “Natural causes” or suicide!!!! Obama’s “Salient” Protects his covert actions from being introduced into the conscience of the people….!!!

  • happtakytrails

    the news media in the country is as corrupt as Obama. There is no shame in that profession. Screw the country and get what you can … Stop working and start collecting.
    Welfare….apply today…..that is the quickest way to bringing down this country !!!!!!!

  • numag

    I only hope now with Petraeus’ resignation he is free to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what happened in Benghazi.

  • world’s greatest orator

    Inspiring wisdom from Bill Cosby & Mario Andretti

  • Press

    I hope Obama is impeached. The lapdog media are complicit in a coup to destroy our once great country (past tense, given Tuesday’s vote to be socialists). After all, their inaction and media black-outs on the economic metrics of this administration is crminally negligent. Will be interesting to see how he “De-develops” (democrats’ term) the United States over the next four years.

  • Press

    Why don’t we start investigating the leadership and news anchors of the lapdog media? i.e., Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddox, CNN’s, ABC’s, CBS’s and MSNBC’s anchors. Start with their influences, college thesis’, associations, travel outside the United States, with whom they met, etc. I’m sure we could shut them down purely based on with whom they associate…communists and anti-american radicals. I have no doubt.

  • Lee

    Sadly, O is above reproach of the media.

  • Guest

    Paula Broadwell’s words of wisdom:
    It’s good to keep a hard man down.
    You can cheat on your wife, but don’t cheat on your mistress.
    I would never become another Monica.
    Always “polish” your boss’ “boots.”
    When you hit the “delete” button, those e-mails are gone for good.
    The FBI doesn’t know what they are doing.
    Don’t worry, you wife will never find out.

  • Lee

    Hey, they’re just a couple of normal people being fallibly human. Although I thought “embedded reporter” meant something else.

  • shabob2

    I am so amused that the comments have absolutely nothing to do with the actual foolish article.

  • Phred E Smith

    Reduce your economic footprint in the Obama economy. Cutout/reduce monthly expenses. Hold off buying big ticket items. Buy used or trade. Pay down debt. Save for retirement. We can’t stop them at the ballot box but we can with our economic might.

  • Kevin Underwood

    Wonder how many folks petraeus destroyed over the years, kicking them out of the military and destroying their family for the same offense? Funny, higher ups in the military have indescretions that are handled with kid gloves, lower ranks have court martials and go to jail!

  • USA2Galt

    This is why propagandists like “Jon Stewart” (not his real name) are probably not the best sources for facts for the minority of people still trying to make decisions based on accurate information.

  • DLShow

    Can’t wait for the movie! Jolie to play Broad-is-Well

  • Katharine Thorpe


  • DaveLucasNotes

    And now we have the “Lebanese connection” : Khawam before the storm?