Tonight, Twitchy spotlighted actor Don Cheadle’s Twitter criticism of NBC’s handling of its doctored 911/Zimmerman tapes.

Cheadle continued the conversation with conservatives on Twitter who praised his candor. It’s clear he’s not a conservative himself — he says he “likes” Al Sharpton and took some swipes at Fox News. But his willingness to engage and his glimpses of independent thought set him apart from the rest of the Hollywood vigilantes.

A sample of the dialogue with Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin and others:



  • Sarah Thompson

    wow.  So nice to see a Hollywood type with a brain who can respect others.  This makes me like Mr. Cheadle much more.

  • RayAlanHarvey

    It’s a sad pass when the most basic of human civilities is regarded as in any way remarkable. I frankly found the entire exchange neither interesting nor open, nor, for that matter, enlightening. 

    • carpenter

      Maybe not enlightening, but can you fail to see how unusual it is, and thus interesting?

    • TennesseeRedDog

      It is sad. Shows how far we have declined.

  • Babyboomer1960

    What’s wrong w trying to start a civil discussion? @IamDonCheadle & @michellemalkin can at least start to agree on being civil. 2 much already divides the nation. Time to come together… Baby steps, peeps. Baby steps.

  • Guest

    Yeah, I guess it’s great he didn’t call her a vulgar name but really, he still said minorities who are conservative should take some heat.  I agree with @RayAlanHarvey:disqus, not real enlightening.  

    • Guest

      Absolutely agree. I saw the headline and thought wow maybe Cheadle is willing to see the light. He basically didn’t name call but other than that a typical Hollywood lib (black Republicans deserve heat).
      I guess that’s progress.

  • Robert

    I am blown away. Michelle: I don’t know if you follow the comments on this site or not, but I too underestimated you. With this exchange, please allow me to say that, while I find myself so often in opposition to your viewpoints, I must and will once again seek to remind myself that there is a difference between the viewpoint and the speaker. Please accept my sincerest wishes for you and your family’s continued health and happiness.

  • LiberalMediaIsCorrupt

    Let’s help bankrupt hollywad.

  •!/TUASondrakistan The Ugly American

    Cheadle could certainly give Alec Baldwin a few pointers on how to engage in a civil debate…

  • reshas1

    He doesn’t mind that Sharpton makes $$$$ off of race baiting?

  • devan95

    It’s no wonder that so many Hollywood types need psychological counseling. On the one they want independent, individual freedom to create and express; on the other hand they are made to conform to rigid everyone-must-be-the-same Marxist ideology by the SAG, the writers guild and other radical, far left Hollywood unions. That would drive me nuts too!

    • Neville Ross

      What the fuck do you or any of your fellow Tea Party dunces know about Marxism, to begin with, other than how the word’s been abused on Faux Noise and Corporate New Channel? Try and get your ignorant, warmongering, neocon, chickenhawk Christofacist covertly racist ass over to a library and READ about Marxism, Leninism and socialism before you open your mouth online again. All that people like you prove is that Americans are profoundly ignorant of the world that they live in.

      • sustantivo

        Stay classy…

        • Neville Ross

          Try and get smart about the world, moron. It’s not me with the ‘classy’ problem, it’s you and everybody else here talking a load of shit about a political system/methodology none of you know dick about. Figure it out as I said to the other person above, and then you all can talk about today’s issues. Either that, or keep silent along with the harpy who runs this site. 

          • sustantivo

            Boy you really doubled down on idiocy…

            Hit it again, neville…


          • Neville Ross

            Look at the Tea Party drone speaking shit again! And what’s with all of the telling me to be ‘classy’ now when people like you aren’t ‘classy’ elsewhere? And aren’t even classy speaking about prominent black  people like Obama?

      • Bret Sevener

        Wow!  And you were on a roll until you threw that racist card.  And once again, it’s people like you that really need a history lesson.  You don’t have to go too far back, either.  Start with George Wallace.  Then go back to before 1960, and see which party black people related to the most.  Then, figure out when and why all that changed.  

        • Neville Ross

          The only ‘racist card’ comes from clueless white people like yourself, living in denial of what you are and of how racist you are. Try again, sir.

  • Mike Olson

    If 150 years ago your Great Grandparents were owned by White men but treated WORSE than mules you would hold constant vigil and want a voice like Sharpton and Jackson to rail for justice and equality. I personally want them to gather facts and speak honestly. Not make up their own version..Shameless!!! Does this make me a conservative?

    • chetforlife

       a little over 260 years ago my family were engendered servants to the elite of the day in the land of Great Briton. our family owed them so much money that two generations were slaves to them.  and because of the debt they owed and couldn’t pay they were shipped off to the New World to work their newly acquired lands in the Virginia Territory.

      the family was able to get out from underneath them during the revolutionary war.  then before the civil war ever came even though many of my family still lived in Georgia, No Carlina and Virginia.  they never owned slaves and one of the uncles in our family line was shot dead and then hung because he hid blacks that had ran away from abusive slave owners.

      So don’t give us white folk that old story about being slaves we know exactly what it is and our family line will not let us forget it.

      True slavery is to that which you yield yourself too.

  • Scott H

    Al Sharpton is able to poke a little fun at himself. Two thinks have kept me from completely writing him off as anything other than a bad example: his guest spots on Boston Legal and My Wife and Kids. I can’t see Jesse Jackson doing that- he’d probably have screamed racism upon seeing the script.

    I don’t have a very favorable opinion of Mr. SHarpton, but as long as a man can willingly participate in poking a little fun at himself (and I found those two guest spots screamingly funny), there’s hope. Major points to Mr Cheadle as well, because I suspect he’s taken a bit of crap for not towing the line. Let’s hope he doesn’t bail on Twitter over it.

  • teri_b

    Sorry, but the “black Republican should expect some heat” comment made me think he wouldn’t have been cordial if Michelle Malkin were African American.  

    • Mike Lee

       It was an observation. Nothing wrong with that. “should expect”. Hew wasn’t saying that they DESERVE it – just that they should expect it. He’s right.