Don Cheadle slams NBC for misleading edit of Zimmerman 911 tape

Actor Don Cheadle took to Twitter tonight in outrage over NBC News deceptively editing the 911 tape in the Trayvon Martin case to make George Zimmerman sound racist.

After those three tweets Cheadle retweeted this tweet from @MarconiRebus.

Cheadle then went back to pointing out how awful NBC’s editing of the 911 tapes were and how important the slight is. He even seemed to agree that NBC was trying to forward a specific narrative at the cost of the facts.

He also didn’t buy any defenses of NBC put up by some of his followers.

Cheadle even suggested NBC demote the person responsible for the edit.

He expressed his concern that what NBC did might damage the chances that justice is done in the case.

The actor finished off his spot on criticism of NBC News with an endorsement of the principles that the American justice system is based on.


The conversation continued throughout the night. Read more here.

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