Former President Bill Clinton was in Nevada rallying Democrats for Obama yesterday, and he couldn’t help but let the audience know that he knew how to answer Mitt Romney in the recent debate, even if Barack Obama didn’t:

You can see Clinton pause for a moment — as if thinking about whether it was really wise to show just how confidently he would have handled Romney. But he didn’t pause long before showing the loyalists the Bill Clinton they loved:

I had a different reaction to that first debate than a lot of people did. I mean I thought “Wow. Here’s old Moderate Mitt. Where you been boy? I missed y’all these last few years.”

And liberals are eating it up! As of this writing, the YouTube clip had received nearly 15,000 views in less than a day. And Clinton got the love that he has always craved:

Dozens and dozens of liberals are cheering Bill Clinton and marveling at his debating skills — but don’t take it personally, President Obama. We can’t all be Bill Clinton, right?

We’re sure when you’re voted out of office, you’ll draw thousands of adoring fans to university rallies:

And you’ll have desperate politicians preparing for your visit days in advance:

And if not, don’t worry about it. Jimmy Carter can use the company.

  • HalfMoments

    Did anyone check beneath the podium?

    • Owen007

      Hmm, well, that answers my question of where Sandra Fluke has been lately.

      • Johnny Banco


  • Brett McMicken

    that’s rich, coming from ol’ lip-biting, all-things-to-all-people bill

  • imme

    Clinton called Mitt “boy”. Racist!!

    • Chad Johnson

      What did you expect? He is a Democrud you know. They are always the first to pull the race card and beat you with it. They see the color of a persons skin. I, as a conservative, only see the color of a persons patriotism. Its the “D” next to the name on the ballot that makes me hate them.

  • grais

    Yeah. President Aqualung only had a week to think up that snappy comeback. Real geenyus.

    • Brett McMicken

      let ’em deny what’s happening in the present while they take a trip down memory lane! romney can get things done while they stand around throwing their underwear at bill

  • jackay

    Just think, if Hillary actually has to take the fall she deserves for the Benghazi cover-up, we might finally be rid of both Clintons! It’s amazing how Dems jump up and adore this man with the morals of an alley cat. I bet it ticks off Barry when old Slick Willy is getting all the attention. :)

    • Brett McMicken

      the first and second black presidents!

  • Mikek

    I’m still so glad the DNC had Clinton speak, and the night before Obama too! MSNBC and libtards went from overjoy the Clinton speech night to pretty subdued the Obama speech night when the weak speech reminded every Dem that Obama is no Clinton, and definitely doesn’t deserve a second term.

  • vetgal1970

    This past week all we have heard from Team Obama and the Dems is Mitt lied, Mitt lied. Then they cheer the biggest liar of all and call him a genius.

    • Owen007

      And, of course, while no one can actually point to an example of Romney lying, we can all point to an example of Clinton lying. Go figure.

    • Kate

      When Dems resort to the “he lied” excuse, you know things are going well for the GOP.

  • Chip

    Clinton was the benefactor of the boom. W was the recipient of its’ crash.

  • Love of Country

    Liberals just love, love, love a man who lies and cheats on his wife for 30 years …. is this really news?

    Beyond that, Bubba ….. where’s the guy who promised to cut the deficit in half but added 6 trillion dollars instead? Where’s the guy who said he was focused like a laser beam on jobs but really spent two entire years working on and selling his snake oil healthcare bill that no tax payer wants. Where is the guy who swore up and down he would bring the country together but all he cares about are sowing the seeds of his race, class and gender wars? And finally, Bubba … where are Monica, Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones, you skirt chasing fornicator?

  • Hank DeCat

    Huh, that’s funny because I remember back in 2008 Matt Yglesias was the one of the loudest condemning Bill Clinton a “racist” and deriding him for being a “triangulator” with “no core principles.” Now that he’s trying to save Obama’s bacon he’s a “genius.” I’m thinking Yglesias is the one with no core principles (at least in comparison).

  • Johnny Banco

    Anyone who is impressed by Clinton’s aimless, misrepresentative, moronic spiel here is just too stupid words – have they forgotten that 4 years ago the arrogant know-it-all Billy Boy was treating Obama comtemptuously, saying he was basically only a bag carrier?

    I would LOVE to watch Romney go up against Clinton in a debate. Romney is smart enough to know how to get under his skin, and it sure would be fun to see Clinton lose it again like he did in that epic Peter Jennings interview, wouldn’t it? :)