Absolutely beautiful! Fox News contributor and Hot Air editor-at-large Mary Katharine Ham and husband Jake Brewer are the proud parents of a baby girl. Leave it to the great Mary Katharine Ham to announce the birth of her daughter Georgia with a gorgeous and hilarious photo and the line “Baby: Nailed it!”

Congratulations poured in:


Iowahawk expresses congratulations in his own way:


Snicker. That’s right: Ace of Spades recently taught Amanda Marcotte a little something about the facts of life with hilarious results.

We join in wishing all the best to Mary Katharine Ham, her husband Jake and beautiful baby Georgia. May all your days be filled with joy, love and happiness.  Congrats, mama!


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  • Edwina

    Had no idea she was pregnant. Congratulations. Maybe Juan will be nicer and Bill will give her more time without interruptions.

    • jacksonjay

      Bill can’t stop his interruptions! It is what he does!

      • Micha_Elyi

        Bill and Charlie Rose are alike that way; conversus interruptus.

  • vcferlita

    Can I say that she MKH looks incredible for just giving birth. Natural beauty. Congrats to her and hubby.

  • nc

    Such a lovely family! Congratulations to Mary Katharine, Jake, and their very own “Princess” Georgia!

  • Silenttype78

    Aww! Absolutely adorable family!
    I’m a tad jealous … beautiful right after labor! ?!
    So not fair! 😉

  • TocksNedlog

    Didn’t “it” get nailed nine months ago?

    Just sayin’.

  • RblDiver

    So now is she editor not-quite-so-large? :)

  • radjahshelduck

    I think it’s great she named the baby after her alma mater. If she’d gone where I did, the baby would be named Southern Illinois.

    • Lisa Dean

      Or she could be named Saluki 😉

      • radjahshelduck

        No way a girl with a mother as pretty as MKH would be a dog!

    • HWarrior13

      LOL…If I had named mine where I graduated from, it would be named “Gonzaga” – ugh
      (Think this is the GOP/Conservative version of what “Would your stripper name be” ?)

    • World B. Free

      Good thing she didn’t attend Virgina Tech, or the baby’s name would be Virginia Ham.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Congradulations, Jake and Mary Kay! May she grow up happy, Healthy, smart, and Conservative! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Lisa Dean

    Congratulations Mary Katharine

  • Stone Bryson

    Best birth announcement ever.

  • lazypadawan


  • right_on

    MK is awesome, and I’m sure the little Ham will be too….eh, I mean the little “Brewer.” Congratulations to the happy couple!

  • HWarrior13

    MKH looks amazing ! But I have to ask, how much weight did she gain? 6 lbs. ?

    No one should be allowed to look that great hours after having a baby. And oh, that baby looks great too, like she’s been prepped for a Gerber baby photo shoot.

  • in_awe

    Congrats to MKH and her husband. Apologies to lil Georgia for her starting life 6 figures in the financial hole viz a vis her share of the national debt.

  • aquaviva

    “Bring it”!

  • doublee64

    A Georgia Hammer for sure!

  • ELC

    Congratulations to all. What a super photo of the happy family.

  • TitzyFritzensimmons

    I’m lousy at Twitter, so I’ll post here.

    MK, She’s gorgeous! Been following your career since Duke Lax-Georgia will be best job you’ve ever had- the most challenging and the most rewarding- as well as the one legacy you will leave behind you. I’m convinced that, for good or ill, what we do as parents is the measure of our immortality. My children know stories of an aunt and a babysitter who were born in the late 1800s- neither had children, but they live on in me and my kids and their future kids.

    Bless the three of you.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeBeq0i03bg Booker

    Welcome to Earth. Here, have some debt. We’ve got more to spare. Congrats, btw.

  • Flo

    Aww, congrats! What a cutie.

  • CasualMeyhem


  • https://gigglescreativecorner.com/Production/ E L Frederick

    Congrats MHK!!! Very cool!