Photo-slamming for the win! What prompted the side-splitting photo-slam from actor James Woods?


The photo then entered the mix:

Hilarious indeed.

Double snicker. It’s funny (and devastating) because it’s true.


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  • RblDiver

    He’s been full of /win lately.

    • Texan357

      I was just about to say that he’s been a fairly steady stream of success recently. He’s not going to be let back on the plantation now – I wonder if we’ll see any more Family Guy appearances? o.O

      • Ali’s Snackbar

        Funny, I was thinking about that yesterday. I doubt he’ll be back. I stopped watching Family Guy when they used Lois getting an abortion as the “punch-line”.

        • Texan357

          I use Family Guy as an emetic – I mean, soporific; it comes on one or another channel at bedtime. Now you’ve got me thinking about Seth McFarlane’s new show “Dads” – Seth Green said it had some very stereotypical, negative portrayals of white males. My first thought was “as opposed Family Guy and its two spinoffs?” Dude is the blind epitome of douchery.

          • PatriotRG

            Stereo typical – marginalization – ridicule of white heterosexual patriotic small business middle american working class / middle class males is the comfort zone of the left and msm. After all they should just pay the bills and shut up.

          • Kakarot

            A bit off topic: TWO spinoffs?

  • Cy

    I find it offensive and speciest that you see a chicken and just ASSUME it wants to cross the road. Maybe it doesn’t want to cross the road. Maybe the patriarchal society we live in is forcing it to cross the road. Maybe you’re all just a bunch of intolerant cisgendered freaks! Power to the chickens! Stay on your side of the road if you want! Don’t let the hatred of man force you to cross!

    • GaryTheBrave

      ^^^ for the WIN!!

    • WhoMeToo
    • SineWaveII

      …or maybe Colonel Sanders was chasing it.

      • Adi

        General Store wants some chicken, too!

        • E F

          You mean General Tso?!

    • Republicanvet

      Well the picture did say it was Bush’s fault. I bet Cheney was beside him with his shotgun.
      What’s a chicken to do?

    • The Penguin

      That’s how we penguin’s roll,chickens…pfft 😉

    • Bob Richards

      And we won’t rest until chickens have reproductive rights. It’s not an egg, it’s a clump of cells. Good eatin’, too.

    • Al Gagnon


    • Durenda Wood

      look at the picture again! the chicken doesn’t have any legs to cross the road. it is a joke learn to relax.

    • Janet Martin Daugherty


    • alumin


      • CLASYS


        • mike_in_kosovo

          I see what you did there. :o)

    • huntercampbell

      Obviously not a free range chicken. If only its rights were supported by a nice group like ACORN. I’m sure Chick Fil-A has the solution.

      • thetreyman

        yes, a solution. a chicken FINAL solution.

        i feel like there should have been some kind of “sinister plot revealed” music when i typed that. perhaps like what’s with this chipmunk.

      • Richard Willey

        Why did the chicken not cross the road?? Because its Bushes fault and you are a racist

    • thegrrrr8est

      Well, in a sincere effort to be more supportive of chickens I’ll say this…they ARE delicious!

    • Texan357

      [applause] IMO, this is comment of the day, Cy – and on this site, that’s High Praise! indeed. 😉 Thanks for the laughs!

    • TugboatPhil

      You care nothing for the road, which is BLACKTOP!! That makes you a roadest and a racist…but not necessarily a road racer.

      Keep the chickens (which are probably WHITE!) off the roads!!

      • BeautifulAmerica

        hahahahhh! Youze so baaaaaaaaaad!

    • Robert Levister

      I dream of the day that a chicken can cross the roaf without having it’s motives questioned.

    • James Smith

      what assume the chicken already crossed the road the question is WHY?

  • alanstorm

    I have a dream that someday, chickens can cross roads without having their motives questioned.


    • SineWaveII

      Let me be clear, the idea that all chickens want to cross any part of our crumbling infrastructure knowing for sure that their government has made the investments in the future necessary to assure that the chickens and all future generations of chickens can cross any road in America regardless of the color of their feathers is an idea whose time has come!.

      (pause for applause)
      Therefore today I announce the chicken crossing infrastructure safety and improvement investment initiative and call upon congress to make available funds as necessary to assure that all road-crossing chickens can be assured of making their journey safely knowing that their government cares about them and their children.

      (pause for applause)

      Get me. I’m an Obama speech-writer.

      • Republicanvet

        Did he say anything in his speech about unionizing cattle guards here in the west?

        • Larenzo1

          I remember that one it was a goodie.

      • Bob Richards

        We need new bridges so chickens can cross the roads in safety.

      • MontanaGal

        Stop it! Stop it right now! I can’t catch my breath, and am turning blue!!! (Hilarious laughter, unable to breathe…)

        • SineWaveII

          Ok you can breathe now MontanaGal, hello, are you there? Hello?….Uh oh……

      • Janet Martin Daugherty

        FANTASTIC!!! LOL!

        • SineWaveII

          Thank you.

      • Adi

        You are indeed, punching above your weight.

        • SineWaveII

          LOL, good reference.

    • ObamaFail

      Be careful. Because decades from now, chickens will taint your dream by using it as an excuse to get free stuff, cry racism, and play victim any chance they get.

      • Adela Wagner

        Although I hear it is mighty tough to hold an Obama Phone and punch in a number when all you have are two claws. But perhaps that in itself, falls under the ADA…oh good, maybe all chickens will get a service spider monkey to take care of all their button pushing needs. If it saves one chicken…….

  • pajamakat

    OMG. James Woods tells the truth. Wish there were more like you in Hollyweird.

    • Robert Capps

      It is amazing that James Woods is a clear thinking American, considering the fact that he was born into a family of elite leftists. His godparents were Adlai Stevenson and Eleanor Roosevelt!

  • cscape

    Where’s PETA…… Where’s the OUTRAGE (sarc – lol)

  • michael s

    Yet white men like him didn’t start this centuries ago?

    • missplace

      Oh, you’ve got a devastating point. Every single white man is responsible for the action of every other white man, going back to the dawn of time. Let’s blame him for the inquisition while we’re at it.

    • tjthumbs

      show me any man still standing that started whatever centuries ago….that shit is over… live your life, not the past.

    • angel_e

      WTF kinda rationale is that? “Sins of the father”?

      • Dana Van Roekel

        or sins of the great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, as the case may be

        • Tigerspike

          Or as is equally likely, “sins of some guys that have the same color skin, but aren’t actually related.”

          • Jack

            yeah right? I know the people I descended from came here is the 1890’s and never did nothing to nobody..

          • Jeff Coil

            And how many white people worked AGAINST the very “oppression” they whine about, often at the cost of their very lives?

          • Jack

            none of those things stoke the flames of hatred so they don’t matter I guess

          • RLEE

            What about all the people that died to end slavery? Or who risked their lives working the underground railroad? People are also related to them.

      • Lienathan

        Pretty much, yes. In order for there to be a perpetual victim class there have to be perpetual offenders which means the ‘oppressors’ have to be held responsible for every sin of human history in perpetuity whether they individually actually had anything to do with it or not.. On the flip side of that is that government gets to take credit for all of the accomplishments of mankind. (“You didn’t build that”).

        In this way, the ‘victim’ can never rise above and is forced to be dependent on the Elite to right the wrongs and level the playing field, and the ‘oppressors’ are supposed to bow before their betters and kiss the ring, and therefore an entire society is enslaved by the Central Controllers.

    • The Jackal

      GET OVER IT!!!!!!

      • Elaine

        He’s sick. He has liberalism disease, too.

    • Republicanvet

      Start what? Forced chicken marches across roads?

      • DaMello

        “The Trail of Chicken Tears”…!

    • The Penguin

      So you’re condemning an entire race of people for the actions of a small percentage of said race? RAAACIST… Yes, you can be black and still be that, own it douche.

      • michael s

        Wher did i use the words entire race of people? I just made a historical point.

        • The Penguin

          You said “white men”, not “some” white men. Now play it back, replace the word “white” with “black”, and pretend a white man said it. Aaahhh…

        • Jeff Coil

          You said “the WHITE MAN started this”. That’s totally racist. Do you realize there “white men” fighting against slavery from the moment the slave trade began? I am proud to count many abolitionist among my ascendants. Yet, because I am white, I get lumped in with the few greedy white slave owners.

          • The Penguin

            Isn’t “greed” too a condition found only in the caucasian male as well? Let’s not forget who sold those slaves to the whites. Uh oh…that’s a subject that should never be broached. Don’t up-vote me on anything if you don’t also acknowledge this fact.

          • grais

            You should be proud.
            But I have a slave-owning ancestor who was shot dead by one of his male slaves for beating one of his female slaves and I don’t feel ashamed in the least. I refuse to feel quilty over something that has nothing to do with me. I also have no sympathy for grandpa.
            That was then(1694); this is now.

          • AlCashier

            Slave holding among the mulatto class in Charleston SC was widespread ac to 1790 census: 36 out of 102 or 35.2 % of free Blacks had slaves.

            Charleston City SC: By 1800, 1 out of every 3 free blacks recorded owning black slave property.

            by 1830 US census, free blacks owned more than 10,000 black slaves in LA MD SC VA, in numbers disproportionate to their representation in society.

            1860: 10,689 blacks in New Orleans, and over 3,000 free blacks, 28% of the black population, owned black slaves

          • AlCashier

            Africans who entered Jamestown btwn 1620-1650 would be freed after serving their indentured time of 7-10 years, & given 50- 250ac land & livestock.

            .1ST Slave-owner= Anthony Johnson was a Negro indentured servant (NOT slave) from Angola. by 1651, he held 250ac & 5 black indentured servants

            1st slave was a negro man named John Casor:
            .Mar 8 1655= colony court ruled “John Casor a Negro shall forthwith be returned unto service of his master Anthony Johnson” .== Casor was a black indentured servant whose indenture time was almost up — he would be a free negro , and he ran away from Anthony Johnson [the free negro] to go work for Johnson’s white neighbor.

            it’s not taught: after 1655, thru 1865, thousands of ‘free negroes’ in America owned 100,000s of blacks to work their farms & plantations

        • IceColdTroll

          No you didn’t, you burped up a meaningless sound bite.

        • Lisa Dean

          Except you and history don’t always coincide with each other when it comes to a point.

        • Fired Up

          Not even close. “I just made a historical point”. You just made a historical “talking” point. Historical points are usually based on facts and “talking points” are usually inaccurate propaganda repeated by useful idiots. You got Oprahitis.

        • Fired Up

          Not even close. “I just made a historical point”. You just made a historical “talking” point. Historical points are usually based on facts and “talking points” are usually inaccurate propaganda repeated by useful idiots. You got Oprahitis.

    • Ronald Green

      Except under Islam.. Maybe, where do we lay the sins of the fathers on the children? Where do we lay the sins of the children on their fathers? Oh that’s right Booosh and Raaaacist. Shut up troll.

      • IceColdTroll

        What the heck is he even talking about now?

    • grais

      Successful, intelligent, educated white actors started making chicken jokes about Obama’s hypocrisy and race-baiting centuries ago?

    • pgson

      Nope. Black men like Obama started it centuries ago, when greedy African chiefs sold their own people into slavery — indeed, sent out their best warriors to round their own people up — for a bit of that shiny gold. The Portuguese asked; the African chiefs complied. If some foreign ships arrived at our ports and asked us to barter slaves to them, would you blame them, or our leaders for saying yes for money? Take that back to the bridge, troll 😉

    • Lisa Dean

      Oh @michael_s_1:disqus with his mighty warrior picture. You’re right, it was the white man who encouraged Genghis Khan to kill, it was the white man who encouraged Ceasar to crush his enemies, it was the white man who convinced the Japanese to attack the Chinese in 1937 and do unspeakable things to the Chinese women, it was the white man who convinced the Turkish to attack a village of Armenians etc. We’ve had these magical powers to persuade others to wage racism for so long some of us forget when we acquired them./sarc I’m so glad you showed up to offer your knowledge in a sound bite snippet./sarc

    • ObamaFail

      So by your logic, any white person murdered by a psychotic black person we can blame on ALL black people?

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      I got to “white men” and realized you were just another racist unworthy of my time….

    • Jared Sherrill

      Are you referring to racism or are you referring to slavery? Why do I ask? Racism has been around since before recorded history and the slavery has also been around that long. It’s been spread over every single race. White men are not to blame for the start of racism or slavery but a white mans ideals were the start of the end of slavery. But someone like you probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend that something so awful could be contributed to by literally every single race and not just whitey.

    • The Penguin

      Edited your comment and changed your avatar…coward and a chump.

      I see you changed back… I will call you “chump-change” from now on.

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    And does not what you read below ˅˅˅˅ Obama’s Own Written Words…. verify or not?, clarify or not?, Mr. James Woods picture in baiters of race/bigotry?
    Obama on White Folks Greed…
    Taken from his book and in his own words: “Dreams From My Father” page 158 of 235 PDF Form:

    “It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day
    than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year,
    where white folks’ greed runs a world in need,
    apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere…
    That’s the world! On which hope sits!
    **And we in this household ask the question: “Why would Obama write this in one of his autobiographies”?
    ***we guarantee that this message has been viewed and surveilled by ObamaGovt Yes We Scan Spies, by the means of Satellite, NSA, FBI, DEA, ATF, Local Law Enforcement, etc….(if we left out an entity we apologize if you assumed that it was deliberate, or are being offended by our non-inclusive policy as a picture or writing is worth a thousand words and are assumptions and pc is not our fortitude). :)

  • Republicanvet

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Is Filner out of rehab already?

    • OLLPOH ~ America

      His buddy Clinton got a sermon from Rev. Al and that got him a free pass, maybe BillHill will call Al or Jesse and that will get him a pass. y.n.k.

  • Larry Ramirez

    Hahaha To damn funny, That James Woods is a good guy !

  • Flebis

    I am just proud that chickens now feel that it is OK to come out of the coup. WE sure have come a long way.You know accepting them and all that.

    • pgson

      Yes, I accept them much more readily … in my belly. And it doesn’t matter how they’re dressed, or which way they swing. Glazed, fried, baked, skewered, roasted, shredded, in barbeque sauce, drizzled with lemon sauce, on a sandwich with (gasp!) bacon and blue cheese — I love ’em (eat ’em) all the same :)

      • Lisa Dean

        Every single way you listed is perfect! Especially in a sandwich with bacon and blue cheese (Gasp!) is right. However, and I’m merely pointing this out because it’s an equally tasty preparation form, you forgot smoked chicken…

  • Republicanvet

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because Preezy Fissbump said he was on the run.

  • Conservagrl

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because their snap card, medicaid card, rental assistance card and government issued debit card flew across the road when a gust of wind hit.

    • Republicanvet

      Chicken shoulda used his ObamaPhone to call for replacements.

  • The Penguin

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the Unemployment Office is across the street.

    • Lisa Dean

      I like to think the chicken crossed the road because she was concerned about those of us who suffer from Alektorophobia.

      • OldLady Norma

        Gee, I didn’t know that chickens cared that much. They are all right in my book. Cookbook that is!

  • Republicanvet

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because Preezy Fissbump drove the economy in the ditch…and Moochie was screeching “Let’s Move” chicken.

    • nc

      I just got a visual of Moochie goosing the chicken in sync with her “Let’s Move” order.

  • Caves45

    I always like Wood’s stuff . Now i love it ! Here’s to you Mr Woods . You got guts .

  • disappearing moderate

    If you go far back enough, the likelihood is that most of us had slave ancestors as that was the most prevalent “occupation” in ancient times. Centuries later, African “black” men rounded up members of rival factions and sold to slave traders. Unfortunately, slavery still exists today, and white men make up only a tiny percentage of slave holders. Greed and cruelty are human evils and not racially determined. Those looking to validate their victim status need only look to the policies that stifle economic growth and opportunity and foster dependency.

  • Carter_Burger67

    Funny you never hear anything out of the Justice Brothers about the current slave trade in Muslim countries.

  • Conservatarian

    But did the chicken use a DOT approved cross walk?

  • Jim Robinson

    I’ve always been a fan of James Woods. Now I’m a bigger fan.

  • Greg

    LOL love it!

  • L R

    That is the absolute funniest picture and caption I have seen in…forever. Thank you, James Woods, for your humor and deep understanding of our current state of affairs in this country.

  • ELC

    The Real James Woods is my Hero. Keep them coming James…you made my day!

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Woods only has 32,000 Twitter followers. I’d have thought it would be ten times that. Guess he’s not all that popular anymore.

    • Republicanvet

      …and you would guess wrong. I believe he only started with twitter very recently.

      • JoeMyGodNYC

        Nope. His first tweet was four years ago.

        • Glen Hull

          Ashton Kutcher has more than a million twitter followers. That will in no way prevent Jobs from bombing next week.

        • Grandma HeadInjury

          Wow, scroll down to the end of his feed to find that did you? What would you do if you actually had a life?

        • Grandma HeadInjury

          Wow, scroll down to the end of his feed to find that did you? What would you do if you actually had a life?

    • Adi

      Which gives? Judging someone on twitter followers or facebook likes is superficial – at best.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        You expected something *besides* superficial from Joe?

        You’re new here, aren’t ya? ;o)

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Actually it’s currently over 33,000. Did we round down a little, Joey?

      Sounds like someone has 4,974 reasons to be filled with petty jealousy…I can see why, since Woods picked up over 300 followers in the last 12 hours, and someone else…well…didn’t….

    • angel_e

      And Amanda Bynes has over 3 Million followers on Twitter. Clearly, credibility and intellect are defined by ‘popularity’ and fan-base.

  • LegalizeShemp

    And dont’ forget the classic “The Republicans do it just as much if not more than the Democrats”. I love that one too.

  • Christian Burgwald

    Now every time i see a liberal I’m going think of a chicken head.

    • Pase’ Doble

      cryin’ laughin!!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      Really? This is what I picture when someone mentions Democrats.

  • yourmamatoo

    I love this guy.
    Saying what he means and meaning what he says. Without apology.
    Wish he was a politician .

  • Adi

    I’m looking forward to Mr. Woods appearances in Ray Donovan.

  • Garrett Gripling

    James Woods best work was still from “The Simpsons.” “Listen, don’t jerk me around kid.”

    • Adi

      If I had to chose an absolute best (which is very hard) it would be Videodrome.

  • Adi

    This thread is soo funny, I had to bookmark it.

  • Lucy

    James Woods, if I ever go to the movies again, I’ll make sure to go to one of yours! Speak the truth and you will be a bright beacon in an otherwise sea of sludge out there in Hollyweird. Thank you for being a good American and calling a spade a spade (no pun intended!). :)

  • Chuck Harding

    Could these guys have something to do with it?

  • Jeremy

    ha ha Keep it going Mr. Woods.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    This “side-splitting photo slam” has been floating around the internet for YEARS. I saw people wearing it ironically on their t-shirts at Netroots Nation in Las Vegas in 2009. (You can still get it on eBay.) Minus 100 points for unoriginality.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Oh noes! Joe, My Dog, has taken away Twitchy’s points! Tell us, Twitchy, how can we help?

  • nc

    I love James Woods. In fact, I just now finished watching his 1979 film, “The Onion Field.” His performance is one of the best ever.

  • RITA

    omg i can not believe the controversy over a frigging comic .. wow …. and we wonder why our country is in the dumps .. besides the fact odumma put it there

  • LucyGirl2011

    You know, I read and reread this entire group of twitter post and then the comments that followed and I’m sorry,but, it sounds like a conversation from an asylum..what in the world? Why the riddles…? The picture and twitter post by James Woods was a sarcastic joke and people acted so serious over nothing.

  • BeeKaaay


  • Gallatin

    I think I’m going to get a bunch of James Woods movies to watch this weekend.

  • elixelx

    So if I tell you lot that I earn poultry sums of money, would you call it chicken-feed?

  • Katherine McChesney

    Good for him. Just saying how it is.

  • Bruce Conklin

    At least Jim has the balls to spak what he thinks not hide in the corner like tese other chicken shits.And you know he’s Right. That a boy Jim

  • Jim McCormack

    James Woods nails it with the chicken..

  • sho48

    After living in a big city for 23 years and watching blacks slam whites on tv and in movies i can say there are more black racists than white racists. The Prez of the Left is the biggest race baiter out there, yet his hands are always clean. He has others doing his dirty work. He is a huge embarrassment. He needs to stop hiding and start leading. If you don’t like America..Move! Stop trying to “transform” us into what you want it to be. Putin and Obama are dueling egos and Putin is stronger and smarter.

  • Abbie Mills

    If the differences between each of us were not so striking, the ideas of individual worth and individual liberty would not be so important.

  • George Allegro

    Centralized bureaucratic socialism began to grow more prevalent in the United States after Stuart Chase laid out the eighteen collectivist tendencies of Germany and Italy on pages 95 and 96 of his 1942 book The Road We Are Traveling.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    Furthermore, since higher death taxes were among the 18 collectivist tendencies imported into the United States from fascist Europe before World War II, we should realize that they are opposed to liberty and prosperity.