Monica Crowley wasn’t alone in her snooze-thinking. Other Twitter users, including Roseanne Barr, thought the Obama on Leno buzz was more like buZZzzzzzzzz.


Crowley then offered up the best reason to have skipped watching the spectacle: The risk was far too great.

Heh. It’s a seemingly never-ending nightmare, isn’t it? Luckily, Ms. Crowley kindly provided some escape for folks.

Better than watching Obama? Damn straight:

And this Twitter user offered an idea that is the opposite of nightmarish:


Beautiful brain power for the win.


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  • RblDiver

    I picture but with Obama’s “um um um uh me me”

    • Jeremy

      lol yes very fitting

  • Maxx

    No thanks.

    If I wanted to have watched someone struggling helplessly in over their head, I’d have tuned into Shark Week.

  • World B. Free

    Dana Loesch and Monica Crowley should have their own show.

    Intelligence and eye candy… what more could you ask for?

    • Guest

      That would be one hot show!

      • World B. Free

        These two women are some of the few conservatives I’ve seen who don’t let the left get away with their BS.

        • Aaron

          I like your Avatar and screen name, very much, you creepy-ass crackah!

          • World B. Free

            Why thank you. Thank you very much.
            / Elvis voice off

          • Jay Stevens


          • Jay Stevens


  • Magnifico

    No TOTUS, no Magnifico.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Obama has the wrong job. He clearly wants to be a celebrity. He’d be better at that, too.

    • Magnifico

      I agree. I could see him playing the part of an incompetent president.

      • trixiewoobeans

        We’re seeing it right now…and he ain’t playin’.

    • AmericanMom

      In his own egotistic mind he is a celebrity. Guessing Putin is impressed!

      • rennyangel2

        YEAH, ozero really put one on Putin who now will not get any more US nukes destroyed to make Russia happy, will not get any more energy dealies for Russia to make off of Europe, will not get even better trade deals from the US.

        ozero really showed Putin how tough he is, and I am sure Putin is cowering in the Kremlin.

        • AmericanMom

          Once Ozero activates his death panels, he’ll have gone full circle nazi-style, ridding his insurance plan of “undesirables.”

          • rennyangel2

            Yes, now emails supposedly show collusion among a 1/2 doz. exec. bureaus and agencies against cons./tea party people from the IRS, SEC, DOJ, AFT, and to even OSHA in order to blackmail, pressure, intimidate, and bully ordinary Am. citizens trying to follow the law and ex. their const. rights. Soon, if you ever voted Rep. your heart transplant will be mailed so some food stamp user as an extra protein bonus.

    • Zach Smith

      He’d be right up there with the Kardashians.

      • trixiewoobeans

        I think you’re looking for “down there” with the K Klowns. Lol!

  • Steve_J

    How could it be boring? We learned Jacksonville, Charleston, Norfolk, etc. are in the gulf and gymnastics, track, and swimming are part of Russia’s Winter Olympics.

    • rennyangel2

      The man is utterly Stoooopid.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Just find Flavor Flav on you tube.
    Same thing.

    • World B. Free


    • TheOriginalDonald

      Give Flav credit. At least he TRIED to run a chicken shack in Motown

  • Sabrina100

    Jay Leno takes a poke at Obama’s Police State…… I hope he has his taxes in order, given the IRS being part of his enforcement regime.

    Leno on Obama Visit: ‘Saves Him the Trouble of Having to Go Through My E-mails’
    ( – “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno said President Barack Obama’s visit to the NBC show Tuesday saved Obama “the trouble” of having to go through Leno’s e-mails and listen to his phone calls, a dig at the administration’s National Security Administration (NSA) scandal.

    “[I’m] Very excited to have the president on the program tonight. You know it’ll be great talking to him on a one-on-one basis. Plus, it saves him the trouble of having to go through my e-mails and listen to my phone calls. You know, we can just talk one-on-one,” the comedian said in his opening monologue.

    • ELC

      He should also wonder if the NSA is listening in on his conversations and be weary of a drone dropping in on him if barryboy wasn’t happy with the interview.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Monica’s tweet prompts me to rename His Magniloquence: Ob”um’s&uh’s”

  • Karin_A

    I didn’t watch it, can’t bear listening to him. Plus, he’s the world’s most boring man.

  • Fit Forpost

    It was Gaffetastic!

  • ELC

    As luck would have it my cable box went out and tv in my whole entire place was not working. Of all nights to go out I was very upset(LOL)to have missed Odumbo on Leno. All kidding aside, it went on at 10:00pm, but I chose a good nights sleep over watching this loser defend his poor performance as president. I’m surprised at Leno to even have booked him, but Leno’s on his way out so I guess anybody could take the seat next to him. If Leno was smart, a chimpanzee would have been a much better guest.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    “What’s your Sleep Number?”


  • lainer51

    Let me be clear-in-chief

  • IceColdTroll

    And he reassigned Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Of course, the networks are all over THIS howler, right?

    Yeah, right.

  • Zach Smith

    I don’t know if this bothers anyone else, but I can’t stand the way Obama says “tuh”, instead of “to”.

    • Ken H.

      I can’t stand the way he says anything, so that bothers me, too.

  • DavidKramer

    Hmmmmm, I had some lawn to work on, it was much more productive.

    • Ken H.

      I had to watch something on MeTV – much more entertaining!

  • moot

    Why listen to Obama? He says the same thing all of the time. Our economy is growing (not really). But we have more work to do (not delivering on promises). Everything is still a campaign. zzzzzzzzzzz. The only thing that’s different is when he jumps on a race issue or an issue he knows little about.

    • Jay Stevens

      For something like this, you tune in for the gaffes.

      • ChiTownGal

        Since I can’t stand listening to his voice (makes me want to puke), or see his face, I just wait for them to show up on the internet. So, this way, I save some $$$, not needing to consume a whole bottle of Stoli’s.

    • Jay Stevens

      For something like this, you tune in for the gaffes.

  • Bill Board

    I thought my reason for avoiding Oblah-blah on Leno was the best …. he sucks.

  • garygramscom

    When ever the child king is on it is a rerun…. sleep tight