Yuk, yuk, yuk! Get it? They must have all been racist-y racists like Paula Deen and stuff. That “The Daily Show” writer’s irresponsible and foul tweet has been retweeted more than 800 times. Cretins on Twitter are laughing it up:



No, you shouldn’t be. Race-baiting and potential incitement is so hilarious, huh?


That’s right: As Twitchy reported Sunday morning, the bloodthirsty Twitter lynch mob is now after the Zimmerman jury.




But, hey, it is much more tolerant and enlightened to throw around the race card and incite anger, isn’t it? Oh, and your hypocrisy is astounding, sir.


We’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Shame on you.


Lynch mob thugs threaten Zimmerman jury; ‘N*ggas coming for that bitch ass jury’

Atlanta Falcons’ Roddy White runs an ‘out’ pattern: Zimmerman jurors should go home and kill themselves

Full Twitchy coverage of the George Zimmerman trial

  • https://twitter.com/Captain_Cy_kun Cy

    Sorry I can’t get over Roy freaking Mustang commenting on this and it’s not about how the jury needed more tight mini skirts.

    • LinTaylor

      Bear in mind tho, Colonel Mustang was a still pretty sharp guy even with his eccentricities. As long as your name wasn’t “Elric” that is.

      • syvyn11

        Or Bradley.

    • irishgirl91

      I love and respect all in this thread. Needed after the heaviness of these events.

  • Dane Gunderson

    Paula Deen campaigned for Obama… but LibRules can’t forgive her for being white.

    • gotroy22

      And cooking with butter- Moochelle has forbidden it.

      • Thomas Darkvane

        Judging by Moochelle’s butt, she is getting plenty of butter on that lobster she has at the white house meals.

    • $48245650

      Santorum doesn’t care about blah people

  • fenom23

    that photo isn’t real, the real jury only had six people

    • http://www.openletter.avoiceofthepeople.com/ we__the__people

      A product of our dumb-ed down public schools, no doubt.

      • Michelle

        I’m thinking fenom was cracking a joke, not being serious.

    • Rusty Jewell

      I was thinking there was something hoaxy about it too. There was an alternate juror though who is shown in this photo. top right blond/gray haired woman

    • syvyn11

      actually 8. The two alternates were released after the jury went back to deliberate.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      Aw hail…

      I was gonna offer em a place to hide if they would do the cooking.

  • NetStoopid

    Sorry, but this was actually funny.

  • journogal

    Really not smart, Ms. Deen has gotten herself some new attorneys. Hopefully they’ve seen this…

  • Calcat36

    The prosecution accepted all of the jurors, right? Just axin’

    • Squirrel!

      My thought exactly!

    • journogal

      In fact, I believe there was one juror that the defense wanted to dismiss, but was not allowed.

    • scott

      I’m actually surprised the defense accepted a jury of all females. I don’t care what color they are….a mother is going to feel empathy with a mother that had a son killed. That makes the verdict much more acceptable in my eyes.
      The state failed to prove it’s case beyond a reasonable doubt

  • Rob Stevely

    Now thats funny!

  • oneanswer

    Ok,where’s the outrage about this being racist? oh yeah,that’s right, black folks can never be racist right? HYPOCRITES!

    • $48245650

      Actually nobody said that. Try again

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    Where’d he get the picture that he photoshopped for his own gleeful purposes?

    Jurors said there were ‘a lot of grays’ in sorting through murder charges: Deliberations Lasted Nine Days

    By Kathy Jessup on February 24, 2010 at 10:30 AM

    CENTREVILLE — Desiree Tucker will always wonder if 16-year-old Calista Springer was “asleep or awake” when the heavy smoke began to fill her lungs.

    “This trial will affect me for the rest of my life,” said Tucker, as six of her fellow jurors shook their heads in agreement late Tuesday. “All of the evidence will stick with me. There was even the smell of the fire on the evidence.”

    Tucker was one of seven jury members who addressed the media Tuesday after finding Marsha and Anthony Springer guilty of torture and first-degree child abuse, but not guilty of felony murder, in the 2008 death of their daughter Calista.

    Firefighters found Calista dead in her upstairs bedroom, chained to her bed, after a fire that gutted the family’s Centreville house was extinguished…

  • Danny Wheeler

    Ugh… you libtards are SO mature.

    • syvyn11

      Remember, the first duty of a liberal is to defend liberalism you must engage by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    Paula Deen is a registered democrat who campaigned for Obama….how stupid do you have to be to be a member of the democrat party today?

    • journogal

      Really need to ask?

    • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

      Every Proglodyte believes they’re a shoo-in for Mensa membership.

    • gotroy22

      Her best friend is fellow Georgian Jimmy Carter.

  • http://deadbuffaloblog.blogspot.com/ DeadBuffalo Blog

    Well. Jon Stewart is a whitey. Maybe he should volunteer to be shot in the name of justice?

  • Suzyqpie

    Sung Ting Wong.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    @twitchy staff: When somebody says DEAD, such as on Yanga Boy’s tweet, it generally means they thought it was really funny, cute, clever, etc. Girls do that with pictures of kittens all the time. FYI.

    • Lord Foggybottom

      It’s funny you morons are voting down a fact.

  • David Johnson

    I use to watch the daily show till 2006/07 before they took a total LEFT turn in there humor. Now its just kool aid & the party line!

    • $48245650

      You seem like one who would be more into fart jokes and the like

      • David Johnson

        What are blah people & why did you bring up Santorum? No I don’t like the democrats party line which is the same thing as fart jokes.

  • $48245650


  • Sharon Kremer

    I don’t understand why she is under such attack and so much hate.I have seen such terrible threats and words written here about her & now GZ yet no one is calling for these people to be stoned or loose everything.Has no one ever said something they regretted later.Being honest when asked if ever said something she answered she hadn’t tweeted it hadn’t said to someone to hurt used it telling of robbery to husband in home.Did she injure someone when she did it,fire someone for color or religion,refuse service,make demands,I don’t particularly like words being written about my race on here but I certainly would not call for those saying it to be punished in such a way as this has come to.Being blown way out of the realm of reasonable

  • Eric Hutchison

    Twitter really gives EVIL people a platform to speak.

    • AWomaninTX

      And hog-ties the conscience.

  • RedHarley

    Trayvon called himself worse things than Paula Deen would have.

  • Radar

    stupid is as stupid does. you just proved that with that photo.

  • ModdKenwood

    the line of liberal f*ckwads is miles & miles & miles long

  • merry

    you (martin) pin the neighborhood watchman (zimmerman) down in the
    rain, break his nose, and beat his head against the pavement, and ignore
    his pleas to stop… you could get shot.

    This wasn’t not a “civil rights” event. This was a Second Amendment event.

    This is what self-defense is FOR.

  • dubcfan

    Oh look – @tavon has launched #waron6women

  • Conrad2010

    Why are there seven of em.

  • gretathegreek

    Reverse racism !

    • $48245650

      You must be white

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I don’t think Fred Goldman tried to incite a riot when ORENTHAL got away with murder

  • Kaya Hund

    The prosecutors agreed to the 6 women (and alternates). Sour grapes.

  • Cynthia Jaeger

    I guess the Jurist from OJ”s trial went and Killed themselves. Also I guess there were riots, and flag burning after that verdict. Grow up people, system isn’t perfect but he had a fair trial.

  • Christopher Fasano

    I’m not into race baiting, but that is funny.

  • Jeremy

    He is a writer at the Daily Show not a real surprise considering the moron that hosts the show.

  • David_Rogers

    So the jury was full of Obama supporters, and they still couldn’t convict? Sounds like a case that shouldn’t have even been brought.

  • PeterP

    That’s wrong, but funny.

  • LordStark

    Paula Deen = Democrat
    George Zimmerman = Democrat
    Trayvon Martin = would have been a Democrat

    Sensing a trend….

    • napalm

      He can still vote democrat..

      • Secede

        ANd will….multiple times.

  • Derek Penner

    I get it.
    Arch racist Paula Deen refuses to put a brown man in prison.
    Wait, I don’t get it.

  • John Smith

    So Liberals can’t count?There were 6 women on the jury. But Liberals having trouble with math and unable to get their facts straight is not exactly breaking news.

  • John Smith

    So Liberals can’t count?There were 6 women on the jury. But Liberals having trouble with math and unable to get their facts straight is not exactly breaking news.

  • Will P.

    Gotta love the bigotry and racism of the tolerant left.

  • 277Volt

    Paula Deen? Really?

    It’s truly pathetic if their idea of an unrepentant racist is a woman whose only crime was being raised in the South in the 50’s yet had the steel to step and and say “yes, I did use the term long ago”. No matter she happily worked with and employed Blacks in her adult life. Thankfully Jesse Jackson never got caught using the term on a hot mic in ’08.

    • Brian

      If only using the term was the thing people were actually upset over. No, it’s more the planning of a slavery-themed wedding, refusing to allow black staff in the front of the restaurant, having a separate bathroom for them, allowing her brother to masturbate at work, and a host of other things. And so what if she was raised in the south in the 50s? How is that an excuse? My grandfather was raised in the south in the 20s, and he managed to not be racist. She’s not from the 50s, she’s from right now, and she should be smarter than that.

  • kathy fog

    They need to show a resent picture of Trayvon , and stop showing that 5 year old picture ! he is 12yrs old in that picture , makes me sick !

    • Brian

      That picture was 7 months old, not 5 years.

      • kathy fog

        no ! I serched the web and found pictures of him as soon as the popped up they blanked out , so I have seen what he looked like with that joint in his mouth and gun in his hand with his gold teeth! and he didnt look like a little boy to me .

        • Brian

          Okay, again, that picture was 7 months old, not 5 years, so your original point is wrong. And are you saying the news should have searched around to find lousy cell phone pictures of him looking bad, rather than just using a generic one of him? I’m sure you’d consider it unbiased.

          • kathy fog

            OK Brian I am not going to get into a debate with you over this young man , but take a look at the Defense closing toward the end they show a picture of Trayvon and tells them it was a resent picture of him ! of course the Judge would not allow it into to evidence, saying the same thing , but sense when can you photo-shop a cell phone ! oh and I also watched the video of his friends beating a old homeless man that he took laughing . real funny. that being said I think this should have NEVER of happened , yes you can say George should have stayed in his car but on the other hand why didn’t Trayvon if he was so afraid just go home instead of tracking back to George ? HE ONLY HAD ONE THING ON HIS MIND AND IF WE COULD GET HIS GIRLFRIEND TO TELL THE TRUTH I WOULD BET MONEY HE TOLD HER EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO TO GEORGE . that is why she didn’t want to be in court ! and for as the media WHAT A JOKE ! They are the ones that stired up all this . you can’t really belive that was a picture of a 17 yr old …

          • Brian

            “but sense when can you photo-shop a cell phone !”

            So your defense is you don’t know how computers work. Got it. Everything else you just posted was completely off topic, baseless supposition, or a blatant lie. The picture was 7 months old. This has never been disproven, and if you look at the last photo of Martin alive and the photo of him lying on the grass dead, he looks pretty much the same as he did in the photo the media used.

  • gwvanderleun

    Would have been okay if the caption had read “What goes around comes around.”

  • Wiki David

    Here we go again…. if George had stayed in the car….. Better, if Tray Tray had stayed in school back in Miami, this would have never happened. Martin got kicked out of school for the 3rd time for possession. Hmm, they can present evidence that there was alleged groping by the defendant, that he took a course in Law Enforcement, that he called the police 50 times. But none of the decedents past could be discussed, some possible evidence being destroyed. Oh and lets add another charge to help out (manslaughter) only two days before the defense rests. Oh and lets have the judge attack the defense lawyers and the defendant in open court. Nelson forced Zimmerman to answer questions in court (right to remain silent). Asking how much time he would need to decide if he might testify. How can anyone answer that if all the witnesses hadn’t been heard? And the progressives still lost and are mad about it? And while we’re at it, give Paula all her hard work back.