Words, like math, are hard.

So, this happened.

Excuse us while we pick ourselves up from off the floor, where we have collapsed in a fit of giggles. Free.

Citizens swiftly school the DNC by providing some lessons in reality.

Yes, of course they do. In fact, they keep thanking Obama for the “free” birth control. Bless their moocher hearts.

That’s right. Donna Brazile was recently baffled by her rising insurance premiums, until Twitter users explained the facts of life to her. Many others are noticing that their health insurance premiums are going up and up.

It does. It scorches.

Zing! Yes, please do. As people continue to see their premiums rise, or their hours cut at work, we are sure they will love to keep hearing about this “free” Obamacare.


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  • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

    If you take money from taxpayers to provide “free” preventive care….

    IT’S NOT FREE. ==> #Obama #Obamacare #FRAUD

    • Elke E. Wilhelm

      If all these people are getting “free” stuff on my dime, then some of them should at least have the decency to come mow my lawn while I’m at work earning them their free shit.

      • pajamakat

        Yeah. I work 7 days a week, 15 hrs+ day as I am one of those greedy self employed. I don’t have time to clean my house and the interior needs to be painted. Maybe these people can form a volunteer service and help me out over here. After all, their FREE stuff is coming out of my pocket.

        • 96leroy

          Sadly, more ‘free’ stuff would be coming out of your house too if you let a good chunk of the ‘free’ recipients into it to clean.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      It’s funny we hear the same thing up here in Canada, and believe it or not back 7ish years ago. Plenty of americans believed the same thing about Canada, that we get “free” healthcare here.

      Oh sure, that’s why it comes out of my income tax, property taxes, other misc taxes. Then I get nailed again on provincial taxes, and federal taxes on all services and nearly all goods. Nothing like paying 13%(8% prov, and 5% federal) every day when you buy something.

      • Canadian in USA

        Not to mention how we keep (kept in my case) paying more and more for the “free” health care and the government covered less and less.

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          Well unless you’re in Quebec, then you get more! Gotta love those transfer payments, but yep you’re right. Wasn’t anymore then 10 years ago that things eye exams were covered for everyone too. Since it was considered a “health and welfare” issue. No longer.

          I’d be perpetually broke if I didn’t have supplemental insurance to cover what the government doesn’t.

      • Worship Dancer

        oh trust me REAL Americans who actually know how to use their brains KNOW SOMEONE in Canada was paying for that “free” healthcare. just like the “free” healthcare is being paid for by the taxpayers. it’s only FREE to those who don’t work. We also know that when you wait MONTHS to see a doctor there is something seriously wrong with the system.

  • HarryofMoore

    Free medical can work.
    All you have to do is import another 10,000 doctors and cap physician pay at 400K.

    • RogueRose

      There’s no such thing as free… all those medical personnel, hospitals, clinics, medicine, medical equipment.. it all costs. Free means there’s no cost involved moore… someone is paying those costs, so it’s cost shifting, not free.

    • Mike Sanfilippo

      Nothing like commenting on something you have no grasp of and making yourself look like a fool…

    • TocksNedlog

      Solidarity, brother!

      [Come on, ‘fess up: you have an Ed Schultz poster on your wall, don’t you?]

    • bicentennialguy

      Import another 10,000 doctors? What assembly line do they come off of? What would we do with all the styrofoam packing peanuts?

      • frogmouth

        Well, Cuba has a surfeit of them from what I understand. But why would they want to leave that paradise and all its free stuff even if the ruling government would let them?

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Ask Chavez how those Cuban doctors are. Oh wait…

    • Guest


    • plumberskid

      I wonder where the $$ comes from to pay those docs, regardless of where their pay is capped…..thinking, still thinking. Oh, wait…..

    • plumberskid

      I wonder where the $$ comes from to pay those docs, regardless of where their pay is capped…..thinking, still thinking. Oh, wait…..

    • James Paul

      What about when people have a human right to a free house, free food, and free what we all do. Are we all gonna have out pay capped so people can have their free and affordable crap, this is the kind of economic policies the USSR had and America along with the west hated. We won the cold war against the communists just to vote ourselves a commie wannabe government today…

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    I have paid the most taxes this year than any other year in my life while paying double the health insurance premium I did just a few years ago and these morons want to call it ‘free’? Great job liberals on screwing us.

  • Karl Morey

    Nobody ever said you could be an economist and a Democrat at the same time. The two just do not mix.

    • digitalPimple

      Well when you have a POTUS trying to convince people he’s now the “science” president when he freely admits he has less than 7th grade understanding of math anything is possible.

  • Jefferson Tea Party

    I didn’t realize we’d taken the health care providers as slaves, but OK!

    • James Paul

      Not only health care providers, but everyone in related industries become slaves as well….. cant have those excessive salaries in any industry connected to the mighty free government run industry, oh wait, its almost all of them now isnt it?

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    They’re not called Demtards for nothing.

  • EmperorOfMankind

    yay! so this is what they cut my hours (40 to 25) for.

    • Karl Morey

      Yep–so you couldn’t have it, and so their constituents had something ELSE to be beholden to them for.

      • plumberskid

        Oh, Emperor WILL have insurance all right. It’s “mandatory”, don’t you know…It’s just that his employer won’t have to provide it for him. He’s on his own. And I’m guessing his premiums will be just a tad higher than “free”.

      • plumberskid

        Oh, Emperor WILL have insurance all right. It’s “mandatory”, don’t you know…It’s just that his employer won’t have to provide it for him. He’s on his own. And I’m guessing his premiums will be just a tad higher than “free”.

  • neoface

    No thanks to justice Roberts, you could have made a difference! This will be his albatross as he is sitting in purgatory.

    • CynicOwl

      Well Roberts was right about one thing, the people had an upcoming opportunity at the ballot box. Roberts didn’t have the last word. Our idiotic and apathetic “peers” did.

      • neoface

        Roberts should have made the right decision, it’s obvious that we can’t depend on our idiotic and apathetic “peers”.

  • dennylee60

    “Free” as in tax refund is “free” money from the government.

  • Michelle

    The “free” part an absolute lie, the “54 million” figure is also a lie. Hey Rocky, watch me pull a figure out of my ass!

    • Adela Wagner

      Yep, PURE BULLwinkle

  • G.

    Sounds like the liberals’ Unicorns will “pony up” the money…

  • Legal Immigrant in TX

    FREE? I wish they expalin how this is possible.

  • anjullyn

    Only the stupid, uninformed low info voters will believe its “free.” And you’ve insulted the working taxpayers with a brain by calling it “free.” Dolts.

    • Karl Morey

      If the last couple of elections are any indication, the “stupid, uninformed low info voters” comprise just over fifty percent of the electorate. ^^;

      • Worship Dancer

        actually i think they only comprise about 35%. i think the other 16% are the people who voted democrat for the first time since they died.

  • Susan

    Yes, free. Free because my husband and I are paying for it but we can’t afford health insurance for ourselves because we are paying the 54 million.

  • digitalPimple

    Free is having to work 2 jobs because your hours have been cut to under 29. Awesome concept. Wonder why no one tried this wonderful approach years earlier.

  • Susan

    Yes, free. It’s free because my husband and I are paying for it and we can’t afford our own because we are paying for the 54 million.

  • Steve_J

    You get what you pay for.

    • TocksNedlog

      Next time, I’m buying me a better congressman!

  • deejayaz

    “Preventative Care”.. and it is not free.

    BTW Obama said only 30 Million needed the medical, but of course, that was before he put millions more out of work.

    Curiosity got the best of me so I just looked up the application for “free care”.


    It says one can use the Healthcare.gov site to fill out the forms on-line. If they exist on that webpage, they sure like to keep it a secret.

    All in all, what will happen is this: Because Obama never expected this to fly; the Congress, in bi-partisanship, will not fund and the GOP will be the “bad guys”.

    Same O, Same O.

  • QuadGMoto


  • http://twitter.com/murphylinn Murphy Linn Spears

    Laughable and all we can do is pony up

  • RoyEJohnson

    Just don’t call Democrats the Party of Free Stuff. They’re not about Free Stuff at all.

    • http://twitter.com/murphylinn Murphy Linn Spears


    • James Paul

      Not the party of free stuff, the party of freeloaders….. America can survive bad presidents, but it wont survive bad voters…

  • TocksNedlog

    Apparently, it isn’t just the president that is in permanent campaign mode.

  • Adela Wagner

    “OBAMA STASH”! The ObamaPhone Lady KNOWS what I’m talkin’ bout.

  • bicentennialguy

    We should all be grateful that Sandra Fluke can screw anyone she wants at any time she wants. I know I was at my wits’ end worrying about that poor dear and her birth control.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    “Free” Healthcare violates the 13th Amendment.

    (1) It can only be “free” if doctors are not paid for their services.
    (2) Doctors will only provide services without pay if they are forced.
    (3) Forced labour is called slavery, or indentured servitude.
    (4) The 13th Amendment prohibits slavery or indentured servitude of those who have not committed crimes.
    (5) Being a doctor is not a crime.


  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    If it’s free, why I am paying for it?

  • neoface

    Nothing is free, if you don’t pay then someone is paying now or later or you will pay later. That’s reality!!!

  • MisterIncredible

    Buckle up, fellas.

    Four more years of this.

  • Tim jones

    That’s a whole lotta bums..


    Nothing is truly “free”. Somebody ALWAYS has to foot the bill.

  • JamesandLoretta

    Reminds me of when I would have to explain to my 4 year old when she would see the signage for “free” phones at the cell phone store.. There is always a catch

    • JR48

      Mine used to want to sign up for every contest that she saw. She thought that if she signed up for it, she’d win the grand prize.

  • stillinthe60s

    Why is it the more tax and spend libs talk about their free stuff, the less free I feel?

  • RememberSekhmet

    If my premiums go up to cover the no-copay stuff……IT’S NOT FREE, DILLWEED!

  • RememberSekhmet

    Democrats: The party of trying to bribe the middle class with their own money…

  • toreilly

    They are some kind of dumb over at the dnc…

  • http://twitter.com/HotRodFan899 Gary Freeman

    With premiums expected to rise, how do the Democrats expect us to believe it’s going to be “Free?” I’m unemployed, so how the hell can I afford OBamacare? I guess by free, Dems mean, “the people flooding our country will get free healthcare, at taxpayers expense.”

  • frogmouth



    It costs them nothing, so therefore it is free. To them.

    That others are paying for something that they do not, themselves, receive is irrelevant to the ones getting the FREE stuff.

  • J.N. Ashby

    Awfully neighborly of those doctors and pharmaceutical corporations to give out all that free medicines and MRIs and what not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1003376721 Sheldon Cooper

    “Free” healthcare paid for by taxpayer money taken at gunpoint.

  • RedSoloCup


  • JR48

    We’re 16.8 TRILLION in debt and they’re bragging about themselves.

  • Tequila

    I seem to recall during the Obamacare debate before it became law the the Dems were citing numbers between 15 – 25 million uninsured. So how did that number double in 4 years?