As Twitchy reported, J.D. Mullane is the Bucks County Courier Times columnist who took the photo of the empty rows of media seating at the Kermit Gosnell trial. He also reported that a CNN journalist told him that a “small staff” was the reason a reporter couldn’t be sent to cover the horrifying Gosnell trial.

Now, he is doing the job that most journalists won’t do. He’s asking Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.) her thoughts on Gosnell. You see, Ms. Schwartz helped found, and ran, the Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center, a Planned Parenthood clinic, where abortions were performed. In Pennsylvania.

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But as the five-term U.S. representative from Montgomery County prepares her campaign for the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nomination, many in her party, including backers of possible rivals, fret that Schwartz’s political profile could make her vulnerable to Republican attacks in a general election.

The concern mentioned most often: Not only does Schwartz strongly support abortion rights, but before entering politics, she ran a Philadelphia women’s health clinic where abortions were performed.


According to its site, they claim to no longer perform abortions (although they provide the morning after pill), but they continue to provide abortion referral services. How many were referred to the monster Gosnell?

Another Twitter user is asking as well.

What say you, Ms. Schwartz? We are waiting.


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  • Jack_H

    Try asking HHS secretary for her opinion. She ran cover for Tiller for many years.

  • angeleyez

    Think of all the classrooms that are empty in Philly.
    Dana Loesch has suggested sensible abortion control to protect children.

  • Ron Morisseau

    And I thought Nancy Pelosi looked insane

    • Elaine

      She isn’t, just senile!

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    *in a Whitney sniveling voice* OMG they’re attacking her when she’s unrelated to the case this is just another anti choicer agenda driven smear campaign to prevent women from having access to SAFE CLEAN ABORTIONS so they have to go to peoe like Gosnell who is a hero for women and abortion clinics should never be inspected or run and staffed by licensed and experienced doctors and nurses because requiring that would put an unneeded strain on them so they fail to provide SAFE CLEAN ABORTIONS and if you think other wise your a white balding old man pervert rethuglican and KEEP YOUR ROSARIES OFF MY OVERIES!

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      In case any one can’t tell the above is sarcasm.

      • nc

        I’ve learned you can’t assume. Libbies are just that cookoo so if someone isn’t familiar with your previous posts they’ll think you’re serious.

      • Donna W

        Got it…and I have that whiney voice in my head now :(

    • robert anthony

      You notice it’s always leftist women past their reproductive years leading the charge for abortion. They’re no better than their claims of ‘old men’ sending the young off to war. No wonder they demand, ‘Keep your Rosaries off my ovaries’…it would take a miracle of God to make them functional again.

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        It’s funny how it works that way. It’s completely okay for them to tell you to stay out of matters if what they consider to be personal health, and then they demand that you pay for it. Your body your choice, I’m okay with that. But what about my wallet my choice? I dont get one apparently.

        My second issue is with the montra of “keep your rosaries off my overies.” How’s that supposed to work when so many of them want to force CATHOLIC RUN PRIVATLY FUNDED hospitals to preform abortions? In such a case the church dosnt have to keep their rosaries off. Here’s a montra for them. “Keep your ovaries off their rosaries”

        • robert anthony

          You know it..if the ‘progressives’ are consistent in one thing…its hypocrisy, a ‘fetus’ is yours to do with what you wish…’sacrifice’ the ‘clump of cells’ if you must.. to maintain your lifestyle, as they have written, it’s your body, right? But they highly approve of ‘taxing’ you punitively if you ‘choose’ to have a cigarette, a soda, or bag of chips.

      • Tom Anderson

        And they also tend to be white. The abortion industry preys on poor minority women, so that would make them white racist women who want to destroy minority babies. Huh.

  • waltermitty2012

    For someone like Allyson Schwartz, the problem is Gosnell was sloppy and got caught. Besides, many abortion supporters blame Pennsylvania’s “strict” laws governing abortion for Gosnell’s actions.

    • beebop1952

      “GOT CAUGHT?” If a woman hadn’t DIED this guy would still be at it earning more than $10K per day. Do those “strict” laws usually include more than 3 visits in a decade? Pennsylvania must be taking tips from the enforcement of gun requirements in Chitcago.

    • beebop1952

      “GOT CAUGHT?” If a woman hadn’t DIED this guy would still be at it earning more than $10K per day. Do those “strict” laws usually include more than 3 visits in a decade? Pennsylvania must be taking tips from the enforcement of gun requirements in Chitcago.

    • Tom Anderson

      He didn’t get caught for murdering babies. He got caught for selling scripts. Understand that clearly. PA HHS refused to inspect his facility for 17 years, even after a slew of complaints and the death of a patient. PA, Maryland and New Mexico have the same issues and monsters in their states and the same politics. Now who is waging a war on women? They even have the causalities to prove it.

  • Stephen K

    Protip to Mr. Mullane – if you’re going to keep covering this story by performing actual journalism, I strongly suggest you make sure your resume is up to date.

  • Steve_J

    Certainly hope somebody in the media follows up on this. It’s almost guaranteed her mill refered women to Gosnell’s butcher shop.

  • $27789750

    What an interesting campaign slogan ‘I sent young women to have their babies butchered’ Now that’s a winner if I ‘ve ever heard one.

  • Jack Deth

    Waiting with my popcorn and soda for Congresswoman Schwartz to say something Joe Biden, Weapons Grade, Democrat stupid, like:

    “I don’t know nothing about birthing no babies!”

  • RevDrEBuzz

    how can a person like this be trusted to run a state? the result will be the same as the esult of letting an immoral bungler into the white house.

  • Mary

    I guarantee you that Dr. Gosnell is not the first..he’s just the one that got caught.

    • Slapweasel

      Ice burgs and cockroaches come to mind.

    • Slapweasel

      Ice burgs and cockroaches come to mind.

  • APW


  • Seriously?

    There is no way she didn’t know Gosnell. We all know it.

  • fivegreatkids

    Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman physician in the US. She would be MORTIFIED to think her name was associated with a baby killing clinic. She worked tirelessly to defend women and children and their health. How disgusting! Am waiting with great anticipation for Ms. Allyson’s thoughts on “Dr.” Gosnell. JD Mullane-keep up the great work!

  • robert anthony

    Not to go OT…but what drives the press to refer to Corbett as ’embattled Governor’? Does ’embattled’ mean ‘not liberal’?