Zing! Chuck Woolery offered up that joke-idea in response to this:


Oh, don’t get your hemp-knickers in a bunch, lefties. We know it is hard to have a sense of humor when one is bitterly clinging to, well, bitterness.


But take a cue from these Twitter users who giggled madly at Chuck Woolery’s joke (Twitter account still sadly unverified) and added some funnies of their own.





The game show host and proud Tea Party guy then tweeted some truth about the big White House bash last night.


Indeed. And #SequesterSoul over substance, too. As Laura Ingraham pointed out: “Oh Happy Day”? Not for everyone.


Keep the truth coming, Chuck.


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  • Lady 12

    Ha! The idea of using Rubio’s water bottle is genius.

    • Catchance

      Or 16 oz sodas.

      • Lady 12

        Ooh, even better!

      • Lady 12

        Ooh, even better!

      • Kate

        A Rubio water bottle filled with more than 16 oz of soda, perhaps?

    • Catchance

      Or 16 oz sodas.

  • Meech204

    Is there enough water in all the oceans?

  • Michelle

    Hey, we could finally find use for all of Barry’s water carriers.

  • Squirrel!

    Excuse me? “Keep” him honest? That implies that he was honest to begin with. More like make him get honest.

  • BHopper2

    Does this mean, if he floats, he’s a witch?

    • Jake Wilde

      Nope just poop.

    • Right Wired

      or a very small rock

      • shimauma

        great gravy!!

  • http://yourdaddy.net/ NotaLemming

    Love me some Chuck!

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Waterboarding, yes…In the middle of Lake Michigan…..With Concrete shoes…..Plenty of water there….. I won’t rat ya out. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • James Rose

    Is there enough water in all our rivers to make him tell the truth?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Woolery/Sajak 2016

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Woolery/Sajak 2016

  • CatHerder

    “Monarchs should always have a noose around their necks, it keeps them upright.”

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      #MyPhilosophy(ies) Jawamax 8<{D}

  • CatHerder

    “Monarchs should always have a noose around their necks, it keeps them upright.”

  • Danny Wheeler

    Keep it up, Mr. Woolery!

  • Carolyn Smith

    Chuck, I love you!!!!

  • neoface

    I’m shocked a Hollywood person dissing Obama. Yes Obama should be waterboarded along with all the terrorist! Obama is a domestic terrorist!!!!!

  • mhojai

    Couldn’t possibly GET him honest, let alone keep him honest. Only way to prevent dishonesty is sew his mouth shut!

  • Jeremy

    Chuck rocks