A thirty-five percent increase. Forward!

As Twitchy reported, Sen. Ted Cruz is vowing to defund Obamacare and he has taken the fight to Twitter. 

Yesterday, he asked for retweets from people who have seen the cost of their health insurance premiums increase.

As Twitchy readers know, Donna Brazile was a little confused as to why her health insurance premiums went up (she ended up blaming “price gauging,” heh). These Twitter users aren’t confused. But, sadly, their premiums are also increasing and they let the senator know, both by retweeting (650 retweets and counting) and in individual replies.

That was @Prairiecat55’s retweet, which she then followed up with a reply.

Others replied as well.




Unfortunately, there is more to come: The costs and negative effects of Obamacare (and all 20,000 pages of regulations so far) have barely scratched the surface. Thankfully, Sen. Cruz is standing strong.


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  • CR

    I just want to make sure that everyone here is aware that there is an alternative to insurance/paying the penalty for ObamaCare. Christian health sharing ministries are permitted within the exemption to ObamaCare so you can obtain your coverage through this policy and avoid the exchanges and mandated abortion plans.

    [I’m not affiliated with any of the ministries from a professional standpoint, just someone who is planning to get family healthcare through the ministries in 2014).

    There are three big ministries. My family will be joining Christian Healthcare Ministries next year: https://www.chministries.org/participationlevels.aspx

    Here is more information: http://www.healthcaresharing.org/hcsm

    You must be a practicing Christian living by Biblical principles. You will need a signed letter from your church to that affect.

    I strongly urge EVERYONE who qualifies to look into this option. I would love it if we could organize a vast network of Christians to support these ministries and OPT OUT of ObamaCare.

    • Calcat36

      Shame. Practicing Christians who do not affiliate with an established religianity are persecuted. Which church did Jesus belong to again? According to what I have read, He said that He was the Way, the Light and the Truth and warned against established religions. Nice spam though.

      • CR

        It’s not spam, you can check my other comments on here. I didn’t make the rules on the ministries and I completely agree with you that they should be open to a wider audience. I think it is ridiculous that only certain very narrowly defined faith exceptions exist to allow those to opt out of Obamacare based on religious beliefs. Anyone with any type of religious objection should have a way out (and also, anyone who doesn’t want to buy government approved insurance plans should be allowed to opt out too).

        Maybe some group can start a Christian health sharing ministry for practicing Christians not affiliated with an established religion in order to provide an option for more people (I’m only saying “Christan” here because Obamacare created an exception ONLY for Christian health sharing ministries).

        Basically, I am just trying to look for ANYTHING to avoid being forced onto Obamacare exchanges, especially since they are projecting that the cheapest plans for families will be $20,000! I don’t want to pay $20,000 for my health insurance (particularly since I only want a major medical plan and I don’t need subsidized birth control), and we are self employed and make too much to qualify for any subsidies. I would just pay the ObamaCare penalty, but 2.5 percent of our family income is much too much!

        • Calcat36

          It is not very “Christian” to define the content of a person’s soul by a religious affiliation. Do yourself a favor, goo goo Patrick Michael McSorley and tell me how nice the “Christian Catholic Church” was to him. Then goo goo Baptist ministers that rape vulnerable married women in their “flock” that are having marital problems. Then we can move on to the Episcopalians that celebrate “alternative” lifestyles, against 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Wanna tall me about organized religion being a qualifier of a person’s soul? Yeah, you may not have made the rules, but you are weak enough to not understand how belligerent your post is to non-affiliated true Christians.

          • CR

            “It is not very “Christian” to define the content of a person’s soul by a religious affiliation.”
            I agree w/ you— ObamaCare put these limits on and exempted only certain religions from the individual mandate. It is discriminatory, but the whole law is terrible. Just trying to inform people of a possible way out.

            Really, I am not trying to support ANY religion or say any religion is good or bad or better than others. I just wanted people to know they have an alternative to being forced on to the insurance exchange. I am very sorry if I offended you in any way.

          • Calcat36

            I am not offended in any way. Satan knows the bible better than I do. I am a practicing Christian that subscribes to no fallible man to declare me a “good Christian.” That is the point I am trying to make. Which religion can verify my “Christianity” to meet the requirement? Are Jews included? Jesus was a Jew, wasn’t He? Jews are the Chosen People, according to the Bible, right? So can the Jews speak for my legitimate “Christianity” credentials? NOT ARGUING WITH YOU. Looking for answers…

            Would a letter from a mooslim (who claim that they believe in Jesus, but not the way they say) declaring me an infidel work?

          • CR

            These are the Obamacare exemption rules from the individual mandate:

            “Exemptions will also be provided for members of federally recognized Indian tribes, members of a recognized health care sharing ministry, those whose income is so low they were not required to file an income tax return, those who would have to pay more than eight percent of household income for the cheapest premium, those who are in jail, and those who have a certified hardship that makes them unable to obtain coverage.”

            Best I can tell, the only recognized health care sharing ministries currently in existence require some type of letter from a religious institution.

            If anyone finds or is aware of other qualified health sharing ministries that you can opt into instead of buying conventional insurance on an exchange, PLEASE post so everyone will be aware of more options to avoid being forced to buy insurance on exchanges.

          • Calcat36

            Then this article should send you into orbit! 😉 http://libertyandpride.com/muslims-exempt-from-obamacare/

            I just want to be EXEMPT based on the US Constitution.

            Sorry for the double post. I tried to delete that other one and put it into the appropriate place….

          • CR

            Me too as far as being exempt on the constitution, but John Roberts killed that one!

            Here is my biggest problem with that article: “the information provided by each individual must first be verified against the records of the Social Security Administration, and possibly Homeland Security, in order to prove citizenship and religious status.”

            Where in the first amendment does it say we need to have the Social Security Administration and Homeland Security verify our religion before we have the right to free exercises?!?!?!?


          • Calcat36

            And I am totally in agreement with you! When the hell did they start tracking religious affiliations? Gotta go, CR, I think I am about to get droned! It isn’t Constitutional and your first sentence hit that nail on the head.Now we need to look to the Declaration of Independence and examine “Consent of the governed.” As well as “abolish the government.”

            Thanks for jovial discussion. And keeping it civil. I still despise organized zealot religions, that claim to follow Jesus, and go about killing each other in His Name.

          • Guest

            Then this article should send you into orbit! 😉 http://libertyandpride.com/muslims-exempt-from-obamacare/

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      My husband’s a non-institutionalized Calvinist, and I’m a reformadox Jew. I guess we’re stuck w/ the ‘exchanges’ if we ever lose the insurance he gets from his employer.

      • CR

        Sorry, Obama doesn’t care about your religion.

        How Obamacare ever stood up to equal protection challenges I will NEVER understand.

        • Calcat36

          Ozero DOES indeed care about your religion. He despises Christians of all colors. That is why he exemts mooslims, Native Americans, Amish… Yet he crucifies Christians.

          • annoyinglittletwerp

            I’m a REFORMADOX Jew. I wear long pants/long sleeves, cover my hair, eat sort of kosher…and I’m a cradle conservative. Zero cares about the far-left reformed Jews-in -name only(JINO). He doesn’t care about/actively despises Jews like me.

          • Calcat36

            Sorry, forgot to mention that. I wrote in Netanyahu for President this last election. I am a supporter of Israel, and you are correct. Ozero has contempt for Jews. How Christian is that? God Bless You annoy…

          • Underwater

            Yet the Jews supported him in droves. Go figure.

    • sb36695

      Thanks for the info! I will be looking into it.

  • CatHerder

    You bet your a$$ I’ve seen increases in my health care premiums, and deductible increases as well! What we have now amounts to Major Medical coverage, no slack at all for small stuff. Where we used to have co-pays there is now this HUGE deductible that no way in hell we are going to satisfy! The crush is on, and we are going to feel it.

  • Calcat36

    Cruz is just an angry wacko bird hobbitz. He has zero respect for the way things get done here.~Johnny ME-Cain.

  • sb36695

    Well, actually, my cost has decreased because I no longer have health insurance. Thanks Obama voters.

    • Calcat36

      Cash talks. And there are no BS filler charges to rape an insurance company!

  • nc

    Sen. Cruz will be one of our all time greatest Presidents someday.

  • Red Fred

    These young men doing their job!