Amanda Carpenter was not alone. “This Week” featured noted diplomat Dennis Rodman, who is back on American soil after an oppression tour in North Korea.

Huh. Truth is hard, though. You see, Rodman appeared on “This Week” to continue his reprehensible bromance with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Twitter users were baffled. The Fourth Estate continues to be in its death throes.

Wolf Blitzer does! He called it a “diplomatic triumph.” No, seriously, you guys.

Indeed. And just look at our dunce-like Secretary of State and bumbling buffoon of a Secretary of Defense. But, what did Rodman say on “This Week”? Insanity and inanity.

Don’t hate him just because he loves him some oppressive tyrant who tortures and kills political prisoners.

Yes, he did.

Same things like starvation, torture and execution of political prisoners. But, hey, Kim Jong Un just wants President Obama to call him, maybe.

Unreal. This Twitter user tries to look on the bright side with a movie pitch for the useful idiot.

Update: Call him, he’s just a kid! Unreal:


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  • Tangchung

    Rodman is doing a better job than John Kerry, that’s scary.
    Kerry is in Egypt handing out 4.8 Billion.

    • otay


    • $23629333

      Wonder if the folks there have heard of his love of the Danish cartoons?

  • Billy boy

    Steinbeck’s best classic “Of mice and men” has now been replaced with a new title “Un and the Giant”

  • Maxx

    Well, I suppose that’s one way to keep your earnings away from Obama.

    I’m inspired….I think I’ll recover my sofa in Ben Franklins.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Kim is “a good guy.” This is the same person who was offended when a doctor was not mournful enough after the death of his father, Kim Jung Il.

    So he orders the doctor to be executed and no part of him shall remain. The doctor was ordered to stand on a particular spot in a field while a missile was fired at him!

    Yeah, that was “cool” in a Saddam Hussein sort if way. ™

  • RblDiver

    “All those Potemkin Villages I saw prove North Korea’s doing great!”

  • capisce

    Rodman is the useful idiot who has no idea he’s being used or that he’s an idiot.
    HBO has no problem with capitalism here – garnering free press for the upcoming special on the backs of a suffering, repressed society. There’s isnt enough pee or vomit to stop this assault on anyone with a conscience.

  • Kevin

    I think I smell a reality series, ala the one Rodman did with Tommy Lee. They can get new piercings and tattoos together while Rodman pretends that there was a time that he was socially relevant, rather than just an attention whore overpaid to play a little kids game.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Seriously….. We have “Reality TV” running “Diplomatic Missions” and this country.

  • agroulx

    Isn’t that the same guy who once wore a wedding dress? And we are supposed to read his quotes with a straight face?

  • agroulx
  • Jd1367

    I’m no Rodman fan, but how much worse could he be than sending Obama, Kerry or Clinton?

    • Spatial Awareness

      OK. You stumped me with that one. ~_^

    • meeester

      Did you forget Jimmy Carter?
      At least Rodman didn’t give them a couple nuke facilities and a tanker of fuel oil.

  • lazypadawan

    Come to think of it, didn’t Madeline Albright more or less say the same thing about Kim Jong Il?

  • $23629333

    Today, we’re laughing at the “Worm.” One day we’ll awaken to discover that – in California, New York or Minnesota – he has been elected to political office. That must be what’s coming next.

  • AdoEdem

    “Rodman: “he loves power and he loves control.” But he’s a “good guy, he’s my friend.”— ”

    I can’t say I’m surprised. For a conservative, that would be cognitive dissonance. But leftists are power-mad control freaks. As C.S. Lewis noted some time ago, our moral busybodies have the full approval of their consciences to act that way, having deluded themselves into thinking that -if only- they had complete control over everyone, they could bring about the perfect social utopia.

    And, of course, that always works out -so well-. /sarc

  • butty53

    Hash Tag game #CallMeBarryO

    Obama calls Kim Jong-Un…what’s the chat like?

    Kim: “Yo, homes! What say you and my man Dennis come to my crib, shoot some hoops, grab a few brewskis and wings. Lots of hot Asian chicks…Dimplocy Gangnam Style!”

  • geronl

    Leftists always think dictators who slaughter and enslave millions are “cool”. Liberals love them.

  • Booker

    facepalm x 1000.

  • bidentime

    I’m sure President Obama now regrets his choice of Secretary of State.

  • Steve_J

    He might be better than Kerry.

  • American Avant Garde

    I think this has to be an intelligence operation of some sort…

  • EOD

    Rodman has given Aid and Comfort to a declared Enemy of the United States of America, as such he would be charged with Treason against the United States of America, if in fact the USA had a Pro-American President at the present time.

  • janjamm

    This is a country that is developing nuclear weapons the “destroy the United States.” He should receive the same treatment as Jane Fonda did when she visited North Viet Nam.

  • Mike Vahrenkamp

    How did Rodman escape from the circus? This guy would have been a great side show….next to the bearded lady, the guy that sticks nails in his head….wow, what a freak….can’t believe Carmen Electra laid down with this scum bag……what a waste for someone else, oh well, WTF, who cares.