Bingo! And once again, scratch a leftist and find a sexist. “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane proved that adage when he hosted The Academy Awards last night. Twitter users were not amused by his demeaning “jokes” about women.

And the signs were prevalent last night. Here are some of his “jokes.”

Yuk, yuk, yuk! Violence against women is just so hilarious, huh, Seth? He then doubled down, right in his opening, with “we saw your boobs.”

Reducing women to the sum of their girly bits is standard operating procedure for the Left.

He continued:

Yes, he did.

No, he doesn’t.

We are just surprised he didn’t go with the old “take my wife … please.” Of course, what woman would marry him? Then, he upped the shameful ante with a foul remark about 9-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis. As Twitchy reported, The Onion called the 9-year-old a viciously vile word in an atrocious tweet that was subsequently deleted. To many, MacFarlane’s disgraceful “joke” was just as bad.

The reviews are in: Twitter users reacted to his sneering contempt for women.

Yep. It was expected, after he announced the Oscar nominations with a Hitler joke.

And, in a nutshell:

  • Kenny Hitt

    They really should have brought back Billy Crystal and/or Hugh Jackman. They both have real talent, the former a real sense of humor and the latter real class.

  • Kristen Peterson

    THIS was worth watching!!! haha. the looks on those actresses’ faces were priceless

    • oneword

      They were old clips fro award shows. And Seth McFarlane thinks you are a dumb broad too

  • oneword

    Seth McFarlane is an over privileged, private school attending, women hating, classless Liberal, wealthy, douche bag. Oh wait I thought that was only Republicans?

    • Karl Winrich

      No it’s called freedom of expression and the 1st amendment if your a liberal, but hatred and bigotry if your a conservative. Don’t you just love the double standard.

      • $22639970

        Yeah, it’s funny that none of the sensitive crowd was concerned about the same sort of comments directed at Sarah Palin, Gabby Douglas, or Anne Romney.

    • dukem1

      Movie quote.
      Rancho Deluxe:
      “You women and your literal-mindedness will be the ruination of the world.”

    • Harry A

      “women hating” and “sexist”, well why must we stop there?

      Come on now lets have a full list. If Seth MacFarlene is sexist, then from his jokes he must also be a racist. From family guy i take it he hates the disabled (Joe) and isnt a fan of the old. Peter (a middle aged white guy) is one big walking joke, so he must hate white guys too. He’s made Christian and Jewish jokes. Had a whole opening joke in one episode about Osama Bin Laden, must hate the Muslims too. i remember a few athiest jokes as well, guess he hates all religion. Hates the troops, hates the old. Must be hugely homophobic as well, so many gay jokes have been made on his shows. I see last night he made a joke about bulimia, but he also often makes fun of fat people. I guess Seth just must generally hate everything in the world.

      Last week we were all about ending Political Correctness BS, this week as soon as we are able to bring down a liberal we race to call him sexist.

    • Orson OLSON

      “oneword” has one the BEST riposte award, here!

  • disqus_93zr4EHzHN

    I think everyone on here has missed it. I am little Miss Conservative, guys, but as far as the Oscars??? …. Wasn’t the “stripper” or “exotic dancer” comment meant to be about Channing Tatum and NOT Jennifer Aniston? Channing Tatum WAS a dancer before he was an actor and starred in Magic Mike, a movie based on his life. And the shots of the actresses in the audience during Seth’s song “I saw your boobs” … those were so obviously filmed for the number. #1 look at Jennifer Lawrence: her hair is down. During the show, her hair is up AND she’s in another dress. They were all in on the joke/skit. And I thought his comment about women “never letting go” was funny … a reference to how women (in men’s minds) tend to hold onto grudges and harp on things. Come on, people, of course ALL women are not like that, but its a JOKE!

    • JewelThompson

      I got it. It just wasn’t funny to me.

    • Hiraghm

      No, not all women are like that… but all blondes are stupid… all men are ignorant pigs ruled by their winkies. I’m tired of it. I get the opportunity to be offended every single day by put-downs and false assertions toward and about men (and that’s just on the political and news channels), which are no funnier than McFarlane’s Oscar material, and have had to grow calloused to it.

      I’ll tell you where it all began, maybe 20 years ago. When some politician told the “If you’re going to be raped, you might as well lie back and enjoy it” joke.

      This is a man’s joke; men “get it”. Women, actually, “get it” too, but it treads too close to one of their (victimhood) power tools. They were just waiting for the chance to pounce and take it away from us. And when they succeeded, it empowered them to attack every aspect of masculinity that makes us different from women.

      Meanwhile, we have Peter Griffin, Stan Smith, Philip J. Fry,and Homer Simpson… hey wait, Those first two walking insults to masculinity were created by… whom? Wasn’t it that misogynist, Seth McFarlane? Do those caricature characters make him a “misanthrope”? Why not, if making fun of women makes him a misogynist?
      And these are just the cartoon put-downs toward men; doesn’t even include the countless commercials where Dad’s a moron (but mom/daughter/female friend is brilliant!), or the countless sitcoms.

      And I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie where they actually let the man be the hero without having to compete with a female for who can behave ballsier. Historical accuracy? What’s that? Hen’s teeth may be rare, but never female pirates! The idea of the hot-house plant daughter/princess/what have you magically being the equal of any man, no matter how experienced in matters of violence he may be and how insular a life she is supposed to have led, in defiance of all logic, is de rigueur for the motion picture industry.

      And then the so-called conservatives on Twitchy and will put on their “shocked face” (to borrow a theme from Ms Malkin) each time the nation staggers further to the left, ever closer to the abyss, completely clueless that their own PC outrages are aiding the very leftists they hate in dragging the culture… to the left.

      • arti11a

        1) Seth MacFarlane did NOT create Futurama or The Simpsons. That was Matt Groening. I have no idea what kind of person he is.

        2) Women who hate men = men who hate women. They’re messed up people. That doesn’t mean every man, or every woman, is like that. There are sucky, non-thinking, mean people from all walks of life.

        3) I’m a woman, and it sucks when I hear people (men and women) talking smack about women just because they have vaginas. As a woman, with a brother and a husband I love dearly, it sucks when I hear people (men and women) talking smack about men just because they have penises. So I do understand your frustration.

  • lainer51

    another reason I NEVER watch those boring, self-centered, self-righteous, narcissistic actors take the spotlight.

  • NRPax

    Sorry folks. Just can’t be motivated to care very much. They encourage this behavior so they have no reason to act so shocked when things like this happen.

  • V the K

    The ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ joke was pretty funny. (Sorry, ladies, it’s true. Y’all do hold on to your grudges.) As for the Clooney joke, it was gross, but how gross is the Hollywood pattern of dirty old men coupling with women who are way too young for them? (Doug Hutchinson, anyone? Woody Allen?)

    Seth MacFarlane’s comedy was offensive, tasteless, classless, crude, and juvenile. In short, it was Hollywood.

  • grais

    Every male I’ve ever known who made public his disdain for women was inferior,in every way, to his mother, his sister(s), his partner, and his daughter(s).
    It is that simple.

    • Hiraghm

      Your opinion, and therefore worth exactly what it weighs.

      Few people, if any people, hold Michelle Malkin in higher regard and adulation than I do. But, she’s earned it. Nancy Pelosi, Sandra Fluke, they and those like them equally earned my absolute contempt.

      Women are no more monolithic than any other group. And today, like most males, most females deserve the deepest, most virulent contempt possible. But, of course, we can only create cartoons and sitcoms and movies where the men are treated contemptuously, because making fun of females is unPC.

  • $1014973

    This is me not caring.

  • justlittlolme

    Remember when humor was about making people see the hilarity in a situation instead of some lowlife with short-man syndrome giggling like a 3 year old because somebody said the word ‘boob’ in public?
    Immaturity trying to disguise itself as humor is not funny…it’s digusting.

  • $472942

    What ever are they prattling on about?

    Seth McFarlane is an absolutely fabulous spokesperson for the net-wits of Hollywood! He has all of their values and twice their integrity…

  • ctmom

    The Obama administration has turned women into a bunch of body parts, who is surprised?

    • Hiraghm

      WRONG. Feminists (feministas, feminazis…) did that to women.

  • Drinky McGee

    You people are all over the place. No intellectual or moral consistency at all. It’s gotten so that I can’t even predict what you’ll pretend to be outraged by next, or what false justification you’ll construct for said faux outrage. Good job.

    • TocksNedlog

      Our next outrage will be against people that employ 42 words in order to say nothing at all.

    • el_polacko

      amen, brother. you can toss just about anything in front of twitchy commenters and they will automatically go into high ‘outrage’ mode. consistency has nothing to do with it.

  • Stone Bryson

    I skipped the show because… Hollywood. Also, not a fan of Seth’s humor. Still, I’ve seen the clips on TV this morning, and maybe folks are being a touch too sensitive.

    Seemed to me the Chris Brown joke was a very public slam on Chris Brown, not making light of violence toward women. The Salma Hayek joke – in context – included Penelope Cruz and another Spanish-speaking actor (a male, I believe), and is actually being considered more offensive to Latinos; even Special Snowflake was offended on her show this morning.

    Clooney? Again, a joke designed to highlight how vile CLOONEY is… and etc, etc. While I agree wholeheartedly the humor was seldom funny and often tasteless, he seemed to be an equal opportunity offender. Calling him sexist is, IMO, a bit unfair – calling him disgusting is not.

  • Herman LaClair

    McFarland is a SATIRIST, people. and, those “reaction shots” were rehearsed and part of the gag. you are being intentionally misleading and, by doing so, stoop to the same level of the MSM.


    Eh, it wasn’t offensive to me, but I don’t find much “offensive”. I don’t find him humorous at all though.

  • whatsavvysays

    The actresses’ reactions were prerecorded. Y’all know that, right? This is taking him way too seriously. Lighten up! And Chris Brown/Rihanna jokes are okay. She went back to him, which makes her a joke.

  • Hiraghm

    Wow! So, Seth McFarland got even for decades of jokes on television, in movies, commercials, and in print denigrating men (especially fathers) in ONE NIGHT!

    Kudos Seth!

    It’s also good to see how indoctrinated in PC twitter and even Twitchy are. Let’s face it, McFarlane is lambasted for making jokes against a PC-protected class. He should have referred to them as “blondes”, and he’d have been okay.

    Do I, too, have disdain for women? Well, let’s check the voting record of the majority of women the last two elections… “contempt” is the word that leaps to mind.

    In 100-200 years, people will be able to question the parallel rise of female influence on the society and the decline of the society.

    Aside from the 9 year old, for whom there may be a longshot hope, McFarlane was addressing a Hollywood crowd filled with Hollywood females… contempt squared.

  • Rulz

    McFarlane’s frat-boy humor and use of cartoons to support the democrat party are only two reasons why his programming does not appear frequently on my TV screen.

  • Loves2laugh

    I think Rihanna is her own bad joke about violence against women. As a woman, I find her parading around with Chris Brown far more offensive than anything that came out of Seth M’s mouth.

    • Aruelle

      I’m sorry, don’t abuse victims often find it difficult to leave their abusers? Don’t many of them go back again and again? Don’t they often convince themselves that things will be better this time, or that it isn’t as bad as everybody thinks?

      I find YOUR comment far more offensive than anything that came out of Seth M’s mouth.

      • Ben Bollman

        When a drug addict kills someone you don’t charge the drugs with murder, they had a choice.

        • Aruelle

          Did you seriously just call abuse victims/women in general illegal, inanimate objects? What the hell?

          Seriously, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here. That Rhianna isn’t responsible for Chris Brown? That she is responsible for Chris Brown? That she should leave him? That she has no choice in the matter because she’s an inanimate object, what?

          Please choose your metaphors more carefully in future.

          • NotAReaderYet

            Maybe he’s saying Chris Brown is like a drug and he’s Rhianna’s drug of choice. Unlike harmful drugs, abusers can be prosecuted. Abused women often choose to go back to their abusers for the wrong reasons just as drug addicts choose harmful substances. If you believe that such addictive behavior is a type of “disease,” the “addict” needs treatment, not kidding on national tv.

          • Ben Bollman

            Nah, I’m good, a 3rd grader could have figured out I was referring to Rihanna as the drug addict. She is responsible for her own actions and deserves every bit of ridicule she gets, maybe it will even make her wake up and realize she is an idiot.

          • Aruelle

            Heaping more abuse on an abuse victim. Seems legit!

          • Ben Bollman

            When she gets beaten to a bloody pulp and after awhile stupidly goes back to him for more abuse? Absolutely, use whatever pseudo-psychological mumbo jumbo you want to excuse her actions but she is the one who made the decision to go back after having a chance to leave. I don’t feel sorry for her, she knows what she is getting back into.

      • Andrew Dixon

        The reason abused people find it hard to leave is because they have no self esteem, in many cases they believe it was there fault and they believe they arnt good enough to find someone else. Do you seriously believe that describes Rhianna, this woman is a role model that could have any number of men and she gets back with someone that bashes her, she deserves no sympathy. On top of that you idiots are offended by a joke but are happy to defend the actual act of bashing a woman, what a bunch of losers.

  • Liberty Bubble

    The worst part is he’s not even funny. I was embarrassed for him.

    • SineWaveII

      None of them are funny anymore. It takes intelligence, dedication, and keen insight to be funny. They only have two modes. offensive and insulting.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    And some self professed Conservatives insist WE’RE wrong for not sitting through this show? Wait, lemme go watch someone with the flu puking for 3 hours so I can alert everyone the flue makes you sick. OTOH, I’m sure people will still watch his show. Never any consequences for Hwood.

  • digitalPimple

    Wait… the Oscars were on??

  • iAmEvilHomer

    Seth was great. Btw We saw your boobs is y new ringtone. The reactions were staged also.

    • SineWaveII

      I hope an angry feminist with a brick in her purse is standing behind you the first time it goes off.

      • iAmEvilHomer

        so your hoping that I get harmed because I like Seth McFarlin’s humor? thanks for taking the high road

  • Blake Waymire

    All the reasons I don’t watch any of McFarlane’s stuff, and I don’t watch the Oscars, either, because I’m getting tired of watching Hollywood masturbating to itself. A double-whammy of reasons for me to not watch.

  • $23629333

    Ladies and gentlemen and hamybear, the mask of the portsiders is slipping. For far too long we were led to believe that they – the folks found on the left – were the beautiful people, wanting only to create a world where everyone is equal and happy. The folks on the other side – the side I’ve long been on – have been painted as sexist, racist and homophobic. We’re supposed to be the closed-minded haters.

    Then, along came the Internet and communications technology which allows us – regularly, every day – to see these portsiders for what they really are, and always have been. They’re petty bigots with way too much concern for “appearances.” They’re ignoramuses, and determined to underline that fact every time they tweet.

    The twitter-verse has belied the liberal notion that we really can and should get along, since – really – we’re all alike. No we’re not. Now, it’s just a question of determining of what sort of relationship we should have with the no-good-nicks. That question will prompt a serious discussion of secession and/or separation.

  • Jack Deth


    There was an Awards show last night?!!!

    It looks like I dodged a major bullet by opting for DVDs and a retrospective on the second ‘Doctor Who’, Patrick Troughton last night, courtesy of BBC America.

  • NCRelite

    I rather enjoy politically incorrect jokes and sometimes I tell sexist jokes to my wife and she’ll laugh… but we both secretly know she is more badass than me 😉

  • RightThinking1

    Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences = Mutual Admiration Society

    It’s just entertainment…, it isn’t real, and it has no substance. They are actors, the 21st century equivalent of minstrels. The worship of these people is certain evidence of the decay of society.

  • Mosley Harmless

    “And once again, scratch a leftist and find a sexist.” What? Did I wake up in bizarro world? Because conservatives are all about women’s rights, yes? No, I didn’t think so either. Maybe people should stop taking this big ol’ circlejerk of the world’s most priviliged people so damn seriously. No one in that room seemed offended, so why the hell would you care.

    • Joe W.

      Nope…but you are LIVING in a bizarro world, pal. A moon bat liberal one, at that.

  • D3LN3GRO

    now i kinda wish i watched the oscars….was chris brown present when he did the date joke?

  • Ritorna Vincitor

    His joke about the Lincoln assassination didn’t go over so well either. I wouldn’t mind going another lifetime without seeing this guy again.

  • walterc

    In the words of Milton Burrell, if you have to resort to the gutter to be funny, you’re not funny.

    • HumorSmith

      Who’s “Milton Burrell”?

      • walterc

        Mitlon Berle. I stand corrected. If you still don’t know who he was, try Google.

      • blueniner

        LOL…………Pat Burrells brother……..LOL….

  • $22639970

    Q: What’s the difference between Seth McFarlane and a Porta-Potty?
    A: One is a container for steaming piles of vile, bilious human waste and the other is a portable toilet.

  • SineWaveII

    Now compare all of this as well as those comments from the dems about the things women can do to protect themselves and why they can’t be allowed to have guns, to the comments made by Akin. Which is worse? Where is the REAL war on women?
    So where’s the feminist and news-media outrage?
    On the other hand if you are going to parade up and down in front of the capitol dressed as a vagina, you can’t expect people to treat you with much respect.

  • $23639361

    but, but, but, macfarlane is a leftist… doesn’t that make him a feminist by default??? I thought only conservatives were waging the misogynistic “war on wymins”

    • camnpat

      Of course: just as many in the blacks are ok with other blacks making racially charged jokes, but God forbid if a white man makes one, you are automatically a feminist if you are a liberal because deep, deep… deep down you are all for women. Even if on the surface you are raging misogynistic nut job.

  • Guest

    Someoneneeds to duct tape this guys mouth shut. Maybe write “do not open until the apocalypse comes” on it.

  • LochGates44

    What is with the defense of the actresses who all willingly did topless scenes in movies?

  • Liberals Needhelp

    McFarlane delivered the audience ratings the Academy wanted. THE actors are the academy, and they wanted Stewie & American Dad and all the characters to be on display for the world to see thru Seth live in person. They got it.

    His jokes were pretty lame, typical, lowbrow, jr. high level…why not, he’s made gazillions doing just that.
    In the end, it’s a union delivering awards to themselves….albeit a much fancier, glitzy, over the top, arrogant awards system. It’s just SAG and AFTRA saying ‘you like me’.

    Why not just have a farm of regular Oscar hosts, from Ellen and Jackman to Chris Rock ….why not just use Neil Patrick Harris, he does a good job w/The Tony’s. Why not just let Kimmel do it, it’s on ABC, that’s his home base.
    Moreover, just skip the lousy opening number….and add a few more live songs or montage moments….
    More Adele and Streisand and Hudson, a lot less Seth would have been very nice..

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    Bad jokes about women “from the 1950’s?”
    Over Bob Hope’s dead body.

  • SmallishBees

    ASIDE FROM HIS MISOGYNY, RACISM, AND GENERAL DISTASTEFULNESS, when I first heard him speaking (having never watched “The Family Guy”), I was struck by how flawless and seriously amazing his elocution was. This guy speaks perfectly, he’s relatively good looking, and I’m surprised he doesn’t appear on TV as himself. I’d bet if he were given a decent script, he could go places with it. Yes, his jokes were tasteless, but did anyone but me notice his extraordinary delivery?

  • julie

    The actressess’ reaction shots were clearly taped earlier, they were in on it. The joke about rhianna & chris brown is on both and yes, she is a joke to go back to the guy, it’s not like she didn’t have other options like some women who are abused by men, she was away from him and went back to him after yrs. the stripper joke was about channing not jenn a. and the joke about the little girl was really about george clooney being a “lech” for dating women way younger than he is.

    was he funny,not laugh out loud i snickered some, but he wasn’t great.

  • CitizenEgg

    The Oscars…? Is that a new series or something? Must’ve been cancelled already cuz it’s not on next Sunday. I don’t know why people tune in to watch Hwood pat it’s pets on the head (and slap some around apparently). It seems the only way to punish them is to NOT WATCH their crap. I’m doing my part.

  • BumbaK

    I only saw a little over half of his opening monologue and thought he was fairly funny. Intellectually stimulating? Nope. But I laughed a couple of times. That’s better than the last time Billy Crystal hosted. As for the photos of the actresses reaction to the song, they were in on the joke and were “acting,” that’s what they do.

  • xbox361

    did anyone watch his shows?
    funny in a preadolescent immature way, but a little of that goes a long way on a cartoon. in real life, just fannoying

  • Stephanie Warren

    Ah the jerk with the bloated ego. He hates women because his mom wouldn’t let him use his poop to paint with.

  • Kristine

    Wow. So basically you’re suddenly buying into the Politically Correct BS and completely losing any of your senses of humor. Either everything is the target of comedians or NOTHING is. Stop with the sacred cows of what can never be mentioned. It’s ridiculous. Also, it’s Seth MacFarlane. Have you seen any of his shows? Why would any of you expect anything different? I suspect what this is REALLY about is the typical, predictable nitpicking every tiny, minuscule thing a liberal does so you can attack it. A lot of herd mentality sheeple around here. I’d happily bet that most, if not all, of you have at one time or another laughed at a racist or sexist joke among your friends.

    Yes, I’m a Republican. I also don’t happen to be uptight and looking for every opportunity to attack liberals. Though generally I can’t stand them or what they believe in.

    • Scotty G.

      Shut your mouth and go make me a sandwich.

  • lainer51

    I wanted to watch the Oscars but my toenails needed clipped and I chose to chew glass.

  • biggoofer

    Seth McFarlane is a LEFTY.

    Lefties never hate women, at least we have been told so.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Southern Democrats wanted to continue the Slavery.
    Blacks are still a monolithic voters to their slave masters.

    Hollywierd Liberals use women as sexual objects.
    Feminazis gladly participate on the casting couch.

    Somehow, the Republicans are still waging the war on women!
    Go figure.

  • Scott J Brooks

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put the toothpaste back into the tube and enjoy a virtuous, clean society again? Let’s crucify Seth McFarlane and get started.

  • Colonel Haiku

    McFarlane humor
    just a hop and a goosestep

    from a real Quagmire

  • el_polacko

    doesn’t take much to get panties in a wad around here, does it ? i mean come on…’outrage’ over a rhianna joke ? if you find that shocking then i have to ask what cave you’ve been living in. she’s been the butt of jokes for a coupla years now. if seth was guilty of anything, it was for telling stale jokes we’ve heard a million times before.

  • Bill Dalasio

    Okay, class, now say it with me…”Hollywood is not cool.” These are the guys and gals who thought they were part of the “in crowd” because they were in the school play or the AV Club. Remember, these are the jokers trying to palm the glee club off as the epitome of hip. In their heart of hearts they think politicians are cool.

  • Ben Bollman

    How often do we have to say it: The reactions to the “We Saw Your Boobs” song were pre-taped i.e. they were in on it. I’m a conservative and even I know MacFarlane is an equal opportunity offender(also was friends with Andrew Breitbart btw). I don’t know, I just like seeing an audience full of liberals squirm, but hey that’s just me.

  • blueniner

    MacFarland is from the school of insults, he is a frequent guest on Bill Maher, and yet he is a friend of Rush Limbaugh…..go figure…

  • geoffrobinson

    Does anyone see the irony about complaining about his joke that “women can’t let go” by a lot of people on the Internet?

  • DV S1EOG

    You have Seth Macfarlane host the Oscars, then are surprised and shocked about what he is saying? Have you watched any of his shows? That would be like having the Ayatollah host and be shocked and surprised if he made infidel or anti-American comments/jokes. Maybe all of this “outrage” is because he was making jokes about people in Hollywood. If he was making all of those jokes about Republican women you would not have heard 90% of this outrage. So, once again, Hollywood has proven that it is ok if they fire shots at women who they do not agree with politically but get instantly offended when they are called out. This is why I do not understand why anyone would take political advice from anyone in Hollywood. They live in Fantasyland and have no idea or have forgotten what it was like to live in the actual world.

  • Rock

    I thought he was funny and energetic.

  • leftwingthom

    You guys, why would any of you take anything Seth MacFarlane says seriously? The guy is the creator of one of the most incediary shows on TV, therefore he says things like this just to get a rise out of people. As a politically-incorrect liberal myself, I understand entirely where he’s coming from. I doubt very much he actually hates women. The thing he truly hates is how uptight people in this country are over everything. He probably just likes saying sexist/racist/anti-semitic things in jest to get a reaction, like all comedians. Every one of you needs to get a sense of humor.

  • C_W_W

    Seth MacFarlane is a shoe-in for host at the next Obama Whitehouse correspondent’s dinner.

  • Christie Riopelle

    Ya know after the debacle with Sarah Palin it shoulda been obvious how his humor worked. Least he was doing the Bill Maher “pig” act to his own people. No matter what, the guy is funnier than that Lena chick eating cake naked on a toilet, shudder….

  • Whispy

    They are jokes. You can’t determine a person’s true views on anything from jokes. That’s why they are called jokes. End of story.