Zing! As Twitchy reported, Secretary of Dunce John Kerry invented a new country.


Where are the media cries of “what about your gaffes?”

Yes. Taking a sip of water is cause for replaying 155 times. In one day.

Plus, but … but … Palin!

No worries! Twitter users are at the ready to, once again, do the job that the media won’t do. Bonus? They do it with humor, too. Enter #JohnKerryNewCountries.

And an early win with bonus hashtag?

More, please!

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    #JohnKerryNewCountries Gaffeatania.

  • The Monster

    They told me if I voted for @SarahPalinUSA a geographic illiterate would be in the admin. AND THEY WERE RIGHT #Kyrzakhstan

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    #JohnKerryNewCountries – Gigolovia

    #JohnKerryNewCountries – Arrogantia

    #JohnKerryNewCountries – Taxdodgeistan

  • Lady 12

    #JohnKerryNewCountries Haughtyfrenchlookingsenatoristan.

  • poljunkie♪

    The ketchupistan tweet was comical.

    Made me want some fries!

    • SineWaveII

      You want fries with that? OK, somebody had to say it.

  • grais

    Those tweets are hilarious!

  • SineWaveII

    “Ketchupistan” or is it “Catsupistan”? Anyway it’s now “WarrenBuffettstan”

  • Jack Deth

    #JohnKerryNewCountries: Durka Durkistan

    #JohnKerryNewCountries: KrustyThe Clownistan

    #JohnKerryNewCountries: Louisianastan

    #JohnKerryNewCountries: Condimentistan

    #JohnKerryNewCountries: Californistan

  • Maxx

    Overheard during a tourist’s visit to the nation’s capital

    “Holy cow, is that thing spinning fast, is that the debt counter?”

    “No, it’s the one tracking Joe Biden and John Kerry’s gaffes.”

  • http://ConservativeMom.net/ LoriGirl

    At least when Sarah Palin joked about seeing Russia from her house, she named a real country. Will John Jenjiss Kerry Khan be excoriated as was Mrs. Palin? Of course not.

    • LordElrond09

      Yeah one problem though LoriGirl. Governor Palin never claimed that you could see Russia from her house. She claimed that Russia was visible from some parts of Alaska. That goofy line was uttered by Tina Fey in a SNL skit.

  • 1CatEye


  • Bruce

    Kerry keeps his yacht moored in Kyrzakhstan for tax purposes. Obama shoots skeet when he visits Kyrzakhstan. Biden always takes his double-barreled shotgun along when he visits Kyrzakhstan for security purposes.

  • salvagesalvage

    HAAHAHHA! Oh wingnuts, will you ever take the administration to task for something important? The Democrats really have nothing to worry about.

    • lainer51

      but you are always right there in the mix…. nothing better to do.. .huh??? Kerry is a buffoon so it is relevant!

      • salvagesalvage

        Yeah, if only he was smart like Sarah “Fired By Fox for being Stupid” Palin.

  • $24414377


    He belongs in DipStickistan.

  • $24414377

    Salvage, can you explain shy it’s no longer important after leftist moonbats like you are still claiming Palin said she could see Russia from her house?

    …after 5 YEARS?

  • http://twitter.com/craig_s_bell Craig S. Bell

    The world will not find peace until Sec. Kerry makes an official visit to Kyrzakhstan’s neighbor, Parmistan. #JohnKerryNewCountries #Gymkata

  • http://thelongversion.com/ TheLongVersion

    Butkrakistan is lobbying for an embassy.