Boom! The actor (unverified account) was referring to a statement President Obama made, wherein he implied that what binds the GOP together is seeking to help “the rich.”

More from The Blaze:

“My sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations, and they would rather see [billions in sequester cuts to social programs]… That’s the thing that binds their party together at this point,” the president said, referring to the spending cuts scheduled to take effect March 1.

Disgusting. But, President Obama always forgets a little something when he grossly wages class warfare, as Ken Wahl points out: What about his swanky Hollyweird buddies? And what about their hypocrisy?

But, hey, Hollywood and stuff! The Obamas love to canoodle with that crowd. The First Lady made an appearance at The Academy Awards last night. Using our military as props. Whatever! She had some Hollywood kissy-faces to make!

You know who does not demean and diminish our military? Actor Ken Wahl.



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  • rinodino

    Is ken wahl auditioning to go on after rush and hannity because nobody knows who he is in Hollywood?

    • journogal

      Exactly where is he wrong? Is it because he DARES to call out the President? President Obama bashes the evil one per centers, yet parties with them; can you not see the hypocrisy, or don’t want to see it. You give President Obama a pass because he is bashing the one percenters who don’t fall in line with him. Amazing that you can’t or don’t want to see what’s truly going on here, you just excuse it.

      • Conrad2010

        Well said, thank you.

      • Rich Cutter Avallone

        Most Obamabots don’t care whats going on. They are low information people who then go out and vote for a Marxcist. Little do they realize, they will be the first ones to go.

    • J. Cox

      Yet you felt he was famous enough to blather a response without touching on the factual nature of his words….of course,I expect nothing less from a troll who had a 2nd grader come up with his screen name.

    • $22639970

      Hollyweird knows who he is, they just refuse to hire anyone who isn’t commie filth.

      • Rich Cutter Avallone

        Amazing, years ago McCarthy was ruined for his hearings. He was just ahead of his time. He was spot on with his assumptions. Even then the progressives were at work.

        • $22639970

          Exactly right. The repressives are just upset that McCarthy called them out.

      • Patsplacepp

        @handgunnar:disqus @facebook-100001919525743:disqus @CheetoBuster:disqus Ken Wahl WAS a fine actor but Hollywood didn’t turn their back on hime because of his political views. They dropped his ass because he was/still is a self destructive drunk and drug user. And this is what you consider a role model and patriot?

        • $22639970

          Not much different from the rest of the Hollywood crowd, is he? Apart from his politics, that is. Funny, drink and drugs didn’t kill the careers of Robert Downey, Jr., Janeane Garofalo, Courtney Love, or Jack Black, did it?

    • Rich Cutter Avallone

      Ken is a fine actor. I am sure his political views have helped derail his career. they know who he is.

      • Cruz2016!!!

        He is a fine actor but a bad injury to his back has forced him to retire from acting…He is a wonderful role model and patriot!! No good upstanding person can be a wonderful role model and patriot and be acting in Hollywood at the same time….

        Congrats to Ken Wahl for getting away from the filth and stench called Hollywood!

  • $29561723

    Obama sees anyone not towing the Progressivist/Socialist line as a Kulak. And if you want to see what happened to the Kulaks once the Communists took over, well, Google it. Not pretty.

  • Conrad2010

    If given the chance to do so. I’d love to kick Obama’s ass until it ended up between his shoulder blades.

    • Rich Cutter Avallone

      I think it is already up there conrad2010

      • Dwayne Jackson

        Me thinks he has rectal cranial inversion.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    He is the Hypocrite In Chief.
    The very people he demonizes he hangs out with. His wife doing the Oscar for best picture at the Academy last night was tasteless. One thing about cool. If you have to work at it, your not.

    • wwbdinct

      She’s a perfect combination of Imelda Marcos and Eva Peron. Wanna bet she has 3000 pairs of shoes in her closet?

      • Vikki

        I agree with the number pairs of shoes..but these 2 evil first ladies are with gorgeous personalities, with class, doesn’t need a ‘doing up’. Now, I’m being racist! Not!

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    Progressive Liberalism Disorder:

    Liberalism Disorder or P.L.D. by definition is a condition that affects the
    mind of 20% of the population. Signs of someone with P.L.D; a strong disconnect
    with reality and complicating situations that could otherwise be solved by
    common sense solutions. They suffer from strong delusions lending to believe
    problems, particularly violence, can be solved by creating laws that do nothing
    more than create more victims and weaken our rights. Other signs are the belief
    the government can solve all their problems.

    In addition they have a rose color tint over their pupils that obstruct
    their vision of reality. Further still, they suffer from a knee jerk reaction
    to all serious situations by calling the otherwise law abiding intelligent
    citizens’ vile names such as, racist, or hater, and use terms such as dog
    whistle. Less noticeable signs are a thirst for cool aide, and other highly
    sugared drinks that enhance the condition. Please, if you know anyone with this
    condition please ask them to seek help or sit them down and smack the ba-jesus
    out of them till they come back to reality. Thanks; this has been a public service
    announcement from Sane Citizens of America.

  • kay rackley

    You are so right Ken Wahl, our country is going down the drain and the working taxpayer with it! Benghazi should never have happened, I blame the president and Hillary Clinton for that, there is more to this story! It seems our military is good enough to die for cause, but how honored are they? The second amendment needs to stand, all citizens are not to blame for the insane, which seem to be liberals by the way!!! The Hollywood crowd, have stepped over their bounds with a lot of Americans, I love good movies, but have about stopped going because of their broad opinions, trying to sway peoples thinking, because they are in the lime light, and don’t seem to live in the real world! I am thankful all of you are not liberals, the way they trashed a man like Clint Eastwood was disgusting! I am 72 years old, and don’t want to be ashamed of the country that I love!!! Enough of this, have always loved anything you did that I was able to find,! Make more movies or T.v. shows if you can!!!

    • silas1898

      Elvis already destroyed the country 55 years ago. Where have you been?

  • Carabella1

    Isn’t Ken Wahl a drunken has-been from the 80’s?

    • Adela Wagner

      We all have our cross to bear. Ken (and his wife) does a tremendous amount of work with pairing vets with disabilities, with dogs that need homes. The fact he does not cave into the Hollywood BS makes him an anomaly and a breath of fresh air. There are a tremendous amount of “has-beens” who go on to never do a damn thing with their lives, drinking, drugging and botoxing themselves into oblivion, some dying in the gutter. Others find a passion that turns out to be far more important than anything they ever did before, And some become weirder by the day ass kissing the likes of a man who does nothing but use them to prop up his own self perceived elitism by thinking he is one of the “beautiful people”. A Celeb Prez is what we have.

      • Carabella1

        Seriously? His only activism until two months ago has been solely in the area of animal rescue. He recently has stated the intention to pair rescued animals with vets. We all support our veterans. Don’t make him out to be more than he is. An average schmo who used to be someone.
        Reagan was a celebrity. President Obama is the leader of the free world.
        Stop drinking the Koolaid. That stuff will rot your brain.

        • Adela Wagner

          According to your logic, only a person who is active in the Hollywood realm, or is doing what YOU think they should be doing, is “someone”? Obama is NO Leader only a blamer and a wanna be celeb…oh and he’s got that “crush colonialism” thing going…but even with your skewed take on who’s drinking what, I still think that, yes even YOU are “someone”. Guess that’s the difference between someone who values life and…well…yeah.

      • silas1898

        Poor Bushie tried to be a celebrity and failed miserably.

        Santorum 2016! The wingnut’s wingnut.

        • Adela Wagner

          HAHA yep, we can’t all be everything. I’m not on the Santorum train though. Leaning more towards Rand Paul/Risch/Lee or another along those same Libertarian leaning Conserves.

  • gracepmc

    Hollywood makes millions with movies about the military and the CIA and never thanks anyone for the service of keeping even these scumbags safe. The Obamas use the military as props on a regular basis, not just Oscar night. But way to go Michelle for the shout out to all the brave men and women who protect us. Tax the evil rich until they bleed, but give the Hollywood libs tax credits for the absolute crap they produce. And finally let’s hear a big round of applause to all those who want to limit the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens but are reluctant to give up their own armed security or even discuss escalating black on black violence with the use of illegal firearms. The Obamas and the Hollywood crowd deserve one another — they bask in their own glory and believe their own self serving PR. Laughable.

  • Yoshiko Sano

    I have always loved Ken Wahl as an actor. How nice to be able to respect him for some much needed “Common Sense”.

  • Steve Childers

    B.o. Is all flash and no substance so he fits in well in Hollywood…

  • silas1898

    Just another loser actor looking for some wingnut welfare.

    The man couldn’t act his way out of a plastic bag.

    • Secede


  • StarDust5062

    Ken Wahl is hot :)